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Career Fair Schedule Exhibitor Shipping Information


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									                             Career Fair Schedule
8:30 am               Company registration and booth set up—Tables will be labeled
                      with your company’s name upon arrival
                      Check in at Entrance of Building 401

10:00 am – 2:00 pm Career Fair (Building 401)
                      Open to all postdoctoral researchers OF Argonne National laboratory. This is a
                      good opportunity to talk to postdoctoral researchers.
                      *** LUNCHBOX WILL BE PROVIDED AT 11:30 AM ***

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm     Company booth tear-down and interview sessions
                      REGISTRATION ***

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm     Tour of the Advanced Photon Source and interview sessions (if
                      INTERVIEW SESSION ***
                      If needed, items to be shipped back to your company may be left at the APS
                      loading dock for the next available pickup.

                    Exhibitor Shipping Information
Items may be shipped to Becky Tasker at the Advanced Photon Source. Becky will hold
your items in a locked storage room. Please make sure to have your company name and
the name of the event (Postdoc Career Fair) on the shipping forms. We cannot process
return shipments. Any items you need to ship back may be left on the APS dock for the
next pick up. Please make sure to bring your return labels.

Advanced Photon Source Building 401
Event: Postdoc Career Fair Exhibit
Attn: Becky Tasker
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439 USA

Additional Contact Information:
APS Building Services:
Becky Tasker: 630-252-4913
Steve Downey: 630/252-7716

Postdoctoral Office Contacts:
Kristene Henne: 630-252-2907
Trish Fayman: 630-252-5448
                     Argonne National Laboratory Map
Argonne Entry:            291 (Main gate), 891 in the map, collect the gate-pass at Building 224 – near
main gate (Red Circle)
Career Fair:              Building 401/402 (Green Circle)
Parking:                  Building 401/402 (Green Circle)
Food:                     Lunchbox will be provided. However, food can also be purchased from Bldg
401, 213 and 460 (Blue Circle)
           Directions to Argonne from Chicago Airports
To reach Argonne from O'Hare International Airport, take I-294 south to I-55. Exit west on I-55
(toward St. Louis) and continue for about four miles to Cass Avenue. Exit south on Cass and turn
right at the Argonne sign on Northgate Road, immediately south of I-55. Follow Northgate Road
to the Argonne Information Center.

To reach Argonne from Midway Airport, take Cicero Avenue north to I-55. Enter I-55 south and
continue for about 14 miles to Cass Avenue. Exit south on Cass and turn right at the Argonne
sign on Northgate Road, immediately south of I-55. Follow Northgate Road to the Argonne
Information Center.

               Lodging and Transportation Information

Aloft Hotel                                            Baymont Inn & Suites
500 N. Janes Avenue                                    (Interstate 55 and Route 83)
Bolingbrook, Il 60439                                  855 79th Street
630-410-6367                                           Willowbrook , IL 60521
Argonne Guest House
(Managed by Sodexho)                                   Fairfield Inn
Argonne National Laboratory                            (Interstate 55 and Route 83)
9700 South Cass Avenue - Building 460                  820 West 79th Street
Argonne, IL 60439                                      Willowbrook, IL 60521
Reservations: 800-632-8990 or 630-739-                 630-789-6300
Fax: 630-739-1000                                      Willowbrook Holiday Inn
Email: argonne-guest-house@anl.gov                     (Interstate 55 and Route 83)
Web Site:                                              7800 Kingery Highway
http://www.aps.anl.gov/travel/anlghhome.ht             Willowbrook, IL 60521
ml                                                     630-325-6400


A photo I.D., such as a driver's license or passport, is required for site access.

Note: If you arrive by private or rental vehicle, please be prepared to give the following
information at the Argonne Information Center: Vehicle make, model, color and license plate
Limousine Services

The limousine service rates listed below are based on a one-way trip from O'Hare International
Airport or Midway Airport to Argonne National Laboratory. Please be advised that these rates
vary according to time and day of pick up. When you make a limousine reservation, please have
them quote you a rate.

                                                     O'Hare               Midway
A-1 Airport Limousine Service                        $42.00/shared        $47.00/shared
(630) 833-3788                                       $62.00/private car   $67.00/private car

United Limousine Service                             $32.00               $47.00
(630) 969-3865
1-800-331-9037 (Illinois and out-of-state)

Automobile Rental Agencies

Avis Rent-A-Car                                     Hertz Rent-A-Car
O'Hare 773-825-4600                                 Worldwide 800-654-3131
Midway 773-284-3640
Worldwide 800-331-1212                              National Car Rental
                                                    Argonne Corporate Discount Number -
Dollar Rent-A-Car                                   5707350
O'Hare 866-434-2226                                 Worldwide 800-227-3876
Midway 866-434-2226
Worldwide 800-800-4000                              Thrifty Car Rental
                                                    O'Hare 847-928-2000
Enterprise Rent-A-Car                               Worldwide 800-367-2277
Argonne Corporate Discount Number -
Worldwide 800-325-8007

Taxi Service

One-way taxi fares from either O'Hare International Airport or Midway Airport to Argonne National
Laboratory may be well in excess of $50! Please be cautious.

Train Service

Metra Web Site: www.metrarail.com

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