Manasa Vishwanaths sense of style and elegance are readily

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                         :noitacude          Manasa Vishwanath’s sense of style and elegance are readily apparent in each
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f sege oC yt nummoC                          project that she develops. Having worked on a wide variety of project types, she
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  no gn hsaW enakopS                         excels at premier residential design as well as retail, orthodontic, dental, and
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  de ppA o e a cossA                         corporate office interiors. A service-based designer, Manasa works well with
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  ng seD ro re n n secne cS                  clients to identify what type of atmosphere is needed and how to best define and
                                             bring character to that space within the given budget. With an extensive list of
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  de ppA o se a cossA                        repeat clientele and corporate referrals, her ability to perform is based upon her
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   arutcet hcrA n secne cS                   desire to make each project a complete success.
                                             Straddling two cultures gives Manasa a unique perspective and background – this is
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y srev nU ero agnaB                          reflected in the exciting and varied projects she has been involved in. Similarly, an
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a dn ero agnaB                               exciting, if unusual background in physics, journalism, and interior design affords
ecneicS fo rolehcaB                          her the ability to offer unique and widely appreciated design solutions. Design has
noitacinummoC fo rolehcaB                    always been her passion – this is reflected in the many and varied projects locally
                                             and nationally.

                                             She brings a sense of understated style and elegance that is readily apparent in all
                                             her projects. Her portfolio includes retail, orthodontic, dental, corporate, and
                                             medical interior. A service-based designer, Manasa works in close conjunction
                                             with clients to plan, design, and execute the precise interior solutions that are
                                             sought – with panache and style. An extensive list of repeat referrals bears
                                             testimony to the immense satisfaction of each client.

                                             Armstrong Orthodontic Office; Pullman, Washington
                                             Callahan, Flanagan & Smith Orthodontics; Fayetteville, New York
                                             Coffman Engineers Corporate Office; Spokane, Washington
                                             Collins Orthodontic Office; Atlanta, Georgia
                                             Cooper & Chockley Orthodontic Building; Tulsa, Oklahoma
                                             Damon Orthodontic Office; Spokane, Washington
                                             Ellingsen-Paxton Orthodontic Building; Spokane, Washington
                                             Giannetti Orthodontic Office; Sacramento, California
                                             Heart Institute of Spokane; Spokane, Washington
                                             Holy Family Speech & Hearing; Spokane, Washington
                                             Jaeger & Curtis Orthodontic Office; Post Falls, Idaho
                                             LeMaster & Daniels Corporate Office; Spokane, Washington
                                             Lucas Orthodontics; Buffalo Grove, Illinois
                                             McKinney Family Practice; McKinney, Texas
                                             Northwest Arthritis; Spokane, Washington
                                             Northwest Orthopedic Specialists; Spokane, Washington
                                             Occupational Health Solutions, Inc.; Spokane, Washington
                                             Ormond Orthodontics; Ormond Beach, Florida
                                             Premier Professional Center; Spokane Valley, Washington
                                             Rock Coffee; Spokane, Washington
                                             Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center; Spokane, Washington
                                             Rockwood Clinic Nephrology; Spokane, Washington
                                             Rockwood Clinic Ultrasound; Spokane, Washington
                                             Rockwood Clinic Dermatology; Spokane, Washington
                                             Rockwood OB-GYN, Plastics, & Hand; Spokane, Washington
                                             Sacred Heart Doctor’s Building; Spokane, Washington
                                             Scott Orthodontics; North Bethesda, Maryland
                                             Spokane Digestive Disease Center - SHMC; Spokane, Washington
                                             Summit Rehabilitation Office; Spokane, Washington
                                             Summit Rehabilitation Services; Spokane, Washington
                                             Teichman Orthodontic Office; Concord, California
                                             Three Forks Orthopedics Building; Colfax, Washington
                                             Verhoogen Orthopedic Office; Spokane, Washington
                                             Vishwanath Residence; Spokane, Washington
                                             Windermere Spokane Valley; Spokane Valley, Washington
                                             Windermere Post Falls; Post Falls, Washington

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