CAROLINE TOTH by gegeshandong


									CAROLINE TOTH                                                  10 WILLIAMS STREET #32 • BOSTON, MA 02119
                                                                            617.642.9876 • CAROLINE@JUDY.TV
    AMERICAN EXPERIENCE/“Sister Aimee” PBS airdate: Spring 2007
    December 2005 to September 2006
    Managed all production, including circa 1900 recreations. Directed. Coordinated stock/stills research and clearances.
    WGBH/“StoryBreaks: Hairdo” WGBH airdate and QTV Premiere: October 2000
    June to September 2000
    Coordinated shooting and permissions for serial documentary. Worked closely with editor/director on editorial content.
    WGBH/Boston Media Productions “Making It”
    March to July 2005
    Researched and developed a ten-part series of one-hour public affairs programs for commercial pitching.
    WGBH/”They Made America: Rebels” PBS airdate: November 8, 2004
    September 2003 to August 2004
    Researched content. Arranged shoots. Field produced and directed. Managed stock footage research and clearances.
    “Punk Rock Wedding”
    September 2004 to January 2005
    Shot, directed and produced a short documentary that explores what it takes to get over lost love.
    WGBH Pilot “Best Boston Moments: The Pocket” WGBH Online Lab Showcase
    August 2003
    Produced a short first-person video piece to promote arts and entertainment in Boston.
    “Last Day of the Golden Donut” Harvard Film Archive Premiere: March 6, 1999
    September 1998
    Shot, directed and produced a video documenting the final hours of business at a neighborhood coffee-shop.
    PROVIDENCE PICTURES for NOVA/"Orchid Hunter" and "Secret of Photo 51"
    October 2002 to May 2003         PBS airdates: November 26, 2002 and April 22, 2003
    Arranged shoots. Researched program content. Managed stock and stills research and clearances.
    WGBH/“Eye on Education: A Day in the Life” WGBH airdate: April 4, 2002
    Winner of the 2003 New England Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary
    October 2001 to January 2002
    Assisted in casting principals. Managed production for seven crews. Field produced/directed.
    WGBH/“Evolution: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” PBS airdate: September 24, 2001
    January 2000 to May 2001
    Researched and developed stories for 2 hour program. Arranged international and domestic shoots. Coordinated
    in the field. Tracked production budget. Researched, cleared rights and negotiated fees for stock footage.
    NOVA/“Volcanoes of the Deep” PBS airdate: March 30, 1999
    March to December 1998
    Arranged shoots. Assisted in the field. Coordinated stock footage research and clearances.
    AMERICAN EXPERIENCE/“Jubilee Singers, Sacrifice and Glory” PBS airdate: May 1, 2000
    March to November 1999
    Coordinated shoots. Researched and acquired props/wardrobe. Researched and coordinated stills and stock footage.
    WGBH/“A Science Odyssey” PBS airdate: January 11-15, 1998
    December 1997 to March 1998
    Organized project shutdown for archival series. Researched and cleared music, stills and stock footage rights.
    NOVA/“Coma” PBS airdate: October 7, 1997
    Winner of the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Gold Baton for Consistent Outstanding Science Reporting
    January to September 1997
    Arranged and directed shoots. Tracked budget. Coordinated production, post-production and stock footage clearances.
 1990 to 1994 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, WHEATON COLLEGE, Norton, MA

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