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									SouthWestern Flash
July 2009, Vol.7, No. 7
In This Issue                             Proceeds Benefit the SWA OSU Institute of Technology Technician Program

•	 FACTA	Compliance	Deadline	
•	 On-Line	Campus
                                         SouthWestern Association
•	 Insurance	News                        Golf Classic

•			Federal	Legislative	News
•			Your	Money	-	A	Roth	IRA                           lean	those	shoes,	shine	your	clubs	and	mark	Monday,	Sept.	14	on	your	
•	 ...and	more                                        calendar	to	play	in	the	SouthWestern	Association	Golf	Classic	at	Prairie	
                                                      Highlands	Golf	Course	in	Olathe,	Kan.	Proceeds	from	this	exciting	
                                                      event	will	benefit	the	SouthWestern	Associa-
                                         tion	Technician	Program	at	OSU-Institute	of	Technology.
                                         					The	SouthWestern	Association	(SWA)	Industrial	and	
 Upcoming Events                         Farm	Equipment	Technician	Program	is	a	cooperative	
                                         two-year	college	level	technician	education	program	that	
Dealers of Tomorrow -                    leads	to	an	Associate	in	Applied	Science	degree	with	a	
  •	Aug.	4-5,	Manhattan,	Kan.            major	in	Industrial	and	Farm	Equipment	Technology.	
	 •	Oct.	13-14,	San	Antonio,	Texas       The	Heavy	Equipment	and	Vehicle	Institute	at	OSU	In-
                                         stitute	of	Technology,	working	in	close	relationship	with	
Fall Area Meetings                       the	sponsoring	SWA	members,	administers	the	program	
                                         activities.	The	program	is	exclusively	by	and	for	SouthWestern	Association	mem-
    •	Oct.	26	-	Tyler,	Texas
    • Oct.	27	-	Austin,	Texas	 	
	 •	Oct.	28	-	Weslaco,	Texas	 	          Tournament Schedule:
	 •	Oct.	29	-	Houston,	Texas		                   Registration	-	9:30	a.m.
	 •	Nov.	3	-	Plainview,	Texas		                  Special Industry Update	-	10:00	a.m.
	 •	Nov.	4	-	Irving,	Texas                       Lunch	-	11:30	a.m.
An area meeting schedule and reply               Shotgun start -	12:30	p.m.
form is found on page 9 of this                  Awards	-	5:00	p.m.
                                         					Take	advantage	of	the	early-bird	pricing	of	$150	per	player	until	Aug.15.	After	
                                         Aug.	15	the	cost	is	$175	per	player.	The	price	includes	lunch,	green	fees,	golf	cart	
                                         and	prizes.
                                         					Prairie	Highlands,	located	at	14695	Inverness	in	Olathe,	Kan.,	was	rated	the	
                                         number	three	Public	Access	Course	in	Kansas	in	2009	by Golfweek	Magazine.	It	
 SouthWestern Association                is	also	ranked	29th	in	the	country	in	the	Top	50	under	$50	Category.	The	course	
		P.O.	Box	419264
                                         opened	in	2001	and	has	been	reaping	honors	ever	since.	Host	to	2004’s	Kansas	City	
		Kansas	City,	MO	64141-6264
                                         Cup	Finals,	Prairie	Highlands	also	hosted	the	2004-2006	Men’s	NAIA	National	
		Ph:	816-561-5323,	800-762-5616
                                         Championship.	Ron	Whitten,	Golf	Digest’s	Senior	Golf	Architecture	Editor,	has	
		Fx:	816-561-1249
                                         recognized	the	course,	whose	name	evolved	from	182-acre	plot	of	native	grasses,	as	
                                         “What	Affordable	Golf	Should	Be”	in	the	September	2001	issue	of	Golf Digest.	The	
  Is your dealership receiving e-mail
                                         course	is	reached	from	I-35	by	exiting	at	Old	56	Highway	and	proceeding	4.5	miles	
  from SouthWestern Association?
                                         west	to	151st	Street	and	then	west	three	quarters	of	a	mile	to	St.	Andrews	Drive	and	
		If	not,	send	us	your	e-mail	address.
                                         into	the	course.
		We	will	forward	important	
                                         					For	more	information	and	registration	materials	contact	Olivia	Holcombe	at	
		Association	correspondence	to	
                                         SouthWestern	Association	-	1-800-762-5616.
		your	attention	via	e-mail.	Please
                                             Plan today to play in this exciting event at a great course and benefit the SWA
		register	your	e-mail	address	at:
                                         Technician Program at OSU-Institute of Technology.
 FACTA Red Flag Rules                                                                                                                                 Equipment Industry News

FACTA Compliance                                                                                                   Mani Iyer Appointed
Deadline is August 1                                                                                               President of Mahindra USA
    	Unless	another	extension	is	granted,	the	compliance	dead-
                                                                                                                        Mahindra	USA	is	proud	to	announce	that	Mani	Iyer	has	
line	for	the	FACTA	Red	Flag	Rules	is	Aug.	1,	2009.	Despite	
                                                                                                                   been	appointed	President,	Mahindra	USA,	Inc.	(MUSA).	Iyer	
challenges	to	the	rule,	primarily	to	definitions	of	specific	
                                                                                                                   will	replace	Anirban	Ghosh,	who	has	been	president	of	
terms	within	the	rule,	the	Federal	Trade	Commission	(FTC)	is	
                                                                                                                   Mahindra	USA	since	June	2007.	Ghosh	will	assume	new	
poised	to	begin	enforcement	the	first	of	next	month.
                                                                                                                   responsibilities	in	the	Mahindra	Group.
					For	many	organizations,	the	term	“creditor”	wasn’t	clear.	
                                                                                                                   					“I	am	pleased	to	announce	the	appointment	of	Mani	Iyer	
However,	the	FTC	recently	clarified	“creditor”	to	mean	“all	
                                                                                                                   as	President	of	Mahindra	USA,	Inc.	effective	April	1,	2009.	
entities	that	defer	payments,	even	in	the	normal	course	of	a	
                                                                                                                   Mani	joined	M&M	in	July	1990	and	was	assigned	to	Ma-
traditional	billing	process...	If	a	service	provider...	allows	the	
                                                                                                                   hindra	USA	in	October	1998.	For	the	last	couple	of	years,	
client	or	customer	to	defer	payment	of	a	bill,	this	deferral	of	
                                                                                                                   he	has	been	responsible	for	Sales	at	Mahindra	USA	and	in	
a	debt	is	credit...	even	though	there	is	no	finance	charge	or	
                                                                                                                   May	2008	he	was	promoted	to	Vice	President	–	Sales.	Mani	
agreement	for	payments	in	installments.”
                                                                                                                   is	well-known	and	respected	for	his	intimate	knowledge	of	
					Additionally,	the	FTC	provided	guidance	on	the	term	
                                                                                                                   the	product,	sales,	and	service	and	the	business	relationships	
“credit”	as	“transactions	where	the	consumer	pays	after	receiv-
                                                                                                                   developed	with	our	dealers	and	suppliers.	His	passion	for	the	
ing	the	goods	or	services,	such	as	doctor	and	hospital	bills,	
                                                                                                                   Mahindra	brand,	tractor	business	and	Mahindra	values	will	
bills	from	repair	persons	and	other	workers	and	even	a	local	
                                                                                                                   enable	him	to	provide	leadership	to	Mahindra	USA	for	grow-
store	where	a	customer	runs	up	a	tab.”
                                                                                                                   ing	the	business,”	Deepak	Chibba,	Executive	Vice	President	
					This	latest	information	should	help	equipment	dealers	de-
                                                                                                                   International	Operations,	Farm	Equipment	Sector,	M&M	
termine	if	they	have	a	legal	obligation	to	put	the	FACTA	Red	
                                                                                                                   Ltd.	Anirban	Ghosh,	returns	to	Mumbai,	India	to	serve	as	
Flag	Rules	into	practice	to	protect	their	customer’s	personal	
                                                                                                                   Vice	President	–	Business	Planning	for	the	Farm	Equipment	
and	private	information.	For	additional	information	about	le-
                                                                                                                   Sector,	M&M	Ltd.
gal	compliance	responsibilities,	call	Toolchex	at	800-498-2256	
or	visit	www.toolchex.com/idtoolchex.html.	

                                                  This program is recommended by the SouthWestern Association
                                                  and endorsed by the North American Equipment Dealers Association.
                                                  Consult your tax advisor regarding the tax considerations with
                                                  respect to adopting or participating in the Toolchex Plan.

2																																																																																																																																												SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009
           Chest Ad Half Color V4.indd 1                                                                                                                                5/4/09 8:19:51 PM
 Insurance News

Not All Policies Are Created Equal
By Mike Pennington, Regional Marketing Manager, Federated Insurance

Does your dealership lease your building from     One day, a customer slipped and fell in the showroom. The
a third party – or does your dealership lease customer sued the dealership for his medical expenses. The cus-
the building from YOU?                        tomer’s attorney decided to name all the parties he could think of
                                                                                     in the lawsuit: ABC Equipment Inc., John as the building owner,
					It’s	typical	for	many	dealers	to	own	the	building	and	lease	                    as well as the janitorial service. In this case, ABC Equipment’s in-
it	back	to	the	company,	primarily	for	tax	purposes.	If	your	                         surance policy would provide no defense costs for John or coverage
dealership	is	set	up	this	way,	you	may	have	a	gap	in	insurance	                      for any settlements he personally owes.
coverage.	This	gap	–	which	is	often	overlooked	–	could	result	
in	significant	costs	for	which	you’d	be	personally	responsible.                      					Your	association’s	recommended	insurance	carrier,	Feder-
					With	proper	programming,	accompanied	by	an	annual	                              ated	Insurance,	can	uncover	many	types	of	coverage	gaps	with	
policy	review,	this	gap	can	easily	be	fixed.	Contact	your	Feder-                     a	thorough	policy	audit	for	prospects	and	an	Annual	Client	
ated®	marketing	representative	to	confirm	if	you	have	the	                           ReviewSM	for	clients.	Many	forms/endorsements	are	avail-
added	layer	of	protection	needed	if	you	happen	to	be	named	                          able	that	can	affect	your	coverage.	This	particular	“additional	
in	a	lawsuit	that	is	primarily	against	your	dealership.                              insured”	endorsement	is	just	one	example	of	why	dealers	need	
                                                                                     to	buy	protection,	not	just	go	with	the	cheapest	premium.
An Example                                                                           					If	you’re	worried	about	your	current	programming,	be	sure	
   John is the majority owner of ABC Equipment Inc. He                               to	contact	your	local	Federated®	representative.	Addressing	
personally owns the building and leases it back to the business.                     these	situations	now	with	a	simple	endorsement	may	save	you	
The company has a basic ISO policy with no additional insured                        sizable	sums	of	money	and	many	hassles	later.

                  AVOID TUNNEL VISION
                        when it comes to your retail financing
                                          Let NFL be the light at the end of your tunnel. Call 1-888-922-4635 today!
                                          •   NEW Online Application – Logon, apply, get             •   Simple Documentation – NFL prepares all
                                              approved, close the deal                                   necessary documents
                                          •   No Recourse, No Reserves – NFL funds 100               •   Quick Settlements – You get your money
                                              percent of the amount financed with no contin-              faster with NFL (via ACH or overnight)
       NAEDA Financial, Ltd.                  gent liabilities                                       •   Physical Damage Insurance – One-stop
      Agricultural Retail Division
                                          •   Increased Profit Margins – Use origination                  financing and insurance
     14010 FNB Parkway, Suite 205
                                              fees and earn finance residuals up front                •   Supported by NAEDA and 14 NAEDA-affiliated
        Omaha, NE 68154-5206
           1-888-922-4635                 •   Low, Competitive Rates – Fixed and variable                associations
                                              rates available
       Industrial Retail Division
  635 Maryville Centre Drive, Suite 100   •   Customer-Friendly Programs – Same rates for
         St. Louis, MO 63141
                                              new and used equipment
                                                                                                                 Helping Dealers Succeed
                                          •   Sales Bonuses – Paid directly to sales personnel

SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009		 	                       	         	         	       	           	        	       																								   								3
Retailing Trends                                                                                                                               Workforce Development

Starting a New Business                                                                                                                      SouthWestern Association
   	Despite	the	economic	doom	and	gloom	that	has	been	                                                                                       Online Campus

in	the	news	for	the	past	year,	small	business	owners	suggest	
that	2009	might	be	the	best	time	to	start	a	new	business.	                                                                                          outhWestern	Association	has	introduced	a	new	program,	
Thirty-four	percent	of	small	business	owners	surveyed	in	the	                                                                                       The	SouthWestern	Association	Online	Campus.	This	
new	Ace	Hardware	Entrepreneurship	Study	said	they	would	                                                                                            program	makes	it	possible	for	dealers	to	train	their	entire	
advise	someone	to	start	a	business	in	2009.	Plus,	another	29	                                                                                staff	quickly	and	efficiently	without	ever	leaving	the	dealer-
percent	said	they	might	recommend	a	business	launch.	Only	                                                                                   ship.
nine	percent	said	“absolutely	not.”	These	findings	may	appear	                                                                               			Programs	can	be	used	for	training,	coaching,	refreshing	
counter-intuitive	in	today’s	climate,”	says	John	Venhuizen,	vice	                                                                            learning,	performance	support,	promotion	paths	and	meet-
president	of	business	development	for	Ace	Hardware,	which	                                                                                   ings.	These	courses	are	available	on	your	computer	24	hours	
represents	more	than	4,600	independents	around	the	world.	                                                                                   a	day,	seven	days	a	week.	Members	purchase	a	subscription	
“Yet,	the	small	business	owners	who	were	surveyed	–	who	                                                                                     to	the	SouthWestern	Association	Online	Campus.	(Pricing	
happen	to	do	most	of	the	heavy	lifting	in	the	U.S.	economy	                                                                                  is	based	on	the	number	of	employees	at	all	your	locations.)	
–	have	experienced	first-hand	how	challenges	beget	opportu-                                                                                  Then,	all	your	employees	will	have	access	to	the	campus	
nity.”	The	personal	rewards	of	owning	their	businesses	also	fuel	                                                                            materials.	We’ll	issue	a	unique	password	to	each	staff	member.	
this	mindset.	When	asked	to	name	their	greatest	reward,	the	                                                                                 SouthWestern	Association	will	help	you	set	up	a	curriculum	
entrepreneurs	ranked	first	in	equal	numbers	independence	(73	                                                                                for	new	hires	or	specific	positions.
percent)	and	flexibility	of	schedule	(73	percent),	with	half	(49	                                                                            					For	more	information	about	the	Online	Campus	and	other	
percent)	citing	sense	of	fulfillment	and/or	achievement.                                                                                     workforce	development	opportunities	through	
                                                                                                                                             SouthWestern	Association,	contact	Nikki	Bloemendaal,	
Source: Home Center Institute, July 23, 2009                                                                                                 Director	of	Education	at	1-800-762-5616	or	e-mail	nicole@

                                                                                    The SouthWestern Association recommends
                                                                                       the NAEDA Discount Freight Program

             Save up to 24% on select FedEx services                                                                                                                                                          ®

                       with the NAEDA Discount Freight Program

                                                                             Call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902 to take
                                                                             advantage of these FREE discounts, or enroll
                    Your Shipping Connection
                                                                             online today at PartnerShip.com/24NAEDA.
                                                                                             Helping Dealers Succeed
             For eligible FedEx services and rates, contact your association or PartnerShip. All FedEx shipments are subject to the applicable FedEx Service Guide. FedEx service marks used by permission.
             PartnerShip LLC, an independent transportation broker, produced this advertisement.

4	       	                    	                   	                   	                  	                   	                   	                   	                   															SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009	
 Workforce Development

Plan to Attend Free                                                 Summer Intern at
Online Campus Webinar                                               Sydenstricker Farm & Lawn
     As	a	manager,	do	you	ever	ask	yourself	any	of	these	ques-
tions:	“How	am	I	going	to	keep	my	best	employees?”,	“How	
can	I	train	my	employees	without	spending	a	fortune?”	or	
“How	can	I	manage	my	workplace	compliance	liabilities?”	
SouthWestern	Association’s	“Employee	Advantage”	program	
has	your	solution.
					Several	SouthWestern	Association	members	voiced	their	
need	for	customized	training	that	is	fun,	short	and	engaging.	
That’s	when	we	launched	the	Online	Campus.	Today,	mem-
bers	have	the	ability	to	train	ALL	of	their	employees	in-house	
for	less	than	it	would	cost	to	send	a	few	employees	to	a	train-
ing	program	outside	the	dealership.
					The	program	is	accessible	24/7.	Class	topics	include:	Work-       Chase Young, a summer intern at Sydenstricker Farm &
place	compliance/safety,	customer	service,	sales,	administrative	   Lawn, Macon, Mo., demonstrates a new baler to a customer.
and	leadership.	Classes	are	short	and	to	the	point	–	averaging	     Chase conducted several on-farm baler clinics as well as two
15	minutes	each.	Employees	take	a	test	after	watching	each	         combine clinics this summer as part of his internship respon-
class	so	you,	as	a	manager,	can	document	their	progress.            sibilities. Internship programs are a great way to showcase the
					If	you	would	like	to	learn	more,	join	our	free	informative	    opportunities available in farm equipment dealerships, find
webinar	on	Aug.	21	at	9	a.m.	Go	to:	www.telspan.com/express	        talented employees and tackle short-term assignments within
Conference	Reference:	159876,	Conference	Code:	98350,	              your company. If you are interested in hosting an intern for
Dial:	(800)	944-8766.                                               next summer, please contact Nikki Bloemendaal for more
					If	you	need	more	information	contact	Nikki	at	the	             information at 800-762-5616 or nicole@swassn.com.
Association	office	-	800-762-5616	or	nicole@swassn.com.

                          When making equipment deals,
                     weak or old data costs you money - Period.
                                The Official Guides – Dealer Reporting Program supports the collection of
                                vital and actionable equipment sales information that can support increased
                                profitability for your dealership during all market conditions.

                                IRON Solutions is the leader in providing the best data for the most profitable
                                deals. From print, to electronic, to web-based data - nothing else compares.
                                Make every deal count as the best deal.


                                                         the gold standard in equipment data.

            SouthWestern Association supports the Official Guides – Dealer Reporting Program.
                                                  LEARN MORE
                                  Contact SouthWestern Association at 800-762-5616

SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009		 	      	        	       	        	         	        	        	        																							5
 Legislative News

Federal Legislative Update
Looking for Lost Tax Revenues                                    mandates	and	a	public	health	plan;	it	must	be	combined	
     The	Internal	Revenue	Service	(IRS)	thinks	it	has	found	     with	a	Senate	Finance	Committee	bill	that	contains	funding	
$50	billion	or	more	in	under-reported	income.	Where?	From	       provisions.	The	HELP	bill	also	has	a	small	business	exemption	
subchapter	S	corporations.                                       from	the	employer	mandate	for	companies	with	25	or	fewer	
					The	IRS	reported	that	preliminary	results	from	its	2003-    employees.	The	House	surtax	worries	many	in	the	business	
2004	National	Research	Program	S	Corporation	Underreport-        community	because	it	could	increase	the	tax	liability	of	small	
ing	Study	found	that	S	corps	under-reported	$50	billion	in	      business	owners	whose	business	income	is	taxed	as	personal	
income	in	2003	and	$56	billion	in	2004.	Net	misreporting	        income.	Although	an	income	surtax	has	not	been	ruled	out	in	
percentages	were	12	percent	and	16	percent,	while	error	rates	   the	Senate,	leaders	continue	to	say	they	are	looking	at	different	
were	69	percent	and	68	percent.	Misreporting	rates	for	S	        approaches	to	funding	health	care.	
corps	with	assets	of	less	than	$200,000	were	26	percent	and	
                                                                 Source: North American Retail Hardware Association, July 20, 2009
29	percent.	One	of	the	largest	misre-
porting	categories	was	“other	deduc-
tions”	which	includes	car	and	truck	
use,	travel,	meals	and	entertainment,	
miscellaneous	expenses	and	tools	and	
factory	supplies.

SBA Offers Refinancing
					The	Small	Business	Administration	
(SBA)	is	making	available	funding	
required	by	the	American	Recovery	
&	Reinvestment	Act	for	small	busi-
nesses	to	refinance	existing	loans	for	
expansion	projects.	Under	the	plan,	
small	businesses	(net	worth	of	less	than	
$7.5	million	and	net	after	tax	income	
of	$2.5	million	or	less)	can	use	504	
loans	to	refinance	up	to	50	percent	of	
debt	incurred	to	purchase	land,	real	
estate	or	other	fixed	assets	as	part	of	an	
expansion	project.

Progress on Health Care
					The	House	Ways	&	Means,	Energy	
&	Commerce	and	Education	&	Labor	
Committees	released	a	health	care	bill	
which	includes	individual	and	em-
ployer	mandates	and	a	public	plan,	
as	well	as	funding	provisions	which	
rely	heavily	on	a	surtax	on	incomes	of	
more	than	$350,000	a	year.	It	includes	
a	small	business	exemption	from	the	
employer	mandate	for	companies	with	
annual	payrolls	of	less	than	$250,000.
					The	Senate	Health,	Education,	
Labor	&	Pensions	(HELP)	Commit-
tee	wrapped	up	its	work	on	a	plan	that	
includes	individual	and	employer
6		      	        	        	        	         	   	        	         	           											SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009		
 Health Care

Health Care Debate

             he	great	debate	in	Washington	right	now	is	all	            					•	The	other	problematic	provision	in	both	the	HELP	
             about	health	care	reform.	It	doesn’t	appear	it’s	go-       Committee	bill	and	in	the	House	bill	is	the	public	plan,	which	
             ing	to	be	sorted	out	or	anything	resolved	before	          would	be	an	unfair	competitor,	ultimately	shifting	costs	to	the	
             the	summer	recess.	Here’s	some	information	about	          private	sector	as	it	becomes	big	enough	to	drive	down	reim-
the	process	and	what’s	happening.	There	are	several	different	          bursements	to	doctors	and	hospitals.	Businesses	and	consum-
healthcare	provisions	being	discussed	in	Washington.	                   ers	would	then	flock	to	the	public	plan	because	its	premiums	
					For	a	side-by-side	comparison	of	the	various	proposals,	go	        would	be	cheaper,	and	ultimately	no	viable	private	plans	
to:		http://www.kff.org/healthreform/sidebyside.cfm                     would	remain.
                                                                        					•	Remind	elected	officials	that	businesses	now	insure	170	
The Process                                                             million	people.
					The	Senate	Finance	Committee	has	yet	to	produce	a	bill	            					•	Tort	reform	also	comes	up,	but	is	not	part	of	the	HELP	
that	everyone	hopes	will	be	the	“best	thing	since	sliced	bread.”	       Committee	bill	or	HR	3200	or	being	considered	by	the	Senate	
No	language	has	been	made	publicly	available	by	the	closed	             Finance	Committee.	Tort	reform	is	subject	to	other	commit-
door	committee,	so	the	Policy	Options	shown	on	the	web	site	            tee	jurisdictions	in	both	the	house	and	senate	so	don’t	look	for	
above	were	the	starting	point	for	the	committee’s	negotiations.         changes	here.	But	if	a	chance	is	given	to	mention	it,	please	do	
					Right	now,	there	are	five	different	committees	working	            so.	There	is	a	belief	that	there	are	a	number	of	medical	tests	
on	the	legislation,	three	in	the	House	and	two	in	the	Sen-              and	procedures	done	today	just	to	protect	doctors	and	hospi-
ate.	The	House	bill	(HR	3200)	has	run	into	some	problems	               tals	from	lawsuits.	If	those	tests	and	procedures	were	eliminat-
with	the	“Bluedogs”	over	the	costs,	a	fact	that	was	confirmed	          ed,	billions	could	be	saved	in	costs,	legal	bills,	and	insurance	
by	the	OMB	last	week.	Even	the	President	had	been	saying	               premiums.
that	a	reform	bill	must	be	revenue	neutral	and	this	bill	is	not.	       					There	will	almost	certainly	be	health	care	reform	of	some	
According	to	the	U.S	Chamber,	HR	3200	is	the	worst	bill	for	            kind	this	year.	We	will	keep	an	eye	on	where	this	is	going	and	
businesses.	That	is	why	there	is	a	lot	of	hope	and	pressure	on	         let	you	know	when	it’s	time	to	contact	legislators.
the	Senate	Finance	Committee	to	come	out	with	a	good	bi-
partisan	bill.                                                      Source: North American Equipment Dealers Association, July 2009
					Having	said	that,	any	bill	the	Finance	Committee	comes	
out	with	will	have	to	go	through	the	Senate	first	and	then	a	
conference	committee.	It	is	during	that	process	that	support-
able	measures	could	be	amended	to	make	certain	provisions	
unpalatable.	Once	we	see	what	is	ultimately	passed,	we	will	
issue	a	call	to	action	for	a	letter-writing	or	call-in	campaign	to	
                                                                                                 Paycor is partnering
Discussion Points                                                                                with the SouthWestern
					Here	are	a	few	bullet	points	on	all	these	bills	that	you	can	
                                                                                                 Extending you a limited promotional offer
use	to	talk	with	your	respective	representatives	and	senators	                                   for payroll and tax filing.
while	they	are	home	during	their	upcoming	August	recess.	

					•	NAEDA	supports	healthcare	reform	that	will	allow	deal-                                           $75 per payroll processing.
                                                                                                        Promotion applies to any SWA member between 20-49 employees.
                                                                                                        The cost includes Payroll, Direct Deposit, and Payroll tax filing. Call
ers	the	opportunity	to	pool	themselves	into	marketable	groups	                                          to discuss special pricing for members with less than 20 or more
                                                                                                        than 50 employees.
to	seek	lower	premiums.	This	can	be	done	through	association	                                           Tax filing service.
                                                                                                        Local, State, and Federal Tax Filing service is included.
plans	that	can	cross	state	lines,	reduce	different	state	regula-                                        Price guarantee.
                                                                                                        When signing up for this offer you receive a 2-year price guarantee.
tions	and	allow	for	catastrophic	coverage	of	the	group.
					•	NAEDA	opposes	the	concept	of	a	“Play	or	Pay”	provi-                                              Contact Dan Christians to discuss.
                                                                                                        toll free 1. 800. 243. 2538 ext. 157
sion	where	one	size	fits	all	and	a	surtax	is	imposed	on	those	                                          direct 913. 236. 0157
                                                                                                        email dchristians@paycor.com

that	don’t	provide	coverage.	The	surtax	in	HR	3200	is	set	at	8	
                                                                                                        Find out why 2,600 companies switched to Paycor in 2008.
percent	of	the	payroll.	(Note:	There	are	some	exemptions	built	
into	the	bill,	but	they	are	not	adequate.)                                                              Visit us online

SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009		 	           	        	         	        	         	        																																																			7
 Your Association Web Site

Redesigned SouthWestern Association Web Site
     For	the	past	several	months	your	Association	has	been	re-
designing	their	web	site.	The	“new”	SouthWestern	Association	
is	now	live	and	we	invite	you	to	visit	it	at:	
					The	redesigned	site	has	improved	graphics	and	is	easier	for	
members	and	others	to	navigate.	All	SouthWestern	programs	
and	services	are	listed	on	the	site	in	an	easy	to	follow	arrange-
ment.	In	addition,	all	the	SouthWestern	Association	partners	
are	outlined	with	their	contact	information.	Important	dealer	
legislation	is	included	on	the	site	as	well	as	full	descriptions	of	
popular	programs	such	as	the	Online	Campus	and	the	SWA	
OSU	Institute	of	Technology	Technician	Training	Program.
					Please	take	a	minute	to	visit	the	site	and	let	us	know	what	
you	think.
Sales Management Workshop
    	SWA	held	the	popular	Spader	Sales	Management	in	Kansas	
City	on	July	14-15,	featuring	John	Spader.	The	program	filled	
up	fast	and	everyone	agreed	it	was	time	well	spent.	
					The	next	program	is	being	planned	for	Jan. 28-29, 2010
in Austin, Texas. We	will	let	you	know	when	a	venue	is	desig-
nated	and	we’re	ready	to	accept	registrations.

                                                                                            Employers should develop,
                                                                                         communicate, and enforce clearly
                                                                                       defined policies that address driving
                                                                                           distractions while operating a
                                                                                      company vehicle. Your local Federated
                                                                                        representative can help! Call today.

       The FEDERATED Insurance Companies                                               * National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Report,
       Home Office: 121 East Park Square,                                              “What Do Traffic Crashes Cost” Total Cost to Employers
       Owatonna, MN 55060                                                                         by State and Industry,” 1998-2000
       (507) 455-5200 ● www.federatedinsurance.com

8	       	            	            	            	    	   	      	      																												SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009	
                                    SouthWestern Association Area Meetings
                                               11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                                        October 26 – November 4, 2009
                                        SCHEDULE & REPLY FORM
Please complete this form to let us know how many from your store and who is attending – and where! Lunch is
included for everyone who attends. It is important that we know your plans as we must guarantee a count to the
hotel for food, room set-up and other arrangements.

All programs (except Austin) begin at 11 a.m. and will conclude no later than 3:00 p.m. Thank you for your

                 Monday, October 26              Holiday Inn Express                         866-642-0465
                  Tyler, Texas                    2421 E. Southeast Loop 323

                 Tuesday, October 27             Hyatt Place Austin/Arboretum                512-231-8491
                  Austin, Texas                   3612 Tudor Blvd. (78759)

                   PLEASE NOTE: This meeting starts at 9 a.m. and concludes with lunch at noon.
                 Wednesday, October 28           Best Western Palm Aire                      956-969-2411
                  Weslaco, Texas                  415 S. International Blvd. (78596)

                 Thursday, October 29            Courtyard by Marriott Houston Hobby         713-910-1700
                  Houston, Texas                  9190 Gulf Freeway (77017)

                 Tuesday, November 3             Plainview Country Club                      806-293-2445
                  Plainview, Texas                2902 W. 4th St.

                 Wednesday, November 4           Via Real Restaurant                         972-650-9001
                  Irving, Texas                   4020 N. MacArthur Blvd.

Please list name(s) of attendees:______________ ______________________________________________________



                                     _____________________________________________ _______________________

Dealership/Store name:               ____________________________________________________________________

Address:                             ____________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip:                   ______________________________ _____________________________________

If you need directions or additional address information, please call your association office at 816-561-5323.
                                       SOUTHWESTERN ASSOCIATION
                                       P.O. BOX 419264
                                       KANSAS CITY, MO 64141-6264

SouthWestern	Association	Flash	•	July	2009			 	   	      	       	      	       	      	     	       																						9

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