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					Breightmet: Community Buildings/Spaces
Breightmet North
Building and Address               Spaces / Capacities                   Current Usage                        Contact Details for Booking
Breightmet UCAN                    Upstairs Meeting room - Max 8                                              Downstairs - contact Tony
                                   One to one space downstairs                                                Upstairs - contact Neighbourhood
                                                                                                              Management Team

Bright Meadows Children's Centre   Community Room - capacity 25,         Ad hoc - needs booking in advance
                                   available for meetings or practical   Free is work is linked to ECM
                                   activities. Projector and Laptop      outcomes / children and young
                                   available. Teas and Coffees can be    people

Red Lane United Reformed Church    Main hall - capacity up to 30         Currently day nursery                Mr Bradshaw
                                                                         Tue and Thu evenings - Youth Clubs   Alma 01204 523971
                                                                         NB. Changing usage into church and
                                                                         may not be available in future
Elderdale Community Centre         Main Hall - capacity up to 30 (tbc)   Wednesdays - Age Concern             Carol Townsend - Kentmere Road Housing
                                   Kitchen space adjoins so              'Yewdale Luncheon Club'              Office,
                                   teas/coffees can be made              Some additional activities such as
                                                                         Line Dancing, Active Aging
                                   NB. decisions yet to be made about    Every 4th Friday - LAP
                                   future of building so need to think
                                   about longer term activities

Deepdale Community Centre          Room capacity 45. Disabled access.    Free to community groups.            Jackie Pilling
Deepdale Road                      Kitchen available. Bring own          Available Tuesdays, Wednesday        Tel:01204 335316
                                   refreshments.                         mornings, Saturdays. Evenings are    PillingJ1@boltonat
                                                                         ad hoc.
Waggon Road Play Centre           Outdoor play areas                                                              Angela Kay
                                  Main hall in building                                                           01204 334147

Top o'th Brow School & Field +    Field in use                                                                    Chris Caldwell 01204 322533
St.Catherines Acedmey buildings                                                                         

Breightmet Library                No specific community room but          Available during opening hours for      Laura Pilling
                                  spaces within the library are open      meetings etc. as its informal usage.    Project Coordinator
                                  to use.                                 Caretaker on site till 9pm 2 nights     01204 332353
                                                                          per week so evening use is available
                                  One to One small room available for     (after library closes at 7.30pm, days
                                  Free upon booking.                      tbc) Opens end of Sept 09 .

The Rocket                                                                Possible barrier venue as some local    Jimmy
                                                                          residents will not enter even when
                                                                          closed to general public.

The Moseley Arms                  Room holds 150. Full disabled           Available after 12pm. Prices to be      Bev Stewart
                                  facilities. Food and Drink available.   determined by groups need and           Manager
                                  Encourages community groups.            size.                                   01204 525901

The Withins Pub                   Room capacity up to 50.Food and         Room is free if dining. Small charge    Tim Hines
                                  drink available.                        to groups for meetings. Available all   Tim:01204 399800
                                                                          days ad-hoc 11-11

Red Lane Primary School           Training room only. Up to 35 people     Open term time only. Education &        Visit Reception or call 01204 333580
                                  depending room layout. Office           Charity use £90 per day or £50 per
                                  equipment available at cost e.g.        half day.

Breightmet South
Building and Address              Spaces / Capacities                      Current Usage                             Contact Details for Booking
Leverhulme Children's Centre      Cafe - available anytime for           Ad hoc - need to book in advance           Centre Manager
                                  informal one to one meetings

                                  Community Room - details tbc

Leverhulme Park Community Club    Upstairs room, capacity of approx      Ad-hoc bookings                            Tel: 01204 334272, Leverhulme
                                  30. Suitable for meetings and or       Costs £15.50 per hour                      Park Community Club, Long Lane
                                  group activities.                                                                 Bolton, BL2 6EB

Lancashire Wildlife Trust         1 small room downstairs. 2 large       Ad-hoc bookings                            Sandra Spencer
499-511 Bury Road                 meeting rooms upstairs. Full           Approx cost for community groups           Tel: 01204 663754
Breightmet                        disabled access. Room capacity is up   £10 per Hr. Price is means tested.
BL2 6DH                           to 40 per room. Great views!           Rooms available Mon-Fri 9-5. The
                                                                         building is available in the evenings at
                                                                         extra cost due to staffing.

Breightmet United Football Club   Room holds up to 100. Bar and          Available weekdays 10-6. Weekends          Barry Norris
Moss Park                         Kitchenette on site.                   11-late. Costing worked out based on       Tel:01204 533930
Bury New Road                                                            activity, group and how often.             After 2pm only.
Breightmet Conservative Club      Rooms hold up to 100. Bar and          Available weekdays. Confirm with           Stephen Thompson
684 Bury Road                     Kitchenette on site.                   manager for times and prices               Tel:01204 533515
BL2 6JD                                                                  depending on activity and group.
Farmers Arms Pub                  Community room available. Holds up     Contact or visit to book.                  01204 527674
357 Radcliffe Road                to 20 seated. Residents associations
BL3                               and community groups welcome.

St Osmands Church                 Room hold up to 180. No disabled       Monday and Wednesday mornings              Mrs Jane Rose
Long Lane                         toilets. Kitchen available.            depending on availability. Small fee       Tel:01204 522770
BL2 6EB                                                                  may apply.
St John the Evangelist Church   Room available to community          Available Ad Hoc during the week and   Greg Yerbury
45 Brodrick Drive               groups.                              weekends.                              520863
BL2 6NC                                                                                                     389033

Power League                    Function room that seats up to 90.   Available ad Hoc. Contact manager to   Steven Warburton
Leverhulme Park                 No kitchen facilities. Disabled      book for community groups and cost.    01204 525333
Long Lane                       equipped.                            Normally just for large parties.

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