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College of                                            Experiment Station provides more than 100
                                                      graduate research assistantships to support
                                                                                                           DOCTORAL PROGRAMS
                                                                                                              Graduate study leading to the Doctor of
Agricultural                                          graduate students .
                                                          The unique association the College has with
                                                      the UT Knoxville campus and the other units of
                                                                                                           Philosophy degree in Agricultural Economics,
                                                                                                           Animal Science, Biosystems Engineering, Food
Sciences and                                          the Institute of Agriculture makes it possible for
                                                      the College to offer comprehensive high quality
                                                                                                           Technology and Science, and Plant and Soil
                                                                                                           Science is offered in the college.
Natural Resources                                     graduate programs .
                                                          Graduate programs of the College of
John Riley, Dean
Gary Schneider, Associate Dean
                                                      Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
                                                      are designed to prepare men and women for            College of
                                                      positions of leadership in industry, state and
                                                      federal government, teaching, research, and          Architecture and
  Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering             extension.
  Agricultural and Extension Education                    The graduate student is expected to
  Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology          demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the              Marleen Davis, Dean
  Animal Science                                      subject matter in his/her specialized field of
   Entomology and Plant Pathology                                                                          William J. Lauer, Associate Dean
                                                      study and its relationship to the sociological,      Jon P. Coddington, Graduate Program Head,
   Food Science and Technology                        economic, and environmental impact on                   Architecture
   Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries                   society. The student must demonstrate the
   Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape              ability to plan, conduct, analyze, and report        Schools
     Design                                           original research . Emphasis is given to                Architecture
   Plant and Soil Sciences                            intellectual growth and the development of
                                                      scholarly habits of study, reasoning and             Facilities for Research and Service
    The College of Agricultural Sciences and          analysis so that the graduate will continue to           Center for Research, Service and Inquiry
Natural Resources began in 1869 when the              grow and develop professionally throughout
University was designated as Tennessee's              his/her career .                                         The College of Architecture and Design is
Federal Land-Grant Institution. As such, the                                                               committed to preparing students to work with
University was enabled for the first time to offer    MASTER OF SCIENCE PROGRAMS                           the design or management of our built
instruction in agriculture. Graduate instruction                                                           environment.
began as early as 1889 . The College is not                Programs of graduate study leading to the
                                                      Master of Science degree are offered through             Most states require that an individual
only an academic unit of The University of                                                                 intending to become an architect hold an
Tennessee, Knoxville campus, but is also (with        all departments in the College of Agricultural
                                                      Sciences and Natural Resources. The                  accredited degree . There are two types of
the Agricultural Experiment Station, the                                                                   degrees that are accredited by the National
Agricultural Extension Service and the College        graduate program may be entirely in one major
                                                      subject or may include subject matter areas          Architectural Accrediting Board: (1) The
of Veterinary Medicine) one of the four                                                                    Bachelor of Architecture, which requires a
administrative units of The University of             related to the major.
                                                           Both majors and minors are available in         minimum of five years of study, and (2) The
Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture.                                                                      Master of Architecture, which requires a
    There are many shared resources and               Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and
                                                      Extension Education, Animal Science,                 minimum of three years of study following an
positive interactions between various units of                                                             unrelated bachelor's degree or two years
the Institute. For example, most of the faculty in    Biosystems Engineering, Biosystems
                                                      Engineering Technology, Entomology and Plant         following a related preprofessional bachelor's
the College of Agricultural Sciences and                                                                   degree . These professional degrees are
Natural Resources hold joint appointments in          Pathology, Food Technology and Science,
                                                      Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape                structured to educate those who aspire to
the Agricultural Experiment Station and are                                                                registration/licensure as architects .
actively involved in significant basic and applied    Design, and Plant and Soil Science. Majors
                                                      only are available in Forestry and Wildlife and          The four-year, preprofessional degree,
research in agriculture and the associated                                                                 where offered, is not accredited by NAAB . The
natural resources. On campus and field                Fisheries Science, and minors are available in
                                                      General Agriculture and Rural Sociology. The         preprofessional degree is useful for those
research laboratories are utilized in the                                                                  wishing a foundation in the field of architecture,
 instructional programs of the College;               minor in General Agriculture requires 12 hours
                                                      of coursework . A complete listing of majors is      as preparation for either continued education in
 extension and research activities provide many                                                            a professional degree program or for employ-
 students excellent part-time job opportunities.      shown on the Majors and Degree Programs               ment options in architecturally related areas.
 Very significant is the fact that the Agricultural   Chart .
   40      College of Arts and Sciences

       The UT Knoxville School of Architecture       known as the College of Arts and Sciences) is
  offers a program of professional studies which
  prepares its graduates for the practice of
                                                     one of the oldest established colleges in the
                                                     University .
                                                                                                           College of Business
  architecture . This is accomplished through a
  five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree
                                                         The College of Arts and Sciences consists
                                                     of a wide array of academic disciplines and           Administration
  program or through the Master of Architecture      interdisciplinary programs . The central              C. Warren Neel, Dean
  degree program for students already having a       purposes of a liberal education include the           Jan R. Williams, Associate Dean
  baccalaureate degree .                             encouragement of intellectual tolerance, a            William F. Fox, Director, Center for Business
      The offices of the dean and other college      dedication to the quest for knowledge as a               and Economic Research
  staff are located at 217E Art and Architecture     worthwhile goal in and of itself, and the             John E. Riblett, Director, Management
  Building .                                         cultivation of a responsible, creative individual        Development Center
                                                     mind . These qualities enable one to develop an       Gary N. Dicer, Interim Associate Dean and
                                                    ability to reason and to express oneself clearly,         Director, Graduate Business Programs
 College of Arts and                                an incentive to absorb emerging knowledge,
                                                    and a competence to confront the uncertainties        Departments
 Sciences                                           of human experience. Faculty research and
                                                    creative activity is the foundation on which
                                                                                                             Accounting and Business Law
 Lorayne Lester, Dean                               education in this College is built. As a result of       Finance
 Anne Mayhew, Associate Dean                        that endeavor, the lives of students are                 Management
 Stuart Rigsby, Associate Dean                      enriched and the world's body of knowledge               Management Science
 Otis Stephens, Associate Dean                      grows.                                                  Marketing, Logistics and Transportation
                                                        The College of Arts and Sciences offers             Statistics
 Departments                                        programs in twenty-seven academic disci-
    Anthropology                                    plines leading to eight advanced degrees: M.A.,       Facilities for Research and Service
    Art                                             M .S ., M.F .A., M.Math., M .Music, M.P.A .,              Center for Business and Economic
    Audiology and Speech Pathology                  M.S .P ., and Ph .D . See the Majors and Degree             Research
    Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular         Programs chart for specific majors and                    Management Development Center
      Biology                                       degrees.
    Biomedical Sciences                                                                                        The College of Business Administration was
    Botany                                          GENERAL INFORMATION                                    originally the School of Commerce, dating back
    Chemistry                                                                                              to 1919 . Commerce was changed to Business
    Classics                                        Foreign Study Courses                                  in 1937 and gained college status in 1947 . The
    Computer Science                                    Foreign study courses offered in some              college-wide MBA program was approved in
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology                departments of the college provide an                  1966 and the doctoral program in 1971 .
    English                                        opportunity to undertake independent study                  Graduate programs of the College of
    Geography                                      outside the United States. Prior to departure           Business Administration are designed to
   Geological Sciences                             the student must have a plan of study                  prepare men and women to assume positions
   History                                         approved by the department head and a                  in the increasingly complex world of business
   Life Sciences                                   supervising faculty member of the department           and industry, teaching and research, and
   Mathematics                                     concerned. Credit will be given only upon              government .
   Microbiology                                    fulfilling all requirements set by the department           Viewing the business firm as operating in
                                                   and may vary from 1-15 hours. The maximum              dynamic social, political, and economic
   Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
   Music                                           credit that may be applied toward a degree in          environments that demand leaders capable of
                                                   the college is established in each individual          dealing with innovation and rapid change, the
   Physics and Astronomy                           case by the department in which the student is         College places central importance on develop-
   Planning                                        working.                                               ment of students' thought processes and
   Political Science                                                                                      leadership potential . Emphasis is focused on
   Psychology                                      Off-Campus Study                                       flexibility of mind, receptivity to new ideas, and
   Religious Studies                                    Recognizing that learning is not restricted to    capacity to adapt one's reasoning powers. Our
                                                   formal classroom situations, the college allows        objective is to encourage the student to
   Sociology                                       students to earn credit toward graduation for
   Theatre                                                                                                develop the ability to reason analytically and
                                                   approved off-campus study. Such study may              logically, and to develop a commensurate plan
                                                   be undertaken only with prior approval of the          of action . Above all else, we strive to instill the
Facilities for Research and Service                faculty member and the department con-
   Center for Applied and Professional Ethics                                                             irrepressible desire to continue to learn and
   Center for Environmental Biotechnology          cerned . It may include certain kinds of work          grow in knowledge throughout the student's life.
   Center for Psychoanalysis and the               experiences, community involvement, or                     The College of Business Administration has
                                                   political campaigns. Credit per semester will          made a commitment to total quality manage-
     Humanities                                    vary from 1-15 hours. The maximum credit that
   Center for Quaternary Studies of the                                                                  ment by integrating the principles of productiv-
                                                   may be applied toward a degree in the college         ity through quality and statistical process
     Southeastern U.S .                            is established in each individual case by the
   Center for the Study of War and Society                                                               control throughout the graduate curriculum .
   Child Behavior Institute                        department in which the student is working.           Interdisciplinary partnerships are encouraged
   Forensic Anthropology Center                                                                          among academic units in the College, with
   Hearing and Speech Center                       Independent Study                                     other University academic units and with the
   Institute for Applied Microbiology                  Certain educational goals may best be met         private sector, enhancing the process of
                                                   through independent study by an individual            inquiry and critical thinking which is crucial to
   Institute for Resonance Ionization Spec-        under the direction of a faculty member .
     troscopy                                                                                            total quality management .
                                                   Students who wish to do such independent                   The College of Business Administration is
   Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research          work should obtain the approval of the faculty        fully accredited by the American Assembly of
   Psychological Clinic                            members and the departments concerned prior
   Science Alliance                                                                                      Collegiate Schools of Business and is
                                                   to embarking upon their study. Credit per             associated with other leading graduate schools
   Social Science Research Institute               semester will vary from 1-15 hours. The               of business as a member of the Graduate
                                                   maximum credit which may be applied toward a          Management Admission Council.
    The University of Tennessee began as a         degree in the college is established in each
liberal arts institution. Before the turn of the   individual case by the department in which the        GRADUATE PROGRAMS
century, less emphasis was placed on the           student is working.
liberal education. However, the liberal arts                                                                 The College of Business Administration
continued to thrive, emerging as a college in                                                            offers programs leading to five advanced
1904 . Thus, the College of Liberal Arts (now                                                            degrees: the Doctor of Philosophy with majors
                                                                                                                              College of Education    41

in Business Administration, Economics,              and prepare them for professional work in            changing, multicultural world in leadership roles
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and       many fields .                                        in educational programs and institutions, health
Management Science; the Master of Arts with a           The College of Communications offers the         and social institutions, and private and
major in Economics; the Master of Science with      Master of Science and the Doctor of Philoso-         corporate sectors. The College is committed to
majors in Management Science and Statistics ;       phy degrees with a major in Communications.          providing lifelong learning for both faculty and
the Master of Accountancy ; and the Master of           In addition, Communications is available as      students by promoting courses of study that
Business Administration .                           a minor for students majoring in other               involve students and faculty in academic peer
    The two College-wide programs, the MBA          departments . Required coursework will be            relationships that stress shared responsibility
and the Ph .D . in Business Administration, are     selected after discussion with the major             for learning and for the discovery of new
described in Business Administration, Fields of     advisor and an advisor from the College of           knowledge . The faculty is committed to
Instruction. Descriptions of other degree           Communications .                                     research, scholarship, and creative work that
programs are under the appropriate depart-              The M.S . program is accredited by the           results in superior teaching and service to the
mental or program headings.                         Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism       community and to the professions . The College
                                                    and Mass Communication. The College is a             is committed to work towards equity and
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                                member of the Association of Schools of              economic and social justice within the
                                                    Journalism and Mass Communication and the            University community and throughout the
    A limited number of teaching and other          Broadcast Education Association.
assistantships that require from 10 to 20 hours                                                          broader society.
                                                        For application forms and other information          Beginning in 1991, the faculty of the College
of service per week are available through the       about the M.S . and Ph .D . programs in
departments of the College. Remuneration                                                                 of Education initiated planning new approaches
                                                    Communications, write to Associate Dean for          to organization, new approaches to working
includes remission of fees and tuition as well as   Graduate Studies, College of Communications,         with students, and new approaches to working
a monthly stipend. Awards are generally made        426 Communications Building, The University          with colleagues in teaching and the other
on the basis of scholarship and performance         of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-0347 .             professions served by the college. The
on the appropriate (GMAT or GRE) admission
                                                                                                         purpose of the restructuring process was to
test . Application forms may be obtained in any                                                          enable the College to better meet the needs of
of the departments . Information on College-                                                             students, faculty, and constituent groups in the
administered fellowships is available from the
Office of Graduate Business Programs in the
College of Business Administration .
                                                    College of                                           21st century.
                                                                                                             As a result of this process, the College,
    Applications must be received by March 1
for consideration of assistantships and
                                                    Education                                            previously organized into seven departments,
                                                                                                         is now organized into eleven faculty/program
fellowships to be awarded for the following fall    C. Glennon Rowell, Dean
                                                    Thomas W. George, Associate                              The College of Education is fully accredited
term .                                                                             Dean for
                                                                                                         by the Southern Association of colleges and
                                                       Academic Programs and Administration
                                                    Lynn C. Cagle, Director, Teacher Education           Schools. All teacher education and school-
                                                                                                         related licensure and degree programs are fully
College of                                          Units
                                                       Counselor Education and Counseling
                                                                                                         accredited by the National Council for
                                                                                                         Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
Communications                                           Psychology
                                                       Cultural Studies in Education
                                                                                                         and the Tennessee State Department of
                                                                                                         Education. Specific program accreditations are
Dwight L. Teeter, Jr ., Dean                           Education in the Sciences, Mathematics,           found under the respective Fields of Instruc-
Herbert H. Howard, Associate Dean for                    Research, and Technology                        tion .
    Graduate Studies                                   Exercise Science
Eric Haley, Associate Dean for Undergraduate           Holistic Teaching/Learning                        MASTER OF SCIENCE PROGRAMS
    Studies                                            Inclusive Early Childhood Education                   On the master's level, professional study
                                                       Language, Communication and Humanities            may be planned (1) in one of the areas listed
Departments and Schools                                  Education
   Advertising                                                                                           on the Majors and Degree Programs chart, (2)
                                                       Leadership Studies in Education                   in appropriate combinations of these areas, or
   Broadcasting                                        Psychoeducational Studies
   Journalism                                                                                            (3) in combinations of one or more of these
                                                       Rehabilitation, Deafness, and Human               areas with appropriate subjects or areas in
   Speech Communication                                  Services                                        other colleges.
                                                       Sport and Physical Activity                           Students in the College of Education's
Facility for Research and Service
    Communications Research Center (CRC)                                                                 Track 2 master's programs (i .e., five-year
                                                    Facilities for Research and Service                  teacher preparatory programs) must gain
                                                        Bureau of Educational Research and               admission to The Graduate School before
    The College of Communications grew out of             Service                                        enrolling in internship.
the School of Journalism, which was originally         Center for Literacy Studies                           Degree program requirements are
located in the College of Business Ad-                  Center for Physical Activity and Health          described under Education, Fields of Instruc-
ministration . The Department of Speech                 Curriculum Lab                                   tion .
Communication became part of the College of             Exercise Physiology Lab/Biomechanics Lab
Communications in 1997 . The master's                   Institute for Assessment and Evaluation          SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION PROGRAM
program began in 1968 under Journalism and              Institute for Educational Innovation
was changed to Communications after the                 Instructional Services Center                        The College of Education offers a program
School gained College status in 1970 . The              Reading Center                                   leading to the Specialist in Education with a
doctoral program was initiated in 1974 .                Tennessee Internship Consortium in               major in Education.
    A chair of excellence was established in              Professional Psychology                            Degree program requirements are
1987 to support a distinguished professorship                                                            described under Education, Fields of Instruc-
in science, technology, and medical writing.            Education programs were first offered at the     tion .
    Communications media and interpersonal          graduate level in 1905 by the School of
communications are vital forces in today's          Education. Through the Summer School of the          DOCTORAL PROGRAMS
complex society. Specialization, gaps among         South, the programs thrived, and the School
segments of society, and the nature of world                                                                 The College of Education offers programs
                                                    became a College in 1926 . The Ed .D. program        of advanced study leading to the Doctor of
conflict point to the need for more understand-     was established in 1950, and the college-wide
ing of how people communicate . Educating           Ph .D . program began in 1979 .                      Education and the Doctor of Philosophy, both
men and women in the perceptive understand-                                                              with a major in Education.
                                                        The College of Education, as a professional          Degree program requirements are
ing of the communications field is a necessity.     school, promotes critical inquiry, reflection, and
The graduate programs in the College acquaint                                                            described under Education, Fields of Instruc-
                                                    social action through interdisciplinary studies.     tion .
 students with the nature of communications         Its graduates are prepared to work in a
   42    College of Engineering

      Applicants for initial teacher licensure must      College of Human                                      environmental controls, an operating theater
                                                                                                               and diet preparation room .
  gain admission to the college's Teacher
  Education Program. Further details concerning          Ecology                                                     The College of Human Ecology participates
                                                                                                               with the College of Engineering in the Center of
  the teacher licensure program are described            James D. Moran III, Dean                              Excellence for Materials Processing . These
  under Education, Fields of Instruction, and are        Billie Collier, Associate Dean for Research and       research efforts in Textile Science are also
  available through the College of Education                  Graduate Studies                                 supported by the Textiles and Nonwovens
  Advising Center (Claxton Addition, Rm . 214) .         Delores Smith, Assistant Dean for Outreach            Development Center (TANDEC) .
                                                             and Undergraduate Studies                              The Child Development Laboratory (CDL)
                                                                                                               serves as a research and training facility for
  College of                                             Departments
                                                           Child and Family Studies
                                                                                                               students in the College.
                                                                                                                   The mission of the Institute of Tourism and

  Engineering                                              Consumer and Industry Services Manage-
                                                           Health and Safety Sciences
                                                                                                               Leisure Industries is to serve as a catalyst for
                                                                                                              stimulating economic growth by providing a
                                                                                                              medium through which tourism and leisure
  Jerry E. Stoneking, Dean
  Fred Gilliam, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs           Human Resource Development                         industries can collectively develop and focus
  Fred D. Tompkins, Associate Dean, Adminis-               Nutrition                                          on strategies that will address how to improve
     tration                                                                                                  the economic climate and overall quality of life
                                                        Facilities for Research and Service                   in the region .
 Departments                                                Center of Excellence for Materials                    The Nutrition Institute provides a communi-
    Chemical Engineering                                      Processing                                      cation link for all efforts in nutrition sciences,
    Civil and Environmental Engineering                    Child Development Laboratories                     coordinates collaborative research efforts and
    Electrical and Computer Engineering                    Nutrition Institute                                provides a forum for interchange with the larger
    Industrial Engineering                                 Small Animal Research Laboratory                   nutrition community.
    Materials Science and Engineering                      Textiles and Nonwovens Development                     Refer to the section on Facilities for
   Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and                  Center                                           Research and Service for additional informa-
                                                           Tourism Institute                                  tion .
      Engineering Science
   Nuclear Engineering
                                                             Human Ecology brings together the natural
 Facilities for Research and Service
     Measurement and Control Engineering
                                                         and social sciences to enhance the well-being
                                                         of individuals, families and communities across      College of Law
      Center                                             the life span .                                      Thomas C. Gallihan, Jr., Dean
    Center of Excellence for Materials                       The University of Tennessee was one of           John L. Sobieski, Jr ., Associate Dean
      Processing                                         the first institutions of higher education in the    Rachel E. Inman, Assistant Dean
    Maintenance and Reliability Center                   South to offer home economics, with the first
                                                         class being offered in 1897. Initially called a          The University of Tennessee College of
     The College had its beginnings in the               School of Home Economics, it combined with           Law commenced operation in 1890 and has
 University when surveying was introduced into          Agriculture in 1947 to become the College of          continuously sought to provide high-quality
the curriculum in 1838 . The first two profes-          Agriculture and Home Economics. In 1959, the          legal education in a university community.
sional degrees, Civil Engineer and Mining               two colleges became separate units, although              While the principal objective of the college is
 Engineer, were established in 1879 at the same         they continue to share resources . In 1985 the       to prepare students for the private practice of
time that the Board of Trustees authorized the          name was changed to Human Ecology,                   law, its total mission is more broadly con-
establishment of a graduate school . Known as           reflecting its focus on people interacting with      ceived . The college exposes students to the
Mechanic Arts originally, Engineering became a          their environments .                                 legal issues of our society enabling them to
college in 1904.                                            Graduate study in Human Ecology                  develop analytical skills with respect to
    The purpose of the College of Engineering           prepares the student for teaching, research,         decisional law and statutes, the ability to
is to educate men and women to the high levels          and public service in colleges and universities      communicate effectively their knowledge of the
of research, technical competence, and social           or managerial positions in government,               law, an awareness of the historical growth of
understanding that will enable them to fulfill their    business, and industry .                             the law, a knowledgeable appreciation of the
responsibilities as professional engineers .                The Master of Science degree is offered          interrelationship of law and society, and the
    Graduate programs of the College of                 with majors in Child and Family Studies, Health      ability to use law as an implement of societal
Engineering provide opportunities for advanced          Promotion and Health Education, Human                control and development . Students are thus
study leading to the Master of Science and the          Resource Development, Nutrition (including           equipped to serve their communities not only
Doctor of Philosophy degrees. For a listing,            public health nutrition), Recreation, Tourism        as advocates and counselors, but as policy
consult majors and degrees available on the             and Hospitality Management, Safety Education         makers and active, responsible citizens .
Majors and Degree Programs chart.                       and Service, and Textiles, Retailing and
                                                        Consumer Sciences ; the Master of Public             THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM
GRADUATE PROGRAM AT THE UT SPACE                        Health degree is offered with a major in Public
                                                        Health ; and the Doctor of Philosophy degree is          The program of the college has three
INSTITUTE                                                                                                    dimensions : teaching and learning, research
                                                       offered with a major in Human Ecology and
    At the University of Tennessee Space               concentrations in child and family studies,           into and appraisal of our legal systems and
Institute near Tullahoma, graduate-level               community health, human resource develop-             institutions, and service to the community.
courses are offered in engineering fields such         ment, nutrition science, retail and consumer          Each plays a significant role in the college as a
as aerospace, chemical engineering, electrical         sciences, and textile science. For additional         modern law center .
engineering, engineering science, industrial           information, contact the Associate Dean,                  The teaching and learning element of legal
engineering including engineering management,          College of Human Ecology, The University of           education at the college involves a cooperative
mechanical engineering, metallurgical                  Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1900, (423)            classroom interaction between faculty and
engineering, and mathematics and physics. All          974-5224 .                                            students in the analytical study of a host of
programs lead to the Master of Science                                                                       questions and problems found in today's legal
degree . Also, Ph .D . programs are available in       FACILITIES FOR RESEARCH AND SERVICE                   profession . These involve decisional law,
many of these fields. Information may be                                                                     statutory interpretation, administrative
obtained from the Registrar, The University of             The Small Animal Research Lab, housed in          regulation, techniques of trial and appellate
                                                       the Jessie Harris Building, has received              advocacy, and the roles and responsibilities of
Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, TN                                                                     the lawyer in advising and representing clients .
37388 .                                                certification by the American Association for
                                                       Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care               While proper consideration is given to the
                                                       (AAALAC) . Renovated in 1985, it has strict           problems of Tennessee law, the course of
                                                                                                             study is conducted with a view toward
                                                                                                             providing an awareness and understanding of
                                                                                                                     College of Veterinary Medicine      43
the regional and national perspective to            unconditionally approved by the Tennessee
 prepare students for service in any state.                                                               A special bulletin describing facilities, admis-
                                                    Board of Nursing. Students admitted to the            sion, fees, and degree requirements is
    The college is also directly involved in        program select a concentration in adult health
providing service to the community. A major                                                               available from the College of Social Work,
                                                    nursing, family nurse practitioner, mental health     Henson Hall, Knoxville, TN 37996-3333, or at
element of public service is centered in the        nursing, nursing administration, and nursing of
Legal Clinic where students, under the                                                                    http :\\csw .utk .edu .
                                                    women and children .
guidance of skilled and experienced licensed
practitioners, provide legal services to clients.
                                                                                                           College of Veterinary
                                                    THE DOCTORAL PROGRAM
Additionally, through research, consultation,
and other services to legal institutions and             The College of Nursing offers a doctoral
groups within the state, the college seeks to
participate in the development and improve-
                                                    program leading to the Ph .D . with a major in
                                                    Nursing. The doctoral program prepares                 Medicine
ment of the society in which its students may       nursing scholars capable of integrating               Michael Shires, Dean
eventually practice law.                            research, theory, and practice into their roles       James J. Brace, Associate Dean
    In combination, the direction and objectives    as researchers, educators, and/or adminis-
of the college lead to the development not of a     trators . This unified program offered jointly with   Departments
narrow technician, but of a student of the law      The University of Tennessee, Memphis                    Animal Science-Veterinary Medicine
with the perspective, breadth, and understand-      College of Nursing enables students to                   Comparative Medicine
ing necessary to accomplish the many tasks          complete all or part of the program at either            Large Animal Clinical Sciences
assigned by society to the legal profession .       site . The dissertation must be completed in its         Microbiology-Veterinary Medicine
                                                    entirety at one site .                                   Pathology
GRADUATE PROGRAM                                                                                            Small Animal Clinical Sciences
    Two dual degree programs are available in
conjunction with the College of Law: the J.D .-
MBA program with the College of Business
                                                    College of Social                                          The College of Veterinary Medicine,
                                                                                                           established in 1974, offers a professional

                                                                                                           curriculum leading to the Doctor of Veterinary
Administration and the J.D .-M .P .A. program                                                              Medicine (D.V .M .) degree . The college offers
with the Department of Political Science . Refer                                                           graduate studies leading to the Master of
to details under the respective field of            Karen Sowers, Dean
                                                    William J. Bell, Associate Dean, Nashville             Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees .
instruction.                                                                                               Residency training programs in the various
    Graduate students in other disciplines may      Judith Fiene, Associate Dean, Knoxville
                                                    Hugh Vaughn, Acting Associate Dean,                    clinical specialties are also offered.
also take law courses upon approval of the                                                                     The primary objective of the college is to
College of Law and the major professor. See             Memphis
                                                    Paul M. Campbell, Director, Office of Social          enable students to attain essential information,
Law under Fields of Instruction.                                                                          skills, attitudes and behaviors to meet the
                                                        Work Research and Public Service
                                                    Charles Glisson, Director, Children's Mental          varied needs of society and the veterinary
                                                        Health Services Research Center                   profession . The professional curriculum
College of Nursing                                      The College of Social Work began as the
                                                                                                          provides an excellent basic science education
                                                                                                          in addition to training in diagnosis, disease
Joan Creasia, Dean                                  Nashville School of Social Work, founded in           prevention, medical treatment, and surgery.
Carol Seavor, Associate Dean                        1942 under the auspices of Vanderbilt                 Graduates are qualified to pursue careers in
Maureen Groer, Associate Dean for Research          University, Scarritt College, and George              many facets of veterinary medicine and related
   and Evaluation                                                                                         health professions .
                                                    Peabody College. It joined the University of
Martha Alligood, Director of Master's Program       Tennessee in 1951 . By 1974 the three                      About two-thirds of the veterinarians in the
Sandra P. Thomas, Director of Doctoral                                                                    United States are engaged exclusively in pet or
                                                    branches, located in Nashville, Memphis and           companion animal practice . A growing number
   Program                                          Knoxville, offered the two-year master's
Mary Anne Modrcin-McCarthy, Director of                                                                   are concerned with the health problems of zoo
                                                    program. The doctoral program was inaugu-             animals, laboratory animals, wildlife, and
   Undergraduate Program                            rated in 1983 . In 1985 the B .S .S .W . progra m     aquatic species. A number of veterinarians are
                                                    was added, and the School achieved college            involved in the health care of food and fiber
Facilities for Research and Service                 status .
   Center for Nursing Practice                                                                            animals ensuring the supply of safe and
                                                        The University of Tennessee College of            healthy food .
   Center for Nursing Research                      Social Work is the only graduate professional              Veterinarians also find rewarding careers in
                                                    social work education program in Tennessee            the U.S . Public Health Service, the Armed
    The College of Nursing was established in       and offers the full continuum of social work
July 1971 . The master's program was initiated                                                            Forces, and in state, county, or local health
                                                    education degrees at the baccalaureate,               agencies. A number of veterinarians are
in 1976 and approval for the doctoral program       master's and doctoral levels.
was granted in 1988 . More specific information                                                           employed by the U.S . Department of Agricul-
                                                        Social work is a helping profession which         ture and by state departments of agriculture for
about the programs may be obtained under            focuses on providing skilled intervention in the
Nursing, Fields of Instruction, or by contacting                                                          important work in livestock disease control,
                                                    prevention and amelioration of individual and         meat and poultry inspection, serum and
the Director of M.S .N . or Ph .D . Program, The    societal problems. It is the purpose of the
University of Tennessee, College of Nursing,                                                              vaccine production, and the protection of our
                                                    College to provide an education which fosters         country against the importation of foreign
1200 Volunteer Blvd ., Knoxville, TN 37996-         growth in both individual and career develop-
4110, (423) 974-4151 .                                                                                    animal diseases .
                                                    ment .                                                     Excellent research opportunities exist for
MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING                                                                              veterinarians--research directly benefiting
                                                    GRADUATE PROGRAMS                                     animals and research conducted with animals
    The general purpose of the M.S.N . program          The two-year program (thesis or non-thesis        which benefits humans . Such opportunities are
is to prepare nurses at the graduate level to       option) leading to the Master of Science in           available at colleges and universities and with
function as advanced practitioners, teachers,       Social Work is fully accredited by the Council        governmental agencies, private research
or managers in a variety of health care or          on Social Work Education and is offered on all        institutions and biological and pharmaceutical
educational settings . The program is accred-       three campuses . The foundation curriculum of         companies.
ited by the National League for Nursing and is      the Ph .D. program is available only in Knoxville.

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