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					Forum And Blog Marketing; Free Traffic And More Sales Or Time Consuming Finger

In forum marketing, credibility is everything. This all starts with your profile. Leave out the
fluff. People will see through that. Don´t forget that in forum marketing you are usually dealing
with a well informed crowd. Keep the descriptions in your profile close to home. Give real
information about yourself and clearly state your experience and expertise. Also keep it personal.
In forums, audiences tend to shy away from participants that are only there to do business. First
give out to receive later.

Picking a forum to start engaging with an audience can be a daunting task in itself. Certainly
when you are visiting forums with business in mind, you do not want to waste your time with
forums that have little visitors and do not have an active crowd. AmbitionLifestyle tested several
products to help pick niches, forums and blogs that would bring traffic to their client´s websites.
Peter van Gameren, owner of AmbitionLifestyle is quoted saying: "We tested several products to
meet demands of our clients to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Forum marketing is the
way to do that for cheap. Our recommendations can be found in the Income Times Ten review
on our AmbitionLifestyle website".

Apart from sales, forum marketing can bring you a lot of valuable information that you can use
to grow your business or develop your product. People active on forums are usually informed
and do not shy away from giving you feedback. If you see it as just that, feedback, as a business
owner you can walk away from a forum with new insights on how to develop your product and
grow your business.

Using forum marketing and blog marketing can be a very successful strategies promoting your
business or affiliate offer. Forums contain one the most highly targeted, involved audiences you
can find anywhere on the internet. Becoming a figure of authority on a forum can really help
drive your business and promote your product.

A piece of advice when you are doing forum marketing is to spend some time picking your user
name and avatar. You should pick a user name that stands out and relates to the subject you
would like to be seen as an authority on within the forum you picked. The same is true for the
avatar you choose. Ideally it enhances your credibility and states something about your expert
status on a specific topic covered by the forum.

In forum marketing and blog marketing it is important to first have a look around before you
start posting. Newbies usually have to proof themselves to the incrowd and people that are only
in there to do business are given a cold shoulder. Participants in forums are passionate about the
subject so selling to them is a no-no. Certainly if you are new to the forum. If however you are
able to provide your fellow participants with valuable information, the ice is broken and people
will start buying from you or invite you to do business with them. Once you become close with
the influential participants, you can really see business coming from the forums taking off.

Targeting a blog or forum for forum marketing or blog marketing successfully, a few things have
to be taken into account. First, the blog or forum of choice has to be as targeted as possible to the
product, service or business you would like to promote. Second, you have to make sure the blog
or forum you are targeting has a reasonable amount of traffic. Third, it has to have a core of
active members and posts should be updated regularly. Fourth and probably most important,
your information should be something unique and of high value to the audience visiting the blog
or forum.

While forum marketing and blog marketing are usually promoted as free marketing, this is not
the case. There is a tradeoff between your time spent and money. To engage with your audience,
you or someone involved in your company has to take the time to get involved with the forums
or blogs you have picked to become active on. So be sure when you pursue this form of
marketing that you pick forums that have high traffic and an active crowd. "We had some
challenges picking niches and forums to use to start driving traffic to our client's websites" van
Gameren of AmbitionLifestyle says. "This meant we were looking for a method that helped us
analyse blogs and forums to successfully drive traffic to client's websites from the get go. We use
several programs to achieve this goal. We decided to review Income Times Ten on our website
as it works for us".

When implementing forum marketing or blog marketing within your company, there are choices
to be made. Although both forum marketing and blog marketing are free forms of marketing you
will have to make choices as you are trading money for time. Both audiences on blogs and
forums are active and only interact regularly with fellow active members. So just posting an
affiliate link and moving on to the next blog or forum will not work. You can choose to
outsource the work, trading money for getting back your time again. You can make it part of
somebody’s work in the office or you can outsource to an outside party. At you can
usually find somebody to do the posting for you. Make sure to check out their references though
before you hire. More on the outsourcing concept is explained in the AmbitionLifestyle Income
Times Ten review.

When targeting forums or blogs, usually blogs have a bit higher authority when it comes to
influencing people’s opinions about a business, service or product than forums have. All depends
on the quality of the blog of course but there are some high quality blogs out there that function
as review sites for their respective industries. People will look at that blog first to see whether a
product is worth investing in or not. With that being said, if you have an influential member on a
forum posting for you or promoting your brand you can certainly expect higher visitor numbers
to your site. In both forum marketing and blog marketing, what blog or forum you target is
paramount to your success in driving traffic and increasing sales.

Of course forum marketing can get highly targeted traffic to a website but don’t forget about its
little brother, blog marketing. Popular blogs with an engaged crowd can also bring high volumes
of traffic to a targeted website when it relates clearly to the subject of the blog. Obviously blog
marketing is less interactive than forum marketing but comments you post seem to go a longer
way. Because blog posting is more about statements than it is about interacting, comments you
post stay up for a lot longer time. The right way to go about blog marketing is explained in the
Income Times Ten review of AmbitionLifestyle.

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