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					Business Plan
  [Insert Date]
                        Business Concept
In this section, provide an overview of the key concepts of your business. Focus on the company’s
vision and create a compelling and convincing position of how and why this plan will be successful.

                             YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                 Financing Requirements
Include a brief description (2-3 sentences) of the financing required to support the business plan.

 Start Up Expenses:

 Cash on Hand:

 Start-up Equity Injection/Funding:

 Liabilities:

 Total Required Capital:

                              YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                          Industry Analysis
Insert a brief description (2- 3 sentences) of the industry size, structure, growth and potential.

 Market Size:

 Market Segments:

 Current Industry Sales:

 Market Growth:

 # of Competitors:

 Target Market:

                               YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                        Key Selling Points
 High quality and differentiated products

 Superior service

 Strong reputation and brand recognition

 Has a ready inventory

 Direct and online billing available to clients/customers

                             YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                   Competitive Analysis
Advantages                                   Disadvantages

 High quality and differentiated products    Service areas are limited to certain geographic
 Superior service
                                              Services cannot be made available to certain
 Strong reputation and brand recognition
 Has a ready inventory
                                              Limited access to capital
 Direct and online billing available to

                               YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                   Competitive Analysis
Direct Competition                            Indirect Competition

 List top direct competitors, market size,    List top indirect competitors, market size, and
   and location                                  location.

                              YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
Projected Annual Revenue

Cost Projections

                      Income Statement
Insert Income Statement (3 -5 yrs).

                              YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                             Balance Sheet
Insert Balance Sheet (3-5 yrs).

                              YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                   Cash Flow Statement
Insert Cash Flow Statement (3-5 yrs).

                             YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
                  Implementation Plan
Provide an overview of your company’s implementation plan.

 Marketing Strategy:

 Execution Strategy:

 Timeline:

 Key Leadership Team (Roles and Responsibilities):

 Technology:

                            YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE
 Eases the recuperation         Presently, we are not able to
  process by reducing or          provide a full spectrum of
  eliminating patient stress      medical equipment and
                                  supplies to patients in need
Competitive Analysis
Existing Solutions                    Market Size
 Services are presently        Unlimited sources for
  offered by a select few        service utilization
    Company A                       Patients
    Company B                       Doctors
 Existing suppliers do not          Hospitals
  offer services on weekends         Walk in Clinics
  and after hours
  Service Utilization Sources
 In ‘the olden days’, the Doctor would go to
  the patient and administer whatever health
  care was needed. The Doctor would put
  splints on broken arms or legs, they would
  administer antibiotics, and pain relief, and
  they would alleviate the Patients’ fears
  with a soft conciliatory bedside manner.
 The only drawback to this was the Doctor
  might not come around for quite some
  time. It may be months before the Doctor
  was in the area again.
  Service Utilization Sources
 At present, home based patient care
  services are relatively new for
  certain aspects of health care.
  Doctors now limit their practice of
  medicine to their offices, or in the
 There are many Patients who are
  home bound, or who have limited
  access to transportation. They will
  find the services that are offered by
  Pharmacy on Wheels advantageous
  to their recuperative process.
  Service Utilization Sources
                  Doctors & Clinics
 Establishing direct service contracts
  with Doctors is beneficial to
  services that are essential after
  normal working hours, and on
 Service agreements can be tailored
  to suit the individual preferences of
  each Doctor.
 Service agreements can also be
  tailored to respond to the needs of
  specific clinical environments.
  Service Utilization Sources
 Establishing direct service contracts
  with hospitals provides a means for
  hospitals to sub-contract for
  medical delivery services.
 For services that are necessary for
  patients who are about to become or
  who are already home bound,
  service agreements can be tailored
  to suit the individual preferences of
  each Hospital.
Financial Projections
Projected Service Utilization
     Three Year Forecast
Projected Annual Revenue
   Three Year Forecast
 Cost Projections
Three Year Forecast
Roll Out Plan
 Documentation          Random Testing
   End User             Security
   Staff                Scenarios
 Example Test           Scripts
                         Test Resource
 Hardware                Utilization
 Network                Vehicles
 Performance Testing
          Breakout Costs
   Equipment
   Materials
   Supplies
   Labor
   Vehicles
   Start Up Expenses:                   $6,850.00
   Cash on hand:                        $400.00
   Start up Equity Injection/Funding:   $500.00
   Liabilities:                         ($3,350.00)
Startup Expenses
 Office Space (rent, lights, heat, etc.)          $750.00

 Telephone/Fax                                      75.00

 Computer                                        2,000.00

 Fax machine                                       150.00

 Laser printer                                     300.00

 Office Supplies (toner, paper, pens, etc.)        500.00

 Internet (Broadband)                               75.00

 Vehicle                                            3,000

 Total Startup Expenses                       $6,850.00
  Accounts Payable                  $0

  Current Notes Payable        2,045.00

  Long Term Liabilities        1,000.00

  Total Liabilities            3,045.00

  Laser printer                 300.00

  Start up Loss                (250.00)

 Total Initial Capital    ($3,350.00)
Description: This business plan presentation can be used by entrepreneurs to explain their ideas to investors or potential partners. The presentation outlines; the concepts, selling points, competitive analysis, service utilization, and financial projections.
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