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 New Carlisle, Indiana                                                       Friday, September 15, 2006                                                Volume XXXIX, Issue I

                                                                                                                                                   Indiana increases
Seniors receive distinguished award                                                                                                                speed limit, is the
Two students are semi-finalists for the National Merit Scholarship Program                                                                         driving age next?
Alanna Bagley                                   balloons, and made a big announcement to let     at New Prairie,” Clark beamed. “This
                           Editor-In-Chief      the students know what happened. Amongst         reward not only reflects on the student’s         Brittney Zigler
                                                the two semi-finalists, four other students      achievements but on the quality of our school
    For the past three years, New Prairie High  from the class of 2007 were quarter-finalists    as well. I couldn’t be happier for these girls,                                News Reporter
School has made it mandatory that sophomore        After finding out the news that the girls     they work hard and their hard work deserves           Recently the state of Indiana has been
and juniors take the NMSQT/PSAT. Based          were semi-finialists, they had to fill out       to be rewarded.”                                  contemplating changing the driver’s
on the scores from a students                                                                                                                      license age from 16 to 18. One reason for
PSAT, they can be awarded the                                                                                                                      contemplating this matter is the formidable
National Merit Scholar award.                                                                                                                      amount of car wrecks concerning people
The National Merit Scholarship                                                                                                                     under the age of 21. That age range seems
is impressive, rewarding the                                                                                                                       to be involved in car wrecks more than
tester with national recognition                                                                                                                   any other. Some believe that raising the
and an impressive amount of                                                                                                                        age would decrease the numbers, others
scholarships.                                                                                                                                      disagree.
    Seniors Anna Gaddy and                                                                                                                             Most students are not keen on the idea of
Kate Meyers were the two                                                                                                                           increasing the driving age. Some obstacles
lucky New Prairie students to                                                                                                                      that have been brought to attention are jobs,
become semi-finalists. The                                                                                                                         clubs, sports, etc.
seniors are the first two in quite                                                                                                                     “Most teens that want to drive are in
some time to receive it, and                                                                                                                       clubs or after school activities, and their
both consider themselves very                                                                                                                      parents can’t always get off work to take or
lucky, but it didn’t come easy.                                                                                                                    pick them up places,” said freshman Brina
    “Study hard for our PSAT’s,”                                                                                                                   Miltenberger.
advised Meyer. “Those scores                                                                                                                           Another student, sophomore, Robin
are what the society is looking                                                                                                                    Young stresses, “I don’t think it should
at. Later on, they’ll be looking                                                                                                                   happen because some [students] need jobs
at your SAT scores too, so it is                                                                                                                   to take care of their families or themselves,
important to keep that in mind                                                                                                                     and how are they going to get there if they
as well.”                                                                                                                                          have no transportation?”
    Meyer also mentioned that                                                                                                                          Since the most wrecks seem to be
teachers are always willing to                                                                                                                     happening during a teenager’s first years
help with preparing you for                                                                                                                        of driving, certain people believe that
you PSAT’s, and they always                                                                                                                        there would still be more wrecks occurring
offer help before the test is NPHS principal Clara Clark with seniors Anna Gaddy and Kate Meyers who qualified as semi-finalists                   with younger drivers because they are
taken school wide. “I think for the National Merit Scholarship.                                                     Photo by Jon Green-            inexperienced. Thus, the amount of wrecks
one teacher mentioned that you                                                                                                                     wouldn’t decrease, they might even
should answer every question,                                                                     Both Meyer and Gaddy have opened doors           increase. The older a teenager becomes the
even if you didn’t know the answer,” Meyer applications, send out transcripts, and Clark with their hard work, Meyers has heard that               more accessible intoxicating substances
said. “Just be sure to ask your teacher the best had to start writing letters of recomendation she can receive a full ride for future college      such as alcohol becomes to him/her.
way to take the test.”                              “We reward a lot of outstanding athletes tutions just for being a semi-finalist. Some              “I don’t think the wrecks would decrease
    Gaddy also stressed that the PSAT isn’t                                                    colleges may not extend the full ride to the        because probably more 18 year olds drink
something to be taken lightly. “It’s not just           “Being chosen as a semi-finialist      girls, but a lot of other scholarships have         than 16 year olds, and so they would have
practice for the SATs, it’s also for the National       is a great honor and I hope many       already presented themselves.                       little experience and it would make the
Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.”                     more New Prairie students are             “Being chosen as a semi-finialist is a great     roads more dangerous,” said Miltenberger.
    “I was thrilled when I found out,”                  able to receive it in the future.”     honor and I hope many more New Prairie                  “I think they should change the driving
Principal Clara Clark explained. “I wanted to                                                  students are able to receive it in the future,”     age to 18. Considering my experiences
tell everyone right away, but I couldn’t.”              ~Kate Meyers, Senior                   Meyers said.                                        with driving at the age of 16 I think I would
    The information about the qualifiers had                                                                                                       have drove more responsibly at 18.”, said
to be kept confidential under Wednesday,                                                                                                           senior James Kruk.
September 13. On the 13th, Clark purchased                                                                                                             Detective Mary Hewitt brings up the
                                                                                                                                                   point that some teenagers are already
                                                                                                                                                   attending college at the age of 18. Therefore,

NPHS awarded “Exemplary” title                                                                                                                     teenagers would be sent away from home
                                                                                                                                                   without any experience of getting out on the
                                                                                                                                                   road alone. Driving around in an unfamiliar
                                                                                                                                                   town on unfamiliar roads could be quite
Nick Carr                                          Several students gave varied responses           Parents also had many good things to say       dangerous for someone with no practice.
                         News Reporter          about the award we received. Some                about the award. One parent commented that            “I don’t believe raising the age that
                                                commented about getting a better food system     school is the most important students do in       teens are able to get there license is the
    Last spring, New Prairie High School was    or faster wireless. Many other students stated   their lives, being in a sense, their jobs. What   answer. There are other solutions to the
selected to win the award of exemplary for      that they appreciate the school doing well.      students do in high school is the ground work     problem,” explains Detective Mary Hewitt.
outstanding achievements on the I STEP tests.   For the most part, the students feel proud for   for the rest of their lives after graduation.     “Some parents need to be more involved
The exemplary is awarded to a middle or                                                                 For example, school performance            with their teenager’s driving. There are
high school that has the highest scores                                                                 what type f jobs one will be capable       incidents where the parents might send
on the I STEP test. In order to qualify,                                                                of doing or which types of colleges are    their teenager to driver’s education and
the school must have at least 90% of the                                                                right for the students to attend. Parent   think that’s enough practice.”
students passing and the school can not                                                                 Christopher Neiman commented, “My               “I think it would be a good idea to not
be on academic probation. New Prairie                                                                   tax dollars are providing the funds for    allow cell phones being used in cars by
High School was the only one of 27 high                                                                 the students in our community to get an    teenagers rather than changing the driving
schools in the La Porte, South Bend, and                                                                education. It is good they are working     age. Teenagers are always on their cell
Elkhart area to win an exemplary.                                                                       hard at learning.”                         phones and without driving experience
    New Prairie High School was awarded                                                                     It is the students who actually take   they can’t multitask as some adults might
the exemplary last spring following                                                                     the ISTEP tests, but the teachers,         be able to” said Detective.
the results of the I STEP scores. The                                                                   parents, councilors and other members          Along with considering changing the
exemplary award was officially given to                                                                 of the community who help make an          driving age, some speed limits have already
our school around the time school started                                                               impact on how well the students do         been changed such as the toll road speed
in the fall.                                                                                            on tests. This award not only reflects     limits. Speed limits such as these have
    In the past, students have not done as                                                              the student’s performance but also the     been raised due to the decreased rate of car
well on the I STEP exams. Students who                                                                  school and the community since they        wrecks and after petitions were created.
do not do well on the I STEP exams could                                                                all have a part in how the students do         “They may work for 5 to 10 years,”
get held back or not graduate. The I STEP                                                               on the tests.                              explains Detective Hewitt, “But then they
is a standard used to measure a student’s                                                                   New Prairie and its affiliates are     may have to lower it again.”
general knowledge level. This is a way that                                                             proud that the school is capable of            When people get comfortable with a
schools can measure the students who are                                                                winning an award such as an exemplary      road and its speed they tend to increase
graduating with a basic education level.                                                                for academic success. The school is        their driving speed the more they drive on
    The New Prairie teachers think                                                                      capable of excelling to higher levels      it. Speed is known to be a large contribution
wonderful things about the award.                                                                       and can well on tests and in meeting       to some wrecks. Therefore with the speed
Teacher Jeff Suttor said, “I think that any                                                             our standards of education. This award     increasing, the rates of car wrecks may too
award we can get here at New Prairie is                                                                 is a remarkable reflection on the school   increase. Then it will have to be lowered
a great improvement. I think that a lot of     Art by Caitlin Sanders                                   and the community and it has taken a       again.
the thanks go to Mrs. Wilkeson, and Mrs.                                                         great amount of hard work to accomplish.                     “I like the idea of them increasing
Lindley whom I think helped a lot with getting                                                                                                     the speed limits because it allows people
an exemplary.” Teacher Josh Bulakowski the exemplary award that our high school                                                                    to get places quicker, and everyone goes
commented, “I think it’s good, it shows we received.                                                                                               faster on the toll road anyway”, said Kruk.
have made progress.”

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                      2                                                                  The Cougar Chronicle
   No Child Left Behind Act; An Invasion of Privacy
   Dillon Hooten
                            Opinion Reporter                         This act is nothing but an invasion of         the recruiter received was seven days in jail, and a      good results. Brian Warfel, a freshman, said the act
                                                           your privacy. We have all been at our homes              $1,000 fine. This recruiter could have potentially        was “horrible,” and a “breach of privacy.” He also
                                                           eating dinner when a telemarketer calls, which           killed over 150 soldiers and faced a smaller penalty      said that he would gladly do something to make
          Privacy is something that we, as students                                                                                                                           his information not obtainable by the military.
                                                           usually annoys the majority of us. The same thing        than most crimes that I believe don’t deserve such
value more than anything. All of us have things                                                                                                                               Like Brian Warfel, sophomore Annie Lindgren,
                                                           happens with the military now. With your phone           a punishment.
that we wish to keep private, whether it be a                                                                                                                                 said her information is “none of their business”
                                                           number, they can call you and hassle you to join                   In 1997, a Navy recruiter was suspected
journal or certain notes, we wish to keep some                                                                                                                                and, she too, agreed that she would gladly make it
                                                           them at any time. Also, with your address, they          of arranging a recruit to hide his drug use from a
things to ourselves.                                                                                                                                                          so her information was unattainable.
                                                           can send you mail hassling you to join up. If you        routine urine test by drinking a kidney cleanser.
          With the No Child Left Behind Act in                                                                                                                                           Something not everyone is aware of is that
                                                           want to join the military, you should contact them,      The initial investigation was only focusing on
effect our privacy is capable of being breached.                                                                                                                              there is something you can do about this invasion
                                                           they should not contact you.                             one account of this happening. However, a petty
Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind                                                                                                                                      of privacy. In the same section it also says that you
                                                                     Some people say that they would feel safe      officer from that same recruiting station said in a
Act states that “each local educational agency                                                                                                                                can opt out of having your information obtained
                                                           with their information in the hands of the military.     recent interview that other officers at the recruiting
receiving assistance under this Act shall provide,                                                                                                                            by the military! It gives you the opportunity to
                                                           I beg to differ, military recruiters can be far from     station arranged for at least two others seeking to
on a request made by military recruiters or                                                                                                                                   send in a form stating that you don’t want your
                                                           honest people. In 2002, the Indiana National             join the Navy to take the kidney cleaner.
an institution of higher education, access to                                                                                                                                 personal information to be given to the military.
                                                           Guard, who were in our school recruiting near the                  This act, despite being an invasion of
secondary school students names, addresses, and                                                                                                                               All you have to do is send in a printable form
                                                           end of last year, were faced with allegations of         privacy, is also unfair to other organizations that
telephone listings.” What this translates to is that                                                                                                                          found on the website
                                                           inflating their membership so they could obtain          use recruiters. We have all seen the local college
every public high school is required to turn over                                                                                                                             to our school administrator and your information
                                                           more federal funding. To inflate their membership,       booths set up during our lunches. Because of
your full name, address, and telephone number                                                                                                                                 will then become protected from the military.
                                                           the National Guard counted soldiers who had left         Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act,
to the US military for recruiting purposes upon                                                                                                                                          I encourage all of you who wish to keep
                                                           their ranks and kept soldiers who routinely missed       they are not allowed to obtain your listings. Why
their request. That is not even the worst part,                                                                                                                               your personal information to yourself to opt out.
                                                           weekend training. A National Guard Sergeant was          should the military be given this advantage and
the worst part is that the school handing over                                                                                                                                It’s fairly easy. I am opting out and so should you.
                                                           also found guilty of conspiring to forge physical        colleges, which provide alternative options other
our information isn’t even required to inform                                                                                                                                 For more information on this topic and to learn
                                                           examination documents. The investigation that            than the military, not be given this advantage?
you when they are giving out your information.                                                                                                                                more about your rights in school, head over to
                                                           led to the trial found that more than 150 soldiers                 When I informed people of this act and
This means the military could already have your                                                                                                                      For further info, head
                                                           were enlisted without valid physicals from               asked them if they could somehow make it so their
listings and you don’t even know about it.                                                                                                                                    to
                                                           October 1999 to March 2001. The only penalty             information could not be given, I received some

Intolerance in our school
Katie Carlisle                                             Who knew people could be so narrow minded?
                             Opinion Reporter                        Many students here are very narrow             the controversy. Learning to be more tolerant of          and not the color of their skin. The Emancipation
                                                           minded. Just the other day a fellow classmate of         others religious beliefs would benefit everyone.          Proclamation was written decades ago, and yet
                                                           mine said he’d lost all respect for me, after I voiced                People judge others by their sexual          we’re still fighting the same battle. Equality
           There are so many diverse students in           my opinion on organized religion. We had never           preference as well. I think it’s their prerogative        between blacks and whites, aren’t we all people?
 our high school; rich with different cultures and         had a problem before, and he didn’t know that            to be with whoever they want to, just because its         We all deserve the same amount of respect
 unique personalities. Some kids are into music,           much about me, but the moment I had an opinion           not what you think is right, or you think it’s weird.     regardless the hue of our skin.
 whereas others are art fanatics, numerous students        that differed from his, he just made assumptions.        In our society people are looked down on because                    What would America be without all
 are athletes who play, football, volleyball, tennis,      He thought I was wrong just because my views             of the fact that they’re “gay” but that’s one of          the unique people with different races, religions,
 and many of the other sports we have to offer.            were different from his own. Many people do this         the numerous things that makes them a unique              heritages, and so much more? Everyone that
 Yet like any other high school there are cliques-         and don’t even realize they are judging others.          human being. Students are often ridiculed based           comes to America wants one thing; to be FREE!
 you have geeks, preps, jocks, all the usual groups                  In the Middle East, there has always           on their sexual preference; we need to be more            Free to have opinions and beliefs of their own and
 people classify you into. Based on what you look          been turmoil, and there probably always will be          understanding of our fellow classmates and judge          to be free of persecution for what they believe
 like, what you wear, or the things you like to do.        turmoil. When studying history you can see all the       them by their character, not whether they like one        in. Now, hypothetically someone of a different
 They don’t take a chance to get to know you, or           conflicts involving people of different religions.       gender over the other.                                    race or culture comes along and people tell them
 listen to your opinions, unless you voice your            No one can have their own ideas or beliefs; their                 Race is also a major issue, maybe not in         that the way they live is wrong or bad, that just
 opinion on a touchy subject such as religion,             religion is forced upon them. “My God is real and        our high school as much as just in our community,         because they don’t think like someone else in the
 sexual preference, or race.                               yours isn’t,” it seems to be the only reason for all     since we are a predominately white school. So             society they should be punished for it. In reality,
                                                                                                                                                         many people          we should embrace the fact that we are allowed
                                                                                                                                                         stereotype           to practice our choice of religion anywhere in
                                                                                                                                                         others because       our community. We are allowed to be whoever
                                                                                                                                                         they are of a        we wish to be. Everyone deserves respect no
                                                                                                                                                         different race;      matter their racial background, religion, or sexual
                                                                                                                                                         there are many       preference. Isn’t that why the first settlers came
                                                                                                                                                         Hispanic             to this land, they wanted a life to call their own.
                                                                                                                                                         students and         They came here to start over, and have a better
                                                                                                                                                         people in our        life. I’m almost ashamed to still see so much
                                                                                                                                                         c o m m u n i t y.   intolerance to this day. When looking around
                                                                                                                                                         Too often they       our community; try not to stereotype others or
                                                                                                                                                         are      looked      make assumptions unless you’ve gotten to know
                                                                                                                                                         down       upon      them and have listened to their views. Help to
                                                                                                                                                         because         of   make a better life for everyone and listen to your
                                                                                                                                                         their     racial     peers opinions and thoughts before rushing to
                                                                                                                                                         backgrounds          conclusions or putting them down.
                                                                                                                                                         and cultures.
                                                                                                                                                         We need to
                                                                                                                                                         learn to accept
                                                                                                                                                         people        for
                                                                                                                                                         who they are

                                                                                                                                                              A new feature in this year’s Cougar Chronicle will be “Wait...
                                                                                                                                                              WHAT?!” Here, we put all the humorous things we’ve heard
                                                                                                                                                              New Prairie students say at school or elsewhere and where we
                                                                                                                                                                                       heard them.

                                                                                                                                                                                        a Pl                       ane
                                                                                                                                                                              n akes on
                                                                                                                                                                     What’s S
                                                                                                                                                                                about? s
                                                                                                                                                                                                 try Clas
                                                                                                                                                                         Does c
                                                                                                                                                                                          te m
                                                                                                                                                                                  chocol ilk come fr
                                                                                                                                                                                  Heard ate cows     om
                                                                                                                                                                                       in the
                                                                                                                                                                                              cafe ?
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Give my regards to Broadway
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                     A&E Reporter

              If you are looking for
a fun new idea and a completely
                                                                                                                                  Top 90
                                                                                                                                  Top90    Most Popular Future Releases
new way to interact with people,                                                                                          By: James Hostetler
then drama club could be the place
for you. The Drama Department                                                                                             Arts & Entertainment Reporter
is starting to grow and this is the                                                                                       PC
year for some serious change.                                                                                             1: Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars , Release: TBA
With new plans and shows in                                                                                               2: Warhammer: 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Release:,
mind, sponsor Cortny Kramer is                                                                                            10/09/2006
                                                                                                                          3: Neverwinter Nights 2, Release: 10/17/2006
ready to shove this quiet, secluded                                                                                       4: Crysis, Release: Q4 2006
group right into the spotlight.                                                                                           5: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Release: 10/24/2006
             “Drama Club isn’t for                                                                                        6: Just Cause, Release: 09/26/2006
everyone but…that shouldn’t stop                                                                                          7: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusader, Release: Q4 2006
anyone from coming and testing it                                                                                         8: Halo 2,Release: TBA
                                                                                                                          9: Medieval 2: Total War, Release: November 2006
out. This is a really close-knit group                                                                                    10: Company of Heroes, Release: 09/14/2006
and we have a lot of fun,” said
Kramer. In the past, Drama Club has                                                                                       Playstation 2
been easily put in the shadows, but                                                                                       1: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Release: October 2006
                                                                                                                          2: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007, Release: Q4 2006
this year they have decided to break                                                                                      3: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Release: 10/09/2006
out and really take steps toward                                                                                          4: Final Fantasy XII, Release: 10/31/2006
becoming a true thespian society.                                                                                         5: God Hand, Release: October 2006
“The difference between just being a                                                                                      6: Guitar Hero II, Release: 11/07/2006
drama club and becoming a thespian                                                                                        7: Yakuza, Release: 09/05/2006
                                                                                                                          8: Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles, Release: 11/14/2006
society is that it opens up so many                                                                                       9: Phantasy Star Universe, Release: 10/24/2006
opportunities,” Kramer explained.                                                          Art by James Hostetler         10: Okami, Release: 09/19/2006
“This way we will be a part of a
national organization instead of just
                                         the return trip to the IUSB workshop    of this club feel very accepted,         Playstation 3
                                         in which the students get to work       this is a place where you can open       1: Stranglehold, Release: Q1 2007
our school’s organization. This will                                                                                      2: Gran Turismo HD (working title), Release: TBA
                                         closely with college casts and          up or where you can step into the
broaden our connections and our                                                                                           3: Unreal Tournament 2007, Release: TBA
                                         teachers on drama-related subjects.     life of someone else. You can be
experiences. One extra perk is that                                                                                       4: Assassin’s Creed, Release: TBA 2007
                                                      One more thing is          a duchess, a ballerina, a crazy          5: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Release: TBA 2007
we’ll be eligible for awards too.”
                                         experimental theatre which should       inventor or just see what life was       6: Devil May Cry 4, Release: TBA
             Upcoming events will
                                         be right after Christmas break. In      like in a different decade or time       7: Grand Theft Auto IV, release: 10/16/2007
be the fall comedy Lend Me a Tenor.                                                                                       8: Resistance: Fall of Man, Release: 11/15/2006
                                         this event, students write, cast,       period. Drama Club isn’t only a
This story is a case of mistaken                                                                                          9: Final Fantasy XIII, Release: TBA
                                         direct, and completely control the      place to act and have fun; it can be
identity; a tangled web of confusion                                                                                      10: Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, Release: 2006
                                         production of their plays and/or        the start of a new career. There are
intertwined with true comedy and
guaranteed laughter. Auditions
                                         musicals. This really lets students     plenty of people that either already     Playstation Portable (PSP)
                                         get a taste of what it could be         have, or have plans to move on to a      1: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Release: 10/17/2006
for this show took place between                                                                                          2: Silent Hill: Origins, Release: 2007
                                         like in their own production.           career in acting, stage tech, singing,
September 11th and 14th. The                                                                                              3: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Release: TBA 2006
                                                      Kramer recounts her        directing, or writing. Ask around,       4: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Release: TBA
cast list should be up by the 15th.
                                         first experience with acting: “When     you might be surprised how many          5: Family Guy, Release: Q4 2006
             Also in store are some
                                         I stepped out on the stage, I just      people have found their place right      6: Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, Release: December 2006
really anticipated field trips. For                                                                                       7: Mortal Kombat: Unchained, Release: 10/09/2006
                                         knew it was for me. I knew that was     down the hall in your own (slowly
instance, Kramer is currently trying                                                                                      8: Coded Arms: Contagion, Release: 2007
                                         where I wanted to be.” Members          improving) auditorium.
to get tickets to Wicked. Up next is                                                                                      9: B-Boy, Release: September 2006

The grand finale
                                                                                                                          10: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007. Release: Q4 2006

                                                                                                                          1: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Release: 10/09/2006
                                                                                                                          2: Reservoir Dogs, Release: 10/24/2006
A look at the final Harry Potter book                                                                                     3: Scarface: The World Is Yours, Release: 10/08/2006
                                                                                                                          4: FIFA 07, Release: 10/03/2006
                                         Many readers thought Snape was         Dumbledore that is false is he is
Alyssa Whybrew                                                                                                            5: Xiaolin Showdown, Release: 11/14/2006
                                         working with Dumbledore. Now           related to Harry. Neither is Harry        6: LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Release: 09/12/2006
                        A&E Editor       readers are questioning Snape’s        related to Voldemort or Salazaar          7: NASCAR 07, Release: 09/06/2006
            As the final volume of       motives even more, but book            Slytherin. As well as Dumbledore          8: Just Cause, Release: 09/26/2006
the Harry Potter series approaches,                                             is not Harry or Ron from the future.      9: Bully, Release: 10/17/2006
                                         seven will answer the question.
                                                                                                                          10: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4, Release: Q4 2006
rumors are developing about the                    Readers will learn                       There are a few theories
upcoming novel some of which are         more about Dumbledore (despite         about Neville and Harry that are          XBOX 360
true, some that are completely false,    his death) and his past. Lily          false. One is that the propechy           1: NBA Live 07,Release: 09/25/2006
and some that are possibilities.                                                refers to Neville and not Harry.          2: Halo 3, Release: TBA 2007
                                         Potter will play a bigger role
                                                                                                                          3: FIFA 07,Release: 11/14/2006
            The readers should           and the fact that Harry has his        Another is that Harry has to kill
                                                                                                                          4: Test Drive Unlimited, Release: 09/05/2006
expect    to     learn   something       mother’s eyes will be important.       Neville or Neville has to kill            5: Just Cause, Release: 09/26/2006
suprising to the series about                      A few characters such        Harry as part of the prophecy.            6: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent, Release: 10/17/2007
                                                                                            Other rumors such as          7: Call of Duty 3, Release: Q4 2006
                                                                                         Harry becoming Minister          8: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007, Release: Q4 2006
                                                                                                                          9: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Release: TBA
                                                                                         of Magic is not true. The
                                                                                                                          10: Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, Release: TBA
                                                                                         theory that there is a secret
                                                                                         meaning to “Keeper of            NINTENDO GAME CUBE
                                                                                         the Keys” is also false.         1: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Release: Q4 2006
                                                                                                                          2: Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2, Release: 09/26/2006
                                                                                            One major rumor that
                                                                                                                          3: Super Paper Mario, Release: Q1 2007
                                                                                         is false is that Rowling         4: LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Release: 09/12/2006
                                                                                         plans to write more than         5: The Sims 2: Pets, Release: 10/17/2006
                                                                                         the seven books planned.         6: One Piece: Pirates Carnival, Release: 09/12/2006
                                                                                         She said many times              7: Need for Speed Carbon, Release: November 2006
                                                                                                                          8: Baten Kaitos Origins, Release: 09/25/2006
                                                                                         that there will only be
                                                                                                                          9: Rayman Raving Rabbids, Release: Q4 2006
                                                                                         seven books, no more.            10: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Release: TBA
                                                                                            The biggest question
                                                                                         that Harry Potter fans           NINTENDO DS
                                                                                                                          1: Final Fantasy III, Release: 11/14/2006
                                                                                         want answered is if Harry
                                                                                                                          2: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Release: Q1 2007
                                                                                         or Voldemort will die.           3: Spider-Man: Battle for New York,Release: 10/31/2006
                                                                                         Nobody can say for sure          4: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Release: 09/18/2006
                                                                                         who it is, but there are         5: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Release: Q4 2006
                                                              Art by Caitlin Sanders
                                                                                         some definite answers            6: Lunar Knights, Release: Q2 2007
                                                                                                                          7: Tomb Raider: Legend, Release: 10/31/2006
                                                                                         and theories that can be
                                                                                                                          8: Mega Man ZX, Release: 09/12/2006
at    least     four      characters.    as Viktor Krum and Dolores developed from these facts. In                        9: Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, Release: January 2007
           Aunt      Petunia    will     Umbridge will return. The two- book seven, Harry will attempt to                 10: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, Release: 09/19/2006
play a larger role in the story and      way mirror will also return find and destroy all of Voldemort’s
the readers will learn something                      Rumors have been remaining horcruxes, one of which
                                                                                                                          NINTENDO GAMEBOY ADVANCE
                                                                                                                          1: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, Release: 09/18/2006
important about her. JK Rowling,         spread that are completely false. is not the sorting hat. Harry and              2: Final Fantasy VI Advance, Release: TBA 2006
author of the Harry Potter series,       Some Harry Potter fans believe Voldemort will face for one last                  3: Final Fantasy V Advance, Release: 11/06/2006
had this to say, “There is a little      that Dumbledore will come back time, and at least one character dies.            4: Naruto: Ninja Council 2, Release: Q4 2006
more to Aunt Petunia than meets                                                             The final chapter of          5: Tom and Jerry Tales, Release: 10/31/2006
                                         to life. There is a website dedicated
                                                                                                                          6: Capcom Classics Mini Mix, Release: 09/19/2006
the eye. And you will figure             to this, DumbledoresNotDead.           the book will give details to what
                                                                                                                          7: The Sims 2: Pets, Release: 10/23/2006
out what that is in book seven.”         com.       Rowling       has     said happens to the characters that             8: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, Release: November 2006
           One big question that has     repetively that Dumbledore is survive.For more information on                    9: Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2, Release: 09/26/2006
troubled most Harry Potter fans will     definitely dead, and there is no book seven and some other rumors,               10: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2, Release: Q4 2006
be answered in the final book; where     possibility of him coming back. visit or www.
do Professor Snape’s loyalties lie?                   Another rumor about
                    4                                              .
                                                                       The Cougar Chronicle
                                y doe s it....
                 Eve       rybod                                                                           Teens ignore law
                                                                                                           Underage drinking a common occurrence
                                                                                            g ht
                                                                                   .. .ri                  “we’re only teenagers. Why do we need to be                      “Underage drinking is an epidemic
                                                                                                           drinking now?” Thompson disagrees, however,            across the country,” he said. Curtis feels that there
                                                                                                           that underage drinking is an issue that really         is no special answer to the problem, and he added,
                                                                                                           affects school life.                                   “It’s as simple as this, kids will do what they are
                                                                                                              According to Officer Werner, “Drinking              allowed to do.”
                                                                                                           probably starts as a form of acceptance, but sticks        NPHS students surveyed also provided
                                                                                                           around because it causes the teenagers to lose         feedback about their reasons for drinking.
                                                     Tasha Ladwig                                          their inhibitions                                                  Overall, 26% of students polled
                                                                                 Features Reporter         and gives them                                                     reported that they drank to get drunk.
                                                                                                           a false sense of        “Underage drinking is an Four percent, the lowest percentage of
                                                        Despite the law and media messages that            confidence and
                                                     encourage teens to resist the temptation to drink,    comfort when
                                                                                                                                   epidemic across the country. people, said that they drinkfit in, 12%
                                                                                                                                                                              rebel. Ten percent drink to
                                                                                                                                                                                                             in order to

                                                     many high school students fall victim to peer         they generally          It’s as simple as this, kids will drink to both blow off steam and get
                                                     pressure and succumb to this temptation               feel lost and
          The Consequences....                          Indiana State Police Officer Nora Werner
                                                                                                                                   do what they are allowed to drunk, and 18% drink only to blow off
                                                                                                           confused.”                                                         steam. Twenty-three percent did not
                                                     is fighting a battle against this recurring              Werner often         do.”                                       complete the question.
      For students, being caught with                phenomenon.                                           finds     several                                                       Overall getting drunk was the most
                                                        Werner said, “A lot of the underage drinking       underage kids                                                      commonly cited reason for underage
      drugs or alcohol means ten days                that occurs happens because your teenage years        drinking. They
                                                                                                                                   -Dean of Students, Bart Curtis drinking among NPHS students.
      out of school suspension.                      are the time when people tend to lack the self        are usually over                                                   Getting drunk also earned the highest
                                                     confidence it takes to decide what they should be     the age of 16                                                      percentage in both genders throughout
      For Athletes, being caught at a                doing.”                                               when patrolling                                                     all four grade levels with the exception
      party with alcohol means after the                A surveyconducted at New Prairie High School       police officers                                                     of senior females.
                                                     reveals how big this hidden problem is among          like Werner find them.                                     Eleven percent of senior females reported that
      first 15 minutes, they are unable to           students. The anonymous survey was completed             “Kids who are under 16 usually get their alcohol    they drink to get drunk. Although 59% of the
      participate for 25% of the season.             by 177 New Prairie students at all age and grade      and drink it at a friend’s or at their own house. It’s respondents admitted to having experimented,
                                                     levels.                                               usually the older ones that we see driving around      and 82% have done indulged at least more than
      While most people don’t bring                     According to the survey, 59% of the                at beaches or other public places, drinking out in     once, most of those who admitted to drinking said
      illegal substances to school, shirts           respondents admitted to having experimented           the open,” she explained.                              they do not feel they have a drinking problem.
                                                     with alcohol at least once. Out of the 59% who           Although Werner doesn’t receive calls or               One percent of students who reported drinking
      or other clothing that advertise               have experimented, 82% say they drink alcohol         reports of underage drinking, she says that she        admitted that they have a drinking problem,
      such substances can result in the              about once a month or more. Furthermore, 16% of       and other patrolling officers often see an average     however, and 2% wrote in “maybe.” Only 1%
      above punishments as well.                     people who used alcohol more than once claim to       of one or two cases of underage drinking each          of respondents said they would be open to
                                                     drink on a monthly basis, and 15% claim to drink      week.                                                  counseling, and 2% wrote in “maybe.”
                                                     weekly.                                                  New Prairie High School Dean of Students,
                                                        Hannah Thompson, a freshman at New Prairie         Bart Curtis, believes that it is a matter of concern
                                                     agrees that it’s a problem. “It’s crazy,” she said,   not only for our school, but for every school.

 Teenagers and                                       tattoos : some things to th-INK about
                                                     Sam Wieczorek                                         hers done, but she also admitted that it would
                                                                                        Features Editor have been $40 less if she hadn’t gotten it in color.
                                                         Whenever senior Howard Ziegler raises It cost Ziegler $250 to set his arm ablaze (in ink
                                                     his hand during class, his direct line of vision form, of course), but he only actually had to pay                          Home is
                                                     immediately bursts into flames.                       half of that amount; his parents paid the other

                                                                                                                                                                       where the art is...
                                                         This may sound problematic, but there’s no half. Both seniors had their tattoos done at Body
                                                     need to be concerned. Ziegler is neither a crazed Gallery in Michigan City. Ziegler was already 18
                                                     pyromaniac nor an X-Men reject that possesses at the time, but Galus had to have her parents sign             Students share their opinions on the best and
                                                     supernatural powers. He does, however, have for her because she was still 17.                                 worst places on the body to get a tattoo
                                                     something else, and it is something that has             Unlike Galus, some teenagers under 18 who
                                                     become an increasingly popular trend among want tattoos have to wait because their parents                    Sam Wieczorek
                                                     teenagers over the last couple of years. Ziegler is aren’t willing to sign a consent form. Junior Chris                                       Features Editor
                                                     one of the students at New Prairie that is currently Miko plans on getting a tattoo when he turns 18.
                                                     sporting a tattoo.                                    He also joked that he plans on subsequently being
                                                         “I’ve had it since the twelfth of this month “kicked out of the house.” Miko doesn’t think his                     The WORST
                                                     [August],” said Ziegler of the darkly colored fire parents will agree with his decision.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    “The jugular,
                                                     design that adorns his forearm. “My dad has a            “They think the body’s a temple,” explained
                                                                                                                                                                                                    because it would
                                                     few tattoos on him, and I just decided I would too. Miko, “but I think that as long as you don’t rot it
                                                     Plus, I liked it.”                                    on the inside, you can decorate it on the outside
                                                         Ziegler is not the only student who has been and make it pretty.”                                                                          --Adam Sill,
                                                     injected with a permanent ink design as a result of      In addition to cost and parental approval,                                            Junior
                                                     family influence. In fact, it’s practically a rite of students have to consider the actual tattooing
                                                     passage in fellow senior Tiffany Galus’s family. process itself before facing the needle. Ziegler
                                                     “It’s a tradition in my family to get one at 17,” sat in the tattoo parlor for four hours in order to           “The lower back,
                                                     she explained.                                        get the flame design on his arm. Wilson said that         for women at least,
                                                         Galus has one measure of the first piece of his tattoo only took about an hour and a half to                because as they get
                                                     music she took to the state Solo and Ensemble be applied but added that “it hurt in certain spots               older, it’s going to
                                                     band competition tattooed right around her hip when it was being done.”                                         start to sag. Then
                                                     bone. The song, “Marcello Sonata in F,” earned           Miko, who has what could be considered a bit           they’re going to be
                                                     her a gold medal. She wanted to choose a tattoo of a phobia when it comes to needles, admitted                  the moms with the
                                                     that had a significant meaning to her, and the piece that he’s a little worried about all the poking.           saggy tattoos on their
                                                     of music fit the profile.                             “I’m terrified,” he stated. “I hate needles. Maybe        backs.”
                                                         Senior Zachary Wilson also chose to get a it’ll help me get over my fear.”
                                                     tattoo that had some type of meaning to him, but         Finally, there is the question of “Where?” that        --Corey Kownacki,
                                                     his reflects something other than a memory of his needs to be answered before getting a tattoo. Not             Junior
                                                     accomplishments. Wilson, who has a tattoo of only do students have to find a reliable tattoo artist,
                                                     praying hands on his back, said that it symbolizes but they also must figure out what part of their
                                                     his religious beliefs. He also added that he will body they want decorated. Galus decided to get a
                                                     never regret getting the tattoo and will never feel tattoo below her hip because it enables her to hide
                                                                                                                                                                               The BEST
                                                     compelled to get it removed. “You think about it easily when she doesn’t want it showing. “The
                                                     that stuff before you get it done,” he explained.     only way people can see it is if I show them,” she
                                                         The possibility of regret isn’t the only thing explained. “I can cover it up for job interviews
                                                     students have to think about before deciding to if I want.”                                                                           “My ankles, so I could
                                                     get a tattoo. The real deal is pretty expensive          For more information on local tattoo parlors                                 put wings on
                                                     compared to the lick-and-stick temporaries that and the best and worst body areas to get tattooed,                                    I’m flying.”
                                                     people used to dig out of cereal boxes when they see the gray informational box and sidebar on this
                                                     were kids. Galus said that she paid $90 to get page.
                                                                                                                                                                                           --Lauren Arndt, Junior

Local Tattoo Parlors
* Nadwe’zibe Tattoos & Piercings*    Permanent Cosmetics Tattoos            *Electric Rose Tattoo
                                     Body Piercing
56977 Mayflower Rd                                                          55011 Mayflower Rd
                                     301 W US Highway 20
South Bend, IN, 46619-2211                                                  South Bend, IN, 46628-5127                                                               “Your upper arm,
                                     Michigan City, IN, 46360-7495                                                                                                   because everywhere
(574) 289-3615                                                              (574) 232-7673                                                                           else looks stupid.”
                                     (219) 872-6252
*Medieval Studios                                                                                                                                                    --Spencer Ness,
                                    *Mane Attraction Hair & Tanning *Body Gallery                                Tattoo photos provided by                           Freshman
605 Michigan Ave                                                                                                 Ali Gloff and Brett Scott
                                    209 E Michigan St                      7654 E US Highway 20
La Porte, IN, 46350-3319                                                   Michigan City, IN, 46360-7562
                                    New Carlisle, IN, 46552
(219) 324-9557                                                             (219) 874-3912                                                                                  Photos by Cougar Chronicle
                                    (574) 654-3130                                                                                                                         Photo Team
                   Features                                                                                            The Cougar Chronicle
Wellness 101:
A crash course on the new health policy                                                                                                                                     New Prairie United
Kayla Robinson and Caitlin VanOverberghe
                                                                                                                                                                            School Corporation’s
                             Features Reporters                                                                                                                             Healthy Snack
    No longer will the school halls be littered with
empty pop bottles, Little Debbie’s snack wrappers,
or candy bars. As of the 2006-2007 school year,
the Wellness Policy is in effect throughout the
state. The policy was established by the Board of                                                                                                                         Dried fruit--alone or mixed with nuts,,
Education and was altered by the corporation to                                                                                                                           raisins, sunflower seeds
fit the standards from the state.
    The policy is aimed to prevent childhood obesity                                                                                                                      Fresh fruit--whole or cut for small bite-
by teaching students about good nutrition and
meaningful physical activities in the classroom.                                                                                                                          sized fruit-cups
The new law states that all food available on
school campuses should offer children good                                                                                                                                Raisins--regular or golden
nutritious choices. Physical activities need to be
involved in the school day as often as possible.                                                                                                                          Veggies--be creative--add peanut butter,
     Approved healthy snacks low in sugar and
fat such as sunflower seeds, low count calories                                                                                                                           low-fat cheese or low-fat yogurt spread
cookies, and yogurt can be found in the school’s
cafeteria.                                                                                                                                                                Fruit leather
    The policy is also pushing towards the physical
activities into the classroom by encouraging it                                                                                                                           Sunflower seeds--flavored are fine, just
and rewarding the students with healthy snacks
and beverages. The policy would like to see the                                                                                                                           watch for added sugar
students learn more, practice and be asked on
developmentally appropriate motor skills, social                                                                                                                          Corn or soy nuts
skills and knowledge in physical education
courses.                                                                                                                                                                  Unsweetened applesauce--makes a great
    The policy is also striving to spread the
knowledge of healthy eating across the curriculum                                                                                                                         dip for animal crackers
by providing healthy articles to read and to reflect
on in the classroom.                                              Students stand in the lunch lne in the cafeteria, purchasing food that has been approved                Pita wedges with hummus
    The policy can also affect the fundraisers that               by the new health policy now in effect.                                      Staff Photo
the school promotes. There may no longer be the
                                                         must also follow the guidelines set from the U.S            “What happened to the milk machine?”
                                                                                                                                                                          Tortilla chips with bean dip--watch for
candy sales that there once were at the school to
help raise money for special clubs.                      Department of Agriculture.                               questioned senior Brittany Meyers. “I used to get       high fat and carb counts on chips
                                                             “The food doesn’t taste as good as it used to,       milk in the mornings but the machine is gone.”
   So how is the policy affecting the students?          and the price for the amount of food that you            The milk in the milk machine had to high of a           Animal crackers
                                                         receive is too much,” frowned senior Candice             sugar count so the milk could no longer be sold to
                                                         Ryan. Ryan also commented that “if the students          the student body.
   While some students support the policy, others
                                                         want to eat different food, they are going to bring         Even though the policy is new, it can and
                                                                                                                                                                          Graham crackers--plain
are against it. “I think that the idea of better food
is good but I do not like the way that they took         it from home.”                                           causes changes for everyone, but it’s really here
away the foods that we enjoyed,” said sophomore              Sophomore Daniel Sthuite normally packs his          help the students.                                      Yogurt
Ashley Wesolek. “It’s our choice to eat what we          lunch but he has heard other students complaining           “What they’re trying to do is stop kids from
want if we are going to pay for it.”                     about the policy.                                        buying four Little Debbie snacks and eating them        Lowfat milk--watch sugar in flavored
   The cafeteria at New Prairie is still currently           “I’m about to stop eating lunch because it is        for lunch. That’s not healthy for anyone,” Mrs.
serving foods that are not in the policy’s standards,    getting to expensive,” said freshman Jeff Jurczak.       Watkins said, shaking her head. “They want you
but students will still continue to see their favorite   “I sometimes see students sharing food, what is          to have a normal lunch that consists of an entree, a    Lowfat cheese
snacks disappear. “When the ice cream runs out,          lunch coming too?”                                       side dish, and maybe a normal sized piece of cake
that’s it. No more ice cream,” stated Tammy                  Freshman Brina Miltenberger thinks differently       or a cookie.”                                           Baked pita chips
Watkins, Food Service Director for the New               about the policy. “I do think that the policy is doing      The cafeteria is still trying to find small snack
                                                         a good thing. It still offers a variety of healthy       items that will fit in with the policy. So along with
Prairie United School Corporation. “The policy
                                                         foods including salads, chicken nugget baskets,          losing some items, students may also see new
                                                                                                                                                                          Whole wheat/whole grain crackers
says that we can serve ice cream, but it has to
be 3 ounces and all the ice cream that we serve          and french fries, the proportions are a bit smaller      things coming in.
is 4 ounces,” commented Watkins. She expects             though,” laughed Miltenberger. “Now that the                “It takes time,” Watkins said. “Give it some
the companies to start selling smaller ice cream         school is offering healthy food, I no longer have        time, and everything will seem normal again.”
bars to make a profit from our area. The school          to pack my lunch and bring it from home,”

Serve-ying the impact
Students share their opinions on the new wellness policy

             “I like that they are aiming for
             a healthier student body, but I
             don’t like not being able to eat
             my favorite foods.”

             -Sophomore Ashley Wesolek

                                                                                     “100 Calorie packs cost 10 cents more than the
                                                                                     cookies last year and the are not yummy.”                                 “Now offering the healthier
                                                                                     -Junior Kory LaBonne                                                      foods means that you no longer
                                                                                                                                                               have to bring food from home.”
                                                                                     “The a la carte portions are smaller and hey
                                                                                     should be tthe same size as the entrees.”                                 - Freshman Brina Miltenberger
                                                                                     Kelly Bridgewater
        6                                            The Cougar Chronicle
                                                                                                                               Student Life
Grades vs. Paychecks                                                                                                                  	          A	lot	of	employed	students	      combination	of	school	and	working	
Evan Jackson-Boys                                                                                                                     say	 that	 juggling	 school	 and	 a	 job	   during	the	week.	School	counselor,	
                                                                                                                                      can	 be	 quite	 stressful	 at	 times.	      Melissa	Kuczmanski	advised,	“Try	
                                                                                                                                      Junior	 Ben	 Feltz,	 who	 works	 at	        to	 simplify	 your	 life,	 put	 work	 off	
            Student Life Reporter                                                                                                     Dairy	Queen,	said,	“	When	I	have	to	        and	dedicate	your	week	to	school.”
	         For	 some	 students,	                                                                                                       close	and	lock	up	at	night,	I	usually	                Other students don’t find
having	 a	 job	 might	 seem	 like	 a	                                                                                                 don’t	get	home	until	around	11:00,	         work	 stressful	 at	 all.	 Senior	 Tyler	
great	 opportunity	 to	 get	 out	 there	                                                                                              so	I	don’t	have	much	time	to	do	my	         Seniff,	who	works	at	Kruk	Electric,	
and	make	some	money.	For	others,	                                                                                                     homework	before	I	fall	asleep.”             commented,	 “I	 don’t	 have	 much	
it	can	be	a	burden	of	hard	work	and	                                                                                                  	          Some	 students	 also	 miss	      stress	involved	with	my	job,	I	work	
long	days.	But	is	having	a	job	and	                                                                                                   out on extra-curricular activities.         one	day	a	weekend	so	I	have	enough	
attending	school	too	stressful?                                                                                                       Lindsay	Jurczak,	a	junior	employed	         time	 to	 get	 all	 of	 my	 schoolwork	
          Over	 100	 New	 Prairie	                                                                                                    at	Oink’s	in	New	Buffalo	said,	“I	had	      done	and	then	have	some	fun	on	the	
students	are	employed,	according	to	                                                                                                  to	miss	the	LaPorte	vs.	New	Prairie	        weekends.”
Secretary	 Sue	 Salisbury.	 Students	                                                                                                 game	 because	 I	 was	 working,	 that	      	         In	 conclusion,	 trying	 to	
at	 New	 Prairie	 are	 working	 for	                                                                                                  was	a	pretty	big	bummer.”                   balance	 school	 and	 work	 can	 be	 a	
many	 different	 reasons.	 Some	                                                                                                      	          As	 a	 majority,	 most	          hard	 task.	 But	 some	 students	 have	
are	 working	 to	 save	 up	 for	 a	 car,	                                                                                             students’	 stress	 is	 caused	 by	 their	   shown,	with	some	hard	work,	it	can	
or	 saving	 for	 college,	 and	 others	                                                                                               plates	 being	 too	 full	 with	 the	        be	done.

are working to have some extra

spending	money.

 Cool School                                                                                                                            T
                                                                                                  Art by Caitlin Sanders

   Alysia Harris                             the	 coldest	 and	 warmest	 in	    house is air-conditioned, a
      Student Life Junior Editor             the	 school	 by	 both	 students	   person	will	most	likely	feel	a	
	         Coming	 to	 school	                and	 teachers.	 	 However,	        place	is	too	cold	if	they	spent	
this	year,	many	students	have	               the	 coldest	 temperatures	        a	great	deal	of	time	outside	
started	 sporting	 sweatshirts,	             found were not even 72ş            and	then	are	suddenly	thrust	
jackets,	and	other	cold	weather	             Fahrenheit,	commonly	known	        into	 a	 building	 which	 has	
clothing	 that	 normally	 is	 not	           as	room	temperature.		In	fact,	    had the air-conditioning on
                                             the	 coldest	 places,	 which	      over	the	summer.		During	the	
worn	 until	 later	 in	 the	 year.		                                                                                                                                                        photo by Brett Scott
To	many,	the	temperatures	in	                were	tied,	were	found	to	have	     summer	months,	the	school	
the	 school	 seemed	 to	 be	 just	
too	cold.
	         However,	             the	
                                             a	temperature	higher	than	72°	     was	 also	 not	 used	 as	 much	
                                                                                                  as	it	is	now	
                                                                                                  so	 pockets	
                                                                                                                                      From Finland
                                                                                                                                                                                  how	 to	 count	 money.	 He	 says	 that	
New	 Prairie	 high	 school’s	                                                                     of	 cold	 air	                      Joel Stockton                               the	sports	are	more	popular	here	in	
office has not heard any                                                                          could	 have	                                                                    America	 than	 they	 are	 in	 Finland.	
                                                                                                                                                 Student Life Reporter
complaints	about	the	school’s	                                                                    formed	 in	                                                                     While	Hamalainer	is	at	New	Prairie,	
temperature.	 	 Clara	 Clark,	                                                                    some	 of	                                Every	 school	 year,	 several	         he	plans	on	joining	the	soccer	club.
                                                                                                  the	 rooms,	                        students	 go	 to	 other	 countries	 to	          He	 said	 that	 when	 he	 was	
New	Prairie’s	principal,	stated	                                                                                                                                                  in	 Finland,	 he	 didn’t	 care	 about	
                                                                                                  especially	                         become foreign exchange students.
that	 if	 any	 students	 felt	 that	                                                                                                                                              movies. Here in America, he finds
                                                                                                  t h o s e	                          Whether	thy	go	to	another	country	
their	classroom’s	temperature	                                                                                                        or	 people	 from	 another	 country	         movies	much	more	interesting	and	
was	 uncomfortable,	 they	                                                                        w i t h o u t	                      come to them, the experience can            thinks	 that	 they	 are	 “Awesome.”	
should	tell	their	teachers.		The	                                                                 w i n d o w s	                      help	 them	 learn	 a	 great	 deal	 about	   Now	 he	 loves	 to	 watch	 movies	
                                                                                                  w h i c h	                          different	cultures.                         and	 turn	 on	 the	 subtitles	 while	 he	
teachers	 are	 then	 supposed	                                                                                                                                                    watches	them.
                                                                                                  w o u l d	                               Take	 Ilkka	 Hamalainer	 for	
to	 contact	 the	 maintenance	                                                                                                                                                         Hamalainer	 is	 a	 teenage	 boy,	
                                                                                                  explain                             instance.	 He’s	 currently	 enrolled	
department	 who	 will	 come	                                                                                                          as a foreign exchange student               who just happens to be an exchange
and fix the problem.                                                                              why	certain	                        (FES)	here	in	America.	He	became	           student	from	Finland.	However,	in	
	         With	 winter	 coming	                                                                   places	 are	                        an exchange student to improve              Finland,	 he	 is	 a	 face	 in	 the	 crowd	
                                                                                                  colder	 than	                       his	 English	 and	 meet	 new	 people,	      but	 here	 he	 stands	 out	 with	 his	
quicker	 than	 most	 people	                                                                                                                                                      knowledge	of	Scandinavian	culture.	
                                                                                                  others.                             such	 as	 friends	 like	 Junior	 Jeff	
wish,	 many	 students	 also	                                                                                                                                                      If	 you	 are	 interested	 in	 making	 a	
                                                                                                  	                                   Starkey	 and	 Sophomore	 Aimee	
have	 concerns	 about	 their	                                                                                                         Lowe.	 Hamalainer’s	 hometown	 is	          new	friend	and	want	to	learn	about	
health	 if	 the	 school	 remains	                                                                 As	        the	                     Kouvola,	Finland.	He	is	currently	a	        Scandinavian	 culture,	 be	 sure	 to	
at	 what	 they	 consider	 to	 be	                                                                 school	year	                        junior	 and	 has	 known	 the	 English	      look	for	Ilkka	in	the	hallways.
too	 cold.	 	 In	 the	 few	 weeks	                                                                continues,	                         language	 for	 about	 seven	 to	 nine	
                                                                                                  e v e r y o n e	                    years.	 He	 started	 learning	 English	             Finnish Words:
that	everyone	has	been	back,	
                                                                                                  will	      get	                     in	the	third	grade	from	his	mother.	
quite	 a	 few	 members	 of	 the	                                                                                                      Some of the first words he learned               Moi
student	 body	 and	 the	 faculty	                           photo by Nick Mitchell                used	 to	 the	                      were,	 “Hello”	 and	 “My	 name	 is	              (Moy)
have	 claimed	 to	 have	 come	               Fahrenheit.                        school	 temperatures.	 	 For	                         Ilkka”.	When	he	decided	he	wanted	               Hello

down	 with	 colds	 due	 to	 the	             	       So,	if	the	school	isn’t	 many	 students,	 it	 means	                             to become an exchange student, his
                                             so	 cold,	 why	 do	 so	 many	 carrying	 a	 sweatshirt	 or	                               parents	supported	him	and	thought	
school’s	temperature.                                                                                                                                                                  (Hih-vaht-see)
                                             students	 think	 it	 is?	 	 Just	 jacket	around	to	wear	when	                            that	 it	 was	 a	 good	 idea	 that	 he	          Goodbye
	         Fourteen	 locations	                                                                                                        become an exchange student,
around	 the	 school	 had	 their	             coming	 from	 summer	 break,	 they	just	can’t	take	the	cold	                                  Ilkka	 hopes	 to	 learn	 many	              Kiitos
temperatures	 taken.	 	 Many	                many	 students	 did	 spend	 a	 anymore.                                                  things	 in	 America	 like	 how	 to	 be	          (Key-e-toes)

of	these	locations	are	widely	               good	 deal	 of	 time	 outside	 in	                                                       more	social,	more	independent	and	               Thank you

considered	 to	 be	 among	                   the	warmth.		Even	if	a	person’s	

       Pra                                        irie
                                                                                                     wins Miss

                                             twirling coach, who is the executive        left	empty	after	Indiana	University	
Mary Jane Slaby                              director	 of	 Miss	 Elkhart,	 and	 was	     South	 Bend	 conducted	 a	 study	
    Student Life Senior Editor               behind	the	scenes	as	she	helped	Miss	       three	years	ago.		Ross	was	able	to	
                                             Elkhart	 prepare	 for	 competition.	        team	 with	 the	 Indiana	 State	 Dairy	
	         New	 Prairie’s	 halls	 are	        Ross enjoyed the experience and             Council	 and	 found	 a	 vendor	 to	
filled with students of all interests        thought	 Miss	 Indiana	 would	 be	          stock	the	machines.	
and	 talents.	 Students	 are	 able	 to	      something	 she	 could	 do	 when	 she	       	         Instead	 of	 the	 swimsuit	
show	their	talents	through	athletics	        was	older.                                  competition	used	in	Miss	American	                             curriculum.	 	
and extra-curricular activities.             	          The	following	year,	2005,	       pageants,	 Ross	 competed	 in	 a	            S h e	 also	 wants	 to	
Senior	 Leanna	 Ross	 does	 both.	           Miss	 Indiana’s	 Outstanding	 Teen	         lifestyle and fitness in sportswear          bring	 the	 governor’s	
At	 Friday	 night	 football	 games,	         was	 created	 and	 Ross’s	 twirling	        category.	“I’m	a	big	dance	person,	          health	youth	core	to	New	
Ross	 uses	 her	 talents	 to	 twirl	 with	   coach	urged	her	to	enter.	This	year,	       but	a	lot	of	the	girls	are.	I	did	golf	      Prairie	High	School.	The	
the	 band	 and	 dance	 as	 a	 member	        Ross	 won	 Miss	 Hoosier	 Heartland	        to	be	different.	I	even	got	to	swing	        health	 core	 would	 speak	
of	 the	 poms	 and	 dance	 team.	            in	 Kokomo,	 Indiana	 to	 qualify	 for	     a	golf	club	on	stage,”	Ross	said.	           to	younger	students	about	
She	 also	 serves	 the	 community	           the	state	pageant.	                         		        The	 Miss	 Indiana’s	              health	and	obesity.	
through	 National	 Honor	 Society	           	          At	the	pageant,	a	panel	of	      Outstanding	 Teen	 pageant	 and	             	        Ross	       plans	
and	 Students	 Against	 Destructive	         judges	interviewed	Ross.	Ross	spoke	        crown has helped Ross gain self-             to	 compete	 in	 a	 future	
Decisions	 (SADD).	 But	 before	             to	 the	 panel	 about	 her	 platform;	      confidence. She feels comfortable            Miss	America	pageant.	
school	 started,	 Ross	 was	 involved	       fighting childhood obesity. Ross            speaking to four people or a filled          Until	 then,	 look	 for	
in	another	way	and	used	her	talents	         chose to fight childhood obesity            gym.	 The	 pageant	 allowed	 her	 to	        Ross	      representing	
to	win	Miss	Indiana’s	Outstanding	           because	she	has	a	wide	knowledge	           showcase	 her	 twirling	 skills,	 gain	      Indiana	 in	 the	 Miss	
Teen	2006.                                   of	 nutrition.	 Eating	 her	 fruits	 and	   grace	 and	 poise,	 and	 prepare	 for	       America’s	 Outstanding	
          “The first thought running         vegetables	 is	 something	 her	 mom	        future	job	interviews.                       Teen	 pageant	 airing	
through	 my	 mind	 was:	 don’t	 fall	        has	instilled	in	her	since	childhood.       	         With	 her	 crown,	 Ross	           October	 28,	 2006	 at	 8:00	
down,”	 Ross	 said	 about	 winning	          	          “The	 junior	 high	 kids	        plans to continue the fight against          p.m.	 central	 time	 on	 “The	
Miss	 Indiana’s	 Outstanding	 Teen.	         heard	about	it	(reinstalling	the	milk	      childhood	 obesity.	 She	 wants	 to	         N”.
The	 pageant,	 in	 its	 second	 year,	       machines),	and	they	started	sending	        change	Indiana’s	childhood	obesity	
was	 held	 in	 conjunction	 to	 the	         around	a	petition.	I	was	so	proud	of	       rank.	 	 The	 state	 is	 currently	 third	
Miss	Indiana	Pageant	in	Zionsville,	         them,”	Ross	said.	Ross	spoke	with	          in	 the	 number	 of	 obese	 children.	
Indiana.	                                    New	Prairie	Junior	High	Principal,	         Ross	 is	 working	 with	 25	 Indiana	
	         In	 2004,	 Ross	 attend	 the	      Jim Holifield, about reinstalling           science	 teachers	 to	 add	 a	 unit	
Miss	 Indiana	 pageant	 with	 her	                                                       on	 osteoporosis	 to	 the	 science	          photo by Nick Mitchell
                                             the	 milk	 machines	 that	 had	 been	
           SportS                                 “THE POINT GARD”
                                                                                              The Cougar Chronicle
    What You
  NEED to Know                           Bring the noise this year, NP                                                                                                   girls cross
                                         Matt Gard
                                                           Sports Editor                               The Point Gard
                                                                                                                      longed to, they came to the game.
                                                                                                                                And now, the optimist in
                                         As I walk down the halls of New                               is a monthly   me tells me that those days may be
   boys tennis                           Prairie High School on Fridays, I                             editorial by   making their return to New Prairie
                                         am almost unable to speak.                                    sports editor  High School. The atmosphere at
                                                   It is my senior year and I                          Matt Gard dis- school on Fridays is completely dif-
                                         look around and see a variety of dif-                         cussing currentferent than it used to be. Students
                                         ferent students, some of which I’ve                           topics in NPHS actually care about high school ath-
                                         known since elementary school,                                athletics.     letics. That’s incredible.
                                         some that I’ve never seen before      Friday night. Not only that, but all             New Prairie has complete-
                                         in my life. But for once in my high   of the students were standing and ly removed itself from the “Cow
                                         school career I notice that there’s a everyone was loud.                     Pie High” image. Our teams aren’t
                                         certain buzz going around school. I             For a football fan, it was a jokes, they’re forces to be reckoned
                                         haven’t seen the student body this
  Junior Rich Kaminski                   excited about Friday night lights
                                                                               thing of beauty.                       with.
                                                                                         Those ‘Cougar Crazies’                 I don’t know about the rest
          The boys tennis team is off    at New Prairie since November of      could’ve been doing anything on of the student body, but I’m pumped.
to a 4-3 start with a 1-2 mark in con-   2004 when the football team made      their Friday night. They could’ve I’m pumped for the rest of the foot-
ference play. The team had matches
                                                                                                                                               ball season
on three consecutive days between
Sept. 5-7 in which they won two
                                                                                                                                               and basket-          Senior Rachel Rehlander
                                                                                                                                               ball season.         	          After	 a	 strong	 start,	 the	
of the three matches, losing only to
                                                                                                                                               I’m      even        girls’	 cross	 country	 team	 has	 high	
undefeated Jimtown, 3-2. The team
                                                                                                                                               pumped               expectations	for	the	season.		The	girls	
has one more home match this year
                                                                                                                                               about going          finished in first place at the South
against Mishawaka on Sept. 25. The
                                                                                                                                               to cheer on          Bend Stampede and second place in
teams next match will be at LaPorte
                                                                                                                                               the teams            the	Penn	Hokum	Karem.		“As	long	
on Sept. 18.
                                                                                                                                               that don’t           as we stay injury-free,” said senior
                                                                                                                                               get the rec-
     boys cross                                                                                                                                ognition
                                                                                                                                                                    Rachel Rehlander, “we have a really
                                                                                                                                                                    good chance of going to State.” The
      country                                                                                                                                  that they de-        girls	will	be	competing	in	the	New	
                                                                                                                                               serve.               Prairie Invitational this weekend.
                                                                                                                                               thing tells
                                                                                                                                               me        that
                                                                                                                                               will be dif-
                                                                                                                                               ferent.     It
                                                                                                                                               will be one
                                                                                                                                               of the great-
                                                                                                                                               est years in
     Junior Joel Glon                                                                                                                          New Prai-
          The boys cross country         The New Prairie sudents vocalize their support of the football team as New Prairie took a 39-6        rie’s athletic
team is looking forward to improv-       lead into halftime of the LaPorte game.                       Photo by Sarah Schumaker history. Our
ing their regional finish last year                                                                                                            athletes this
and advance to state competition                                                                                                               year are top
                                                                                                                                                                    Junior Mandy McSherry
                                                                               gone to the movies, the beach or out
this year. The boys are led by three     it to semi-state.                                                                                                          	         Before the school year even
                                                                               to eat with friends. But they chose to of the line and it’s time for the fans
seniors, Ryan Toth, Elliot Manges,                  As I marched out to Amzie come to the field and cheer on their to do our part and make ‘Cougar                  started, the pom and dance team has
and Ryan Paarlberg. The team fin-        Miller Field in my band uniform for Cougars.                                                                               been hard at work. The girls received
                                                                                                                      Country’ a loud, impenetrable en-
ished fourth at the Michigan City        the first halftime show of my senior                                                                                       first place recognition at the LaPorte
                                                                                         A decade or two ago, that’s vironment. It’s time for the words,
Invitational last Saturday.              year on August 18, I was amazed. how it always was. There was a ‘We’re always backing you, what-                           parade over the summer. They
                                         Not only were my beloved Cougars time when high school sports were ever the score,’ to take on a whole                     have now focused their attention on
    cheerleading                         winning by a landslide score of 39-6 the staple of a teenager’s weekend. new meaning.                                      performing	 at	 halftime	 of	 football	
                                         over our school’s biggest rival, La- Everyone, no matter how popular or                It’s time for the student
                                                                                                                                                                    games.	 	 “Performing	 is	 so	 great	
                                         Porte, but there were also thousands unpopular they were, no matter what body, the Cougar Crazies, to bring                because it gives such an adrenaline
                                         of people in the stands on a rainy kind of high school clique they be- the noise back to Cougar sports.                    rush,” junior Mandy McSherry said.
                                                                                                                                                                    The team has also been raffling off

                                         New Prairie’s own All-American                                                                                             various gift baskets at the football
                                                                                                                                                                    games as a fundraiser.

                                         There’s more to ‘Neuey’ than meets the eye                                                                                            soccer
Senior Aleea Konieczny                   Ben Davis
         The cheerleaders have not               Sports Reporter
                                                   To most of the
competed since January but have          students at New Prai-
been working hard to fire up the fans    rie High school, Cory
a home football games. The seniors       Neuenschwander
on the fall squad this year are Joni     is just a typical Physical
Ekovich, Aleea      Konieczny, and       Education teacher. How-
Melissa Rosencrantz.                     ever, there is more to
                                         the teacher known as
       Football                          “Mr. Neuey” than what
                                         meets the eye.
                                                   In fact, Neuen-
                                         schwander played col-
                                         lege football and base-                                                                                                        Junior Jeff Starkey
                                         ball at Taylor University,                                                                                                           The soccer club has start-
                                         from 2000 to 2004, where                                                                                                   ed their season 0-2. They lost two
                                         he was all- conference in                                                                                                  tough matches, to Oregon-Davis
                                         both.                                                                                                                      3-1, and then to Westville 5-2. The
                                                   “I chose Taylor                                                                                                  team is led by one senior, Amber
                                         because I knew I want-                                                                                                     Mink. Because they are a club,
                                         ed to play football and                                                                                                    soccer is lacking in school funded
                                         baseball in college,” said                                                                                                 transportation. Junior Jeff Starkey
 Senior Nick Cummings                    Neuenschwander. “ Tay-                                                                                                     said, “If spell bowl, a club, can have
The New Prairie High School foot-        lor was also was a school                                                                                                  a bus, why can’t we? We want a
ball team has gotten off to a good       that was close to home                                                                                                     bus.”
start in the 2006 campaign. Leading      for me and they offered
the way is senior running back Nick      me a scholarship.”
Cummings who had a big night                       Although the
against Laporte in a 39-33 win. The      football team struggled,
cougars had a rough night at School      Neuenschwander            re-
field falling 21-14 to South Bend        ceived      all-conference
Washington, but rebounded for a big                                      Physical education teacher Corey Nuenschwonder pitches to a student in one of his
                                         honors as a punt returner
win against the Bremen Lions in a                                        classes.
                                         and received honors as                                                              Photos by Nick Mitchell
40-7 rout. Next up for the Cougars       an honorable mention
are the Jimtown Jimmies.                 All-American.                              Last year Neuenschwander landed a decorated athlete at the college
                                                   In baseball, he was also the head Junior Varsity coaching level and likes to pass he knowledge
                                         All- conference. In football he was spot for                                      on to others.
      girls Golf                         also a wide receiver (second team the high school softball team. The
                                         all-conference 2001, 2002, 2003,) team did not disappoint, by ripping                   This
                                         while in baseball he was a pitcher, off 14 games in a row to start the                     d
                                         shortstop, and outfielder.                 season.                                   Weeken IN
                                                   At first life as a student ath- “ It was a lot of fun, since we were
                                         lete was hard, but Neuenschwander winning all the time,” said                      COUGAR SPORTS:                              Senior Katie Layman
                                         was good at managing his time and Neuenschwander.                                             Friday:                                The volleyball girls are 9-4
                                         ended up not only graduating, but                                                                                          overall with a 2-0 mark in Northern
                                                                                              When it comes to coach-          Football- vs. Jimtown,
                                         succeeding at sports as well.                                                                                              State Conference play. After losing
                                                                                    ing, he considers himself an “en-
                                                   “It was hard at first, but courager” and is not a ‘yeller.’                          6:30 p.m.                   their first two games against South
                                         I was really good at managing my “I think I’m a pretty easy going guy,                     Saturday:                       Bend St. Joseph’s and county rival
                                         time, and that was the key. The first who is knowledgeable about what I                                                    Michigan City, the Cougars won
                                                                                                                                Cross Country- NP
                                         semester was really hard but after teach and loves sports,” he says.                                                       five straight including wins against
                                                                                                                               Invitational, 8:30 a.m.              conference opponents, Knox and
                                         a while I became used to it. Some                    But Neuenschwander is
                                         people said that I wouldn’t be able not just limited to the softball field          Girls Golf- Sectionals at              LaVille. The girls will participate in
   Senior Katie Nicklas                  to balance the two sports plus my at New Prairie. He is also the head                  Valparaiso, 10 a.m.                 the Michgan City Tournament this
         The New Prairie Girls           academics, but I just took that as boys Junior Varsity basketball                    Volleyball- at Michigan               weekend and the South Bend Clay
golf team is off to their best season    motivation to prove them wrong,” coach, where he                                                                           Tournament next weekend.
                                                                                                                             City Tournament, 9 a.m.
in school history. Leading the           he said.                                   hopes to develop young players and
way for the undefeated Cougars is                  Now that his playing days get them ready for the varsity level.         All New Prairie High School athletic
senior Katie Nicklas who is playing      are over, Neuenschwander stays                                                    event schedules shown above are ten-
                                                                                              “I plan to stay here at New tative and subject to change. For your
remarkably well. The next match          connected to                               Prairie for awhile and continue to convenience, read the message screen         Cougar Chronicle Sports Boxes
for the Cougars are the sectionals.      sports.                                    teach and coach. I hope eventually below the NPHS sign to the west of the       were contributed by Ben Davis,
Seniors this year include Nicklas,                 “Coaching gives me a to help with football,” he respond- building or call the main office.                       Matt Gard, Kate Grabarek and
Sondra Jeske, Sarah Babin, Betsy         chance to be around sports,” he ed.                                               Those in the 574 area code should call
                                                                                                                           654-7271.                                Koby Keck. Sports Box photos were
Hostetler, Emily Bikowski, andToni       says. “I enjoy passing on my knowl-                  Although his job is not Those in the 219 area code should call        contributed by Ali Gloff, Jon Green-
Baysinger.                               edge about sports on to others.”           easy, he really enjoys it. He has been  778-2215.                               law, Nick Mitchell, and Brett Scott.
                  8                                                                   The Cougar Chronicle

The ‘Boys from Baugo Township’ return to New Carlisle
Kate Grabarek
                    Sports Reporter
	         The	‘Boys	from	Baugo	
Township,’	the	Jimtown	Jimmies,		
come	to	Amzie	Miller	Field	tonight	
for the first time since the Cougars
beat	the	Jimmies,	35-13,	en	route	
to	the	conference	championship	in	
	         The	Jimmies	are	coming	
off a Class 2-A State Championship
in 2005. So far in 2006, they have
picked	up	where	they	left	off	last	
year,	starting	the	season	3-0,	with	
wins over NorthWood and confer-
ence	opponents	John	Glenn	and	
           This year the Cougars
started	off	their	season	with	a	win	
over local rival, LaPorte, 39-33.
The Cougars are led by 28 seniors
and	are	looking	to	change	their	
fortunes	against	the	Jimmies	and	
reclaim	their	conference	crown.		
          The teams have had a
close rivalry, with Jimtown having
the	head-to-head	edge	27-11.		
          When the teams met up
a year ago the Cougars put up a
strong	effort	but	came	up	short,	los-
ing 19-10.
	         Both	teams	rely	on	their	
running backs to carry the offensive
load. In their first game against        New Prairie’s “Big Red One Defense” tries to hold back the Jimtown offense during last year’s 19-10 loss to the Jimmies. Jimtown went on to win the Northern State
the Slicers, New Prairie carried the     Conference Championship and the State Championship in Class 2-A.                                                                    Photo by Dan Schumaker
ball 49 times for 273 yards. Senior      lights	of	the	game	was	made	
Zack	Blackwood	did	complete	one	         by	junior,	Jimmy	Garis,	who	
of four passes in the game for 19        blocked a Washington punt
yards.		                                 on Washington’s 33-yard
          In their first contest         line	in	the	third	quarter.		
against NorthWood, Jimtown               However the Cougars were
rushed 46 times and gained 271           not	able	to	capitalize	on	the	
yards.		The	quarterback	for	the	         big	play,	being	halted	on	the	
Jimmies,	Tony	Byers,	completed	          26-yard line.
five of six passes for 46 yards in the   	         The	Jimmies	faced	       Who: New Prairie Cougars (3-1,
same	game.		                             the	John	Glenn	Falcons	in	         2-0 in NSC) vs. Jimtown Jimmies
          The Cougars looked to          week	two	at	Jimtown.		Again	
continue	their	winning-streak	in	
                                                                            (4-0, 3-0 in NSC)
                                         the Jimmies relied heavily
week	two	of	the	season	going	to	         on	their	rushing	game	with	        What: Northern State
School Field to play the Wash-           41	rushes	for	311	yards.		The	     Conference Game
ington Panthers. They hoped to           Jimmies	passing	game	also	         Where: Amzie Miller Field,
avenge their double overtime loss        played a role in the victory.      New Prairie High School
from	the	year	before.	                   Byers	again	completed	two	         When: Tonight, 6:30 p.m. school
          The Cougars got down           passes in five attempts for        time/ 7:30 town time
early to the Panthers and were not       85 yards. One name on the
able to recover. The offensive                                              What’s at stake: This game is an
                                         Cougar’s scouting report is
numbers held true from the first         Brian DeShone who caught           NSC game that has determined
game for the Cougars. They rushed        a	22-yard	pass,	and	also	          the NSC champion since 2001.
for	202	yards	with	the	bulk	of	the	      kicked a 34-yard field goal.       TV/Radio:
carries	being	taken	by	senior	Jeff	      	         In	the	same	game, FM
Vervynckt. Early penalties resulted      the	Jimmies	were	led	in	           at the stadium
in a loss of yards for the Cougars.      tackles	on	defense	by	Ryan	
Within the first four plays three        Johnson with seven solo,
penalties	were	called.		For	the	sec-     and	eight	total.		He	also	had	
ond year in a row, the Cougars fell      a	sack.                                          The Cougar running game        Jimtown’s Caleb Pettis attempts to get past a Cougar defender during
to the Panthers 21-14.                   	         The	Jimmies	faced	LaVille	    continued	it’s	dominance	in	their	      last year’s game.
                                                                                 game against Bremen. The Cou-
                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Dan Schumaker
          One of the defensive high-     they	again	dominated	with	their	
                                         running game. They rushed 49            gars	rushed	40	times	for	a	total	of	 wski and juniors Cody Williamson       Knox last Friday.
                                                                                 372	yards.		Blackwood	completed	     and Nick Poplawski scored touch-       	         The	game		between	the	
 Cougar Sports Briefs                    times for 364 yards en route to a
                                                                                 two of seven passes in the game.     downs in a 44-14 win over Culver
                                         49-0 route to improve their record                                                                                  Cougars and the Jimmiesshapes
                                         to	3-0,	2-0	in	the	conference.			Tony	 One	was	a	30-yard	pass	to	Koby	       last	Friday.                           up	to	be	a	good	continuance	of	the	
                                         Byers	completed	four	of	eight	          Keck	for	a	touchdown.		              	         Byers	completed	eight	of	    rivalry and the winner of the game
                                         passes	for	52	yards.		                           Vervycnkt, Blackwood,       2	passes	for	150	yards	to	lead	the	    could prove to be the eventual
                                                                                 Keck, Nick Cody and Matt Zakze-      Jimmies to a 30-13 victory over        conference	champion.

                                         Golf team finishes undefeated, wins NSC
                                         Koby Keck
                                                             Sports Reporter                                                                                                  Cougars do indeed finish
 NPCC Invitational this                  	          Coming off the best season                                                                                                undefeated	 remains	 to	
 weekend                                 in	 school	 history,	 one	 would	 think	                                                                                             be seen. Even if they do
       Saturday will mark the 39th       the room for improvement for the                                                                                                     not, they still have hard-
 Annual New Prairie Cross Coun-          New Prairie girls’ golf team would                                                                                                   ware	on	their	minds.	
 try Invitational. This invitational     be	limited.		                                                                                                                                 “We want to win
 is the largest athletic event of                   However, members of the                                                                                                   conference,”          Nicklas
 any kind in the state of Indiana        girl’s	golf	team	might	disagree	with	                                                                                                said.	 	 In	 order	 to	 do	 so,	
 in terms of the number of ath-          that	statement.                                                                                                                      they will have to knock
 letes participating. This year, the     	          After	compiling	an	impres-                                                                                                off	 defending	 cham-
 NPCC Invitational will feature          sive record-breaking 21-4 season,                                                                                                    pion	 John	 Glenn	 who	
 110 schools from all across Indi-       including a second place finish in                                                                                                   beat New Prairie by 34
 ana. Schools are also making the        the Northern State Conference in                                                                                                     strokes in 2005 at Sprig-
 trip to New Prairie from Illinois,      2005, the Lady Cougars are aspiring                                                                                                  O-Mint Golf Course
 Michigan and Ohio.                      for	more.                                                                                                                            in Bremen. The 2006
                                         	          Losing	 nobody	 from	 last	                                                                                               Northern State Confer-
                                         year’s varsity roster, expectations                                                                                                  ence	 championship	 will	
                                         are high for Coach Craig Kuta’s                                                                                                      also be at Sprig-O-Mint.
                                         team.	 	 Led	 by	 the	 one,	 two	 punch	                                                                                                      Nicklas also ex-
                                         of seniors Katie Nicklas and Son-                                                                                                    pressed	 the	 desire	 to	
                                         dra	Jeske,	who	were	also	the	team’s	                                                                                                 succeed	 in	 the	 post-
                                         captains	last	season,	the	girls	are	on	                                                                                              season	 as	 well.	 	 Girls’	
                                         a mission to achieve perfection. The                                                                                                 golf	 sectional	 starts	 this	
                                         team’s	main	goal	is	to	be	undefeated	                                                                                                weekend	 in	 Valparaiso,	
                                         at	the	season’s	end.                                                                                                                 with	the	top	three	teams	
 NP softball honored                                The all-senior varsity team,     Senior golf members Emily Bikowski, Katie Nicklas, Sarah Babin, Sondra Jeske,            and top three individuals
 recently                                which includes Nicklas, Jeske, Bet-         Betsy Hostetler and their coach, Craig Kuta hold their newly won Northern State          advancing to the LaPorte
                                         sy Hostetler, Sarah Babin, and Em-          Conference championship trophy.                                        Photo provided    Regional.
     The New Prairie softball team
                                         ily	 Bikowski,	 has	 set	 the	 bar	 high	                                                                                                     Last year, Nicklas
 was honored at the football game
                                         for themselves. As the season nears         Cougars has not come without LaPorte County, we were still out-                          moved on individually.
 against Bremen for their second
                                         its end, the Lady Cougars have not          hard	work	and	dedication.		Rain	or	 side,” proclaimed Nicklas. From This	year,	she	would	like	the	whole	
 place finish in the IHSAA State
                                         faltered.		                                 shine,	the	girls	are	always	out	on	the	 the	looks	of	it,	it	appears	that	Moth- team to advance, but she realizes
 Tournament. The team made it
                                                    They have won each of            course. The team is very serious er Nature may be the only thing ca- that	it	will	not	be	an	easy	task.
 all the way to the state champion-
                                         their first 18 matches and have had         about	 their	 season	 and	 their	 goals,	 pable of stopping this New Prairie 	         “Valparaiso,	         Munster,	
 ship where they lost to the cham-
                                         a strong collective effort from every       even taking it to a dangerous level.      team.                                 Crown Point, and Chesterton are all
 pion, Boonville, 5-0.
                                         golfer	on	the	team.                                   “Even when the tornado hit               Whether or not the Lady teams	to	beat,”	she	stated.
                                         	          The	 success	 of	 the	 Lady	

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