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					Programme may subject to minor changes

       The Second Cardiff Symposium on
        Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics
                        23-24 November 2009

Monday 23 November
  09.00 – 9.45       Registration & Coffee

      9.45           Welcome & Introduction
                     Professor Julian Sampson, Institute Medical Genetics, Cardiff

      9.50           Genetically determined cardiovascular disease – challenges for the future
 Keynote Lecture     Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director, British Heart Foundation

                                 Session I - Congenital Heart Disease
                   Chair- Dr Sally Davies, Consultant in Clinical Genetics, IMG, Cardiff

      10.35          Congenital heart disease- clinical spectrum and genetics
                     Dr. Jamie Bentham, Section of Molecular Cardiology, Wellcome Centre for Human
                     Genetics, Churchill Hospital, Oxford.

      11.05          Cardiac phenotypes in RAS/MAPK/PTPN related multiple malformation
                     Professor Mike Patton, St.George’s, London

  11.35 – 12.00      Coffee

      12.00          Cardiac manifestations in TBX gene family syndromes
                     Dr Ruth Newbury-Ecob, Clinical Genetics Unit, Bristol Children’s Hospital, Bristol

      12.30          Imaging in congenital heart disease- from foetus to late childhood
                     Dr Orhan Uzun, Paediatric Cardiology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

      13.00          Management of congenital heart disease- transition from childhood to grown
                     Dr Graham Stuart, Bristol Children’s Hospital, Bristol

  13.30 – 14.30      Lunch/ Poster viewing

                         Session II- Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders
                      Chair- Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director, BHF, UK

      14.30          Marfan Syndrome- challenges in diagnosis and management
                     Dr John Dean, Clinical Genetics Unit, Aberdeen

      15.00          Cardiac phenotypes in inherited connective tissue disorders
                     Professor Ann de Paepe, Centre for Medical Genetics, Ghent, Belgium

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Programme may subject to minor changes

      15.30           Thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms
                      Professor Peter Harris, UCL, London

  16.00 – 16.30       Tea/ Poster viewing

                                     Session III- Metabolic Disorders
                 Chair- Professor.Julian Halcox, Professor of Cardiology, Cardiff University

      16.30           Familial Hypercholesterolaemia - The NICE way forward?
                       Dr Michael Wright, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Newcastle upon Tyne

      17.00           Mitochondrial heart disease-spectrum and challenges
                      Dr Michael Christiansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

      17.30            Dealing with metabolic heart diseases
                      Dr Graham Shortland, Consultant Paediatrician & Lead-Metabolic Medicine, UHW

      18.00           Close

    18.00pm Drinks reception                                  19.30pm Symposium Dinner

Tuesday 24 November
   8.30-9.00         Registration and Coffee

      9.00           Challenges of Sudden Cardiac Death – What is new?
Keynote Lecture      Dr Perry Elliott, Heart Hospital, UCLH, London

                                  Session IV- Inherited Cardiomyopathies
             Chair – Professor Clifford Garratt, Professor of Cardiology, University of Manchester

      9.45           Inherited cardiomyopathies- new genes and new insights
                     Professor Hugh Watkins, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

     10.15           Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathies- genotype to phenotype
                     Professor William McKenna, The Heart Hospital, London

     10.45           Managing heart failure- genetics perspectives
                     Professor Eloisa Arbustini, San Matteo Hospital, Pavia, Italy

  11.15– 11.40       Tea/Coffee

                                     Session V- Inherited Arrhythmias
             Chair- Professor Mark Rees, Director, Institute of Life Sciences, Swansea University

     11.40           Genes to Clinic: The paradigm of catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular
                     tachycardia (CPVT)
                     Professor Alan Williams, Wales Heart Research Institute, Cardiff University, Cardiff

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Programme may subject to minor changes

      12.10           Management approaches in familial arrhythmias
                      Professor Clifford Garratt, Manchester

      12.40           Genetics of drug induced arrhythmias
                      Dr Elijah Behr, St George’s Hospital, London

  13.10– 14.00        Lunch

                       Session VI- Services for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions
                              Chair- Dr Annie Procter, Lead- AWMGS, IMG, Cardiff

      14.00           Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions in the UK- Report of the working group
                      Dr Hilary Burton, Public Health Genetics Foundation, Cambridge

      14.30           Molecular diagnostic service in cardiovascular genetics- the Dutch experience.
                      Professor Arthur Wilde, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam

      15.00           The role of the cardiac pathologist in managing inherited cardiovascular
                      Dr Mary Sheppard, Royal Brompton Hospital, London

      15.30           Genetic counselling in clinical cardiovascular genetics
                      Dr Siv Foulksten, Medical Genetics, Geneva, Switzerland

      16.00           Delivering the cardiovascular genetics service-what lies ahead?
                      Dr Paul Brennan, Northern Genetic Service, Newcastle upon Tyne

      16.30           Summing up, Vote of thanks & Close

Course Director:
Dr Dhavendra Kumar, Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Lead- Cardiovascular Genetics, All Wales Medical Genetics Service,
Institute of Medical Genetics, Cardiff.
Tel. 02920 744 037; Email:

Dr Dhavendra Kumar, Institute of Medical Genetics,,Cardiff
Dr Annie Procter, Lead - AWMGS, Inst. Med. Genetics, Cardiff
Professor Julian Sampson, Head - Institute of Medical Genetics, Cardiff University
Professor Mark Rees, Institute of Life Sciences, Swansea University
Dr. Sally Davies, Institute of Medical Genetics, Cardiff
Dr Perry Elliott, The Heart Hospital, UCL, London
Dr Paul Brennon, Northern Genetics Service, Inst of Human Genetics, Newcastle upon Tyne
Professor Clifford Garratt, Department of Cardiology, University of Manchester
Dr Elijah Behr, Cardiovascular Medicine, St. George’s Hospital, London

Organised by:

The Wales Gene Park in consultation with the
      All Wales Medical Genetics Service, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.
      Institute of Medical Genetics, Cardiff University
      Wales Heart Research Institute, Cardiff University
      All Wales Cardiac Network, Wales Assembly Government, Cardiff

Enquiries and Registration
Angela Burgess, Education Officer, The Wales Gene Park, Cardiff University
Email:             Tel. 029 2068 7658

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