Egypt and Pyramid Sites for Mr by gegeshandong


									Egypt and Pyramid Sites

Please visit these sites in order to find those you think might be most
informative/enjoyable for your students. Then, please visit with me so that we
can plan an internet-based activity for your students. Here are some options:

      Working in small groups, students may create a multimedia scrapbook on a particular
       topic (climate, culture, geography, etc), and then present their findings to the class using
       the projector and a computer. In this case, students could compile a scrapbook using
       Word or, BETTER YET, Powerpoint.
      Students can be invited to an Egypt and Africa Scavenger Hunt for information about a
       wide variety of topics. Then, as a synthesis task, they can be asked to respond to three
       questions that require them to develop an hypothesis based upon their research.
      Students can develop a “day in the life” journal in which they must demonstrate their
       knowledge of culture, geography, government, etc. Again, they may present these to
       the class.

Exceptional Egypt Sites (Incredible information, beautiful images, video,
audio, panoramas)

These are mostly multimedia and prove great fun for students and teachers!

Explore the Pyramids

Pyramids – The Inside Story – Virtual Walkthrough Level by Level!

Panoramic (360 degree virtual) scenes of Egypt/temples

The Daily Papyrus w/ hieroglyph translator

Hieroglyphics Translators

Other panoramas of an archaeological dig


Virtual Mummy

Cleopatra Game

Mummies Galore

Mummy Mummy Mummy at National Geograph ic

Egypt: Land of the Gods

Culture Focus – Images of the Pyramids

Inside the pyramids

Virtual Tour of a Temple

Build A Pyramid Activity

Life in Ancient Egypt

Discovery Channel – Ancient Egypt

Nova – Pharoah’s Obelisk

Pyramid of Kemkreai VR

Digital Egypt Gallery – wonderful computer generated images of a 12th century tomb

Full screen panoramas of Egypt – Cheops Pyramid

Egypt & Africa – General Information about geography,
economy, government and culture

CIA Factbook for Students

World Atlas

Blank Maps of Africa – Activities galore!

Egypt Geography and so much more

National Geographic Map Machine

Outline Maps
Congo Trek-Video at National Geographic – sound, images, etc. Great fun!

The Sahara at PBS

Interesting introduction to Nile culture/Life along the Nile

Geography of the Middle East at PBS

Geography on the line

African Politics and Government

Biomes Overview at FactMonster

Biogeography of Africa – a clear, concise overview

Earth Floor Biomes: Deserts

Overview Info regarding the Kalahari

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