Map Skills Unit 1 by zO52Btv


									Topical Unit             Texas Essential Knowledge and         Sequence and                 Concepts
                         Skills                                Suggested Timeframe
Map Skills                3B, 3C, 4B, 21B, 21C, 21F, 22A,      13 days: 1st six weeks       Map and Globe Skills,
                         23B,                                                               Location, Distance, Direction,
                                                                                            Organizing Information,
                                                                                            Landforms, Waterforms

Key Understandings       Guiding Questions                     Performance Indicators       Key Vocabulary
   Using maps and        When is using a map preferable to     Identify absolute location   hemisphere, latitude,
globes will enable you   using a globe, and when is using a    using latitude and           longitude, scale, map key,
 to locate places and    globe preferable to using a map?      longitude.                   compass rose, political map,
 determine distances.                                                                       physical map

                         Why are there different types of
                         How do you locate places using
                         latitude and longitude?
                         Are map scales the same on every      Use a scale to measure
                         map?                                  distance on a map.
 Graphs, charts, and Which graph, chart, or diagram is         Make a bargraph and          bar graph, line graph, circle
diagrams are ways of appropriate to use for the given          pictograph using student     graph, pictograph, climograph,
    organizing and       data?                                 birthday months.
displaying information
 so that it is easier to
see and understand.
                         How is climate related to location?                                climate, weather

Identification of        How do physical features relate to    Vocabatoons                  See attached list.
landforms and            each other?                           Make a landform or
waterforms promotes                                            waterform on a cookie.

Grade 5                                                            Unit Map: Exploration                                     Date :___________

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