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    Services of the Company
                        SKM Market Predictor

   SKM AS (Skandinavisk Kraftmegling AS) was established in 1993
   SKM AS held the position as the leading power broker in the Scandiavian
    power markets
   Render all different services for market independent analysis and
   Professional consulting in power industry
   Develop and hold theme conferences, seminars and trainings
   Independent analysis and prediction for power market
   Have the best in the market analysts team with working experience at
    different areas of power business since 1970
   Permanently work with more than 60 customers from Scandinavia, West
    and East Europe, particularly with Nord Pool, Statnett, Fortum and RWE
    Trading and other largest world companies
                                   Our History

   The power broker and trading company SKM AS established in 1993
   The price forecasting service was integrated in the brokering business of
    SKM AS
   SKM AS formed in 2000 the power market service provider SKM Market
    Predictor AS (SKM MP) as a 100 % owned subsidiary
   In 2001 SKM MP developed the internet platform SysPower ver. 007 and
    became the leading power price forecasting and market information
    provider in the Nordic power market
   In 2003 the employees and management of SKM MP bought all shares in
    the company
   In 2007 Dutch Investment Holding Scaent Group bought 67% of the
    Company and became the strategic partner of SKM MP
   2008 – has been announced plans regarding new markets entry including
    Russia and Baltic region
                               What we offer

   Analysis of different kind of factors influenced on power market
   Prediction of various indexes (costs, production, consumption, power
    interchanges etc.)
   Fundamental analysis
   Consulting services
   Development, organization and holding of different trainings,
    consultations and seminars
   Statistic for power market
   Possibility to access (get) most of services on-line
   Independent power market view
   Highly skilled specialists with large working experience in liberalized
    power markets
                          SysPower 3.0 -
               on-line platform for making market

   Leading platform for power market analysis
   Easy-to-use and flexible interface
   Includes tools for traders, analysts, portfolio-managers and top-managers
   Gives information about prices, weather, fundamental factors and comments
   Statistical and fundamental models
   Daily, short-term and long-term analysis
   All services are available on-line
                                  Assignable Services

   Short-term analysis,
    includes weather
   Long-term analysis
   Different control panels of
    the desktop
   Different levels of access
    systems and kinds of report
   Comment block from
    company’s analysts
   SMS-service
   Mobile service
   Statistic data
   Special services
                          Assignable Data

   Hydrology                      Weather
      Hydro balance                  Precipitation
      Water inflow for               Temperature
       reservoirs                     Wind
      Snow reserves                  Weather fronts
      Water flow                  Power System
      Groundwater level              Consumption
      Soil water                     Power exchange
   Spot market                       Production
      Prices                         Balancing market
      Turnovers                   Fuel markets
      Power exchange                 CO2
      Different currencies           Coal
   Financial market                  Gas
      Futures contracts              Oil
      Forward contracts
                          SMS and WAP Services

   SMS – this service can send up to 82 messages in a day,
       Weather forecast update
       Forecast of the system price
       Actual Precipitation for yesterday
       Actual spot prices for zones

   WAP – service gives on-line access from mobile phone or
    pocket computer to wap-service SysPower Mobile that includes
    all main options of the main product
Articles and reviews on topical subjects
                Consulting & Business Training

   Specialists of      the   company         render     different       consulting
    services as:
       Special researches and reports for particular customers’ tasks
       Development and preparing of strategies for market operating

       Development and preparing of Risks policy for a company
       Development of different investments projects in Power Industry
       Modeling and cost-effectiveness analysis of power assets construction
   The company organizes trainings regarding operations at
    liberalized markets
   Examples of consulting projects, which are in work at this
       Project of new hydrological model carrying out jointly with        Norwegian
       Construction project of   wind-powered park with capacity of 1000 MW in
                                     New Markets – Russia

                                               Hubs of the Russian wholesale power market
   Light Russian version of SysPower:

       Analysis and statistics of weather
        factors        (temperature     and
      Forecast of prices for hubs
      Power exchange between hubs and
      Different indexes for generation by
        the kinds of fuel
      Short-term analysis
      Interactive maps
      Market information and news
      Data about Russian power system
        and statistic data
      Start of the system – the turn of the
        year 2008 – beginning 2009
   In the sequel the full version of
    SysPower Russia will be presented,
    all services will be analogue to
    Scandinavian version
                          New Markets – Baltic Region

   Analysis   of    power     exchange
    between Baltic region, Scandinavia
    and Russia and its influence on
    market prices in this regions

   In perspective – creation of the
    new product - SysPower Baltic:
        Short-term analysis
        Long-term analysis
        Price forecast
        Market information
   Different consulting services
   Training and seminars
                              How to find us

 Internet site
 For entering the system
  are necessary:
       login
       password
   Internet Explorer since
    ver. 5.5 is recommended

   Norway:
    SKM Market Predictor AS
       +47 73 80 58 00   (general)
       +47 73 80 58 58   (analytics/tel.)
       +47 73 80 58 01   (analytics/fax)

   Contact person:       Kurt Sveggen
                          Managing director – SKM Norway

   Russia:
   Contact person:       Alexander Dorofeev
                          Managing director – SKM Russia
                          +7 926 396 5568

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