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									    Leadership Factors

What are the major factors
of leadership in business
     and education?
1 Lead yourself before you lead others.
• A leader of any organization has to
  lead herself or himself before
  leading other people.

 A leader should know the
 components of leadership and
 membership in organization.
    2 Building trust and credibility
• Developing trusting relationships with your
  clients is vital to your business success as
  well. No matter what business you are in,
  the most powerful value-added contribution
  you can make to any business relationship
  is the trust factor.
• How can you get trust?
• To be trusted you must…………………
• To be respected you must……………..
• To be loved you must …………………..
    Leadership Factors in Business
• 1 Building trust and credibility
• 2. Quick Decision and Taking Responsibility (VTR)
• 3 Better benefits for the workers. (Nagoaoka, Kosaka)
• 4 Gender balance and Empowerment in the organization
• 5 Cross-cultural literacy and multi-cultural literacy
• 6 CSR
• 7 Environmentally friendly and ecological management
• 8 Problem shooter: Kaizen and Genchi Genbutsu: TOYOTA
  9 Fostering Teamwork and Sense of Belonging to the
• 10 Long and short-term perspectives and prediction
• 11 Culture and humanity
  The Goals of the Executive Development
    Program at University of Colombia
• Increase your capacity to think strategically.
• Develop an empowering leadership approach.
• Strengthen your ability to understand—and
• Foster cross-functional collaboration.
• Maximize individual and team performance.
• Learn to analyze financial statements.
• Formulate more accurate projections to enhance
  your company‟s profitability.
      Building trust and credibility
• Building trust and credibility does not happen
• To cultivate trust, it takes the risk of being open
  with clients and prospects.
• This enables them to perceive you as a real
  person with strengths and weaknesses that come
  into play as the relationship develops.
• When trust is reciprocal, you will find that your
  confidence in others is rewarded by their support
  and reinforcement of what you also stand for as a
  business entity.
                  (2006-07-21 / Author: Robert L Moment)
  CSR and Environmental Awareness
• Market-based instruments can achieve some
  environmental objectives for less economic cost
  than conventional approaches.

• Geneva, 23 February 2009 - All businesses ・all
  economic activities ・depend on ecosystem
  services. Thus it is in the interests of business in
  general and companies in particular to help
  maintain and enhance those services. Market-
  based instruments can achieve some
  environmental objectives for less economic cost
  than conventional approaches.
    Business leaders gather in London for UN poverty summit
•   Business leaders gather in London for UN poverty summit
• By Newswire Newsletter 22 July 2008
• Reuters reports that the United Nations and the British
  government have organized a meeting that would see
  some of the world’s largest corporations discuss their
  strategies to boost global anti-poverty programs. U.K.
  Prime Minister Gordon Brown and United Nations
  Development Program Administrator Kemal Dervis are set
  to welcome some 80 chief executives of multinationals in a
  forum that would highlight the importance of the role of the
  corporate world in poverty fight. At the “Business Call to
  Action,” several of these magnates will talk about their
  company‟s anti-poverty efforts. “This year must be a year
  of action if we are to tackle the development emergency we
  face. Without an extraordinary effort, we will fail,” Brown
  stated. “Businesses are engines of growth and sustainable
  development. Creative approaches and partnerships are
  essential in catalyzing vibrant new markets that can
  contribute to advancing inclusive growth and
  development,” Dervis remarked.
       Leadership in Education
• Promote students‟ humanity and academic
• Support and develop a talented staff
• Build a solid organizational structure
• Creating several learning and enlightening
  communities involved in students, teachers
  and administrators within school building
• Building rapport and supportive systems for
  young students together with parents.
• Ethical leadership in order to foster a good
  citizen in local and global communities
  Professional Leadership by Principal Dame
    Sharon Hollows, Calverton Elementary

Dame Sharon Hollows became a teacher in 1979. She started
 her career in London. After rapid promotion, she became
    head teacher at Calverton in the East End of London.
 Calverton appeared in the press, described as one of the
               worse schools in the country.
 Within three years, Calverton became the most improved
  primary school in the country, with results far exceeding
         those achieved in far more affluent areas.
   Solo savior on the streets
       Osamu Mizutani
• Yomawari Sensei (Teacher on a Night
                Osamu Mizutani
• Sunday, Jan. 15, 2006 The Japan Times
• For the past 14 years, former high-school teacher Osamu
  Mizutani has had no rest as he has devoted himself to
  helping troubled youths put their lives back in order.
• Osamu Mizutani Widely known as yomawari sensei (the
  night guard-teacher) for his nightly patrols to encourage
  kids hanging around the streets to return to regular life, 49-
  year-old Mizutani regularly has to deal with motorcycle
  gangs and gangsters as he strives to turn youngsters away
  from lives of crime.
• Once he was even forced by an underworld boss to crush
  the tip of his own finger in order to help a Taiwanese youth
  sever ties with a crime syndicate.
           Osamu Mizutani
• Now, with more teens becoming hikikomori
  recluses, suffering from abuse at home or
  giving up on their future in a society they
  perceive of as fraught with socio-economic
  change, Mizutani has been busier than ever.
  Two years ago his book "Yomawari Sensei"
  touched a raw nerve when it was published.
  About 350,000 copies have been sold to
  date in Japan, with another 51,000 sold in
  translation in South Korea since 2004 and
  publication eyed soon in Taiwan.

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