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                                     6          Annual TEXAS ELITE CLASSIC
                                                 May 17-18, 2008

                                                                                                                                BOYS DIVISIONS
       Divisions 14U and 15U                                                                                                   14U/8th grade
       Younger age divisions. 3 game guarantee.                                                                                15U/9th grade
       This event will host the most competitive teams in the Houston area.
       Premiere SPRING EVENT for young School boys.
       All games in one location TGBG Gym                                                                                      May 12-13, 2007
       All teams will move into the championship rounds.                                                             
       Play starts Friday, May 17, 2007.
       High school rules with stop clock on all dead balls for all age divisions.
       Trophies awarded to 1st and 2nd place team members in each age division.
       Registration is only $275 per team.

                                                     We will only accommodate a set number of teams for maximum exposure, so
                                                     registration will be accepted by the order in which the enclosed form is received.
                                                     To register, complete the form below and mail with a cashiers check or money
                                                     order in the amount of $275 to Elite Action Sports, 7721 A – West Bellfort
                                                     #134 Houston, TX. 77071. If the Texas Elite is full, your check will be returned.
                                                     Spot is confirmed once full payment is received.

Team Name:                                                                                                       Division
Contact Name:

Phones: (H)                                             (W)                                           (C)


City:                                                               State:                                       Zip:

Email:                                                                         Fax:

The undersigned being the coach of the team named above, hereby agrees to hold The Texas Elite Classic, Elite Action Sports, its officers, directors, and
coaches faultless in the event of injury or other harm occurring to the child during the participation in all tournament events. The coach assures the tournament
that adequate medical insurance is available and if necessary will be responsible for any medical expenses.
SIGNATURE:                                                                                               DATE

  Please note that your team is not confirmed in the tournament until we receive full payment. Make checks payable to
   “Elite Action Sports, Inc.” and mail to 7721 A-West Bellfort #134 Houston, TX. 77071. Entry Fee is $275 per team.

              or call 832-651-9032 for more information

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