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									Mohammed Shakeer

Muscat, Oman
Cell: +968 97252928

Shakeer is an IT Specialist having 9 years of experience, with hands-on expertise in AIX
(pSeries) systems, backup (TSM), and storage (DS4000) infrastructure. He is also experienced
with LINUX, HP-UX, Shell Scripting and websphere application servers.

Gulbarga University

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical

Professional certifications:
    Certified for IBM POWER systems (AIX p-Series)
    HP certified system administrator for HP-UX 11i (CSA)
    ITIL foundation certified.


   AIX 5L (5.2,5.3) 6.1 system administration
   Creating/Managing AIX LPARS using HMC.
   Installation and configuration of VIOS
   AIX DLPAR and micro partitioning, NIM, LVM
   AIX performance tuning, security
   TSM (6.1, 5.5) installation, configuration, administration, disaster recovery manager
   DR planning, strategies using TSM extended edition (TSM DRM)
   TSM client (BA and TDP for databases) administration (installation, configuration, backup
    restore etc...)
   DS4800 SAN administration (zoning, storage allocation, capacity planning etc.)
   IBM Websphere application server administration v5.1, v6.0 Network deployment.
   WAS application redeployment/new installation and trouble shooting
   Configuration of TCP/IP and Network administration on Unix
   Tuning kernel parameters
   Exposure to HP MC/service guard
   Sound knowledge of Shell scripting, C programming
   Exposure to UNIX internals, Memory management, Process management,

Present: From May 2009, Gulf Business Machines.
Senior technical specialist (AIX, TSM, DS4000)
Project: Managed operations AIX, TSM and DS4800
Client: Information Technology authority (ITA)

The Official eGovernment services portal envisions the empowerment of its people and
businesses with information and services by delivering all eGovernment services through a
 Mohammed Shakeer

 common gateway in a seamlessly integrated manner to optimise internal operations and increase
 government citizen participation. I am responsible for the administration of the underlying
 infrastructure for the eOman portal, as a technical specilaist I am managin the AIX servers, TSM
 backups, DR strategy and the SAN administration for the eOman portal project.
      Creating logical partitions using HMC, installing AIX using NIM, CD
      Installation and configuration of VIOS, creating virtual devices (vscsi, sea, vea etc.)
      Performing software upgrades (TL, SP upgrages)
      Managing backups using Tivoli storage manager extended edition
      DR strategies planning using TSM DRM, Offsite tape management
      DS4800 administration, array configuration, zoning, LUN creation
      perform HMC/firmware upgrades
      system backups (mksysb)
      HACMP administration

 From Nov 2004 to Feb 2009, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
 Lead consultant– system administration

 Project: AIX & IBM websphere application server Support (Apr 2007-Feb’2009)
 Client: Nissan Manufacturing U.K
 Support type: onshore U.K Sunderland (from Apr 2007 to Nov 2007)
 Support type: offshore CSC India (from Nov 2007 to Feb’2009)
 Overall system administration of mission critical AIX LPARS and the Websphere application
servers in line with the ITIL core processes. Nissan has state of the art IT infrastructure capable of
serving the business critical applications.
 Supporting Nissan with the day to day needs, perform System Administration and ensure
integrity, security and availability of application environments, and various projects on IBM
midrange pSeries platform, the day to day work is to look after the escalated incidents, requests
and supporting 100+ AIX LPARS. The various projects that I worked on,
      AIX migration from 5.2 to 5.3 and upgrade from 5.3 to 5.3 ML 7, this involved around 75
          AIX LPARS.
      P595 capacity (CPU and Memory) optimization (this includes 50 LPARS)
      TSM Client v5.4 installation and configuration on 90 AIX LPARS
      I have done scripting to automate the various tasks/projects.

 My job also involves
               Mentoring the team members from both technical and process point of view.
               Creating process and technical documentation.
               Communication with the cross functional teams within CSC, third party vendors
                for Nissan & Nissan directly for specific problems and or requirements.

 Project: UNIX Support
 Clients: ISS (Integrated service solutions) Denmark, Whitbread (Dec 2004-Mar 2007)
 Role: Senior engineer System support
 Support type: offshore (from India)

Mohammed Shakeer

        Administration of HP/AIX/ Sun-Solaris boxes, and attending to problems raised,
escalated by helpdesk/automated process. Preparing the resource utilization reports, problem
management reports etc. on daily, weekly, monthly basis.
     Supported IBM P570/520/510/505, HP 9000 M/C’s with SD32000, K/N/V Class Model.
     Worked on AIX 5.3, HP-UX 11i and Solaris 8 production servers.
     Performance monitoring and tuning.
     AIX, HP-UX problem management, change management.
     Daily service review, root cause analysis, service restoration team (SRT) for severity 1
        and 2 problems.
     System administration of AIX, HP-UX.
     HP-UX Kernel re-configuration, tuning the kernel parameters in accordance with the
        application requirements. Tuning system parameters for Solaris.
     Timely co-ordination with windows/DBA/App teams for high priority problems.
     Installation of third party software/ tools/agents on the UNIX servers.
     Documenting the processes and procedures

     From Jan 2004-Dec 2004, GENPACT (Formerly GECIS)
A wholly owned subsidiary of GE, provides a host of business process outsourcing services,
including finance and accounting, managed IT services, software solutions, and e-learning
collections, insurance, customer fulfillment, data modeling and analytics support,. GECIS is a
global company headquartered in India with operations in China, Hungary and Mexico.

Project: UNIX (Level – 3) Support
Role: Server support engineer
        Providing remote administration for the Unix Servers for the 10 businesses across GE.
Involves administration for HP/AIX/ Sun-Solaris boxes, backup activity using Omni Data
     Supported AIX on IBM p570 and HP-UX 11i on 9000 M/C’s with K/N/V Class Model.
     AIX, HP-UX User, file system, and logical volume management.
     Creation of Volume Groups / Logical Volumes on the AIX and Hp-UX servers.
     Backup & Restoration part is done using HP-UX native tools and Omni Data Protector.
     Creation of application users.
     Resolving problems related to autosys jobs.
     Root cause analysis for problems encountered in the past and present providing a
        permanent fix to the same.
     Automation of administrative task has been done using Shell/Perl scripting.
     Providing the solution to the customer within the specified SLA period.
     Documenting the process & procedure

From June 2003-jan 2004, Wipro Infotech.
UNIX Support Engineer
Worked on IBM RS/6000 series of production servers clustered with HACMP with AIX as the
operating platform, job involves AIX administration, shell scripting, and application management
(MXPAC). Client is venture infotek global pvt. Ltd. (VIGPL) Mumbai.

        Mohammed Shakeer

        Administration of Sendmail and Qmail, fetchmail configuration for mail retrieval from remote
        POP/IMAP servers, antivirus integration for SMTP, HTTP, FTP traffic.
        Installed and managed mail server on Redhat Linux and global address book using open LDAP
        implementation of directory services for 150 users.
        Implementation of Squid proxy server as a cost effective solution and configuration based on
        access control lists (acl’s), IP and mac based restriction for the hosts, site filtering, and bandwidth
        allocation on IP basis using delay pools. Configured squid as transparent proxy using Iptables
        Monitoring system performance, utilization of system resources (vmstat, free, df, du etc.), process
        monitoring (ps, top), and system logs (maillog, access.log, messages, dmesg, etc.).
        Managing and administering user accounts, groups, and quotas.

        From Oct 2001-June 2003, Compsol Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
        Compsol pvt. Ltd. is a customized IT solutions provider.
        As a Linux Engineer I used to handle the complete system configuration and customization as per
        the product requirements, writing automated installation scripts using C, perl, and shell, co-
        ordination with programmers for the front-end development and also involved in PHP
        Developed a product intended for the mid sized corporate as cost effective sulution based on
        qmail, squid proxy, fetchmail, courier-imap etc. With complete web based remote administration
        A data server product for Microsoft windows network based on samba server (smb protocol) with
        remote web based administration
        A complete bandwidth optimization and management tool developed on squid version 2.4 stable
        with web based administration tool.
        For all the above implementations the operating platform was Redhat 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0

Personal Details:
        Date of Birth:                    15th Sep 1978
        Sex:                              Male
        Nationality:                      Indian
        Marital Status:                   Married

References available on request.


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