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									Questions/Students                      1                              2
                                                      The Adam Smith how the
                                                      goverment should stay out
                                                      of the economy and what
                                                      we can do to not make the
 What concepts did   There are 2 types of regulation. same mistakes as the
you understand best? Social and economic.             people in history.

                                                          Understanding how the
                                                          housing market can do so
                                                          much to the economy. I
What concept did you                                      think food is more important
have difficulty with? Government intervention.            than housing.

                     * Economic regulation is to          HOw we need the
                     control prices that is designed      govement and not need the
                     to help smaller businesses from      goverment to help us in bad
                     being overpowered by larger          times. How the people lost
                     ones. *Social regulation             their house because they
  Please list three  promotes what is not economic.       thought it would never end.
   things that you   *Political leaders have had          How the real estate market
learned that you can sharper differences over social      will come back strong just
  use in the future. regulation.                          like it always did.

If the teacher were to
                                                          Mac knows too much stuff
   teach this lesson                                      and he should teach this
      again, what                                         lesson longer so i can take
 suggestions do you Take out unneccessary things          time to understand how real
         have?         that can confuse the reader.       estate really work.

                                                          Just knowing that if we can
                                                          keep our house that it will
   What was your         Learning about the differences   come back strong in the
 favorite part of this   between the 2 regulations and    future if we dont make any
       lesson?           reading the history.             dumb mistakes.

                                                          Sad that people have to
                                                          lose their jobs and homes
                                                          because schools won't
                                                          teach people how to live in
 What was the least                                       a capitalist country. they
 valuable part of the                                     only teach us to be
      lesson?                                             consumers. Buy, buy, buy.
              3                                 4                               5
I really like math so I best
understood the economic
terms and ideas about how
the U.S. economy works            I like it because it taught us
and how banks and                 about all the foreclosures
mortgages work hand and           and why new houses are         I just did my work so i
hand.                             becoming cheaper.              understood most of them.
I kind of had difficulty with
the taxes part because I do
not fully understand the
Prop. 13 thing and how        It is hard to understand how
taxes on property is          housing has that much        not really any difficult
different in California       power over the world.        concepts

(1) I could always use the
mortgage tips on how to pay
your loan off earlier than 30
years, (2) Use the equity
from your home to purchase
another investment property       I can use this stuff if I want   mortgages are not in
(3) and take some of my           to buy a stock in home           california we have trust
money and invest it into          depot or lows cuz it will go     deeds, land is and always
things that it takes to build a   up and down if people buy        will be very powerful
house. (Timber, Material to       more houses and move out         because they are not
make nails, equipment, fuel       of old houses into new           making more of it, most
and retail stores that sale       houses that need stuff from      wars were fought over
those materials)                  home depot and lows              territory or land.
Have a tax professional,
realtor, and/or loan officer
and builder come into our
class and talk about              Take us on a field trip and
housing from their point of       talk to people who lost their maybe show a movie or
view.                             house                         something

                                  Learnig about the the speed
                                  limit, energy crisus, and oil
                                  and how gas went up and
Real estate as an                 how we got daylight savings
investment.                       time.                         the end of the lesson
The history part about the
great depression, energy
crisis of the 1970's, and the
savings and loan scandal. I
don't really like history even
if it is needed to show us
why we are in the boat we
are in today.                  The homwork                         the beginning of the lesson
               6                               7
I understood the history of
the new deal, and the FDIC,
and FSLIC and the other
things that protected       how people buy houses
consumers from banks        new and used and the jobs
taking depositors money.    that com from them

Not really diffiuclt but the
Laissez Faire thing
confused me at first until
Mac explained it.              Laissez-faire

The three things I learned
were that OPEC controls oil
prices, Banks control
lending, and both of these
can have an effect on the   Interest rates rent vs buy
housing market in the US. and mortgages
I would like to see maybe
some more documentary
things showing how things
really were and how banks
really loan money to buy       He did not have a projector
property.                      to show the dvds
The History and how if we
dont learn from it we will
repeat it. Like the
depressions and recessions
and the greed of the rich
and how they stay rich with
land.                       Learning about money

The mathmatic parts.
Showing interest rates and
APR I know I need to learn
this or im going to get killed Answering questions and
when I buy my house and        figuring out payment I don't
car.                           like math
    Teacher: Hasan, McWhorter;
Lesson: How Real Estate Affects The
       US Economy; Nov-10
         Questions/Students             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Avg   %
Did you understand the terminology
           of the lesson?               3   1   4   3   4   3   5   3.3   66%
   Was the lesson relevant to the
              content?                  3   1   4   3   2   3   4   2.9   57%
Were the directions clear and simple
             to follow?                 4   1   4   3   4   3   4   3.3   66%
Importance of lesson to a real world
            experience.                 3   1   4   3   2   4   4   3.0   60%
     Was the objective clearly
          communicated?                 4   1   4   3   2   3   4   3.0   60%
  Did you get enough information
  about a possible career choice?       4   1   2   2   1   4   2  2.3    46%
       Evaluator Average:              3.5 1.0 3.7 2.8 2.5 3.3 3.8 2.9    59%

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