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					        Background Checks. In order to ensure a safe and secure work place, the
University of Missouri has adopted a new background check procedure. All faculty and
staff new hires (full-time, part-time and temporary employees) will be subject to this
background check. All transfers (to another department), rehires, external hires and
rehired retirees are also subject to this policy. The only exceptions are for student
employees. Please note that all final candidates are required to pass a background
check prior to beginning employment with the University, or, in the case of
transfers, prior to beginning the duties of the new position.

       Please see to
review the entire policy.

       Once a final candidate is identified, you may extend an offer of employment
contingent upon the candidate passing a background check. The following language
must be used in written or verbal offers of employment: “This offer, like all offers from
the University, is contingent upon a successful background screening. In order to begin
the background screening, you must complete a disclosure form and return it to
_____________________.” The hiring department must also provide the final candidate
a copy of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

       Completed disclosure forms for UM System should be sent to Jodie Lewis,
Human Resources, 215 University Hall or by fax (4-4511). Once the form is returned, a
request will be submitted to Validity Screening Solutions (the company hired to perform
the background checks). Reports are usually returned no later than 48 to 72 hours.

        If no adverse information is discovered, the hiring manager will receive an email
stating they may proceed with the hire. This email must accompany the Personnel
Action Form.

         If there is a questionable report, the candidate will receive a pre-adverse action
letter from Human Resources. For administrative, service and support employees,
Human Resources may initiate conversations with the hiring manager to assist in
determining whether the background check will prevent the candidate from working for
the University. The final decision will be made by Human Resources in conjunction with
legal counsel. For teaching and research employees, the decision will rest with Senior
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Steve Graham, and legal counsel.

        If the offer is rescinded based on the background check, the candidate will receive
an adverse action letter from Human Resources. This letter will notify him or her of the
right to appeal the report. If the candidate challenges the information contained in the
background check with the screening agency, the University is not required to hold open
the position.

      Please note that there is a cost involved so background checks should only be
completed on final candidates.

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