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					                 SUORE DOMENICANE di S. Caterina da Siena
                      FOGLIO INFORMATIVO
                                                                       n°9 settembre - ottobre 2006

Redazione:      Via Massimi 114/b – 00136 Roma                 06.978.453.28        


VRHNIKA October 1, 2006: Presentation of the new religious community to the parish community

Vrhnika is a smiling small town with about 15.000 inhabitants at the doors of Lubiana, the capital. It looks
like an agglomerate of little villages around their small church. Situated on green hillocks, it has such an
attraction, as it is not easy to detach from it. We have not happened to be there all of a sudden, but on
August 16. The parish priest, Blaž Gregorc, had put at the disposal of the Congregation a house, which
people had donated for the needs of the parish. We are now the beneficiaries of this donation. We feel that
our dream of radiating our Charism in this land, signed by communism, begins to come true.
After settling the house with the necessary furniture (most of which from Tamai), to make it more
comfortable, we embellished it with curtains and sacred images, which help us to keep our eyes turned to
heaven. …
                                                        They had informed the faithful of Vrhnika about
                                                        our official entrance on October 1, thus we noticed
                                                        a “restrained” expectation in them.
                                                        On September 23, Sr. Consuelo accompanied Sr.
                                                        M. Gerina Marrone, the third member of the
                                                        community. The other two sisters, Sr. M. Flora
                                                        Tupputi and Sr. M. Felicitas Nwabueze, had
                                                        already left the Pirano community on August 16.
                                                        They were waiting for the arrival of Mother
                                                        General and Sr. M. Josy, on September 29. During
                                                        the evening Holy Mass of the following day, they
                                                        started introducing us in a very simple way:

        a brief introduction and greeting by the
        the singing of a responsorial psalm in
        a brief PowerPoint projection to present
   the Congregation and its charism explained in
   Slovene by Sr. M. Felicitas
        a word of greeting by Mother general to
   the people at the end of Holy Mass (translated
   by Sr. M. Felicitas ... !)
        An applause, a visible sign of
    They repeated this presentation during each of
   the 5 Masses that they celebrated. The Pirano
   and Tamai communities, some friends from
   Tamai with their Parish Priest were also present.

The Parish Priest of Vrhnika offered us a tasty festive lunch in his parish house. That was an occasion to
cast the foundation of a twining between the Tamai Parish and that of Vrhnika. We shall see how it will
…however, things do not end over here! We could not miss an encounter with the Pastor of the Diocese,
the one who had shown us the appropriate place, in which we could start our presence in this land.
Monsignor Aloiz Uran welcomed us very much benevolently in the Bishop House. He was glad to hear of
our projects, without depriving us of his advices for a good insertion. He made also a question which
surprised us pleasantly, “In which country will you open the next new house?”
While committing ourselves to a life of testimony, we shall keep this question alive in us.


31 July was a remarkable day for the Inter-congregational community of Kabul.                               .
The long desired day had come when Mother Viviana, along with Sr. M. Juana Segura, arrived in Kabul.
From the airport, they came straight to the Italian embassy to pay a visit to Jesus in the Chapel, the only
official Church in Afghanistan. They were happy to see the big paintings of St. Catherine and St. Francis,
the two great patron saints of Italy. However, they could not see Rev. Fr. Moretti, sub-Juris in Afghanistan.
He was away in Italy for his holidays.
On reaching home, the sisters welcomed them warmly with traditional garlands. The next day they
visited the centre for mentally retarded children. The children welcomed them in their own way. They were
happy to make a show of all they had learnt so far in this little time of three 3 months.
Their simplicity and spontaneity were remarkable. They never got tired of performing their various gestures
of love towards the honourable guests.
On their part, Mother Viviana and Sr. Juana also showed their special love to them. In a short time, the
children became so familiar as if they had been always with them.
We dedicated the next few days to visit the Little sisters of Jesus, the clinic of Lutheran Brother Jacob,
Alberto Cairo's orthopaedic centre, and the Sisters of Mother Teresa. We arranged these visits to give our
guests a little idea of the presence of Religious communities in Kabul. Thanking God, the Jesuit Fathers also
came from Herat to Kabul for some work. They had the possibility of meeting Mother Viviana and Sr. Juana
and to share their plans and projects, with the desire of a reciprocal support for the religious life in
On Friday, being a holiday and, therefore, a day of less traffic, we planned to have a bird high view of
Kabul, which is now a mixture of magnificent mountains, with heaps of debris and remains from the historical
buildings destroyed during the 20 years long war.
The community had a precious time to share personal and communitarian problems, fears, hopes and
visions. The sisters asked Mother Viviana to give them some guidelines, out of her wisdom and long
experience, so that the community might be more efficiently active in the mission entrusted to it. Mother
Viviana very tactfully involved the sisters to share their experience. She said that the Mission cannot be
separated from the life lived in the community. She stressed also the point that our consecrated and
dedicated life in the community is a sign that the Incarnated Word lives among us.
This awareness makes our daily commitment fruitful. By strengthening the positive qualities of each sister, we
invigorate fraternal life in the community. At times, our personal limits may block the richness and variety of
talents present in the community. The Word of God is the key to the solution of many problems, because
God himself is the best psychologist.
We are thankful to Sr. Juana for her silent and attentive presence. Our heartfelt thanks to Mother Viviana
who, in spite of her huge work, has made it possible to come to Afghanistan. She has made this historical
event possible because she is a woman of faith and a daring daughter of Mother Gérine, for whom
everything was possible because she believed in the Providence of God.                                    .


The beginning of September brought the end of the summer rhythm of life, but not that of heat. The
community life and its activities have resumed their normal speed, despite the tensions and uncertainties
caused by ceaseless national and international problems.
From September 8 until 10, we held a meeting of sisters principals in Faisalabad. The following gave
their valid contribution:
      Sr. M. Parveen Rehmat, who spoke on “the role of the principal as a responsible person”
      Sr. M. Firdous Mengha on “the role of the Principal as communicator”
      Sr. M. Lillian (who had just come back from the meeting of the Executive Committee of Major
 Superiors in Multan) guided the group on the reflection “How to live the leadership in our schools”.
 She articulated her reflection in 4 points:
1) Power, 2) Sense of responsibility; 3) Giving reason for the results of our decisions; 4) Authority.
      Sr. M. Dilshad : Direction and Administration.
 Sr. M. Razia Sadiq, who continues her course of Professional Nurse in the Holy Family Hospital of
Karachi, renewed her vows on September 22. We offer to her our fraternal good wishes for an
abundance of graces on her life.
 On September 23 and 24, we should have carried on the second Programme of the Formation of
Prioresses and formators in Faisalabad, but we had to postpone it because of the difficult situation
created by the wrong interpretation of the talk of the Pope in Germany. They advised us to avoid
On September 28, we started our Retreat at Warispura, preached by Fr.Yaqoob, O.P., in preparation for
the final profession of the following 5 juniors: :
   l. Sr. M. Sozana Niamat
   2. Sr. Mariam Mengha
   3. Sr. M. Aster Rafiq
   4. Sr. M. Rukhsana Yaqub
   5. Sr. M. Shahida Rashid.
We made a programme to follow the 5 juniors with care and intensity for their proximate preparation
to the Final Profession, during the month of August up to the retreat:
 they began after the Feast of St. Dominic, with days of intense study and reflection of our laws, guided
by Sr. M. Gabriella Seganti;
 Sr. M. Lillian, Prioress Provincial, gave them an ample material of reflection on the theme “religious
Life and the vows”;
 Sr. M. Tommasina Jalal, the counsellor in charge of formation, exposed the theme “Prayer and
 Sr. M. Razia Chanan guided them in a deepening of the “Dominican Spirituality;
 E Sr. M. Robina Victor highlighted the “Human development”.
We celebrated the function of the Final Profession on October 7, 2006, in the Faisalabad Cathedral. The
Bishop of Faisalabad, Monsignor Joseph Coutts, was the main celebrant. There was a good participation
of sisters, relatives, friends and acquaintances.
We keep on surrounding with prayer our young sisters who have made this very important step in their
religious life, joyfully and enthusiastically. Congratulations and best wishes to them !
We offer our very special wishes also to the three postulants: Josephine Meharban – Hummaira George –
Zahida Munshi, who started their Noviciate on October 5, 2006, and to 6 young women who started
their journey of postulancy: Naila Sarfraz – Robina Meharban – Shahnaz Rashid – Naila Munawar –
Teskeen Nazir – Asma Barkat.

We are living with trepidation the tension kindled in the Muslim world after the wrong interpretation of
the Pope’s talk in Germany. On this circumstance, we recur as usual to the weapon of individual and
communitarian prayer at the feet of the Eucharist. We entrust to Him the protection of the “little flock”
and its Pastor, as well as the work of restoring good relations of esteem and trust of the Muslims towards
the Vicar of Christ.

While calling to mind our participation in the congress of “Catherine Project IV”, I have realised that an
important dimension was missing in the collective testimony of the delegation “Mother Gérine”.
I think that the invitation to this participation had a double finality.

    1- To introduce us to a project of permanent formation;
    2- To offer an opportunity of reciprocal knowledge to the participants;
       In our warm testimony, we neglected this second dimension. I am truly happy because of my new
       relations with sisters whom I had never seen before and am grateful for this. THANK YOU !!!
                                                                                   Sr Alice dei Prédicadous

ALBI: Unexpected visits to the Maison-Mère
During the second half of August, we had the joy of welcoming two Italian couples very much bound to our
            Sr M. Grazia Maestroni asked us whether it was possible for us to give hospitality to M. Teresa, a lay
associate in the Congregation, together with her husband. On their pilgrimage to Lourdes, they wanted to stop
in Albi to know the Mother House, the House of Mother Gérine. We welcomed them joyfully and they shared “a
little of our life” for a few days, in the chapel, the refectory and during the evening recreation. Since M. Teresa
can speak French quite well, we could truly know each other. They had a little dog with them, inhabiting the
car’s bonnet as secondary residence, but it avails itself of all the rounds in the city!

           On the evening of M. Teresa’s arrival, the Sisters in Vigevano phoned us asking whether we could
host a couple dear to the community. It was Rosaria, a journalist, who takes care of “Ave Maria” and has
accepted the responsibility of the new bulletin of the Congregation (an important role in our Family), with her
husband, FranK, who is equally very close to the sisters. He told us of having spoken with three sisters, in the
house where Rosanna had been for many years as a boarder, about his intention of marrying her. They did not
come to us empty-handed. In fact, the sisters from Vigevano had sent a bag of rice through them. It was the
fruit of their land, a sign of their affection. Thank you, dear sisters, for this act of kindness, which has impressed
us a lot!
          Our four friends enjoyed the chance of knowing one another reciprocally.
They could visit Albi, wondering before the Cathedral and the Palace “de la Berbie” seen through the doors.
They proceeded to the old city, in search of houses with “pigeons”, of small streets around the cathedral, of St.
Salvy cloister. They even sailed the Tarn on a boat, going around the city.
          On an evening’s meeting, Rosaria spoke to us of the mission entrusted to her, asking us to support this
new project with our prayer.
We were sorry to see that Rosaria and Frank had to leave us soon. They invited us to visit them and to see the
beautiful lake of Como. It is evidently a dream indeed, but we would be happy to see them again.
          M. Teresa and Giovanni Battista stayed with us some more days. They spoke to us of their family, but
also of many sisters of the Congregation whom Teresa knows and to whom she had given Italian lessons.
Later, they wrote to us from Lourdes, saying that their stay in Albi had been an authentic preparation for their
          We know that our friends enjoyed their stay in our community. We, too, are enthusiastic for meeting
them and for coming to know the role of the laity in our Congregation.
          These encounters have reminded us that at the origin of our unity there is a humble and daring woman,
totally abandoned in the hands of God to participate in his design of salvation. We entrust all the members of
our Family to her intercession.


PROUILHE: September 1, Eva is welcomed to the Monastery!

It was a joy for me to accompany Eva, a young Polish woman, during the last months, which she
spent in Toulouse before joining the monastery of Prouilhe.
On September 1, 2006, there was, so to say, the crowning of a year expectation and reflection, spent by Eva in
France: a time to evaluate her desire of monastic life.
Eva has spent a month at our house in Toulouse, out of which a week in our Albi community. She
has not spoken much of her past life, but her presence has told us a lot about her personality. It is
sure that she has known the restrictions of the communist regime and the austerities of a student’s

life with insufficient financial means. The Dominican Friars in Postnam, where she has completed her
studies, have supported her. Eva has manifested a strong desire to answer the call to the Dominican
contemplative life with the utmost straightforwardness and truth. Her worry has been a strong
provocation for my apostolic life.
On first September we left Toulouse early in the morning to participate in the convent Holy Mass at
08.30. Fr. Brayan O. P., chaplain of the Monastery, chose the Mass for religious because of the
entrance of Eva, and another Haitian girl from Martinica, into the Postulate. The readings of the day
were in perfect harmony, helping to give a deep sense to the beginning of the journey these two
sisters were setting on: Paul to the Corinthians, “the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God”,
and Matthew, “We can compare the Kingdom of God to ten virgins … “
After Mass, they invited Eva and me to go to the door of the Monastery. That big oak wooden door
was quite impressive! As soon as the door opened, we saw Sr. Catherine, the Prioress, and the entire
community. The sisters expressed the joy of welcoming Eva! (the other postulant was already in the
community). That moment, I imagined St. Dominic welcoming the first sisters, opening the door of a
salvation far from the journey of the Cathar heresy! I followed with a certain emotion this event,
which introduced me to the cloister and to an intense rite of fraternal welcome. After embracing each
sister (whom I can now call by name) we went through the cloister to reach the community room.
The beauty of those simple and clothless places impressed me. We sang the “Sub tuum presidium” in
French before a beautiful statue of the Virgin, entrusting the community to her protection, the
moment in which it assumed the responsibility of accompanying the two young women in their
Dominican vocation. Soon a third French postulant will join them. They are new stitches in the
secular weave of the history of Prouilhe.
During a moment of fraternal sharing, the sisters asked us to speak to them about our union. We
called to memory the bonds uniting the monastery to the Congregation since many years, expressing
the desire of strengthening them. Several sisters of the ex-Congregation from Rome have visited and
stayed in Prouilhe and the nuns keep a living remembrance of them.
We shall soon start celebrating the eighth century of the Prouilhe foundation, with the opportunity of
commemorating this historical event. Fr. Carlos Azpiroz writes in I.D.I, no. 443, “It is the first
Dominican Community, a true hidden seed of the Order; we analogously celebrate the theological precedence of
contemplation in our life and mission”.


                                                       The Final Profession of Sr. M. Angela Altrui has
                                                       brought to fulfilment her desire of offering herself
                                                       totally to God, through the hands of Mary. It is a
                                                       desire safeguarded in her heart for a long time,
                                                       strengthened and purified by faithful waiting.
                                                       We lived the day in the Family intimacy, as Sr.
                                                       M. Angela had desired to focus her attention
                                                       wholly on what she lived. Providence wanted
                                                       both the Provincial Prioress of “Our Lady of the
                                                       Rosary” Province, as well as the community
                                                       prioress to be present. This gave a particular
                                                       colour and meaning to what the Lord has
                                                       accomplished in the life of his spouse The gift
                                                       of God was joyfully welcomed by Sr. M. Angela
                                                       with gratitude to God and our R. Family.

We herewith quote some passages from the homily of the presiding Bishop, Monsignor Francesco
Monterisi, secretary of the Congregation for the Bishops. They can be useful for our reflection.

It is not you who have chosen me, but I have chosen you”. Today, dear Sr. M. Angela, these
words of the Lord come true in you. This is an extraordinary day of your life; in unforeseeable
conditions, Jesus has chosen you, leading you along ways you would never been able to imagine.
Now, your dream has come true. In a definitive way, Jesus repeats to you the words, which the
Prophet Hosea puts on the lips of the Lord, “I shall betroth you for ever, in benevolence and
Like the Spouse of the Song of Songs, you can repeat to Jesus, “It is He, my beloved!” Your love
for Jesus will go on being more and more integral and undivided. It will be a concrete love,
according to the charism of the religious Family. Through the mouth of each poor and each sick
person, Jesus will say to you, “Sitio”, “I am thirsty” of your affection and dedication.
 You will offer the inestimable gift of the Word of God to everyone who wants to know Christ.
….. If you will not withdraw from living your consecration integrally, “your joy will be full”. We
wish you and pray that you may keep this fervour, this joy for your entire future life, because
God loves joyful givers”.

                               testimonies                 

My experience in Uganda
I arrived in the capital of Uganda on August 1, at 11.40, finding myself, the only white person,
in a small African airport. I understand that the white sister looking at me is waiting just for
my arrival. Naturally, there is neither a Punto, nor a Micra outside the airport, but a dusty
pick-up, with some swelling here and there. Then, it is true that the sisters do not know how to
drive …
With Sr. Francesca, I start the journey towards the little village of Kakumiro, at about 200 km
from the capital. 200 km of roads full of holes covered with red earth. Only now I understand
why the pick-up is a little dusty and with swellings.
My African adventure starts from here. I know the missionary sisters who have been living
there for years, very much committed to school, hospital and distant adoptions.
I spend my days talking with the hostel girls, disputing their way of thinking and their projects,
which sometimes reduce themselves to the desire of having many children, without knowing
any man and how to bring up the children. I enjoy following them during their break while they
sew little baskets, or straw caps, or make little frames with banana leafs. I follow them also in
make the fields when they sow the peanuts and when we have to save the beans from insects.
Africa is a country with thousands of resources. People exploit even the tiniest thing to create
something useful. The soil gives such a variety of fruit and vegetables, as we need to buy
nothing from the supermarket.
There is also a primary School with pupils from 5 years old, rigorously dressed in uniform and
with the nightmare of the timetables. Sr. Noelina enjoys gathering in her class the most
desperate cases of pupils to whom I try to teach multiplication and division. However,
mathematics is not their strong point, thus they go on fighting with numbers. There is a group
of dumb-deaf children in the same school. They have left an indelible impression in my heart.
They are the most marginalised children, often abandoned by their parents. They recently have
got admission into the Government schools, receiving instruction and food. They feel surprised
to see the white colour of my skin. When we take them to the convent to offer them a biscuit or
a sweet, they explode in joyful gestures and mimics, which words would not be able to express.
To me, all this is a constant confrontation with persons who have completely different ways of
thinking and living from my own. I realise that we can truly enter their mentality only by
speaking with them and sharing what they do. It is not enough to stay there and to wonder why
most families live still in huts and have no money to feed the children. It is undoubtedly a
world very different from ours and with many problems. However, it has a lot to teach us. At
the end of this experience, I am now aware that I have actually done very little for them, while
in their simplicity they have offered me a lot, reminding to me that essentiality is an important
value in life.
I thank Jesus and “his Mother”, for the gift of allowing me to live this very much desired
experience. I thank Sr. Celine who has been accompanying me with her prayer and all the
sisters who have been at my side during this experience”. Paola
What a beautiful experience the Dominican sisters, novices, postulants and aspirants in Nigeria had in the Agip
Recital hall, Muson Center, in Lagos State. Everyone was involved in a fund raising concert organized
purposely for the actualization of our projects here in Nigeria. Two of our benefactors in the persons of Mrs.
Cartia Ekesi and Mrs. Floriana, organised the concert, involving some other personalities who could help with
their generous donation.
It was a privilege meeting people of different tribes, races and of different nationality. We enjoyed listening to
great singers who travelled all the way from Cuba to grace the occasion with us. It was a well-organized
programme and an exhilarating one. The programme started in the evening of Saturday, 23rd of September. The
novices and postulants were the first to perform on stage. Before the performance our hearts were trembling,
being it the first time of participating in a concert, but to the glory of God, it was successful.
The preparation for this concert was made in common with the choice of songs, among which: Can’t help
falling in love, Some where over the rainbow and a traditional Igbo song; “Enenebe ejegh’olu”, meaning
fascination. We thank Sr Kenny Korie who chose and taught them to us before she left for Italy. We thank
God for her gift and her presence among us. One of our Dominican brothers also, Rev. br. Avemaria OP, was
invited to train our voice, so that we might sing harmoniously during the concert. It was an exciting moment.
Sr. M. Pauline conducted the two English songs, while reverend sister Rosemary accompanied them with the
piano. During the presentation of the third song, the novices and postulants were on a traditional outfit, while
reverend Sr. M. Gloria Nnamani. and the aspirants played the musical instruments to accompany the dancing.
On our own part, it was a moment of proclaiming Christ’s love and a practical demonstration of faith to all
present. We thanked God for being partakers of this great event and for the gift of Sr. M. Alessia Spinelli to the
Congregation here in Nigeria – the instrument God is using to realize his project.
Finally, the delegate, Sr. M. Margaret Hussein gave a vote of thanks to the organizers of the concert and to all
present, and prayed for God’s abundant blessings upon all who had donated generously.
Our gratitude to God is immeasurable for He has done all things well.
Marcella, a guest in our home for the aged during the past 5 years, passed away in the month
of September. At the end of the funeral Mass, her daughter and her son (not Catholic)
expressed their thankfulness to the sisters and their co-workers in the following words:
“It is very beautiful to find a family in an Institute. This is our experience from the day our
mother came here, into your Home. Whenever we came to see her, we did not find only one
person, but a whole community. We saw how lovingly the personnel served supper and paid to
her many attentions that go beyond professional assistance. We are grateful to our mother for
the life we have, but we admit that she was not an easy person to assist. Sometimes she was
also capricious, but the love and the care offered by this community is admirable. Surely the
solicitous care of the sisters and the lay personnel has lengthened the life of our mother, who,
strolling in the corridor in the evening, after spending her first day here, said, “Let us go home”,
indicating her room. She had already understood the value of the place she lived in. Thank you
for everything”.
Dear Sister, I am writing to you from Paramonga, the first place where our sisters arrived when they
started their mission in Perù. This locality is 200 km away in the North of Lima and it is truly very poor,
particularly the “Barrio” in which we live.
We get water from seven until eleven in the morning, and we have to manage with the water left over in
the containers for the remaining part of the day. There is the electricity, but the locality is very dangerous.
We shared the commemoration of 21 years of existence of the Women Association who carries on the
laboratories of “Mother Courage”. It has was very beautiful: and the ladies were very happy to celebrate
this anniversary. The course on missionary updating was quite involving. There was not too much enthusiasm
for the first two days, but the last three days were very interesting, mainly when they spoke about the
Mission Ad Gentes in Latin America and when a journalist presented the social mass media related to the
mission. This was very interesting. The sharing with Sr. Genevieve was very beautiful. It helped me to re-
member the journey made as missionary, apostle and disciple of God, father and mother of all his children.
The challenge is enormous and the Kingdom calls us. The community conviviality is very good. We are truly
different, but this does not forbid communion and fraternity. Everything is possible …
Together with Sr. Barbarita, I send my greetings to all of you. Hna. Silvana

From the General Curia
September 2006
On the coming back of the Prioress general and Sr. M. Christophe from Guadeloupe, on September 6, the
Curia started the General Councils, interrupted only by some scheduled previous commitments.
Monday, September 11, 2006, the Prioress General with Sr. Suzanne and Sr. M. Juana, visited the St. Mark of
Perugia community.
On September 12, Mother Viviana, delegate of the Italian Language Group, conducted the afternoon work of
the UISG meeting.
From September 14 until 17, the prioress General, Sr. M. Celina Stangherlin and Sr. M. Laura Restelli
participated in the Administration Council of Turin.
20 – 21 September: Sr. M. Christophe flew to Paris for a meeting of the women religious in France.
September 21: the master General, Fr. Carlos Azpiroz Costa, shared the supper with the community of Via
degli Artisti and visited the Curia in its new residence.
September 26: meeting of the General Council with Rosaria Marchesi for the planned magazine “Allez allez
September 28: the Prioress General participated in the administration Council of the Association, “Pro
children in Kabul” to give a report on her visit to Kabul. Sr. M. Celine is always present in this Council.
September 29: the Prioress General accompanied by Sr. M. Josy Jabol, left for Slovenia to be present for the
opening of the house in Vrhnika, diocese of Liubliana.

Calendar for October 2006
October 1: while we opened a new community at Vrhnika, the members of the Curia joined the Family
feast at Montemario for the Final Vows of Sr. M. Angela Altrui.
October 5/6: on her return from Vrhnika, the Prioress General passed through the Communities of Pirano,
Tamai and Bologna, where she participated in the annual Assembly of the Association “S. Alberto
October 6 – 8: having to participate in a congress, Sr. M. Juana was given hospitality by the Venice
October 9 – 10: these are the last two days of a series of meetings of the General Council. It started on…
September 9!
October 11 – 13: Sr. M. Christophe e Sr. M. Elvira travel to Paris for the Assembly of the Dominican
Sisters in France.
October 20 – 22: Sr. M. Celina participates in the USMID Congress
October 20: Sr. M. Juana leaves for Ealing – London, where she will stay for a month to study the English
October 21: Sr. M. Christophe and Sr. M. Suzanne leave for France where they will spend several days to
arrange the documents of the Curia of the Albi ex-Congregation. Sr. M. Elvira will leave with them to visit
the sisters of the “Mère Gérine” Delegation.
October 25 – 31: Sr. M. Laura Restelli will go to Vigevano for a meeting on “St. Joseph’s “Institute.
October 27: the Prioress General leaves for Ealing, London, to visit the community and to meet Sr. Angela
Leydon, Prioress General of the Stone Dominican sisters for an evaluation of the first year life of the


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