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A NEWSLETTER FOR THE OLYMPIANS CLUB OF WA                                                                                  DECEMBER 2004

MAGNIFICENT!                                                                              Tis the season to be jolly . . .
                                                                                          This year the Olympians will once again celebrate
                                                                                          Christmas once again at the Royal Perth Golf Club on
                                                                                          Sunday 19th December.
Dear Friends,

What a fantastic Athens Games!                                                                            THE WA CLUB
                                                                                              Perth’s leading business and professional
A record contingent of WA 54                                                                                persons’ club
athletes came home with 4 Gold, 5
                                                                                          We would like to extend our thanks to the Board and
Silver and 4 Bronze medals, a total of
                                                                                          Staff of The Western Australian Club for their support
13 medal-winning performances
                                                                                          of the WA Olympic Council’s operations and
across 9 events and 5 sports. The
                                                                                          fundraising efforts over the past 4 years.
most successful result from WA to
date. What an Poutstanding
                                                                                          The WA Club is home to Olympians on the Terrace and
achievement and performance by our
                                                                                          is delighted to extend an invitation to all 2004
WA Team members.
                                                                                          Olympians to take up an Honourary Membership of
                                                                                          this Prestigious Club.
I look forward to seeing as many of
our Olympians as possible to
                                                                                          Please remember this offer is available to all WA
celebrate the Team’s achievements
                                                                                          Olympians and those residing in WA.
and the Festive Season at our Annual Holding his bike aloft, Dual Gold Medallist Ryan
Christmas Lunch and IOC 2004 Pin Bayley - WA’s most successful WA Olympian
                                                                                          For details please call our office on 9226 2000.
Presentation on Sunday the 19th ever.
December and / or afterwards at our
2004 Olympians’ plaque unveiling at the Olympians’ Walkway in Burswood Park.               UNVEILING OF THE 2004 PLAQUE
                                                                                           FOR THE OLYMPIANS WALKWAY
My gratitude and thanks to Team Appeal Chairman, J Barrey Williams, his
                                                                                          The unveiling of the plaque for the 2004 Olympians
Committee and WAOC staff, Tania Sullivan & Nadia Auletta who worked tirelessly to
                                                                                          will take place on Sunday, 19th December at 6.20pm
ensure that we have reached our fundraising target of $500,000 towards the 2004 Team.
                                                                                          at Burswood Park.
I have just returned from Melbourne, where regrettably the AOC was unable to host an
                                                                                          The Walkway honours each Western Australian that
OCWA meeting but Leon Wiegard and his OCV Committee held a wonderful Dinner with
                                                                                          has represented at an Olympic Games and dates back
focus on reunions for the 1964 and 1984 Olympic Teams. Most of my 1984 Rowing Team
                                                                                          to 1912.
(Men’s 8, Women’s 4, Men’s 4 and Quad) were there and had a great reunion.
                                                                                          In a new initiative, this year’s plaque will be unveiled
The WAOC Board will meet on December 7 to discuss the 2005 - 2008 quadrenium. Our
                                                                                          as part of Burswood Park Board’s Annual Carols in the
priority is to ensure that the activities of the WAOC and OCWA remain dynamic, efficent
                                                                                          Park on Sunday, 19th December.
and relevant and that the high level of service is maintained in our support of the
Australian Olympic Team, promoting Olympism, Olympic Education and Community
                                                                                          The WA Olympic Council would like to thank Burswood
activities throughout the State of Western Australia. It remains our charter to fully
                                                                                          Park Board , the Town of Victoria Park and Burswood
represent the needs and interests of Western Australian Olympians.
                                                                                          Resort for their continuous support of this worthwhile
Whilst in Melbourne I saw the statues of Betty and Shirley at the MCG, both fitting and
majestic celebrations of our great athletic champions. I would like to recognise Keith
Gaisford (Life Member WAOC) for 32 years of continued service, we will miss his
cheerful and wise input formally, but look forward to seeing he and Edna at Olympic
functions socially.
                                                                                          MAIL BOX
What does a pregnant mother with copious hand luggage at Melbourne Airport seen           T A N I A S U L L I VA N
chasing a toddler have in common with Olympic Gold Medals? Rechelle says training         WA O LY M P I C C O U N C I L
was easier.                                                                               GPO B O X A22
                                                                                          PERTH WA 6001
Best wishes to you all                                                                    T E L : (08) 9226 2000
                                                                                          F A X : (08) 9226 2100
Tim Willoughby                                                                            E M A I L
Robbie Dunn (88), former Socceroo was in the soccer team that
                                                                                            Wedding Bells
won Gold at the over 40’s Pan Pac Games.
                                                                          Congratulations to Lisa Oldenhof (04) and her fiancée Duane
Mark Hager (88, 96, 04) will guide Australia’s junior hockey              Russ on their recent engagement.
progam for men over the next four years.
                                                                          Congratulations also to Todd Pearson (00, 04) and Alisa Rowles
David Bell (00, 04) will take on the role of National Coaching            on their recent Wedding.
Manager for Hockey Australia.
                                                                          And Congratulations also goes to 4 x
Barry Dancer (76, 04) has been re-appointed Head Coach of the             Olympic Archery Manager, Keith
Australian Men’s Hockey Team.                                             Gaisford and his wife Edna who
                                                                          celebrated their 50th Wedding
Frank Murray (92, 96, 00) has been appointed Head Coach of the            Anniversary on the 6th November.
Australian Women’s Hockey Team
                                                                          On a sadder note, after 32 years on the
James Stanton (04) is over in Barcelona playing Professional              WA Olympic Council Executive, Life
Water Polo for CN Sabadell.                                               Member Keith, has decided to retire.

Lee Capes’ (88) has raised an up and coming star figure skater            On behalf of everyone at the WAOC we
with 9 year old daughter Jaimee winning the Australian Figure             would like to thank Keith for his outstanding service.
Skating Champs in August.

Val Norris-Buffham, (64, 68) was recently inducted into the                        GOLD MEDAL EFFORT GETTING
inaugural Cockburn Sport Hall of Fame.                                                   TO THE GAMES
John Bestall (88,92) and his family are off to see the world,             For the 2004 Athens Games the AOC sent 14 shipping containers to
jetsetting to Eruope for 9 weeks over Christmas.                          Athens;
                                                                                   - 2 of them outsize to accommodate rowing shells
2004 sees the return of Olympic Gold Medallist Sally Carbon (88,                   - 9 containers carrying office supplies, golf carts, fridges
92) to WA, with her husband Michael Broadbridge who will be                            and lounges
joining the Docker’s Coaching Staff.                                               - 1 carrying medical and physiotherapy equipment
                                                                                   - 1 for the teams' 1000 suitcases.

ROWERS RIDE FOR TELETHON                                                  There were 36 computers, 70 tables, 96 fridges, six freezers, 45
                                                                          rubbish bins, 2 safes, 14 clocks, 163 lounges, 900 power adaptors,
On Tuesday, 2nd November David McGowan (04) and Ben                       27 physiotherapy tables, 90 TVs, 180sqm of floor coverings, 100
Cureton (04) set off from Kalgoorlie in the early hours of the            mattresses, 370sqm of astroturf, two barbecues , 108 outdoor chairs,
morning to begin their journey to Perth.                                  nine irons, a washing machine, 50 drying racks, 40 eskys , three
                                                                          sheds and 10 corkscrews, not to mention things such as duct tape,
That’s right rode... David and Ben better known for their skills in the   shelving, bookcases, crockery, power cords and medical
boat cycled from Kalgoorlie to Perth, 620km (without support) to          curtaining.
raise money for Telethon.
                                                                          There was also 3 air-freight shipments of 6000kg and air freighting
38 hours later and 60km in the nude the guys rolled into Perth,           for 8 horses for the equestrian team.
managing to raise $2,500 along the way.
                                                                          Uniforms involved 31,850 items from Woolmark and 70,000 items
Congratulations guys!                                                     from Nike. These were shipped in a container and distributed from
                                                                          a rented conference centre in Athens.
Riding Tip - If you’re going to ride nude, make sure
                                                                          Well Done to all at the AOC for their outstanding effort.
you apply sunscreen ALL OVER!

On July 23, the night of the 2004 Australian Olympic Team Gala Dinner, Burswood’s then Managaing Director, John Schaap made a suprise
presentation of a cheque for $30,000 to the WA Olympic Council

Once again we have been delighted to have the support of WA’s Premier Resort with our Fundraising Appeal and thank Burswood Resort and its
staff for their assistance with all our events.

                                               THE WA CLUB - OUR HOME ON THE TERRACE
                                                              9481 7000
                                                                                  2012 BID CITIES CHASE
            THE INAUGURAL
                                                                             ‘MAGIC FORMULA’ TO WIN OVER IOC
                                                                             The most expensive bidding battle in Olympic history has began,
The Winter Strickland Medal is an initiative of the WA Olympic               with five of the world’s most recognisable cities attempting to win
Council & Olympians Club of WA and has been created to                       the right to host the 2012 Olympics.
honour the achievements of WA’s first male and female Olympic
Gold Medallists, John Winter (48) and the late Shirley                       Paris, London, New York, Madrid and Moscow will leave no stone
Strickland (de la Hunty) (48, 52, 56)                                        unturned in their quest for the 2012 Games.
The Winter Strickland Medal will be presented at the WA Sports               The secret will be to find the magical potion that can sway votes.
Star Awards on Wednesday 8th December and will be awarded
for the Most Outstanding Performance by a WA Olympian in                     According to former IOC presidential candidate Dick Pounds,
2004.                                                                        “there is no scientifically demonstrable right choice from among
                                                                             candidate cities and, almost certainly, no perfect candidate. Each
This prestigious medal will be presented annually with the                   will have its own set of strengths and weaknesses and many of
winner being determined by a majority vote by Olympians                      these are subjective considerations identified by the IOC
connected to WA.                                                             members.”
     For a Nomination Form contact the office on 9226 2000
                                                                             WELCOME HOME
SINCE                                                                        CELEBRATIONS

ATHENS....                                                                   On Thursday, 9th September
                                                                                                              John Steffensen, Sarah Outhwaite, Oliver
                                                                             a crowd of several thousand Dziubak, Lisa Oldenhof, Stefan Szczurowski
                                                                             gathered in Perth’s central
Since Athens our                                                             business district for the lunchtime event honouring WA’s Athens
2004 Olympians have                                                          Olympians.
been kept busy
                              Olympians from L-R; Kylie Wheeler, Tal Karp,
attending numerous            David McGowan at McHappy Day.                  The patriotic chant of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - Oi, Oi, Oi” rang out,
community, charity, sporting,                                                flags were waved and family, friends and fans cheered wildly as the
social and school functions facilitated by this office                       Olympians stepped on stage while their achievements were
Such events included;
                                                                             Premier Geoff Gallop praised WA’s Olympic team and those who
Get Active Wanneroo 10,000 Fun Run                                           supported them.
Education Excellence Youth Breakfast, Kalgoorlie
                                                                             “We contributed to 20 per cent of Australia’s tally of 49 medals, not
The Smith Familty Christmas Appeal Launch                                    bad from a state that has less than 10 per cent of Australia’s
St Barbara’s Festival, Kalgoorlie                                            population, “ Dr Gallop said.
Town of Victoria Park’s Colours of Spring Mall                               WAOC appreciates the partnership with the State Government and
President’s Dinner, Royal Argricultural Society of WA                        the City of Perth in hosting the Welcome Home Celebrations.
22nd National NIBA Convention
                                                                             Our appreciation also goes to Channel Seven Perth for their
Burswood Resort Melbourne Cup Lunch                                          contribution to the live broadcast and organisational assistance
                                                                             and advice.
McHappy Day
Ocean Reef Primary School Fair                                               And thanks to Australia Post for hosting a pre-event function for the
                                                                             2004 Olympians and Olympic Team Appeal Committee.
Mazenod College’s Annual Sports Awards Night
2 visits to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children                          But the celebrations didn’t stop there....
In addition the 2004 Olympians have attended numerous other
events organised by WAIS and their own sports.                               Along with family and friends the 2004 Olympians then headed to
                                                                             the Ruby Room at Burswood Resort where they let their hair
                                                                             down, some into the wee hours of the Friday morning.
     ATTENDING THESE EVENTS. THE VALUE OF YOUR                               Our thanks to Sue and her staff at the Ruby Room for hosting a
                                                                             great night.
                                                 THE WA CLUB - OUR HOME ON THE TERRACE
                                                                9481 7000
The Chairman of the Team Appeal Committee, Mr J Barrey Willams           CARBINE CLUB OLYMPIC LUNCHEON
is proud to annouce that his Committee has successfully reached          May 28
the WA fundraising target of $500,000.
                                                                         Every year the Team Appeal is a beneficary of one Carbine Club
Our sincere gratitude goes to this dynamic group of WA’s top             Luncheon. In 2004 this Luncheon sucessfully raised $9,000.
business leaders who generously give up their time to benefit the
Olympic Movement                                                         Guests enjoyed a humourous trip down memory lane with Tom
                                                                         Hoad (60, 64, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88)
In 2004, two new fundraising initiatives were unveiled, these
were;                                                                    Our greatful thanks to the Carbine Club for their outstanding support.

                                                                         2004 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC
                                                                         TEAM GALA DINNER
                                                                         July 23

                                                                         “The Best of the West, WA’s Finest,
                                                                         The Equal of Any”
The Limited Editon plates were launched at our 100 Days to Go
Function at The Western Australian Club where 17 supporters of           Held in the Plaza Ballroom at
the Appeal were also presented with an Acknowledgement                   Burswood Resort, guests were
Certificate for their contribution.                                      treated to some of the State’s famous
                                                                         food and wines in the company of
Guests were treated to the WA Club’s finest food and wine, as well       WA’s finest athletes and Olympic
as sounds from the Greek Islands.                                        Legends.
                                                                                                                  Singing Sensation, Miranda Murphy
A special offer has been sent out to all 2004 Olympians to purchase      The night was hosted by Channel
one of the remaining few plates at a heavily discounted price of         Seven’s local ‘Greek God’ Basil Zempilas and guests were
$750.00.                                                                 entertained by WA singing sensation Miranda Murphhy and WA’s top
                                                                         corporate band, Swing Generation.
                                                                         The Acting Premier of WA, Hon Eric Ripper MLA formally farwelled
                                                                         37 members of the 2004 Team who attended the Dinner.

                                                                         The night was a record success with $126,000 being raised, $30,000
                                                                         of which was kindly donated by Burswood Resort.

                                                                         Our special thanks to Dinner Convenor, Howard Read and his
For those of you who don’t know 25 of Western Australia’s Olympic        committee, AbbeyVale Wines, Channel 7, Qantas, Burswood and
hopefuls posed in anything but their tracksuits for Scoop                the volunteers from WAIS and the WA Sports Centre Trust.
Magazine’s Winter Edition.

The photos taken by Emma van Dordrecht, Philip Gostelow and              2004 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM GOLF DAY
Frances Andrijich impressed David Hogan, Director of Scoop               August 23
Publishing so much that together with Dalton Fine Paper and Scott
Print they decided to produce an Olympians Calendar. Scoop sold          Held once again at the prestigious Royal Perth Golf Course, 20
the calendars for $20 each and donated all proceeds to the Team          corporate teams enjoyed a day of serious fun on the course. Teams
Appeal.                                                                  enjoyed a BBQ lunch before heading out to compete in an 18 hole
                                                                         Best Ball Stabelford Competition.
Both the License Plates and Calendars were a great success and
we look to forward producing these again in the leadup to the 2008       Although many of the Teams may say it was a close game, there
Beijing Games.                                                           could only be one winner and that was John Schapp and his crew
                                                                         from Burwood. Coming in close second was Pacific International
                                                                         Reality and third went to Satterly Property Group.

                                                                         The WA Olympic Council would like to thank all involved, with
                                                                         special thanks to Ray Turner, Chairman of the Golf Day and Royal
                                                                         Perth Golf Club and their staff.

                                              Christmas Greetings
    The Executive and Staff of the WAOC wish all members of the Olympic Family a safe and happy Festive season.
                       The office will be closed as of 5.00pm Friday 24th Dec and will re-open on Tuesday, 4th Jan
                     2004 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM
                          WA REPRESENTATIVES
Archery              Rowing (W)                     Water Polo (W)
Deonne Bridger       Amber Bradley                  Belinda Brooks
Jo-Ann Galbraith     Sarah Outhwaite                Kelly Heuchan
                     Sally Robbins                  Emma Knox
Badminton            Rebecca Sattin
Travis Denney                                       TEAM STAFF
Basketball           Belinda Stowell                Boxing
Anthony Ronaldson                                   Geoff Peterson
                     Swimming (M)
Boxing               Adam Lucas                     Gymnastics (W)
Adam Forsyth         Antony Matkovich               Nikolai Lapchine
Anthony Little       Travis Nederpelt
                     Todd Pearson                   Hockey (M)
Canoe/ Kayak         Eamon Sullivan                 Colin Batch
Robin Bell           Jonathon van Hazel             Barry Dancer
Lisa Oldenhof                                       Jeremy Davy
                     Swimming (W)                   Ray Dorsett
Cycling              Lara Carroll                   Neal McLean
Ryan Bayley          Jennifer Reilly
Peter Dawson                                        Hockey (W)
                     Taekwondo                      David Bell
Football (M)         Tina Morgan                    Mark Hager
Anthony Danze                                       Ian Hicks
Brad Jones           Track & Field (M)              Carmel Goodman
Adrian Madaschi      Paul Burgess
Jade North           Oliver Dziubak                 Rowing
David Tarka          Dmitri Markov                  Antonio Maurogiovanni
                     Andrew McManus
Football (W)         John Steffensen                Shooting
Lisa De Vanna                                       Ray Andrews
                     Track & Field (W)
Gymnastics           Kym Howe                       Softball
Allana Slater        Kylie Wheeler                  Kere Johanson

Hockey (M)           Triathlon                      Swimming
Bevan George         Peter Robertson                Roger Bruce
                                                    Bernd Adolph
Hockey (W)           Volleyball
Emily Halliday       David Ferguson                 Table Tennis
                     Daniel Howard                  Brian Lauri
Rowing (M)
Ben Cureton          Water Polo (M)                 Track and Field
David Dennis         Tim Neesham                    Alex Parnov
Glen Loftus          James Stanton                  Grant Ward
David McGowan
Stuart Reside                                       Volleyball
Stefan Szczurowski                                  Damian Oldmeadow
                                                      2004 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM
                                                           WA REPRESENTATIVES

SPORT        ATHLETE                                            PLACING
Archery      Deonne Bridger                                     1st round individual & team events
             Jo-Ann Galbraith                                   1st round individual & team events
Athletics    Dmitri Markov (Pole Vault)                         Heat
             Kym Howe (Pole Vault)                              Heat
             Oliver Dziubak (Javelin)                           Heat 20/33
             Paul Burgess (Pole Vault)                          11th
             Kylie Wheeler (Heptathlon)                         Finished 18/34 score: 6090
             John Steffensen (4x400m)                           Silver
             Andrew McManus (4x100m)                            Did not compete
Badminton    Travis Denney
             (Men's Doubles/Mixed Doubles)                      1st round men’s & mixed doubles
Basketball   Anthony Ronaldson                                  9th
Boxing       Adam Forsyth                                       Quarter finals
             Anthony Little                                     Won 1st round, lost 2nd
Canoeing     Robin Bell (Slalom Canoeing C1)                    4th
             Lisa Oldenhof (Ladies K4)                          6th
Cycling      Ryan Bayley (Track Sprint)                         Gold - Keirin, 4th Team Sprint
                                                                Gold – Sprint
             Peter Dawson (Track Endurance)                     Gold – Teams Pursuit (heats)
Football     Lisa De Vanna                                      Semi Finals – 5th
             Bradley Jones                                      Quarter-Finals – 7th
             Adrian Madaschi                                    Quarter-Finals – 7th
             Jade North                                         Quarter-Finals – 7th
             David Tarka                                        Quarter-Finals – 7th
             Anthony Danze                                      Quarter-Finals – 7th
Gymnastics   Allana Slater                                      8th in Team, 8th on Beam, 10th All Around
Hockey       Bevan George                                       Gold
             Emily Halliday                                     5th
Rowing       David Dennis (Men's Coxless Four)                  4th in final
             David McGowan (Men's Coxless Four)                 4th in finaL
             Ben Cureton (Men's Lightweight four)               Silver
             Glen Loftus (Men's Lightweight Four)               Silver
             Stuart Reside (Men's Eight)                        Bronze
             Stefan Szczurowski (Men's Eight)                   Bronze
             Sarah Outhwaite (Women's Eight)                    6th in final
             Sally Robbins (Women's Eight)                      6th in final
             Amber Bradley (Women's Quad)                       Bronze
             Rebecca Sattin (Women's Quad)                      Bronze
Sailing      Belinda Stowell (470 class)                        14th
Swimming     Adam Lucas,(200m IM)                               7th Heats
             Antony Matkovich,(4 x 200m Freestyle)              Silver (Heats Swim)
             Eamon Sullivan,(4 x 100m Freestyle)                6th (only swam heat)
             Jennifer Reilly, (400m IM)                         5th Heats
             Jono Van Hazel, (4 x 100m Freestyle)               6th (only swam heat)
             Lara Carroll, (400m IM, 200m IM)                   6TH Final 200m IM, 5th Heats 400m IM
             Todd Pearson, (4 x 100m Free, 4 x 200m Free)       Silver 4x200, final (Heats Swim) 6th 4x100 (Heats Swim)
             Travis Nederpelt (200m Butterfly, 400m IM)         8th 400IM Final, 5th heat 200m Butterfly
Taekwondo    Tina Morgan (over 67Kg)                            Prelims
Triathlon    Peter Robertson                                    24th
Volleyball   Dan Howard                                         11th
             David Ferguson                                     11th
Water Polo   Emma Knox (Goal Keeper)                            4th
             Belinda Brooks (Centre Back)                       4th
             Kelly Heuchan (Driver)                             4th
             James Stanton (Goal)                               9th
             Tim Neesham                                        9th

                                                                                                                          * Bolding denotes Medallist

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