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					                       Discussion Questions for Finding Nemo?

1. Who functions as a leader in Finding Nemo? In what way do they functions as a leader?
     a. Marlin
     b. Nemo
     c. Dory
     d. Gill
     e. The Dentist
     f. Crush
     g. Professor Ray
2. What diversity issues come up in Finding Nemo?
     a. Nemo being from the Ocean
     b. Marlin is assisted by a variety of different fish
               i. Dory
              ii. School of fish
             iii. Crush
             iv. The Whale
              v. Nigel
3. How do some of the leaders in Finding Nemo use diversity to their advantage?
     a. Gill
4. How do some leaders neglect the advantages of diversity?
5. Which characters use good decision making processes? What techniques are used??
     a. Gill (Cost Benefit Analysis)
     b. The Dentist (Cost Benefit analysis)
6. Which Characters use poor decision making processes? What traps do they fall into?
     a. Marlin (All Life and Death, Crisis Situations, Failing to consult others, regretting
          past decisions, never admitting mistakes)
7. Which interpersonal conflicts are dealt with in Finding Nemo? How are they resolved?
     a. Marlin (Competing)/Dory (avoiding), (resolved by collaborating)
     b. Nemo (Competing)/Marlin (resolved by compromising)
8. Who has power and which power do they have?
     a. Nemo (Expert)
     b. Marlin (Expert, Legitimate)
     c. Bruce (Referent, Coercive)
     d. Gill (Referent, Expert, Legitimate)
     e. Crush (Referent, Expert)
9. What teams are present and how well do they work together?
     a. Tankhood
     b. Friendly Sharks
       c. Marlin/Dory
       d. School of Fish
10. Name several characters that deal with Change? Why do they deal with it the way they
       a. Marlin (potential personal loss)
       b. Nemo (Fear of the unknown, potential personal loss)
11. What moral duties do some of the characters have?
       a. Bruce (fish are friends, not food)
       b. Marlin (protect family)
       c. Gill (protect friends)
       d. Crush (chill)
12. Are there any unethical practices demonstrated in Finding Nemo?
       a. The Dentist giving his niece a fish that he knows she will kill.
13. Any ethical dilemmas? (include conflicting morals)
       a. Jacque (cleanliness vs. saving a life)
14. Who acts as an expert coach?
       a. Gill
       b. Marlin
       c. Squirt
       d. Professor Ray
15. Who acts as a facilitative coach?
       a. Nemo
       b. Nigel
       c. Dory

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