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									                                               AUTHORITY TO REPRESENT

        I, the undersigned client, hereby retain EPTING & GILLIS, LLC, as my attorneys to advise and represent me against
my employer/former and any other persons who may be liable for the wages and/or commissions owed to me. By signing this
agreement the client and the attorneys agree to be bound by the following terms:
         I agree to pay to my attorneys the following fee from the total gross recovery:
              1. A "percentage contingent fee" equal to Forty (40%) Percent of any amount recovered by compromise,
              settlement, suit, arbitration, or otherwise if the case is concluded before any appeal is taken, and fifty percent (50%)
              of any recovery after an appeal is taken by any party. Such fee shall be based on the total recovery before deducting
              any expenses of litigation, court costs or other costs incurred in prosecuting this action.
              2. Where a separate recovery of attorneys' fees or costs or both is secured after an initial recovery of damages for
              the client, "the recovery" for purposes of computing the attorneys' fees shall exclude such later recovery of fees or
              costs or both but shall include the value of any non-monetary relief. The client recognizes that this separate
              recovery of fees and costs may be larger than the initial recovery of damages for the client.
              3. In the event that the attorneys recover for the client a sum of money, the attorneys' fees for his services shall be
              paid immediately out of this sum, even if a separate recovery of attorneys' fees is contemplated, and shall be a
              "percentage contingent fee."
         I understand that this is a contingent fee contract and, if no recovery is made, I will not be obligated to pay
attorneys’ fees or costs incurred. I agree that upon written notice, EPTING & GILLIS, LLC may terminate their
representation under the terms of the agreement.
         I agree to pay investigative charges, telephone charges, a $100.00 record retention fee, photocopying charges (0.25/page)
and postage charges incurred in investigating, reviewing, settling, or litigating my claim upon the successful resolution of the same.
I understand that my attorneys will advance these costs on my behalf and such advance costs shall bear interest at 1.5% per
month on all costs. Should the case become a class or collective action, all costs which benefit the class as a whole, other than the
record retention fee, are divided proportionately among the parties.
         I understand that this contract may be cancelled by written notification to the attorney at any time If the attorneys have
advanced funds to others in their representation of me, the attorneys are entitled to be reimbursed for such amounts as they have
reasonably advanced on behalf of the client. I agree that my attorneys will be entitled to a fee based on a percentage set for the
above, of any offer of settlement outstanding, or if no offer of settlement is outstanding, a reasonable fee based on the amount of
time my attorneys spent on my case.
          File Retention and Destruction. Client understands and agrees that case documents are routinely stored in
digital format. To the extent that original documents remain at the close of a file, those documents will be converted
to digital format within 4 weeks of the close of the file and all file documents will be destroyed in a secure manner.
Client authorizes Attorneys to destroy the digital file six years from the date the file is closed.
         The above employment is hereby accepted upon the terms and conditions stated herein.
DATED this _______ day of _________________________ 20____.

__________________________                               __________________________________
CLIENT                                                   EPTING & GILLIS, LLC

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