Spring 2010 Registration Assignments by DS3xT3


									                           REGISTRATION – SPRING 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011            9:00 am until 6:00 pm. Be at workstation by 8:15 am.
                                     Lunch on Athens Campus 11:00-1:00

Wednesday, January 12, 2011          9:00 am until 12:00 noon. Be at workstation by 8:15 am.
                                     Lunch on Athens Campus 11:00-1:00

Those people traveling to the centers should get together with Karen Bean for transportation. Please
leave in time for you to be at the center by 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, January 11.2011.

Late Registration:

Friday, January 14, 2011                    9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Administration
Tuesday, January 18, 2011                   9:00 am to 6:00 pm            Administration
Wednesday, January 19, 2011                 9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Administration

Schedule Changes or Adding a Course:

Thursday, January 13, 2011                  9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Counseling Office
Tuesday, January 18, 2011                   9:00 am to 6:00 pm            Counseling Office
Wednesday, January 19, 2011                 9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Counseling Office
Thursday, January 20, 2011                  9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Counseling Office
Friday, January 21, 2011                    9:00 am to 3:00 pm            Counseling Office

                                        TIME FOR REGISTRATION.


STEP          PERSONNEL                 ACTIVITIES

                                        (AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE)

 1            Charlotte Renk            1.     Only allow students to enter by printed
              Mary Nicholson                          alphabetical list
              Amber Norris
 2            John Miles                       Admission Check – Check the following:
              Ben McCartney                          Application on file
              Janice Sutton and staff                Major information entered
                                                     Send to Counseling tables in hall
                                                     Test scores or category 1 – send students to
                                                            Testing Center

 3            Kim Sparks                Registrar’s Office and Concurrent Registration
              Shelia Jones              1.     Collect paper work
              Nancy Love                       a. Application
              Mary Ensign                      b. Transcript
              Darla Mansfield                  c. Residency
              Tina Tanner                      d. Major Card
              Amanda Hauck                     e. Check overdue accounts
              Rebecca Garner            2.     Issue degree plans
                                               Unofficial copies of transcript

                                BAUGH TECHNOLOGY CENTER

 4            Brian Baumgartner         Entrance to Baugh Technology Center
              Chip Chilton              1.     Check for alphabet time
                                        2.     No one enters without degree plan
                                        3.     Make sure students go in the appropriate rooms

University Transfer            Room 118

Jeremy McMillen-26 Brad Elmore-27 Amy Rogers-28             Data entry and problem fixers
Kelly Driskell-20                                           Advisor with computer entry ability
Amy Lunceford Jenny Hughes                                  Hand out schedules
Byron McGilvray-7 Marylyn Wright-8 Deidre Jones-3           Advisors with computer entry ability
Madison Spencer-1 Michael Matchael-17 Coaches-15            Advisors with computer entry ability
Coaches-29 Joy Richmond-19 Milton Hudson-4                  Advisors with computer entry ability

University Transfer            Room 119

Melinda Berry-26 Dosha King-28                              Advisors with computer entry ability
Lori Jackson-27                                             Data entry and problem fixer
Wanda Mayes     Donna Godwin                                Hand out schedules
Vernon Price-2 Russell Self-17 Nancy Long-15                Advisors with computer entry ability
Don Peek-1 Bill Monds-14 Jerry Rogers-8                     Advisors with computer entry ability
SueLynn Trent-3 Patsy Gilbert-15                            Advisors with computer entry ability

Work Force                     Room 114

Dennis Nolley-29 Dorothy Hinds-19 David Loper-20            Advisors with computer entry ability
Marc Robinson-23 Ron Walker-22 Donna Bennett-21             Advisors with computer entry ability
Debbie Plotz                                                Hand out schedules
Judy Lookabaugh-28 Wendy Mays-29 Chris Dailey-27            Data entry and problem fixers
Sam Hurley-5 Homer Benton-18                                Advisors with computer entry ability
Tom Sheram-17 Janet Cotton-9 Bo Cargil-8                    Advisors with computer entry ability
Janet Elledge-10 Donnie Fulford-4 Brent Bratton-6           Advisors with computer entry ability

Work Force                     Room 112

Bruce Odom                                                  Hand out schedules
Theresa Sharp-25 David McAnnally (desk)                     Data entry and problem fixers
Gary SanMiquel-18 Kippi Harraid-12                          Advisors with computer entry ability
Amanda Weber-21 Thomas Hainze-1 Jan Osteen-2                Advisors with computer entry ability
David Stephens-4 Pat Salinas-3 Maribeth McAnally-1          Advisors with computer entry ability

Nursing                         Room 110

Helen Reid               Karen Neighbors             Christi Doherty      Gail Ellis
STEP          PERSONNEL                ACTIVITIES

6      Elizabeth Starek         Advisement Check and Graduation Check
       Charles Hueber           Hallway between Room 112 and Room 105
       Marianne Leeper          1. Check for identifying information on advisement
       Neisha Cofer                    cards
                                2. Pick up bubble sheet
                                3. Check schedule; if taking Developmental Course, pick up
                                       signed form

                                May Graduation Check
                                1. See if student has applied
                                   If so, check to assure they are taking all courses listed.
                                   If not, have them add or ask if they want to move to August or
                                   December or be deleted from graduation list.
                                   Fill out application if they have not applied

7      Diane Milner             Financial Aid and Scholarships—Room 109
       Jennifer Evilsizer       1. Ask if they have financial aid or scholarship
                                   Check computer. If not there, send to Financial Aid Office;
                                   however, if they are Educational Aid, Fire Science or Early
                                   High School, tell them to get schedule entered first and then go
                                   to Financial Aid.
                                2. Check number of hours

8      Business Office Staff    Business Office—Room 105
                                       Payment of fees

9      Dorothy Houston          Campus Police Department—Cafeteria Conference Room
       Bill Enger               Car Registration and IDs
       Harold Jones             1. Register cars
                                2. Take ID pictures


       Linda Williams-Daniel    (Hallway by Business Office)
       Jan Jennings             Major Advisement
                                Determine students degree plan

     Gail St.Clair              Testing – Testing Center
     Teresa Guillory

Al Cook       Audrey Hawkins
Kay Pulley    Jim Guillory
Gerald Wilson Michael Landers

Michael Abbott             Terrell
Charles Akin               Palestine
Algia Allen                Terrell
Brian Allen                Terrell
Jeffrey Ballom             Terrell
Brian Baumgartner          Athens – Step 4
Roger Bell                 HSC
Donna Bennett              Athens--Step 5-TC 114
Homer Benton               Athens--Step 5-TC 114
Melinda Berry              Athens--Step 5-TC119
Linda Bland                Palestine
Sarah Booker               Palestine
LuAnne Bourland            Terrell
Brenda Boyd                Palestine
Brent Bratton              Athens--Step 5-TC 114
Floyd Brigdon              Terrell
Judy Callicoat             HSC
Ronald Camp                Palestine
Mike Carlisle              Terrell
Bo Cargil                  Athens--Step 5-TC114
Ella Fay Carlile           Terrell
Dale Cates                 Palestine
Chip Chilton               Athens--Step 4
Lisa Clark                 Palestine
Neisha Cofer               Athens--Step 6
Kathryn Colgrove           Terrell
Lisa Collins               Terrell
Diane Collum               Palestine
Al Cook                    Admissions Committee
Janet Cotton               Athens--Step 5-TC114
Deborah Crawford           Terrell
Christie Daley             Terrell
Chris Dailey               Athens—Step 5-TC114
Brett Daniel               Athens
Linda Daniel               Athens--Counseling Office
Shree Daniel               Terrell
Diane David                Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Richard Davis              Palestine
Charles Dobroski           Palestine
Christi Doherty            Athens--Step 5-TC110
Kelly Driskell             Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Travis Dungan              Palestine
Janet Elledge              Athens--Step 5-TC 114
Gail Ellis                 Athens--Step 5-TC 110
Brad Elmore                Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Bill Enger                 Athens--Step 9 – Cafeteria Conference Room
Larry Eustace        Terrell
Lou Ann Everett      Terrell
Jennifer Evilsizer   Athens--Step 7-TC 109
Michael Felty        Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Donald Fulford       Athens--Step 5-TC 114
Guy Furr             Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Patsy Gilbert        Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Donna Godwin         Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Angela Gordon        Palestine
James Guillory       Athens--Admissions Committee
Thomas Hainze        Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Jason Hanson         Athens
Kippi Harraid        Athens--Step 5-TC112
Karen Harris         HSC
Audrey Hawkins       Athens--Admissions Committee
Christine Henry      Terrell
Cherie Henson        Terrell
Dorothy Hinds        Athens--Step 5-TC114
Dorothy Houston      Athens--Step 9-Cafeteria Conference Room
Milton Hudson        Athens--Step 5-TC118
Charles Hueber       Athens--Step 6
Jenny Hughes         Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Sam Hurley           Athens--Step 5-TC1 14
Jan Jennings         Athens--Step 3
Lori Jackson         Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Jodi Johnson         Terrell
Ashley Johnston      Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Deborah Jones        Terrell
Deidre Jones         Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Harold Jones         Athens--Step 9-Cafeteria Conference Room
Dosha King           Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Jerry King           Athens Floater
Lola King            Terrell
Al Kyle              Terrell
Kenya Landers        Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Michael Landers      Athens--Admissions Committee
Marianne Leeper      Athens --Step 6
Kathy Lewis          Palestine
Julie Lively         Athens--Financial Aid
Nancy Long           Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Judy Lookabaugh      Athens--Step 5-TC-114
David Loper          Palestine
Nancy Long           Athens--Step5-TC 119
Elena Lovato         Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Jonathan Lucke       Palestine
Janet Lumpkin        Terrell
Robert Lumpkins Jr   HSC
Linda Luce          Palestine
Mehdi Mahdavi       Terrell
Darla Mansfield     Athens--Registrar’s Office
Gayle Martin        Palestine
Michael Matchael    Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Wanda Mayes         Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Wendy Mays          Athens--Step 5-TC 114
David McAnally      Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Maribeth McAnally   Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Ben McCartney       Athens--Step 2
Charles McDonald    Terrell
Linda McKee         HSC
Byron McGilvray     Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Angie McLeroy       Terrell
Jeremy McMillen     Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Toni McMillen       Palestine
Jean McSpadden      Business Office
John Miles          Athens--Step 2A
Diane Milner        Athens--Step 7-TC 109
Bill Monds          Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Alvis Montrose      Athens--Step 5-TC114
Cindy Moseley       Palestine
Eric Moseley        Palestine
Stelia Munteanu     Palestine
Karen Neighbors     Athens—Step 5-TC 110
Mary Nicholson      Athens-Step 1
Dennis Nolley       Athens – Step 5-TC 114
Amber Norris        Athens-Step 1
Charles Nunnally    Palestine
Bruce Odom          Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Jan Osteen          Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Ashley Palma        Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Melinda Parish      Terrell
David Peddy         Palestine
Don Peek            Athens – Step 5-TC 119
Mike Peek           Terrell
Carol Pendland      Palestine
Sherard Poteet      Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Leslie Prater       HSC
Vernon Price        Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Donna Pringle       Terrell
Kay Pulley          Athens--Admissions Committee
James Quattlebaum   Athens--Bookstore
Helen Reid          Athens--Step 5-TC 110
Charlotte Renk      Athens--Step 1
Melinda Reppond     Palestine
Erica Richardson    Terrell
Joy Richmond        Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Robert Risko        Terrell
Sandra Roberson     Palestine
Charles ―Marc‖ Robinson   Athens--Step 5-TC-114
Amy Rogers                Athens--Step 5-TC118
Jerry Rogers              Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Tina Rummel               Athens--Step 5-TC114
Pat Salinas               Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Tammy Salmon              Palestine
Gary San Miquel           Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Russell Self              Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Theresa Sharp             Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Tom Sheram                Athens--Step 5-TC 114
William Simpson           Athens--Bookstore
Jason Smith               Terrell
Katherine Smith           Terrell
Pat Smith                 Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Natoshia Spain            Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Delbert Spencer           Terrell
Madison Spencer           Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Kristin Spizzirri         Terrell
Tyson Spizzirri           Terrell
Kenneth Stamper           Terrell
Elizabeth Starek          Athens--Step 6
David Stephens            Athens--Step 5-TC112
Gail St.Clair             Athens--Testing
Janice Sutton             Athens--Step 2B
Deanna Thompson           Terrell
Sue Lynn Trent            Athens--Step 5-TC 119
Donna Wall                Palestine
Scott Walker              Palestine
Ron Walker                Athens--Step 5-TC-114
Regina Weaks              Palestine
Amanda Weber              Athens--Step 5-TC 112
Rebecca Whitley           Terrell
Gerald Wilson             Admissions Committee
Lisa Witherspoon          Terrell
Angela Woodard            Palestine
Marylyn Wright            Athens--Step 5-TC 118
Earle Young               Palestine
Jason Zaklan              Athens--Financial Aid
Xochilt Zinn              Terrell

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