Is it True The More Online Competition the Better for Your Online Business

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					Is it True? The More Online Competition the
Better for Your Online Business
It’s a common question – is more online competition better for your online business and the
answer is absolutely yes! If you open a store in your city, the last thing you want is another
similar store opening up on the same block or in a nearby vicinity. In fact, it’s generally agreed
that less competition is better. So why is it when it comes to online business the more
competition the better? Glad you asked.

When a person decides to start a business online many will feed the same advice as you would
for a brick and mortar store, be careful that there isn’t too much competition, or try to find your
own niche. The more experienced online entrepreneur knows that it’s exactly the opposite. The
more competition you have the better and here’s why.

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If there are many websites that sell the same thing you are planning to sell it tells you it must be
a profitable business to be in. It also means that down the road as you grow your business you’ll
be able to leverage off the competitions websites to help grow your business. But there is one
catch if you are going to be dabbling in a highly competitive market – you must be able to retain
your website visitor.

Every website needs traffic, but not just any traffic. The traffic that comes to your website needs
to be targeted and once that website visitor arrives you need to be able to keep them there. To do
this you need to build a solid mailing list. The best way to accomplish this is by giving your
visitor a great incentive to subscribe to. For example, coupons, a free report, a monthly
newsletter, a gift, or anything else that will make your visitor want to give you their email
address. This is the quickest way to grow any online business and yet it’s the most underused
tool out there.

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Make sure you also participate in blogs, forums, and article marketing all tools that can help you
grow your business. If you use all of these tools it won’t matter how much competition you have
you’ll get your share of the market and be highly successful.

By using these tools you will be leveraging your competition rather than competing against
them. Once you have your mailing list those are your subscribers and your customers if you
market your product(s) and service(s) right. So don’t be afraid of a lot of competition. Online it
really can work to your advantage.

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