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					         A                                                     B                                                      C

                                                                                                            Type of
                                                                                                            (private, public,
                                                                                                            nonprofit, for
                                                                                                            profit, foundation,
  Name of                                                                                                   government, higher
  Organization/ Focus of Mission or Purpose (literacy, redreation, parenting, health/wellness, mentoring,   ed, school district,
1 Agency        academics, etc.)                                                                            etc.)

                  The Alston Wilkes Society extends a helping hand to those who are most at-risk and
                  helps rebuild their lives through rehabilitation and prevention services. AWS was
  Alston          founded to provide services to adults who were being released from federal correctional
  Wilkes          facilities, and has grown to increase our service reach to include homeless veterans, at-
2 Society         risk families and disadvantaged and troubled youth.                                       Foundation

  Army Wives
3 Company                                                                                                   private
         A                                                   B                                                     C

                  The Association for the Blind serves and supports people with visual needs.

4 for the Blind                                                                                            nonprofit

                  strengthen the mentoring movement in the greater Charleston area by providing capacity
                  building assistance in recruiting mentors to our partner organizations and other
                  community, school, and faith based programs, and to create new programs that match
                  mentors with young people. Everything we do is to accomplish our ultimate vision that
                  every child with an unfulfilled promise has a caring adult in their life
5 Bee A Mentor                                                                                             nonprofit?
                  pre-school literacy program focused in rural communities in Charleston County. Its goal
                  is to improve the reading readiness of children in these communities by helping parents
  Begin With      and grandparents encourage their kids… and providing each participating child a free
6 Books           book every month from Dolly’s Imagination Library.                                      nonprofit

7 BGM, Inc.
         A                                               B                                               C

  Boys & Girls
  Clubs of the Trident United Way works to strengthen our community by focusing on education,
8 Trident Area income and health                                                                non-profit

 9 Association                                                                                  School District
   District 20
10 School                                                                                       School District

11 Team                                                                                         non-profit
         A                                                    B                                              C

   Burke High
12 Inc.                                                                                              non-profit

   Cannonborou     The neighborhood association is a forum for residents to voice concerns, and a
   gh-             conduit for them to become an active part of improving the community and
   Elliotborough   participating in the creation of more quality living spaces in the city of
   Neighborhoo     Charleston.
13 d Association                                                                                     Community

   Carolina      Its’ mission is to "Empower People Day by Day" through charitable, scientific and
   Empowermen educational purposes, more specifically to provide community outreach services and
14 t Group, Inc. awareness programs.                                                                 non-profit
         A                                                  B                                                       C

   Cathedral of
15 Praise                                                                                                Religious

                  mission is to make personal and professional success an everyday event for women in
   Center for     the Lowcountry.
16 Women                                                                                                 non-profit

   Chamber of
   Commerce       A community- based nonprofit dedicated to building career academies by connecting
   The            business and education – working every day to improve our region’s schools, learning
   Education      opportunities and workforce.
17 Foundation                                                                                            non-profit

                  High School Diploma
                  GED Preparation
   Charleston     Exit Exam Remediation
   Adult          GED Fast Track
18 Education                                                                                             District
         A                                                  B                                                    C

                Our mission is to improve the conditions of low income communities through programs
                and activities which promote economic development for neighborhood residents and
   Charleston   create affordable housing, jobs and other programs that lead to enhancing the wealth of
19 Area CDC     low income neighborhoods                                                                 non-profit
                provides programs and services to promote the well-being of aging persons living in
                Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties. CASC provides services to tri-county
                residents age 55 and older (depending upon the service), their spouses, dependents with
                disabilities, and caregivers. Services offered include: care management; group and home-
                delivered meals; companion service; home chores help; in-home respite care;
   Charleston   information and referral to local resources; health and wellness programs; social and
20 Area Seniors recreational activities; subsidized housing; food/grocery assistance; minor home repair; non-profit

   Therapeutic helping students find joy and accomplishment through Equine Assisted Activities and
21 Riding       Therapies                                                                                non-profit
22 Inc.
         A        B            C

23 District #20       State

24 Education          school district
          A                                                  B                                                      C

   Library John We are committed to continually identifying, evaluating and responding to your
   L. Dart      informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Our readily accessible, user
25 Location     designed services are provided by trained professional and support staff.                 Library

   County      We are committed to continually identifying, evaluating and responding to your
   Public      informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Our readily accessible, user
26 Library     designed services are provided by trained professional and support staff.                 Library
               to reduce teen pregnancy in Charleston County through public education and advocacy,
   Charleston  in order to improve the quality of life in the Charleston community. To achieve this
   County Teen mission, CCTPPC’s focus is to increase public awareness of the impact of teenage
   Pregnancy   pregnancy on the adolescent, the family and the community; to advocate public policy
   Prevention  supporting the reduction of teenage pregnancies through making available medically
   Council     accurate sexuality and prevention education; and to promote safe and equal access to
27 Board       pregnancy prevention services.                                                            non-profit
         A                                                 B                                                    C

   Mental        Hope, Healing, and Recovery
28 Health Center                                                                                       State

   Outreach/Hu engaging the churches of the Tri-County (Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester) for the
   man Needs   good of people and communities of need.
29 Network                                                                                             non-profit

               Almost 1,600 children currently attend the four high-poverty, low-achieving CPN
               Elementary Schools, where CPN will be focusing on strengthening principal leadership,
               recruiting and retaining high quality teachers, providing in-school support to increase
               academic learning, expanded the school day and year, increasing parental involvement
               in academics, and stabilizing funding. Our goals is to partner with the Neighborhood to
   Charleston  make these schools among the best in Charleston County. We’re also in the process of
   Promise     creating an early childhood strategy designed to close the “preparation gap” and make
   Neighborhoo sure that children arrive for their first day of Kindergarten ready to learn.
30 d                                                                                                   School District
          A                                                   B                                                     C
                  Chucktown Squash’s mission is to promote academic excellence, positive personal
   Charleston     development and a healthy lifestyle to Charleston’s urban youth using the sport of
   Urban          squash. Through participation in our on- and off-court curriculum, young people will
   Squash, aka    access life-changing opportunities in which they can excel as scholar athletes and
   Chucktown      community members.
31 Squash                                                                                                  ?
                  Circular is a place, a church, and people committed to living and worshiping with joy,
                  simplicity, and caring. We care for the hidden wholeness in each other; we care for
   Circular       justice and kindness in our society; we care about thinking with open minds and devoted
   Congregation hearts; and we care about saving the beauty and integrity of the environment for future
32 al Church      generations                                                                               Religious
   City of
   Office for
   Children,      to ensure the positive development of children, youth, and families by providing the
   Youth, and     fundamental resources they need to prepare them for success in life and ensure that they
33 Families
   City of        become productive members and future leaders.                                             City
   Lead Hazard
   Control        identify and remove lead-based paint hazards found in single-family homes and rental
34 Program        properties built before 1978                                                              Federal
                   to provide pastoral care and counseling for employees and families of law enforcement
                  and emergency service agencies, as well as the general public; assist the Coroner in
                  notifying individuals who have lost a family member in an unexpected manner; assist
                  the Mobile Crisis Unit and SWAT teams in hostage negotiations and other local
   Coastal Crisis emergency situations; and to provide follow-up visitations in the home or in the hospital
35 Chaplaincy     for victims of crimes and their families.                                                 non-profit
         A                                                   B                                                       C
   College of
   Office of      At the College of Charleston, diversity is more than just “human differences.” Diversity
   Admissions     is our strength and the bond that unites us together as a campus community. Thus, the
   Minority       primary mission of the Office of Institutional Diversity is to support the College of
36 Recruitment    Charleston’s pursuit of inclusive institutional excellence                               College

   College of
   Center for
   Partnerships   To develop collaborative initiatives with Teacher Education (TEDU), Health and
   to Improve     Human Performance (HEHP), higher education, Pre-K-12 schools, and the community
37 Education      to improve the lives of students, faculty, and families.                                College

   College of
38 Partnership                                                                                            College
          A                                                     B                                                        C

                    Consistent with the College of Charleston's mission to provide students and faculty the
   College of       opportunity to realize their intellectual and personal potential, our mission is to make
   Charleston       available a comprehensive collection of scholarly materials and library services
   Addlestone       congruent with the institution's present and anticipated instructional and research
39 Library          requirements.                                                                              College
   College of
   Initiative for
   the Literay
40 Arts (LILA)      to nurture and promote the literary arts in South Carolina                                 College

                 counter the risk factors associated with school failure by providing protective measures
                 that can influence a student’s decision to remain in school and be successful in life.
   Communities These protective direct services are individualized and include mentoring, tutoring, life
   In Schools of skills, case management, individual and group counseling sessions in drug/alcohol and
   the           teen pregnancy prevention, reading literacy activities, quality after school activities,
   Charleston    service-learning opportunities, and parent education and family cohesiveness activities.
41 Area, Inc.                                                                                             non-profit
          A       CCPLC provides empowerment services to B community utilizing two community
                                                              the                                                     C
                  based programs: The Philip Simmons Summer Basketball Program and The Community
                  Mentorship Project. These two programs assist yoCCPLC seeks to provide opportunities
                  for social and economic advancement in predominately African American comminites
                  located in peninsula Charleston, South Carolina. We want to improve the current living
                  conditions in these communities and stimulate neighborhood revitalization that benefitsl
                  the current residents.CCPLC will accomplish this by providinginnovative and effective
                  programs that meet the needs of the residents in these communites. We will seek to
                  offer programs for youth that will enhance their abilities to compete in the 21st century

                  Our focus is the empowerment of African Americans who have historically been at a
                  disadvantage when it comes to revitalization of their communities.

                  We will provide services to other disadvantaged residents of the peninsula regardless of
                  race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or physical impairment.
   Citizens of  We will seek to partner with other organizations tha have similar goals and objectives.
   Peninsula/Lo uth and other community members in developing the necessary skill set essential to
42 wcountry     becoming productive effective citizens.                                                       non-profit

   Crisis         provides food, shelter, and hope to end homelessness and hunger one person at a time,
43 Ministries     one family at a time.                                                                       non-profit
   Dee Norton
   Children's     Our mission is to keep children safe from abuse, and when abuse occurs, to work with
44 Center         our community to bring healing to these children and their families.                        non-profit
         A                                                    B                                                       C
                  BabyNet is South Carolina's IDEA Part C interagency early intervention program for
                  infants and toddlers under three years of age with developmental delays or conditions
   DHEC           associated with developmental delays.
   BabyNet &
45 CRS                                                                                                        State

                  To assist people with disabilities in meeting their needs, pursuing their dreams and
   Disabilities   achieving their goals; and to minimize the occurrence and reduce severity of disabilities
   Board of       through prevention.
46 County                                                                                                     State
   Down           promote an environment which fosters the growth and development of people with
   Syndrome       Down syndrome to enable them to achieve their full potential. Down Syndrome
   Association    Association of the Lowcountry offers programs such as Moms' Night Out and Youth
   of the         Group, as well as social events, resources, and educational opportunities.
47 Lowcountry                                                                                                 non-profit
          A                                                    B                                                   C

                    "Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and
48 Earth Force      their communities now and in the future."                                            non-profit
49 CDC

                    Family Services, Inc. exists to empower, at a cost comparable to industry standards,
                    individuals and families to become or remain functionally independent.
50 Services, Inc.                                                                                          non-profit
         A                                                      B                                                      C

   Father to       The mission of the Father to Father Project, Inc. is to support fathers, families and the
   Father          community through social and economic development.
51 Project, Inc.                                                                                               ?
   Programs of     to provide young, at-risk pregnant and parenting women comprehensive services to help
52 SC              them become self-sufficent and responsible mothers                                    non-profit
   Friends of
53 d Association                                                                                               non-profit
                   Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with people in need to build decent,
                   affordable housing. The houses then are sold to qualified families at no profit and with
   Habitat for     no interest charged.
54 Humanity                                                                                                    non-profit

                   to provide resources and special oppertunities to abused and neglected children and their
55 HALOS           caregivers through partnerships with faith-based and other community organizations        non-profit
56 School

              We have a special love for Dalmatians, Shelties and Chihuahuas, but we also help other
              breeds as well as mutts and cats. We do our best to educate the public about pet
57 Humane Net overpopulation and responsible ownership.                                              non-profit
           A                                                B                                                  C

   Training      Our mission is creating financial freedom for families in South Carolina
58 Center                                                                                             non-profit

59 Ministries
60 USA

                 The mission of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim shall be to serve the religious needs of
                 families and individuals through:

                Programs of lifelong Jewish education (Torah),
   Kahal Kadosh Inclusive communal worship and ritual (Avodah),
61 Beth Elohim Ongoing quest for greater justice, peace and acts of loving-kindness (G'milut Chasadim) Religious

62                                                                                                    ?
         A                                                     B                                                       C
                   raises funds to help treat childhood obesity, which afflicts 25 million American children
                   today. Louie's Kids works to find the best treatment options to meet the needs of each
                   child. We find the fix that fits, one kid at a time.

63 Louieskids                                                                                                  non-profit
   Low Country
64 Center

                   Our mission is to feed the poor and hungry of the ten coastal counties of South Carolina
                   by soliciting and distributing healthy food and grocery products to nonprofit agencies
   Lowcountry      serving the poor, and to educate the public about the problems of and solutions to
65 Food Bank       domestic hunger.                                                                         non-profit

                   to provide basic necessities (such as clothing, school uniforms, shoes and socks,
                   pajamas, underwear, coats, toiletries and school supplies) to children who have been
   Lowcountry      abused or neglected.
66 Orphan Relief                                                                                               non-profit

                    it’s simple: we want to serve women who find themselves in a difficult situation. We
   Lowcountry      are not here to make money, tell you what to do, or promote agendas. We want to help
   Pregnancy       and serve you.
67 Center                                                                                                      non-profit
         A                                                  B                                                      C

   University of
68 (MUSC)                                                                                               Hospital

                   We seek to recognize Jesus’ call for all of us to engage in metanoia - seeking the
                   Kingdom of God through promoting positive change in ourselves, in our neighborhood
                   and in our society.

69 Metanoia                                                                                             Religious

   Adolescent Our goal is the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity through individual,
   Medicine – family, and community change.
70 LEAN Team                                                                                            Hospital
           A                                                   B                                                      C
                enriching, interactive, interprofessional learning initiative that helps students find
                creative ways to serve others. Our students seek and create humanitarian opportunities
                throughout the world. Since the program’s inception 16 years ago, MUSC students have
   MUSC Gives contributed more than 200,000 hours of service, leading or supporting more than 2,700
   Back Student charitable organizations and events in the community, across the region, and around the
   Volunteer    world.
71 Program                                                                                              University

   MUSC              Serving the needs of greater Charleston for more than 180 years, MUSC and its
   Medical           associated medical center has been a beacon of understanding and community outreach
72 Home              through times of war, natural disaster, and economic adversity.                     State

     National Park
     Fort Sumter
     NM and
73                                                                                                            State

                     “To understand and serve the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved in
                     our community by providing quality, compassionate and personalized care. We strive to
                     create a caring environment where friends help friends in need, and provide a
   North             worthwhile outlet for volunteers to give of themselves, and show the love of Christ.”
74 Dream Center                                                                                               non-profit
         A                                                    B                                                      C
                  Nuevos Caminos is a mission of hope promoting
                  self-sufficiency of the individual,
                  success of the family, and
                  shared community solutions,
   Nuevos         OUTREACH, EDUCATION, and ADVOCACY.
75 Caminos                                                                                                   non-profit

                  The mission of One on One Learning is to provide the highest quality academic
   One on One     assistance to all students so that they reach their full potential.
76 Learning                                                                                                  ?
                  bring a fresh, entrepreneurial approach to the social and economic challenges that face
                  our state.

   Palmetto       We do this by relying on the imagination and common sense of our citizens, which is
   Children's     still our state’s greatest natural resource.
77 Initative                                                                                                 non-profit
                  Motivated by a passion for enjoyment, inspired to share with others and driven to make
                  a difference. Our family and company are bound by a common history and the relentless
                  pursuit to continually find new ways to do things better. We live and work by the notion
                  that each individual has the opportunity to succeed. It is our mission to help grow and
   Pearlstine     challenge our talented group of employees.
78 Distributing                                                                                              Private company
   Foundation,    develop and maintain a commemorative garden from design to completion and to
79 Inc.           preserve the legacy and craft of Mr. Philip Simmons.                                       non-profit
          A                                                 B                                                       C

                Abortion Referral Birth Control Services Emergency Contraception General Health
                Care HIV Testing HPV & Hepatitis Vaccines LGBT Services Men’s Health Services
   Planned      Patient Education Pregnancy Testing, Options & Services STD Testing & Treatment
80 Parenthood   Women’s Health Services                                                                  not-for-profit

                To create exceptional theatre experiences that enliven thought, ignite dialogue, and
                expand consciousness.
81 Theater                                                                                               ?
   Roper St.
82 Healthcare                                                                                            Hospital

                The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by
                its congressional charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross
                Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare
83 RSVP         for, and respond to emergencies                                                         Non-profit
                The South Carolina Aquarium inspires conservation of the natural world by exhibiting
                and caring for animals, by excelling in education and research, and by providing an
   South        exceptional visitor experience.
84 Aquarium                                                                                              non-profit
   Carolina     to create opportunities for life-changing experiences resulting in leaders for tomorrow's
   Maritime     communities. Since its first season of programming in 2007, over 7,000 students have
85 Foundation   been served.                                                                              non-profit
          A                                                   B                                                     C

                 serve the educational and creative needs of children in the Tri-County area by providing
                 a unique means to offer free merchandise, donated from businesses and individuals, for
   Teachers'     teachers to use in their classrooms. Our goal is for every child in the area to have the
86 Supply Closet school supplies they need to succeed in school.                                          non-profit

                  to educate and prepare graduates to become principled leaders in all walks of life by
                  instilling the core values of The Citadel in a challenging intellectual environment.
87 The Citadel                                                                                            College
   The Dee
   Children's    Our mission is to keep children safe from abuse, and when abuse occurs, to work with
88 Center        our community to bring healing to these children and their families.                     non-profit
   The Good
   ry and
89 ummer Camp
   The Joshua
90 Group, Inc.
          A                                                     B                                                         C
                 improving the opportunity for quality education, promoting human growth and literacy
                 and artistic expression, developing new career pathways to success, and sharing an
                 understanding and appreciation of the local environment and sustainable living
                 practices, thereby inspiring deep civic pride and love for all corners of the city. To this
                 end, the Foundation serves as a facilitative, umbrella organization for many of the
                 nonprofit entities in the area and assists in the coordination of various community
   The Noisette activities.
91 Foundation                                                                                                non-profit
                 The Outreach Learning Center strives to serve those in need by encouraging unity,
                 respect and
   The Outreach
   Learning      self-reliance through job and life skills training, technology instruction and English
   Center at St. Language acquisition.
92 Matthew's                                                                                                 Religious
                 to provide a forum for collective action by African-American nurses to investigate,
   Tri-County    define and determine what the health care needs of African-Americans are and to
   Black Nurses implement change to make available to African-Americans and other minorities, health
93 Association care commensurate with that of the larger society.                                            non-profit

                  ecumenical ministry providing food, clothing, medical care, counseling, transportation,
   Tri-county     shelter, financial assistance and other vital services to the less fortunate in the Tricounty
   Family         area. It offers a safe, compassionate, and inviting place for all people in need.
94 Ministries                                                                                                     non-profit

                  to increase literacy in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties by offering
   Trident        instruction, using a self-paced, individualized curriculum in reading, writing,
   Literacy       mathematics, English as a Second Language, GED preparation, and basic computer use.
95 Association                                                                                                    non-profit
           A                                                B                                                     C

   Trident        Trident Technical College serves as a catalyst for personal, community and economic
   Technical      development by empowering individuals through education and training.
96 College                                                                                              College

                  a catalyst for personal, community and economic development by empowering
                  individuals through education and training.
97                                                                                                      College

                  Trident United Way is the organization in the Lowcountry that brings together people,
     United Way
                  businesses, government, and non-profit organizations to address our most pressing
                  human service problems. Trident United Way focuses on education, income and health --
98                the building blocks of a good life                                                    non-profit

   United        "Building Homes for Today and Hope for Tomorrow"
99 Relief Center                                                                                        non-profit

    USC College
    of Social
100 Work        to prepare social work educators                                                        College
           A                                                 B                                                      C

    We Are        providing resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, Intersex
101 Family        (GLBTQQI) and straight ally youth ages 16-23                                              non-profit

    Windwood      Through therapeutic interventions that enhance social functioning and strengthen
    Farm Home psychological well-being, we offer an environment of help, hope, and healing for at-risk
    for Children, youth and families traumatized by the effects of abuse and neglect.
102 Inc.                                                                                               non-profit

    Wings for     Developing social and emotional intelligence through fresh and fun after school
103 Kids          programs                                                                                 non-profit

    Yes Carolina Teach entrepreneurship to young South Carolinians of all socio-economic backgrounds
    (Youth        to enhance their economic productivity by improving their business, academic, and life
    Entrepreneurs skills.
    hip South
104 Carolina)                                                                                            non-profit
          A                                                B                                            C

    Young Ladies
    & Leaders
    Conquering To provide programs for youth, ages 11 to 18, which will enhance their SPACE
105 Obstacles    (social/spiritual, physical, academic, character, and emotional) development   non-profit

106 Services
          D                 E                             F                           G              H           I

                                                                                  ip with
                                                                                  CPIE (yes
1 Web Address       Mailing Address   Contact Person or People                    or no)     Notes       Other

  www.alstonwilkes 117 S. Main St    April Morales & Summerville, SC Marilyn Yarnall             (843) 821-5000
  ms/communityserv 29483
2 ices.html                                                                       no
                                                                                  but no
                                      Barbara D'Alessando                         with
3                                                      CPIE
           D                  E                             F                    G   H            I

                       1071 Morrison
                       Dr.              843.723.6915
                       Charleston, SC   Fax
  http://associationfo 29403            843.577.4312
4               no

                      PO Box 70217
                      N Charleston, SC
  http://www.beame 29415
5                  554-5987                             no

  http://palmettoproj PO Box 183 Charleston, SC
6 books/              29402               no

7                                                                           no           no website found
           D                 E                            F                      G              H            I

                                       Troy Strother
                                       (843) 937-6517

                                       Atiya McPherson
                      PO Box 20879                                           High
  http://www.tuw.or Charleston, SC     Lanneau Siegliy                       School
8 g/LiveUnited        29413                                                  Partner
  g/high/burke/ABO                     Rev. John Paul Brown                  Burke
  UTBURKE/Alum 1602 Wayah Dr.          (843) 324-1557                        High
  ni/tabid/58/Default Charleston, SC                    School
9 .aspx               29414                                                  Partner
                                       Whitfield, Sims
                     244 President     Burke High School                     Burke
                     Street            (843) 579- 4828                       High
                     Charleston, SC   School
10                   29407                                                   Partner
                                      Andrew Lewis
                                      College of Charleston
                                      Physical Education & Health            Burke     Andrew is no longer
                     66 George Street (843) 953-8250                         High      in charge of this
                     Charleston, SC                        School    group. Not sure who
11 no website        29424                                                   Partner   is
           D                 E                            F                           G    H   I

   http://mighty-                     Dr. Barbara Dilligard                      Burke PO Box 21732     (843) 225-2271                             High
   p/burkehighschool Charleston, SC                     School
12 foundationinc     29403                                                       Partner

                                      The neighborhood association is lead by:

                                      Ryan Glushkoff - President
   http://cannonborou                 991-9946       
13                                                             no

                                      Ms. Natalia Cales
   http://www.carolin PO Box 31246                                               High
   aempowermentgro Charleston, SC                                                School
14 29417                                                        Partner
            D                 E                            F                         G    H   I
                        3790 Ashley
   http://cathedralofpr Phosphate Road Charleston, SC    Pastor Mike LewisPhone: 843.760.2626
   e.asp?page_id=150 29418              Fax: 843.760.2629
15 04                                     no
                                        Jennet Robinson Alterman,
                     129 Cannon         Executive Director
   http://c4women.or Street Charleston, 763-7333
16 g/                SC 29403                                                   no

                                         Allen J. Wutzdorff, Executive Director
                                         Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Burke
                     PO Box 975          (843) 805-3058                         High
   http://www.edfoun Charleston, SC                 School
17            29402                                                      Partner

                     1087 East
                     Montague Ave.
   http://www.ccsdsc North Charleston, SC 29406           746-6500, 746-6501 (fax)
18 hools/AdultEd.php                                                            no
            D                   E                               F                       G   H            I

                        2146 Dorchester
                        Rd.                Lenore McKenna Executive Director
                                           phone (843) 747-3311
                        N. Charleston,
                        SC 29405           fax (843) 747-3377
19                                                                     no
   ype=agency&texto                        Mrs. Sandra Clair Executive Director
   nly=&recordid=58 259 Meeting            Phone: (843) 722-4127      Fax: (843)
   264&_UserRefere St.Charleston, SC       722-3675     mailto:
20 nce=D08BCFA34 29401-1602                no

                                           Executive Director
                        2669 Hamilton      Murray S. Neale
                        Johns Island, SC   CATR: 843 559-6040
                        29455              CATR Farms: 843 559-2287
21                                                                         no

22                                                                                 no           no website found
            D                  E                             F                        G     H   I
                                         Ida Ascue
                                         (843) 723-3026 (H)
                                         (843) 200-2467 (C)

                                         Marvin Stewart, Chairperson
                                         (843) 722-8385
   http://www.ccsdsc                      Fouchena Sheppard                        Burke
   of_Trustees/Consti 28 12th Ave.       (843) 723-2887                           High
   tuent_Boards/Dist Charleston, SC                   School
23 20/index.php       29403                                                       Partner

   http://charlestonco                 10 different locations and contacts (see   School
24             10 CCSD schools website)                                   Partner
            D                  E                            F                          G   H   I

   sp?id=14621&acti                                                              Burke
   on=detail&catID= 1067 King Street Cynthia Hurd                                High
   5374&parentID=5 Charleston, SC          (843) 722-7550                        School
25 374                   29403                                                   Partner
                                           Main Branch Manager:
                         68 Calhoun Street Cynthia Bledsoe        Phone: (843)
                         Charleston, SC    805-6930
   http://www.ccpl.or 29401                Fax: (843) 727-3741
26 g/                                                                            yes

                        19 Saint Margaret David                   (843) 460-
                        Street            5033
                        Charleston, SC
27   29403                                                    no
           D                    E                               F                   G             H            I

28           4 locations            4 locations (see website)          no

                      PO Box 71486,     Chuck Coward
   http://www.charles North Charleston, Chief Vision Navigator
29   SC, 29415         Phone: 843.200.2391| Fax: 843.747.2028 no

                        975 Morrison
                        Drive, Suite C-1                                                 Searching for a new
                        Charleston, SC                                                   executive director
                        29403                                                            due to Dwayne
   http://www.charles                      telephone: 843-647-6209            Not        Green's recent
30                                                            directly   resignation
             D                     E                             F                         G    H   I

                     PO Box 22731            Anna M. Minkowski, Executive Director
                     Charleston, SC          843-408-1406
   http://www.chuckt 29413         
31                                                                     no

                      1826 Summerset                                                  Burke
                      Circle         Ann Birdseye                                     High
   http://www.circula Charleston, SC                     School
32       29407                                                           Partner
                                     Jacquie Kennedy
                                     (843) 965-4190
   http://www.charles      50 Broad St.      Mindy Sturm                              High     Charleston, SC               School
33 nid=13                  29401                                                      Partner
   http://www.charles     145 King Street   Phone: 843-577-0217               Fax:
   /docs/0/hcd%20lea       Charleston, Sc    843-965-4810
34 dcontrol.pdf            29401               no

                           P.O. Box 21833
                           Charleston, SC    Chaplain Rob Dewey
                           29413             Phone: (843)724-1212
   http://coastalcrisisc                     Fax: (843)724-1211
35                                no
            D                  E                              F         G     H   I

                                           Debbie Counts
   http://diversity.cof                    Office of Admissions     Burke       66 George Street (843) 953-4954           High
   initiatives/diversity- Charleston, SC         School
36 initiatives-cofc.php 29424                                       Partner
                                           Courtney A. Howard
                                           (843) 953-7629

                                         Melanie Hofmann
                        86 Wentworth     Administrative Assistant
                        Street           (843) 953-2742
   http://partnerships. Charleston, SC
37            29401
                                         Angela Cozart
                                         (843) 953-6353

                                         Faye Hicks-Townes
                                         (843) 953-2004

                       86 Wentworth      Charissa Marrah            Burke
                       Street            (843) 953-5554             High
                       Charleston, SC           School
38 no website          29401                                        Partner
           D                  E                              F                     G       H   I
                                          Claire Fund
                                          (843) 953-8002
                                          Tom Gilson                           High
                                          (843) 953-8014                       School
                                       Steve Profit                            Baptist
                      66 George Street (843) 953-5855                          Hill High
   http://www.cofc.ed Charleston, SC                        School
39 u/library/         29424                                                    Partner

                                       Carol Ann Davis, President
                                       Department of English                   Burke
                      66 George Street (843) 953-7263                          High
   http://www.lilacon Charleston, SC                        School
40         29424                                                    Partner
                                       Jane Riley (Executive Director)

                                          Wallis Gandy (Program Coordinator)
                                          (843) 345-2557

                      1090 E. Montague    Kit Fox
                      Ave.                     Burke
                      N. Charleston, SC   843) 367-1659                        High
   http://www.cischar 29405                  School
41        (843) 740-6793                                           Partner
            D                   E                            F                         G   H   I

   http://ccplc.webs.c                    contact via website:
42 om/                              no
                       573 Meeting
                       Charleston, SC
   http://charlestonho 29413-0038
43                            Phone: 843-723-9477                    no

                         1061 King Street M. Elizabeth Ralston, Ph.D.
                         Charleston, South Executive Director      (843) 723-3600
44     Carolina 29403    (843) 720-7106 (fax)                   no
            D                  E                           F              G   H   I
                      1300 Sumter St,
   http://www.scdhec Suite 100
   .gov/health/mch/cs Columbia, SC      803-734-0479 (voice)
   hcn/programs/baby 29201              803-734-1431 (fax)
45 net/                                                              no
                                        805-5800 / 805-5805 (F)
                                        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                        x204 RICK MAGNER
                                        ( )
                       995 Morrison     x420 Laura Villeponteaux(
                       Drive   )
                       Charleston, SC   x208 Dorothy White
                       29413            ( )
46                                                 no

                     PO Box 2275
                     Mt Pleasant, SC
   http://www.dsalow 29465    
47                                                      no
            D                  E                              F                     G              H                       I
                                                                                         Although Earth
                                                                                         Force continues to
                                                                                         support some
                                                                                         individual teachers in
                                                                                         the Lowcountry, we
                                                                                         have shifted our
                                                                                         focus to energizing
                                                                                         partners around the
                                                                                         work that we do.
                                                                                         Much of this work
                                                                                         evolves according to
                                                                                         the assets and
                                                                                         challenges of each
                                                                                         community but is
                                                                                         highly dependent on
                                                                                         creating a network of
                                                                               Burke     community support
   http://www.earthfo PO Box 22583         Stacey Rafalowski                   High      for youth Charleston, SC          School    engagement (CBI).
48 /CharlestonSC      29413                                                    Partner

49                                                                             no                                 no website found

                       4925 Lacross        Toll Free: 800-232-6489 ext. 7802
                       Road, Suite 215     Locally: 843-735-7802
                       North Charleston,   Fax: 843-744-2886
   http://www.fsisc.or SC 29406            Email:
50 g/topic.asp?pid=1                                                           no
            D                  E                             F                           G   H            I

                         4731 Mixson
                         Avenue            William M. Jenkins
                         North Charleston, Executive Director
   http://fathertofathe SC 29405           Phone: (843) 744-2126
51                        no
                         19 Saint Margaret
   http://florencecritte Charleston, SC    Lisa Belton Executive Director (843)722-
52           29403             7526 |      no

                                         Patricia Mack                             Burke
                                         Peter Lawrence                            High
                       Charleston, SC    (843) 577-2245                            School
53 no website          29403                                                       Partner

                        PO Box 21479
   http://www.charles Charleston, SC      Phone: 843.722.7145
54      29413                                                      no
                        3366 Rivers Ave.
                        N. Charleston, SC Kim Clifton, Executive Director
   http://charlestonhal 29405             (843) 953-3715
55                                                                         no

56                                                                                 no            no website found
   http://www.petfind                  Email:
   wcountryanimalres P.O. Box 952,
57 cue.html           Ladson, SC 29456                                             no
            D                 E                           F               G    H            I
                                       Dorothea Bernique
                                       Financial Trainer
                      2154 N. Center
                      St. Suite 201-B
   http://www.increas North Charleston, (843) 225-4343
58       SC 29406                                       no

                      4981 Chateau
                      North Charleston,
                      SC 29405          (843) 747-8064

59                                                                   no            no website found

60                                                                   no            no website found
                                        Executive Director
                                        Floy Work
                                        843-723-1090 extension 105
                      90 Hasell Street,
                      Charleston South 843-723-1090
                      Carolina 29401    843-723-0537 Fax

61                                                  no
                                       Dr. Barbara Dilligard         Burke
                      PO Box 21732     (843) 225-2271                High
                      Charleston, SC        School
62 no website         29403                                          Partner
           D                  E                            F                          G    H            I
                                       Louis Yuhasz
                                       Fax (800) 457-7497                        Burke
                      PO Box 21291                      High
   http://www.louiesk Charleston, SC                       School
63           29413                                                      Partner

64                                                                               no            no website found
                                       Charleston Distribution Center -
                                       Dial 843.747.8146, then the appropriate
                                       extension number:
                                       101 Mark Smith, Board Chairman
                                       111 Ilze Astad, Executive Director of
                      2864 Azalea Dr.,
   http://lowcountryf Charleston, SC   (843) 747-8146 | fax (843) 747-8147
65 29405                                                        no

                                       Phone: 843-747-4099 Fax: 843-747-4948
                       PO Box 70185 N.
   http://www.lowco Charleston, SC     Email:
   untryorphanrelief.o 29415
66 rg/                                                                        no

                      7481 Northside
   http://lowcountryp North Charleston, SC 29420           info@lowcountrypregnancycenter.com843-
67 m/                                   553-3505                               no
           D                  E                            F                      G    H   I
                                       Scotty Buff, Ph. D.
                                       Kelli Anderson
                                       Administrative Assistant
                     PO Box 250175     MUSC, Harper Student Center
                     45 Courtenay       (843) 792-0955                       Burke
                     Drive, SS450      (843) 792-1506 Fax                    High
   http://www.musc.e Charleston, SC                         School
68 du/               29425-0175                                              Partner
                                       Phone (843) 529.3014
                      2005 Reynolds    Fax (843) 529.3639
                      Avenue, North    CEO - Rev. Bill Stanfield, ext. 406
                      Charleston, SC
   http://pushingforw 29405
69                                                                  no
                                       Coleen Martin
                                       Program Coordinator
                                       MUSC – Dept. Pediatrics, Div. of
                                       Adolescent Medicine
                                       (843) 367-1659
                      135 Rutledge
                      Charleston, SC   Jennifer Baily
   http://academicdep 29425 151        MUSC College of Health Professions    Burke Rutledge Ave      Coordinator of Student Affairs        High
   /lean_team/ Charleston SC    (843) 792-1601                        School
70 m                  29425                                                  Partner
            D                   E                            F                      G    H   I

   /musc/news/univ_    171 Ashley
   news/archive/2010   Avenue,
   /jan10_stdt_volunt  Charleston, SC    Liz Sheridan at
71 eerism.htm          29403             843-792-4094                          no
                       171 Ashley
   http://www.musch Avenue, Charleston, SC
72 tm                  29403             843-792-1414                          no

                                           Michael Allen
                                           (843) 883-3123 x. 36
                                           (843) 881-5516 x. 12                Burke
                        1214 Middle St. (843) 881-7070 Fax                     High
                        Sullivan’s Island,               School
73 no website           SC 29482                                               Partner

                      5505 N. Rhett
                      Ave., North
   http://dreamcenter Charleston, SC     Executive Director: Bill Bartoccini
74        29406              (843) 225-1115                        no
           D                  E                            F                  G    H   I

                     117 South Main (843) 737-6106 ~
   http://www.nuevos St., Summerville,
75       SC 29483                                            no
                                       (877) 66-LEARN

                                        (305) 273-8999

76   ?                                                  no

                       1031 Chuck
                       Dawley Blvd, #5, tel: 843-577-4122
                       Mt. Pleasant, SC fax: 843-723-0521
   http://palmettoproj 29464  
77                                                      no
                                        Deona Smith
                                        (843) 388-6809
                       1600 Charleston         Burke
                       Regional Parkway Otto Riley                       High
   http://www.pearlst Charleston, SC         School
78            29492                                             Partner
                       P. O. Box 21585 Charleston, SC    843.571.6445 (o) 29413-1585         843.571.6435 (f)
79 ion.html                                                              no
            D                    E                            F                        G   H   I
   http://www.planne     200 Rutledge
   ealth-                Ave.             P: 843.628.4380
   center/findCenter.a   Charleston, SC
   sp?z=Zip+Code&s       29403            F: 843.937.6497
80 .y=10                                                                         no
                                          Sharon Graci
                                          Artistic Director
                                          and Co-Founder
   http://www.pureth PO Box 448, Charleston, SC      843.723.4444
81 ml                 29402                        no

82            Many locations    (843) 402-CARE (2273)                  no

                      8085 Rivers
                      Avenue, Suite F -
   http://www.lowco North Charleston, Email: | Ph: SC 29406          (843) 764-2323 | Fax: (843) 764-2318
83 v.php?pg=17                                                                   no

                      100 Aquarium        Sponsorships / Partnerships
                      Wharf,              Tel. (843) 579-8627
   http://scaquarium. Charleston, SC      Email:
84 org/               29401               (843) 720-1990                         yes
                      P.O. Box 22405      Sarah Piwinski - Executive Director
   http://www.scmari Charleston, SC 29413
85 ?id=15                                                                        no
            D                  E                            F                      G    H            I
                       1401 Sam
                       Rittenberg Dr
                       Suite 11
   http://www.teacher Charleston, SC    843-225-9895 29407  
86 2/                                                                         no

                       171 Moultrie     Kathy Richardson Jones                Burke
                       Street           (843) 953-3163                        High Charleston, SC             School
87 edu/main/           29409                                                  Partner

                                         Anne Abel, Director (843) 723-3600
                       1061 King Street (843) 720-7106 (fax) Email:
                       Charleston, South
88   Carolina 29403                                         no

89                                                                            no            no website found

90                                                                            no            no website found
             D                      E                             F                         G   H   I

                                               Program Director – VISTA Coordinator –
   http://noisettefoun                         Diane Knott –
91         ?                       no
                                               Chris Keene, Director          843-579-
                            403 King Street,   0420
                            Charleston, SC
                            29403              e-mail:
92                                                                     no
                            PO Box 20816       Patricia Mack                          Burke
                            9 Ashton Street.   (843) 965-8825                         High
    http://www.tricoun      Charleston, SC                 School
93       29413                                                     Partner
                            3349 Rivers
                            Avenue, North
   http://tricountyfam      Charleston, SC     29405              843-747-1788
94 dex.htm                                                                            no

                            5416-B Rivers
                            Avenue            Eileen Chepenik , Executive Director
                            North Charleston, 843-747-2223
                            SC 29406
95                                                             no
            D                   E                             F                       G     H             I
                       PO Box 118067
                       Charleston, SC     Info: 843.574.6111
   http://www.tridentt 29423              Toll Free: 877.349.7184
96                                                                     yes
                                          Melissa Stowasser
                                          Director of High School Programs      Burke
                                          (843) 574-6312                        High
                                          Patricia Gramling                     and
                                          Assistant Director of High School     Baptist
                       PO Box 118067      Programs                              Hill High
   http://www.tridentt Charleston, SC     (843) 574-6533                        School
97            29423-8067                                               Partner
                                         Bonnie Bella
                       6296 Rivers       (843) 740-9000
                       Avenue            Fax number -- (843) 566-7193
                       North Charleston, E-mail -- SC 29406
98 /LiveUnited                                                                  yes
    /110771345208?sk                                                                            original website not
99 =info                ?                 ?                                     no              operational
                        University of
                        South Carolina,
                        Columbia, SC
100                   803-777-5291      Fax: 803-777-3498   no
             D                  E                                F                       G   H   I
                      PO Box 21806
                      Charleston, SC
    http://www.waf.or 29413                Phone: 843-637-9379
101 g/index.php                            Email:                     no
                                           Debbie McKelvey, Executive Director
                       4857 Windwood
                       Farm Rd.
    http://www.windw Awendaw, SC           843-884-5342 29429                843-884-1287 (fax)
102 asp?pid=1                                                                      no
                                          CEO: Bridget Laird
                                          FAX: (866) 562-8615 (toll free)
                        P.O. Box 71648 Phone: (843) 296-1667
                        North Charleston, Email:
    http://wingsforkids SC 29415
103 .org/                                                                          yes
                                          Jim Bailey, CEO/Founder
                                          (843) 556-1909

                                           Jenny Whittle, Educational Consultant
                         1 Carriage Lane   PO Box 210                              Burke
                         Bldg. G           Charleston, SC 29402                    High
    http://yescarolina.c Charleston, SC    (843) 556-1909                          School
104 om/                  29407                                                     Partner
             D                E                            F                        G    H            I
                                        (843) 744-5510 or (843) 744-5510 fax

                       PO Box 70519      Email:
                       Charleston, South
105   Carolina 29415                                          no

                       3262 Landmark Casey Robinson                            Burke
                       Drive             (843) 767-9969                        High
                       North Charleston,              School
106                    SC 29418                                                Partner       no website found

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