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                                                        Prepared by Candy Burch

     Committee: Montana’s Youth & Young Adult Suicide Prevention Task Force Meeting
     Location: Board of Investments Bldg – Colonial Conference Room / Helena
     Date: March 22, 2007
     Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm
     Chair: Drenda Carlson

     Task Force Members in Attendance:
     Alan Hilden, Clint Arneson, Ernie BigHorn, Jr., John C. Board, Judy Griffith, Julie Danaher, Karl Rosston, Ken Welt, Kristy
     Evans, Marilyn Zimmerman, Maureen O’Malley, Nathan Munn, Richard Wagner, Tracy Velazquez, Vicki Olson-Johnson

     State Ad Hoc Members in Attendance: Deborah Henderson, Drenda Carlson, Lynn Jennings, Patti Jacques, Susan

     Visitors: Donnie Wetzel, Jr., Mike Franklin, Boni Stout, Amy Foster-Wolferman, Berry (Cascade CCHD), Ronda Welnel,
     Megan Hansen, Jackie (Voices of Hope), Brain Cherry, Arlene Templer, Julie Chaffee, Candy Burch

 Agenda Item     Leader/Presenter                                  Discussion                                              Action
9:30am           Drenda Carlson        Task Force members and Youth Suicide Prevention Contractors
                                       introduced themselves and where they were from.
Welcome &
Introductions                          Agenda and Minutes were reviewed from the Nov 8th YSP/TFM Mtg.

10:00am          YSP State             Each of the funded communities gave an overview of the current status of
Funded Youth     Contractors           their projects:
Prevention       Maureen O’Malley      Missoula – working on campus awareness, providing mental health
Project                                screenings monthly at the CCHD, April 27 Suicide Summit, provided QPR
Reports                                trainings to county employees on work time, designing a billboard,
                                       working with the FICMR team to add a mental health representative to
                                       the team, planning activities for fall prevention and awareness week.
                 Jackie                Voices of Hope – Attended ASIST T4T, providing QPR trainings to

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Agenda Item   Leader/Presenter                                  Discussion                                     Action
                                 sophomore classes in Great Falls and outside GF area, providing QPR
                                 trainings in the community, developed PSAs which promoted crisis line
                                 number, a GF business purchased pens with Crisis Line information for
                                 all graduating seniors.
              Amy Foster-
              Wolferman          Rocky Boy (U of M) – building a community suicide prevention coalition,
                                 QPR and Bully prevention trainings offered to local school staff,
                                 information booths at health fair, implementing Cognitive Behavioral
                                 Intervention for Trauma in Schools, completing a school climate
                                 assessment on school safety. Amy attended ASIST T4T.
              Zimmerman          Ft. Peck (U of M) – Marilyn has taken a new position with U of M. Dale
                                 Four-Bear is the new coordinator for the Ft. Peck project. QPR trainings
                                 offered to students and staff at local schools, collaborating with Ernie
                                 Bighorn to offer the Native HOPE Curriculum, developed crisis
                                 intervention protocol around completed suicide last December, offering
                                 American Indian Life Skills training, Marilyn attended ASIST T4T.
              Arlene Templer     CSKT – Connie Morigeau is the new coordinator, providing QPR
                                 trainings to DFS staff, foster parents and students, have reviewed videos
                                 and determined not appropriate for tribal use, will be creating their own,
                                 creating website.
              Boni Stout         Flathead CCHD – CCHD partnered with Youth Service Network to
                                 coordinate project, created speakers bureau to assist community
                                 partners, providing many QPR trainings in community, working on
                                 sustainability, building into curriculum for 7-8 grade, training 2 more QPR
                                 gatekeepers, presenting strategic plan to county commissioner to adopt.
              Judy Griffith      Lewis & Clark CCHD – Piloting TeenScreen in the 10 grade at Capital
                                 High, 1st screening in March – 25 students to date, ½ screened positive
                                 warranting 6 phone calls to parents, Jennifer Forker is newly hired
                                 coordinator, will be offering QPR training to school staff during Vigilante
                                 Academy, suicide survivor training in April, showed Nathan Munn’s
                                 documentary at the schools, collecting school climate surveys, planning
                                 Out of the Darkness Walk in Sept.
              Berry              Cascade CCHD – Implementing TeenScreen at 4 High Schools 9 & 10th
                                 grades, encourages using the case management model for the
                                 TeenScreen program, scheduling depression screenings for higher ed.,
                                 developing depression radio PSAs, 1 hour community involvement
                                 presentation on public TV.
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 Agenda Item    Leader/Presenter                                    Discussion                                       Action
                Ernie Bighorn, Jr.   IDEA, Inc. – 2 workshops are currently scheduled for June and end of
                                     July, target communities for workshops are Flathead area and Rocky
                                     Boy, collaborating with HIS, BIA and TLC to start a 5 year plan,
                                     explanation of Project HOPE.
                Ronda Welnel &       District II Drug & Alcohol Services – laying ground work within the 5
                Megan Hansen         counties they cover, partnering with the child protection teams to develop
                                     crisis response team and plan, during PIR days will train teachers in
                                     QPR, QPR trainings also scheduled for Sheriff’s office and EMS,
                                     planning Yellow Ribbon events in fall, media awareness, brochures for
                                     each county, booths at health fairs, beginning to implement Specialized
                                     Emergency Room Intervention for Suicidal Adolescent Females, will be
                                     attending AAS conference, working on policy development, currently 1
                                     completed QPR training.
                Brian Cherry         WMMHC (Hamilton) – Debby I have no notes for this project. Do you?
                Vicki Olson-
                Johnson              Yellowstone CCHD – Voices of Hope is contracted to present a suicide
                                     prevention training, planning events for Yellow Ribbon in Oct/Nov,
                                     outreach using posters flyers, suicide survivor groups, QPR trainings.

                Donnie Wetzel /      Donnie spoke on the Tribal Leaders Council GLS YSP Grant - Planting
10:45           TLC                  Seeds of Hope Project. 6 reservations funded, helping to developing tribe
TLC Planting                         specific suicide prevention plans, promoting National Suicide Prevention
Seeds of Hope                        LIfeLine, building crisis intervention teams, implementing American Indian
Update                               Life Skills training, building Tribe specific task forces, would like to work
                                     toward having a Day of Healing with a Proclamation signing, working on
                                     getting volunteers to answer the crisis line after 5pm, developing
                                     promotional posters, scheduling role models to speak at schools,
                                     providing QPR trainings, Stephanie Iron Shooter hired as new
                                     coordinator, brainstorming having veterans from war (elders) mentor
                                     youth, sweat lodges, QPR T4T offered in April, Health Conference in
                                     April, collaborating with Ernie Big Horn to implement Project HOPE,
                                     booths at b-ball tournies and Pow Wows.

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 Agenda Item   Leader/Presenter                                   Discussion                                    Action
11:15 am       Tracy Velazquez    MMHA (update on campaign) Video on Suicide & Depression and Tips         Website Info:
                                  on How to Talk to Your Children. MMHA PSAs are available for use a the
Anti-Stigma                       local level. Contact Tracy for more information.
Efforts &
PSAs           Drenda Carlson     Reviewed “What a Difference” PSAs SAMHSA has launched. Discussed         www.whatadifferen
                                  how communities can us these materials for local media efforts.

               Tracy Velazquez/   Discussed plans to work with Montana Youth in developing PSAs for
               Drenda Carlson     suicide prevention and anti-stigma.

               Nathan Munn        Reviewed parts of the documentary created by Nathan. This
                                  documentary is available my contacting Nathan.
1pm            Tracy Velazquez    HB 734 – Funding for community mental health
Legislative    DPHHS
Update         Task Force         HB 365 - Mental Health Screening offered in public schools
                                  SB 478 – funding suicide prevention across the ages (coordinator, $ to
                                  crisis line & suicide prevention plan)

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 Agenda Item   Leader/Presenter                                   Discussion                                            Action
1:15 pm

ASIST          Marilyn            Marilyn and Donnie both attended the ASIST (Applied Suicide
Presentation   Zimmerman          Intervention Skills Training) Training for Trainers. Both agreed that the
                                  T4T was extremely intense and definitely prepared the trainers give the
               Donnie Wetzel      training in their communities. Marilyn indicated there may need to be
                                  slight adaptations to the role playing in order to make the community
                                  trainings culturally appropriate for the American Indian population.

                                  Announced the ASIST 2-day training in Billings May 3-4. May contracted          Contact Drenda if
                                  sites were very interested and would like to set up trainings in their areas.   you are interested
                                  Both TLC and DPHHS agreed to post ASIST training on their prospective           in attending the
                                  websites.                                                                       May 3-4 ASIST
                                  As of the task force meeting, Montana has 7 ASIST trainers:
                                  Marilyn Zimmerman, Donnie Wetzel, Linda ?, Amy Foster-Wolferman (U
                                  of M), Chris Utzinger (U of M), Kristy Evans and Jackie (Voices of Hope).

                                  Drenda is willing to help coordinate ASIST trainings in different parts of
                                  the state.

2:00 pm        Ken Welt           Presentation on “Suicide on College Campuses” and What should a                 We need more
               University of MT   college do if someone is Suicidal.                                              PSAs on Radio, TV,
                                                                                                                  Cable, Posters, etc.
“CRISIS        Mike Franklin         Excessive and “Binge” Drinking                                               “For Students” –
 ON            Carroll College       Isolation                                                                    “by Students”
                                     Depression and Mental Illness                                                We need to reduce
                                     Chronic Worry & Stress                                                       The ISOLATION
                                     Relationship and/or Family Problems                                          Problem in the
                                     Low Expectations                                                             Schools and
                                     Fear of Failing                                                              Colleges
                                     Peer Pressure
                                     Sleep Deprivation                                                            We need more
                                     Love Sickness                                                                Fire Arm
                                  Are just some of the problems and pressures that many Students to deal
                                  with in Schools and Colleges and Universities.                                  Safe Campus’s
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 Agenda Item     Leader/Presenter                                   Discussion                                      Action

3:00 pm
Brainstormin Drenda                  One of the activities listed in the GLS grant proposal is to provide 6   Communities that
g session: 6                         presentation across the state with topics that cover: childhood          are interested,
                                     depression, suicide & community crisis resources and talking to your     submit a proposal
                                     child                                                                    outlining topic of
presentations                                                                                                 presentation,
                                                                                                              location and a
                                                                                                              budget (not to
                                                                                                              exceed $1,500 per
                                                                                                              presentation). Send
                                                                                                              to Drenda:
Next Meeting & Wrap up and fill out evaluations.
Adjourn        Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm so that members could meet with Legislators if desired

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