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					Title: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom: This course will be
offered in a blended learning environment. Teachers will investigate and analyze
current research and best practices to ensure students meet the Common Core Literacy
Standards. They will create lessons that develop and demonstrate the integration of
knowledge and ideas in diverse formats and media, as well as in writing. 21st Century
skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, communication,
and global connections will be practiced in an inquiry-based environment. Participants
will create an innovative unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning
as well as literacy and technology skills to engage 21st century learners. There will be an
emphasis on developing teachers’ awareness of performance based tasks.

Number of Teachers: 20

Who: k-12 Educators in the Malden Public Schools

Dates: October 1, 2011 – December 2011 (12 weeks)

Format: On-line
The course will run 12 weeks for a total of 45 hours. Participants will be required to
complete about 3 hours of work per week, with 9 additional hours built in to complete the
final unit plan.

Cost: $600 Stipend per teacher for successful completion = 12,000
Instructor Cost: $1,500 x 2 = $3,000
Total Cost: $15,000

PD Provider: Social Studies Teachers MPS

Person Responsible: Director of History/Social Studies, Judi Allen

Course Description
This course will provide participants with the skills and tools that are essential for today's
21st century classroom. Participants will be encouraged to collaboratively draw on their
teaching experiences and new understandings to build a structure for how a 21st century
classroom will differ from a traditional classroom. Current research, pedagogy, and best
practices of 21st century teaching and learning will be explored. 21st Century skills such
as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, communication, and global
connections will be practiced in an inquiry-based environment. Participants will create an
innovative unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning as well as
technology and literacy skills to engage 21st century learners.

Participants will be required to incorporate the Common Core Standards and
Massachusetts Standards for:

      English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and
       Technical Subjects
      Technology Literacy Standards
      Common Core for College and Career Readiness
Teachers in this course will be able to…

      develop a framework for inquiry-based instruction, and an individual vision of
       their own 21st century classroom.
      create a virtual notebook using wikispaces to be used as a model for student
      gain exposure and familiarity in using specific tools such as Wordle, Glogster,
       Slide, Inspiration, Voicethread, Primary access, G-chat, Pirate pad, and embed
       these tools into a virtual notebook.
      develop their knowledge of the technological resources which will include blogs;
       research and knowledge-sharing applications; presentation tools; and a wide
       variety of communication, networking and creation tools.
      create a teacher wikispace site to share lessons and units that employ a range of
       tools to model how 21st century learners connect and communicate as well as
       collaboratively research, synthesize and innovate.
      reflect on use of technological resources, inquiry-based instruction, and the
       development of a 21st century classroom.
      create an innovative lesson/unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based
       learning as well as technology and literacy skills to engage 21st century learners.

Completion of all work assigned as specified in each of the 12 sessions:

      Specific written assignments, uses of technological resources, and discussion tab
      Personal voice will be developed through weekly reflections in forums on
       MassONE Moodle.
      Creation of a thorough virtual notebook that incorporates all assignments of the
       12 sessions
      Completion of Final Project as outlined below

Norms for discussion forum
Posting in our discussion forum is a major component of this course.

      Show your thoughts: be clear in your responses to other members of the
       community, make sure others know that you have read what they have offered,
       stating specifically who and what you may agree or disagree with and/or what you
       are commenting on.

      Respect one another’s views: be a part of the conversation, assume positive
       intent, your perspective is valuable, make sure that your online community knows
       what you are thinking. Respect one another while “pushing” the thinking of the
       group and/or individual.

      Brevity and clarity are key: take the time to edit your contributions before posting
       them, everyone has a lot to read and limited time, make sure your comments are
       succinct and clearly stated.

Topic Outlines
Session 1:    The 21st Century Classroom and Virtual Notebooks
Session 2:    Inquiry Based Learning and Research Skills
Session 3:    Using Technology Before, During and After Reading
Session 4:    Navigation of WGBH Teacher’s Domain
Session 5:    Communication
Session 6:    Collaboration through Voicethread
Session 7:    Unit Development
Session 8:    Student Conversation
Session 9:    Global Education
Session 10:    Outlining & Mapping Tools
Session 11:    Copyright and Lesson Planning
Session 12:    Lesson/Unit Development

Final Project
By the end of this 12 week course participants will design and create an innovative web-
based unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning as well as
technology and literacy skills to engage 21st century learners.

The unit must demonstrate an understanding of the Massachusetts State and National
Education Technology Standards (NETS) for teachers and Students:

State Technology Standards:

Student Technology Standards        NETS_for_Students_2007_Standards.pdf

Teacher Technology Standards NETS_T_Standards_Final.pdf

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Graduate Course Credit Statement

Salem State University in partnership with Malden High School will award 3 graduate credits for
successful completion of the course.
                                                                                             Person      Credits or
      Date                                 Project Activities
                                                                                          Responsible      PDP’s
                                                                                        Annette Hunte,
 August, 2010 -     Grant Evaluation Surveys Year 1 - Participating teachers            Erica Fields,
September 2010      (cohort 1) complete survey from grant evaluators.                   Donahue
                                                                                        Judi Allen,     Stipend
                    Continued development & completion 45 hr on-line course -
 Aug. 31, 2010 -                                                                        Michele         PDP’s
                    The 45 hr on-line course will be completed and accessible in
 Sept. 30, 2010                                                                         Magner, Jamie
                    MassONE, Moodle.
                                                                                        Green, Ben Max
                                                                                        Howard Lurie,
                    Partnership with WGBH - Completion and Implementation
                                                                                        Judi Allen,
 Aug. 31, 2010 -    45 hr on-line course in collaboration with WGBH, the MPS
  Jan 15, 2011      History Director, Technology Coordinator and the History lead
                                                                                        Magner, Jamie
                                                                                        Green, Ben Max
                                                                                        Annette Hunte,
                                                                                        Erica Fields,
August 31, 2010 -   Grant Evaluation - Work with grant evaluators to assess Year        Donahue
  August 2011       2                                                                   Institute, Judi
                                                                                        Allen, Michele
                    Demonstration Classrooms - Two demonstration, high school           Jamie Green,    PDP’s
 Sept. 1, 2010 -
                    history classrooms are fully operational, staffed by two teachers   Ben Max
  Jan 15, 2011
                    who serve as highly-trained lead learners.
                    Observe, debrief, and reflect - Teachers from Cohort 1 (Year        Judi Allen,      Stipend
 Sept. 1, 2010 -    1) will observe, debrief and reflect with the lead teachers, the    Michele
  Jan 15, 2011      district’s Program Directors for History and the Instructional      Magner, Jamie
                    Technology Coordinator for the 1st semester of the school year.     Green, Ben Max
                    Implementation 21st Century Classroom practices Cohort 1            Judi Allen,
 Sept. 1, 2010 -    - Teachers from Cohort 1 will share 4 portable computer carts       Michele
 June 30, 2011      each containing 30 notebook computers and 1 teacher laptop to       Magner, Jamie
                    implement and refine their 21st Century Classroom practices.        Green, Ben Max
                                                                                        Judi Allen,      45 PDP’s or
                                                                                        Michele          3 Graduate
                                                                                        Magner, Jamie    Credits.
Nov 1, 2010 - Feb   45 hr on-line course - The on-line course will be offered           Green, Ben Max   $600
    31, 2010        October 2010 through December 2010 on MassONE - Moodle                               Technology
                                                                                        Judi Allen,
 January 2011       Lesson Evaluation - Evaluation of 45 hour on-line lessons           Carol
                    Technology Incentive - Malden participants in the 45 hour on-       Judi Allen,    $600
                    line course will be eligible to receive $650 towards a              Michele Magner Technology
 February 2011      technology purchase.                                                               Purchase
                    Implementation 21st Century Classroom practices Cohort 2            Judi Allen,
 March 2011 to      - With new technology purchases, teachers begin to implement        Michele Magner
  June 2011         many of the 21st Century Classroom practices from the 45 hour
                    on-line course.
                    Observe, debrief, and reflect, outside districts - Lead learners    Judi Allen,
 January 2011 -     from other districts who participated in the 45 hr on-line course   Michele
   June 2011        will be encouraged to visit our demonstration classrooms to         Magner, Jamie
                    deepen their understanding of the model and to share some of        Green, Ben Max
                   their needs, interests and questions with Malden teachers and
                   support staff.
                   Plan summer technology program - The participating history        Judi Allen,    Stipend
 March 2011 -      and science teachers from either cohort 1 or cohort 2 will        Michele
  May 2011         collaborate to plan a summer 2011 technology camp for forty       Magner, Jamie
                   students.                                                         Green, Ben Max
                   Recruit Malden High School students who are at risk or            Judi Allen,
May 2011 - June    academically unmotivated, as participants for the summer 2011     Michele
     2011          technology program                                                Magner, Jamie
                                                                                     Green, Ben Max
                   Implement hybrid summer technology program - Teachers             Judi Allen,    Stipend
June 2011 - July
                   will refine their practices from the past while implementing a    Michele Magner
                   collaboratively-taught, four-week summer lab course.
                   Student Incentive - summer program students will receive a        Judi Allen,    Netbook for
 July 2011 -
                   netbook or other technology incentive, with the expectation to    Michele Magner Students
 August 2011
                   continue this work in the academic school year 2011-2012.
                   Sustainability - The district will continue to support and fund   Sid Smith, MPS
                   the class visitations and debriefings, the Summer Lab School,     Superintendent
 August 2011 -
                   and the Technology Coordinator position in support of the full
                   implementation of the project across the district.

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