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					Business Plan
  [Insert Date]
                        Business Concept
In this section, provide an overview of the key concepts of your business. Focus on the company’s
vision and create a compelling and convincing position of how and why this plan will be successful.

                             YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                 Financing Requirements
Include a brief description (2-3 sentences) of the financing required to support the business plan.

 Start Up Expenses:

 Cash on Hand:

 Start-up Equity Injection/Funding:

 Liabilities:

 Total Required Capital:

                              YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                          Industry Analysis
Insert a brief description (2- 3 sentences) of the industry size, structure, growth and potential.

 Market Size:

 Market Segments:

 Current Industry Sales:

 Market Growth:

 # of Competitors:

 Target Market:

                               YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                        Key Selling Points
 High quality and differentiated products

 Superior service

 Strong rep
Description: This business plan presentation can be used by entrepreneurs to explain their ideas to investors or potential partners. The presentation outlines; the concepts, selling points, competitive analysis, service utilization, and financial projections.
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