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					Activity 12

Lesson Topic: Structure of the Earth system

Objectives: Students will learn about the concepts of latitude and longitude, how these concepts affect the
Earth system, and how they are important to both mathematical and scientific inquiry and navigation.

NCTM Content Standard Objectives:
   Earth and Space Science
    o       Structure of the Earth System
   Scientific Inquiry

Ohio Science Academic Content Standards: Students develop an understanding about scientific concepts and
models using logic and evidence, and learn to use these concepts as an aspect of scientific inquiry and
technology to improve investigations and communications about the Earth system.

   Globe (optional)
   Reference materials that include maps
   “Using Latitude and Longitude” worksheet

Instructional Strategy: Explain to your students the concepts of latitude and longitude and how they are
important mathematical and scientific tools to use in navigation. Using maps and a globe are helpful. Have
students complete the “Using Latitude and Longitude” worksheet. Finally, discuss why knowing latitude and
longitude is a useful and important skill when traveling into an unknown region of the Earth. How might the
explorers have used these concepts while in Antarctica?
Activity 12
              Use the latitude and longitude grid on the map below to pinpoint each
              location specified in the questions:

                     1) U.S. Stations in Antarctica: What is the latitude and longitude of:
                        McMurdo? ___________________________________
                        Palmer? _____________________________________
                        Amundsen-Scott? _________________________________
                     2) Between what two lines of latitude must you travel to get from the tip of
                        South America to Antarctica? ______________________________
                     3) What point of longitude passes through the Ross Ice Shelf?

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