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					So, you want to find a remote cabin for your backcountry trip in
Most of the information contained herein is in web links, clickable in MS Office and similar
programs. To download a clickable document, visit: and
download cabininfo.doc .
This document lists by name most of the cabins available for use by the public for recreation or
safety. Safety cabins cannot be reserved or locked, and no one can be refused access by anyone
occupying the cabin. Recreation or public use cabins may be reserved for private use subject to
operating agency limitations. Each agency requires different methods of reservation, access, and
fees, so research the cabin requirements carefully before your trip. Some cabins are extremely
remote, and may only be accessed by boat, floatplane or snowmachine. Generally, each cabin
listing will note that in the description, but contact the managing agency beforehand to make sure.

Cabin information clearinghouse (most information reiterated below.)

Public Use Cabins

If you want to get away to a wilderness cabin, state and
federal agencies in Alaska give you more than 200
opportunities. Cabins are located throughout Alaska on
trails, lakes, streams, ocean shorelines, and in alpine areas.
They are managed by different public agencies, each with its
own guidelines for rental. Cabins have "rugged"
accommodations: usually a heating stove, bunks/sleeping
platforms, table and chairs, and an outhouse. You are
                                                               PHOTO BY DNR
responsible for providing your own food, cook stove and
cooking utensils, water, and bedding.                          Bald Lake Cabin

Access to cabins is by plane, boat, trail, or a combination of
these. You are on your own for arranging transportation to and from the cabins. Usually a list of
operators permitted to provide services within the public land unit can be obtained from the
managing agency. Most cabins are used year round although usage may be strongly discouraged
during certain times of the year. Alaska's weather can delay your trip at any time of year, so plan
accordingly in regards to extra food, provisions, and pick-up plans. For any travel in Alaska's
backcountry, you are responsible for your own safety; be prepared with survival skills and proper

Generally, cabin permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis for noncommercial purposes
to anyone over 18 years old. However, because of high demand, agencies may incorporate a lottery

For more information select a link below or check out the Wilderness Cabin brochure (a pdf)

Cabins by Agency/Location:
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge (Kodiak Island)
Chugach National Forest Cabins (Kenai Peninsula & PWS)
Alaska State Park Cabins (Anchorage, Matsu, & Resurrection Bay)
Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Cabins (Kenai Peninsula)
Kenai Fjords National Park Cabin Reservations/Information(Resurrection Bay)
Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve Public Use Cabins (Interior)
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve Backcountry Cabins
White Mountains National Recreation Area Cabins (Interior)
Tongass National Forest Cabin Information (Southeast)
Bureau of Land Management Public Use Cabins (Interior)
Alaska Dept of Natural Resources Cabins
Alaska State Parks Public Use Cabins

 Alaska State parks offers 60 cabins and 8 ice huts for rent by the public. These cabins are in 18
 state park units, as far north as Fairbanks, in Interior Alaska, and as far south as Ketchikan, in
 Southeast Alaska.

 Alaska State Parks has two rates on all public use cabins except ice huts:

 Peak Use -- May 1 to September 30, PLUS Friday and Saturday night rentals from October 1 to
 April 30; AND during the following holiday periods of December 15 - January 6 and March 15 -

 Non-Peak Use -- October 1 - April 30; EXCEPT: Friday and Saturday nights; AND during peak
 holiday periods of December 15 - January 6 and March 15 - 31.

 Several other government agencies have public use cabins for rent in Alaska. If you do not find the
 cabin or area of the state you are looking for with Alaska State Parks, then try one of these other

  General Cabin Information
  Cabin Reservation and Fee Information
  Online Cabin Reservation Instructions
  Cabin Access Summary
  Map with Location of Parks with Cabins
  Cabin Descriptions and Availability

  Northern Area (near Fairbanks)
  Mat-Su Area (between Fairbanks and Anchorage)
  Anchorage Area
  Kenai Area
  Kodiak Area
  Prince William Sound Area
  Southeast Area
  Gulf Coast Area

  Ice Fishing Huts Descriptions and Availability

  Northern Area (near Fairbanks)

  Cabin Permit Application
  Cabin Fact Sheets
      Some of the information on these web pages can be found in the following fact sheets for easier
      reference. However, for complete cabin information, refer to the web pages.

      General Information
      Reservation Information
      Access Summary Chart

    US Forest Service Cabins
    Chugach National Forest Cabin Rental Areas (The USFS official site URL is over 456 characters long) ALL CABINS
    REQUIRE RESERVATIONS: Create a profile and login to reserve yours.

   Copper River Delta
     Double Bay Cabin
     Hook Point Cabin
     Jack Bay Cabin
     Martin Lake Cabin
     McKinley Lake Cabin
     McKinley Trail Cabin
     Nellie Martin River Cabin
     Power Creek Cabin
     Shelter Bay Cabin
     Softuk Bar Cabin
     Tiedeman Slough
   Eastern Kenai Peninsula
     Aspen Flats Cabin
     Barber Cabin
     Caribou Creek Cabin
     Crescent Lake Cabin
     Crescent Saddle Cabin
     Dale Clemens Cabin
     Devil's Pass Cabin
     East Creek Cabin
     Fox Creek Cabin
     Juneau Lake Cabin
     Lower Paradise Lake Cabin
       Romig Cabin
     Swan Lake Cabin
     Trout Lake Cabin
     Upper Paradise Cabin
     Upper Russian Lake Cabin
     West Swan Lake Cabin
   Prince William Sound
     Beach River Cabin
     Coghill Lake Cabin
     Crow Pass Cabin
     Green Island Cabin
     Harrison Lagoon Cabin
     Log Jam Bay Cabin
     Paulson Bay Cabin
     Pigot Bay Cabin
     Port Chalmers Cabin
     San Juan Bay Cabin
     Shrode Lake Cabin

    Tongass National Forest Recreation Cabins and Shelters

    Cabins are listed alphabetically within areas; the areas themselves are listed from
    south to north. Each cabin name is a link to detailed information and how to reserve
    the cabin. You can either click on the individual cabin or on the cabin map listed in
    bold for each area. Clicking the map link will bring you to a page which is linked to
    each cabin from its location on the map.

    If you would rather see a map of the entire Tongass to choose the area where you
    are interested in camping, go to the cabin maps page. It, in turn, will direct you to
    the map for the appropriate section below.

    Refund of reservation and use fees will not be granted to customers who are unable
    to access National Forest cabins in Alaska due to inclement weather.

    * indicates barrier-free cabin
   Misty Fiords Cabins      Misty Fiords Cabin Map
    Alava Bay                Hugh Smith Lake             Wilson Narrows
    Beaver Camp              Humpback Lake               Wilson View
    Checats                  Manzanita Lake              Winstanley Island
    Ella Narrows                                         Winstanley Lake

   Misty Fiords Shelters
    Big Goat Lake            Nooya Lake                  Winstanley Lake
    Manzanita Bay            Punchbowl Lake

   Prince of Wales          Prince of Wales Cabin Map   Salmon Bay Lake
    Island Vicinity Cabins   Karta Lake                  Salmon Lake
    Barnes Lake              Karta River                 Sarkar Lake
    Black Bear Lake          Kegan Cove                  Shipley Bay
    Control Lake             Kegan Creek                 Staney Creek
    Honker Lake              Point Amargura              Sweetwater Lake
    Josephine Lake           Red Bay Lake                Troller's Cove
                                                         Twelvemile Cabin

   Prince of Wales
    Island Shelter
    One Duck

   Ketchikan Vicinity       Ketchikan Cabin Map
    Cabins                   Helm Creek                  Phocena Bay
    Anchor Pass              Jordan Lake                 Plenty Cutthroat
    Blind Pass               McDonald Lake               Reflection Lake
    Fish Creek               Patching Lake               Southeast Heckman Lake*
    Heckman Lake
    Helm Bay

   Ketchikan Vicinity
    Shelters                 McDonald Lake               Wolf Lake
    Lake Shelokum            Reflection Lake
    Long Lake

   Wrangell Vicinity        Wrangell Cabin Map
    Cabins                                               Mount Rynda
                             Gut Island #2
    Anan Bay                                             Sergief Island
                             Harding River
    Anan Lake                                            Shakes Slough #1
    Berg Bay                                             Shakes Slough #2
                             Little Dry Island
    Binkley Slough                                       Steamer Bay*
                             Mallard Slough
    Eagle Lake                                           Twin Lakes
                             Marten Lake
    Frosty Bay                                           Virginia Lake*
                             Middle Ridge Cabin*
    Garnet Ledge
    Gut Island #1             Mount Flemer

   Wrangell Vicinity
    Shelters                  North Wrangell High    Shoemaker Bay Overlook
    Kunk Lake                 Country
    Long Lake                 North Wrangell Pond

   Petersburg Vicinity       Petersburg Cabin Map
    Cabins                    Devil's Elbow          Ravens Roost
    Beecher Pass              Harvey Lake            Salt Chuck East
    Big John Bay              Kadake Bay             Spurt Cove
    Breiland Slough           Kah Sheets Bay         Swan Lake
    Cascade Creek             Kah Sheets Lake*       Towers Arm
    Castle Flats              Petersburg Lake        West Point*
    Castle River              Portage Bay
    Deboer Lake

   Petersburg Vicinity
    Shelters                  Frenchy Ridge          Twin Creek
    Bay of Pillars
    Falls Lake

   Sitka Vicinity Cabins     Sitka Cabin Map
    Allan Point               Kanga Bay
                                                     Salmon Lake
    Appleton Cove             Kook Lake
                                                     Samsing Cove
    Avoss Lake                Lake Eva
                                                     Sevenfathom Bay
    Baranof Lake              Moser Island
    Brent's Beach             North Beach
                                                     Sitkoh Lake East
    Davidof Lake              Piper Island
                                                     Sitkoh Lake West
    Fred's Creek              Plotnikof Lake
                                                     Starrigavan Creek Cabin*
    Goulding Lake             Redoubt Lake
                                                     Suloia Lake
                                                     White Sulphur Springs

   Sitka Vicinity Shelters
    Harbor-Gavan              Long Bay               North Neva
    Kakul Narrows             Mt. Edgecumbe Trail    Otstoia

                              Hoonah Cabin Map
   Hoonah Vicinity
    Greentop Harbor
    Eight Fathom Cabin

   Admiralty Island          Admiralty Cabin Map
    Cabins                    Hasselborg Creek       N. Young Lake
    Admiralty Cove            Jim's Lake             Pybus
           Big Shaheen              Lake Alexander                    South Young Lake
           Church Bight             Lake Kathleen                     Sportsmen
           Distin Shelter           Little Shaheen
           Florence Lake (East)

          Admiralty Island
           Shelters                 Mole Harbor
           Lake Alexander

          Juneau Vicinity          Juneau Cabin Map
           Cabins                   East Turner Lake                  Taku Glacier
           Berner's Bay             John Muir                         West Turner Lake
           Dan Moller               Peterson Lake                     Windfall Lake
           Eagle Glacier

          Skagway Vicinity         Skagway Cabin Map
           Cabins                   Laughton Glacier
           Denver Caboose

                                    Yakutat Cabin Map
          Yakutat Vicinity         Italio River                      Situk Lake
           Cabins                   Lower Dangerous                   Square Lake
           Alsek River              Middle Dangerous                  Tanis Mesa North
           Eagle (Middle Situk      Raven (Middle Situk S)            Tanis Mesa South
          Yakutat Vicinity
           Harlequin Lake North
           Harlequin Lake South

    BLM Public Use Cabins

    Iditarod National Historic Trail Cabins
Except for the Rohn cabin, all shelter cabins are accessible only during the winter. Use of these
cabins is free, and no reservations are required. Due to the potential for extreme weather
conditions, users are expected to share the cabin with others if necessary. Each cabin is equipped
with bunks, a woodstove, and outhouses.

White Mountain National Rec Area
Cabins Permits are required. Cabin permits may be obtained up to 30 days in advance. Use is
limited to three consecutive nights per cabin. Permits run from noon of the first day's stay to noon
of the last day. Weekends, holidays, and spring break are times of peak use. Cabin Permits are $25
per night. Permits must be paid for prior to occupying the cabins. If you are using a credit
card, call (907) 474-2251 or 474-2252, or you can apply in person at the BLM Public Room in the
Fairbanks District Office at 1150 University Avenue, Fairbanks. If you are outside the Fairbanks
area, call (800) 437-7021 and ask for the cabin permits desk.

                           Cabin Name                    Latitude        Longitude
              Borealis-LeFevre Cabin                    N 65° 23.2'     W 147° 44.2'
              Cache Mountain Cabin                      N 65° 25.6'     W 147° 14.6'
              Caribou Bluff Cabin                       N 65° 28.3'     W 147° 34.3'
              Colorado Creek Cabin                      N 65° 29.6'     W 147° 54.0'
              Crowberry Cabin                           N 65° 19.3'     W 147° 27.6'
              Eleazars Cabin                            N 65° 16.7'     W 147° 52.6'
              Fred Blixt Cabin                          N 65° 29.1'     W 148° 23.2'
              Lees Cabin                                N 65° 12.8'     W 147° 53.3'
              Moose Creek Cabin                         N 65° 13.7'     W 147° 37.8'
              Richards Cabin                            N 65° 25.6'     W 146° 58.5'
              Summit Trail Shelter                      N 65° 16.4'     W 147° 58.0'
              Wickersham Creek Trail Shelter            N 65° 16.7'     W 147° 50.8'
              Windy Gap Cabin                           N 65° 34.7'     W 147° 25.5'
              Wolf Run Cabin                            N 65° 33.3'     W 147° 39.4'

Pinnell Mountain National Rec Trail
There are also free first-come first-serve trail shelters along the Pinnell Mountain National
Recreation Trail.
USFWS Wildlife Refuge Cabins
Kenai NWR

Cabin Rules, Regulations, & Permit Conditions

   1. Registration and accountability for use of recreational cabins will be limited to non-
      commercial users 18 years of age or older. A cabin permit holder or named cabin
      occupant may only reserve that cabin once during the same 30 day period.

   2. Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance.

   3. Use of cabins is limited to 7 consecutive days regardless of season. A permit day begins at
      noon and ends at noon the following day. You may begin using the cabin at noon of the
      first day of your permit.

   4. Cabin users may obtain permitted commercial transporter services such as air or water taxis
      for transportation but may not be accompanied by guides. Commercial visitor services
      permit holders are not authorized to occupy cabins. Contact the Kenai National Wildlife
      Refuge for a list of permitted transporters.

   5. Occupancy of public use cabins without a permit (for reservation cabins) or registering (first
      come – first serve) is prohibited. You must have your permit with you while using a
      reservation cabin.

   6. Tent camping restriction will be instituted for persons not staying in the cabin within 600’
      feet of public use cabins, unless they are members of the party using the cabin.

   7. Campfires will only be authorized in an established metal campfire ring provided by the
      Refuge at the cabin site. Only dead and down trees may be cut for firewood. No cutting of
      standing trees is permitted.

   8. All food items, garbage, and other personal items must be packed out and not left in the
      cabin or cabin area. Leaving food or refuse available to wildlife or feeding wildlife is
      prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted.

   9. Cabin users must comply with all Refuge public use regulations and State of Alaska and
      federal boating, hunting and fishing regulations. It is your responsibility to become familiar
      with these regulations.

Please call the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for Refuge specific regulations at (907) 262-7021.
Vogel Lake Cabin
Pincher Creek Cabin
Big Indian Creek Cabin
McLain Lake Cabin
Snag Lake Cabin
Trapper Joe Lake Cabin
Dolly Varden Lake Cabin
Kelly Lake Cabin
Engineer Lake Cabin
Upper Ohmer Lake Cabin
Doroshin Bay Cabin
Nurses Cabin
Caribou Island Cabin
Pipe Creek Cabin
Lake Emma Cabin

Kodiak NWR
Cabins permits are controlled by a lottery. Information on the cabins and the locations of each
found here :

Tetlin NWR

 The Refuge has three administrative cabins available on a reservation basis. Wellesley Lake and
Jatahmund Lake cabins are accessible only by float plane. Nabesna River cabin is accessible by
boat on the Nabesna River. If you are interested in reserving one of these cabins, a reservation
form must be submitted by phone, by mail, or in person at the Refuge Headquarters (during
business hours) no more than 120 days prior to the requested date of use. Reservations will be
filled on a first come, first serve basis. A party may not reserve a cabin for more than five
consecutive nights. The primary purpose of these cabins is to support Refuge field operations.
However, every attempt will be made to accommodate requests for reservations. These cabins can
not be used for commercial use.

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