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					                           Village Gram
                                                        February/Volume 32/Issue No. 6

                              The newsletter of The Florida State University’s Alumni Village

Boosting our service programs
Residents can help improve the lifestyle in Alumni Village

     t’s been a chilly start to the Spring                                                                        Parent Hour, left,
     semester, but the Alumni Village                                                                             provides caregivers
     community staff is gearing up for a                                                                          of the youngest
season of hot events – we will be add-                                                                            Alumni Village resi-
                                                                                                                  dents with a break
ing more service oriented programs to
                                                                                                                  from their routine,
help you have a healthier and, hopefully,                                                                         social time, and the
less stressful semester. Many residents                                                                           opportunity to par-
responded to our last programming survey                                                                          ticipate in new ac-
with requests for classes, workshops, and                                                                         tivities or to learn
seminars that would help them get healthy,                                                                        about parenting in
settle into life in Tallahassee (and for                                                                          the community.
many, the U.S.), and decrease their stress.
    Starting this semester, Shoko Letton                                                                          The Village Closet,
                                                                                                                  below, is one of
will be incorporating a “wellness” seg-
                                                                                                                  the projects that
ment into the Tango classes. She says she                                                                         helps residents
will incorporate stretching tips, relaxation                                                                      reuse items while
techniques, and other forms of exercise                                                                           also helping with
that are beneficial to anyone whether they                                                                        FSU’s sustainable
are dancers or not.                                                                                               campus efforts.
    Our Cooking Classes and monthly
                                                ize and expose babies and toddlers to new
cooking article in the Village Gram are
                                                activities. Parent Hour provides a break
often designed with the idea of making
                                                in the routine for the caregivers of very
healthy food that is fast and inexpensive.
                                                young children in the village who do not
Eating well will help you maintain focus
                                                yet go to preschool. Over the past semes-
as you study and will give you the energy
                                                ter we’ve tried to incorporate information
you need to balance school, work, and
                                                about American culture for the parents and
family. Our Cooking Class also features
                                                grandparents who are new to the U.S. We
different cuisines from around the world,
                                                plan to continue that and bring in other
so you can get a little taste of our vibrant
                                                kinds of information about local resources
community’s home specialties such as
                                                available to families in Tallahassee.
Chinese Fried Rice and American Potato
                                                    Weekly English Conversation Classes
                                                began last semester and will continue this
    Many of the families already take ad-
                                                semester. Our instructors are native speak-
vantage of Parent Hour as a way to social-
                                                         Continued on page 13

              Starting Babies                     Check AV Blackboard Site                      Holiday History
                                                                                                            Why do we celebrate
              on Solid Food                       The Alumni Village Blackboard site is the
              As babies develop the muscles       place to keep up with the community. You                  Valentine’s Day? Who is
              to sit and crawl, they are usu-     can get news, post items for sale, see pic-               Punxsutawney Phil?
              ally ready to try new food.         tures from the community. Log on soon!
                               See Pages 8-9                                                                See Page 15
Village Gram Feb. 2011         Reminders & Maintenance Updates                                             Page 2

Use a drain board or in-sink           Gardening Policies                     Stray Animals
dish drainer
                                          Gardening is permitted up to 18        Please, for safety and health
   Do not drain dishes on the          inches from the building, in both      reasons, do not feed any stray
counter tops. You may be charged       front and back, in Areas II (build-    animals that roam the grounds.
for damages that occur such as         ings 171-190) and III (buildings       If you see any stray animals notify
replacing counter tops, cabinet        301 and above). Climbing vines or      Animal Control at (850)891-6790
doors, and cabinet boxes. Using        any plants that may damage any         or beeper (850)599-7480.
a dish drainer with a drain board      university property may not be
that drains into the sink or placing   planted. Plants found growing on       Bicycles
the dish drainer in one compart-       apartment screens or any other
ment of your sink will help prevent    part of the building will be re-          Any bicycles that are in disre-
damage.                                moved by grounds staff members.        pair (missing parts, rusted, etc.)
                                       Gardening is not allowed in area I     and chained to the lock bars at
Gas Pilots for Space Heaters           (buildings 150-167).                   the buildings will be removed
and Oven/Stove (Ranges)                                                       and stored for a brief time until
                                       How To Reroute Mail                    claimed. Any bicycles that are not
    Please do not attempt to adjust                                           claimed will be disposed of.
or manipulate any part of the gas         If you are receiving mail for the
control valves (internal mecha-        previous resident, please do not       Heaters
nism of the heater) other than the     place the mail on top of the mail-
thermostat and on/off pilot valve.     boxes. This may ruin the items            Please keep combustible mate-
If you have any problem with any       that could be forwarded to the         rial away from the sides and fronts
gas appliances, please report it to    previous resident, not to mention      of the heaters in your apartment.
the Alumni Villagemaintenance of-      become an eye sore to your area.       poses a fire hazard and places you
fice.The staff will provide you with   Simply writing “No Longer At This      and your family at risk.
specific information concerning        Address” and pushing the mail to
the use and care of the equipment.     the very back of your mailbox will
                                                                              Light Bulbs and Fire Safety
Also, do not store any flammable       let the mail carrier know to re-
items, i.e. boxes, toys, papers or     move the mail.
                                                                                 Please do not hang cloth or
cooking oil in front of or even near                                          paper over the wall lights in your
the heaters.                           Food and Grease in Drains              apartments.heat generated by the
                                                                              light bulbs can ignite the material
Heater Safety                             Please do not pour grease           and poses an extreme fire hazard.
                                       or food down the drains in the
   Before leaving your apartment       kitchen or bathrooms. The plumb-
                                                                              Storage of personal items
for any extended period of time,       ing is not equipped to handle this
make sure you adjust the ther-         type of matter, and it causes clogs
                                                                                 At Alumni Village , no household
mostat on your heater(s) to a low      and overflow in the sewer system.
                                                                              or personal property (including
setting. Leaving the thermostats       Be advised that residents will be
                                                                              children’s toys) may be stored out-
on high during the day, especially     charged for drain and sewage
                                                                              side of dwelling units. Residents
for those apartments with West         clogs caused by improper disposal
                                                                              shall not store items on stairwell
facing apartment windows, can          of food and grease. These charges
                                                                              breezeways or in screened venti-
result in very high temperatures in    can cost up to $250. Please dispose
                                                                              lation areas. A charge of $25 will
the apartment, which set off fire      of food and grease in your garbage
                                                                              be assessed until the items are
alarms and put the apartment at        and transfer to the dumpster.
risk of fire.
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                  Monthly Events                                                  Page 3

   English Classes                                      2/4/11                   Social and support
                                                                                 group for children,
   Every Sunday                                         Friday                   parents, grandparents
   4:00-6:00 PM                                                                  and caregivers.
   Rec Hall                                             Parent Hour              Monthly activities are
   English Classes are                                  “Valentine’s Day”        themed and generally include music and
   offered to any resi-                                                          movement, arts and crafts, games and light
   dent, regardless of
                                                        10:30-11:30 AM           refreshments
   student status, who wishes to improve their Eng-     Rec Hall
   lish. A native English speaking instructor leads                              First Step: Having
   the group through conversation, activities and       2/10/11
                                                                                 a Learner’s Permit
   support.                                             Thursday
                                                                                 “How to become a legal
                                                                                 driver in the U. S.?”
   Relaxation                                           US Life
                                                                                 “Where do I go to
   Class                                                “Driving”                learn driving?”
   First Tuesday of                                     7:00-8:00 PM             If you have questions
   each Month                                           Rec Hall                 about driving,
   7:00-8:00 PM                                                                  come to our Driving Education Program.
   Rec Hall                                                                      Guest Speakers from professional services
   Guest Instruc-                                                                will be on site.
   tor: Pam Light-                                      2/12/11                  Celebrate
   ner                                                                           Valentine’s
   Meditation and motion focusing on breath, proper
                                                        Saturday                 Day with breakfast
   forms of postures. It begins with 10 minutes                                  on us.
   opening meditation. Then move on to Pranayama        Valentine’s Brunch
   (breathing exercises), Sun Salutations (warm-up      11:00 AM-1:00 PM
   exercises), Traditional Hatha yoga asana
   (postures). The class ends with 10 minutes of        Rec Hall
   integrative relaxation All fitness levels.

                                                        2/19/11                  “What to cook tonight?.
   Tango Class                                                                   “I have no idea….”
   Every Tuesday                                        Saturday                 “I have to make a quick
   7:00-9:00 PM                                                                  dinner.”
   Rec Hall                                             Cooking Class            “I have a test tomorrow”
   You don't need a partner.                            “Twice Baked Potatoes”
   The class is designed so that                                                 Join us to learn a fast
                                                        11:00 AM-12:00 PM        easy dish
   each person dances with dif-
   ferent person, interchangea-                         Rec Hall
   bly. Both woman and man
   will experience leader and
   following roles in order to have a better communi-   2/20/11                  Event especially for
   cation through dance. Please come with com-                                   women. Monthly activities
   fortable shoes but not flipflop.
                                                        Sunday                   are themed to groups
   If you don't have dance shoes, please come                                    needs and interests
   with tennis shoes. Flip flop and sandals will        Women’s Club             from beauty to tips
   not help you move. Regular participation is en-                               to resources.
                                                        6:00-7:00 PM
   couraged. Improvement requires continuation.
   Please come regularly.                               Rec Hall
Village Gram Feb. 2011              Community Events   Page 4

 Dean of Students
 Food Pantry
 The Food Bank is FREE
 to any student in need (no
 questions asked, no need to
 prove need). If a student needs
 food assistance, they just visit
 Dean of Students Department,
 Suite 4100 UCA; Monday-
 Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
 We also accept food donations
 (nonperishable items) or
 financial donations to keep the
 program going. Call 644-2428
 for information.
Village Gram Feb. 2011     Community News                     Page 5

   We                               TV For Sale
  You!                                      I have a 19 inch
                                            magnavox color tv w/
                                            remote for sale. It's
                                            older and is in good
                                            shape physically.
                                            Asking $30.
If you have some great
photos, an interesting                      Please email
story, even a review,             
we’d love to have it for
the Village Gram. Email
 Village Gram Feb. 2011                            From the Editor’s Desk                                                               Page 6

          Saying good-bye to boyhood
            y oldest son turns 12 this month.
            This is his last official year as
            a child; next year he will be a
teenager, and if he were Jewish, it would
be considered the year he enters man-                                                                                  After the ritual
hood — not only gaining the rights of a                                                                                burying in hay,
man, but also the obligations and respon-                                                                              we will banish
sibilities of adulthood. There is no rite of                                                                           the Boy and
passage — religious or social — in our
family. Most sociologists describing the
rites of passage that happen worldwide                                                                                 the Man.
list three elements: separation, transition,
and inclusion. In the past, a boy might                                                                                Photo by
have been taken to a remote area and                                                                                   Kevin Karnisky
dumped off with a few meager supplies.
He would have to survive on his own for
a set number of days as he contemplated
the new stage of life he was about to enter.
                                                plenty of thinking time for the 21st century     has to give up boyish feelings and think of
If the elements and wild animals didn’t
                                                child used to devouring the world in 1410        the betterment of the group. My son would
kill him, he might have come to some new
                                                kbps. Part of the separation could be sym-       have to put away his feelings of irritation,
knowledge about himself and his abilities
                                                bolic. I could simply flip the breakers and      anger, gall, animosity, annoyance, displea-
during his time alone. On the appointed
                                                cut off electricity in our home for a day.       sure, enmity, fury, indignation, and general
day, he would reenter the tribe or group as
                                                No computer, no game system, limited             ill humor, vexation, and temptations of
a man, an accepted and valued member of
                                                battery life on the cell phone … It almost       violence and tantrums toward his younger
the society.
                                                seems cruel.                                     brother. Older son would have to make
    Some of the rituals males had to endure
                                                    Transition. This is the part of the ritual   younger son a Symbolic Sandwich of
as they left boyhood behind were quite
                                                where most young males endure some               Conciliation. There — in bread and meat
painful: scarification, branding, tattooing,
                                                kind of hardship to prove that they are          form — would be a treaty, a truce, and
having some teeth knocked out, being sent
                                                tough enough to be called MEN. A hun-            end to the war of the siblings. He would
into battle, etc.
                                                dred and fifty years ago, he would have          have to get the younger brother to trust
     I have been thinking about ways to ac-
                                                been turned loose in the woods with a bow        that he did not lick, spit on, rub snot into,
knowledge my son’s move into adulthood.
                                                and arrow. Anything he wanted to eat, had        or tamper in any way with, the Sandwich
Since I don’t have the time or money to
                                                to be gathered or killed by his own hand.        of Conciliation AND get the lad to con-
take him out to Arizona and set him loose
                                                I figure I could stock the fridge after our      sume the physical symbol of their unity.
in the desert so he can have a vision quest
                                                journey through the wilds of Wal-Mart            Once both brothers have eaten this meal
and slay a gila monster before returning to
                                                and claim the arthritis in my hands is far       representative of their love and symbiosis,
suburbia, I have considered other ways to
                                                too bad for me to cook/wait on him. He           there could be a ritual dessert like Milk
banish the boy and welcome the man.
                                                would have to venture into the unknown           and Brownies of Adulthood and Maturity
   Separation. This is a tough one. Es-
                                                world called “the kitchen” and bravely           in which the whole family gathers around
pecially since Child Protective Services
                                                open a bag of bread, wrestle open a plastic      the table and welcomes the older son back
would frown upon leaving him in the
                                                container of lunch meat, and force open          into the tribe as a man with the presenta-
Osceola National Forest for a weekend
                                                the jar of mayonnaise. Then, he’d have to        tion of a stick of deodorant, mustache
with a pop-up tent, a box of matches, and
                                                figure out how to assemble the Symbolic          wax, and a bill for the groceries he has just
a Spork. I am considering dropping him
                                                Sandwich of Metamorphosis on his own.            consumed (because part of being a man is
off in the Garden/Automotive section
                                                Extra “coup” points for finding the potato       responsibility for one’s debts.)
of Wal-mart, then parking the car and
                                                chips and getting the bag open without               Omar, if you have read this, Happy
entering the store on the grocery side,
                                                spilling them.                                   Birthday. You don’t need to be banished
leisurely working my way toward him as
                                                    Inclusion. This is the stage where           and survive hardships— real or ritual — in
he contemplates cacti, B.B. guns, fishing
                                                former boys are welcomed back into the           order for us to recognize your unquestion-
gear, transmission fluid, and potting soil.
                                                group as men, where they show that they          able value to the tribe.
It could take anywhere from 45 minutes
                                                are valuable to the tribe. Here is where it                                   — Ginger Riggs,
to two hours for us to be reunited. That’s
                                                gets complicated because the young male                                   Village Gram Editor
Day Brunch
     11 am to 1 p.m.,
     Sat., Feb. 12, 2011
     at the Rec Hall
     Join us for brunch
     and conversation!
 Village Gram Feb. 2011                                          Parenting                                                            Page 8

Getting ready for baby to start solids
By Wenyang Zhai                                                                                  like “bah” or “goo”. Your baby can show
Community Aide                                                                                   emotions such as pleasure, fear and frus-
    My son is four months and two weeks
old and he seems not satisfied with my                                                           eating skills
breastfeeding or some bottles added oc-
casionally. He shows great interest in what                                                         Sometime soon—between the Support-
we eat at the dinner table. And the more                                                         ed Sitter Stage and Sitter Stage—but not
perplexing thing is he wakes up more often                                                       before four months—your baby will show
in the middle of the night demanding more                                                        you that he’s ready for his first solid food
extra feedings. So I wonder what I should                                                        when he can sit with help or support. This
feed him at this stage. Should I give him                                                        physical skill is important because you
solid food or just add more formula. Here                                                        should always feed your baby when he is
are some my research results that might be                                                       sitting upright in order to keep him from
helpful to you:                                                                                  choking. Eating in an upright position can
     At the Supported Sitter stage your baby                                                     also help reduce spitting up and get your
will show signs of becoming more social                                                          baby used to the eating position he’ll use
and interactive with others. He may enter-      Once babies can sit unsupported you can put      as he grows older.
tain you with his babbling, squealing and       them in a feeding chair at meal times.              Around this time, your baby also loses
blowing bubbles and even begin to show a                                                         the tongue thrust reflex. This reflex, which
sense of humor. You may also notice that           Your baby also is getting better at us-
                                                ing his hands to reach out for objects and       all babies are born with, automatically
your baby’s motor skills are developing as                                                       causes a baby’s tongue to push against
he tries to hold objects and bring them to      bring them to his mouth, including his fists
                                                and even his toes! During this stage, he’ll      a spoon (or anything else put into his
his mouth. Soon he’ll be ready to try his                                                        mouth). The reflex causes your baby to
first few bites of solid food.                  also learn to coordinate his senses, such as
                                                vision, touch and hearing, with his increas-     expel or spit out any food placed into his
    As you watch your baby grow, remem-                                                          mouth. Once he loses this reflex, he is able
ber that babies develop on different time       ing motor abilities to help develop skills
                                                like grasping, rolling over and sitting up.      to move infant cereal or pureed foods for-
schedules, so don’t worry if your little one                                                     ward and backward in his mouth with his
isn’t developing at the same time as other                                                       tongue, and, thus, eat his first solid foods.
babies of the same stage.                       cognitive skills                                 Your baby also may be demanding more
                                                                                                 frequent feedings or wake in the middle of
Physical signs                                      During this stage, your baby’s memory        the night for an extra feeding.
                                                and attention span increase, and you’ll see
    •	    Sits with help or support             his concentration improving. He may look         how to feed your
    •	    On tummy, pushes up on arms           at an object for longer periods of time and
                                                turn to unseen sounds. An important con-         suPPorted sitter:
          with straight elbows
     Every developmental stage your baby        cept that your baby will learn is cause and
                                                effect. When he drops things on the floor,           Always use a spoon to feed your baby
is experiencing now—and in the months                                                            food unless your pediatrician has instruct-
ahead—is geared toward learning to              he’ll learn that it starts a chain of respons-
                                                es from people around him. He’ll also start      ed otherwise. You may be tempted to put
walk. Your baby’s first step during this                                                         cereal in his bottle, but, unless your pedia-
adventure is gaining control of his head,       to understand about object permanence—
                                                the idea that things exist even when out of      trician has instructed otherwise, do not—
which is required for sitting, crawling and                                                      this can drastically increase the amount of
walking. You’ll see your little one learn-      sight.
                                                                                                 food your baby eats and cause excessive
ing to hold his head up when lying on his                                                        weight gain and could pose a choking
tummy. Next he’ll push up on his arms           social skills                                    hazard. Your baby needs to get used to the
and arch his back to raise his chest. When                                                       process of eating—sitting up, eating bites
he is developmentally ready, you can               Your Supported Sitter communicates            from a spoon, and stopping when he’s had
help him learn to balance his upper body        through sounds and crying, but he com-           enough. These early eating experiences
by supporting his back with pillows in a        municates in nonverbal ways, too. For            can help set the foundation for good eating
sitting position. As he learns to sit without   example, he may turn his head away when          habits for the rest of his life.
support, he may try the “tripod” position       he’s had enough or doesn’t like something,
where he leans forward with his arms            or cling to you when you try to put him
extended for balance.                           down. He’ll start to babble and imitate                   Continued on page 8
                                                your sentences by making simple sounds
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                          Parenting                                                          Page 9

what foods to start with:                                                                           •	   Have full head control when
                                                                                                         pulled into the sitting position
   Single-grain cereals like rice cereal are                                                        •	   Follow moving objects with his
typically the first solid food introduced                                                                eyes
to baby. Iron-rich cereal is recommended                                                            •	   Explore toys with his eyes, hands
by most pediatricians. Mixing cereal with                                                                and mouth
something familiar—like breastmilk or                                                               •	   Recognize and enjoy familiar
formula—can help your baby accept the                                                                    routines like feeding or bath time
new food.                                                                                           •	   Use a “raking” grasp to pick up
when to try solid foods:                                                                            •	   Like to imitate you
                                                                                                    •	   Make noise to get your attention
For baby’s first adventure into solids, it’s                                                        •	   Turn his head away if he dislikes
best to do it at a time when your baby is                                                                something
happy and cooperative—midday is often                                                               •	
a good time to start. Start with giving him     One of the major milestones for your baby        Things you can do:
some breastmilk or formula—then try a           at this stage is being able to push up on his
few bites of solid food and follow with         or her arms and support the weight of their         •	   Read to your baby—it’s never too
more breastmilk or formula. Don’t be            upper body for short periods. You can help               early to start
surprised if much of the food ends up on        encourage this development by placing him           •	   Give him objects to hold and look
his bib or face; this is normal as your baby    on his tummy on the floor and giving him age             at, which uses both his brain and
                                                appropriate toys to reach for. Pushing up will           developing finger skills
gets used to swallowing foods. Encourage
                                                help your baby’s back muscles develop and get
your baby to suck on the spoon of cereal                                                            •	   Play hiding games—like peeka-
                                                him ready for sitting up on his own and, soon,
or pureed food, utilizing a previously ac-      crawling and walking.                                    boo—to teach your baby about
quired skill to assist with this new experi-                                                             object permanence. Hide a block
ence. Or allow your baby to lick food off       your child’s actual length and weight are                under a blanket or a toy behind
the spoon rather than wipe the spoon on         not as important as the steady, appropri-                you and then reveal them to him.
his upper lip, which will cause the tongue      ate rate of his growth. It is important to          •	   Make frequent eye contact and
thrust reflex to re-engage.                     track your child’s length and weight over                exaggerate your facial expres-
                                                time as this is one of the key indicators of             sions and gestures.
Hunger and fullness cues                        healthy growth and development. So keep             •	   Imitate your baby’s sounds,
                                                plotting your child’s growth on a growth                 changing the pitch and volume
You’ll be less likely to under or overfeed      chart and discuss with your pediatrician at         •	   Show him cause and effect. Have
your baby if you understand his hunger          each visit, including if your child begins               him shake a toy or tambourine
and fullness cues.                              following a different curve on the chart or              to show him that he is making a
At the Supported Sitter stage, you’ll know      gaining weight or length slowly.                         noise when he rattles it.
your baby is hungry when he:                                                                        •	   Use a mirror to play games. Help
     •	 is crying or fussing                                                                             him pat “mom” or “baby” in the
                                                what you can do to helP your                             mirror
     •	 opens his mouth and leans toward
                                                baby’s develoPment                                  •	   Talk to your baby as often as pos-
         the spoon
You’ll know your baby is full when he:                                                                   sible. Point out interesting things
                                                As a parent you can play an active role in               when you’re out together—
     •	 turns his head away from the
                                                every stage of your baby’s development.                  describe what you’re doing, what
                                                Here’s a recap of what your baby might be                you’re seeing in the car, or at the
     •	 spits out a familiar food
                                                doing at this stage, plus some things you                store.
     •	 becomes distracted or notices sur-
                                                can do to support his healthy development           •	   Play with your baby—this is how
         roundings more
                                                along the way.                                           he learns.
your baby’s growth                              During this stage, your baby may:
    Your baby continues to grow rapidly
                                                    •	   Smile at his reflection in a mirror,       Stages/growth_and_development/sup-
and may gain about 1 to 1.25 pounds a
                                                         even though he doesn’t recognize           ported_sitter_article.aspx
month. The height and weight ranges
                                                         who it is
provided in the charts below are represen-
                                                    •	   Nuzzle and stroke your face                Pictures:
tative of the majority of children at the age
                                                    •	   Rock on his stomach, kick his    
specified. Of course, healthy babies can
                                                         legs, and move his arms in a               feeding/healthy-eating-as-your-baby-
also be outside this range. Remember that
                                                         swimming motion                            grows/
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                              Food                                                                Page 10

Bhindi Do Piaza: A spicy Okra dish
Vegetable is popular in many world cuisines, has several healthy benefits
By MehnaZ gul                                                                                           At left, Okra, onions, and tomatoes
AV Community Aide                                                                                       are central to Bhindi Do Piaza, a
                                                                                                        spicy and filling dish. Okra, below,
   I know it is a difficult name to pro-                                                                is available fresh or frozen at most
                                                                                                        grocery stores and farmers’ markets
nounce for non-Urdu speakers, but this
                                                                                                        in the U.S.
also a wonderful traditional way to cook
okra. Okra in Urdu is called Bhindi and
onion is called piaz. Okra is one of the
common vegetables cooked in South Asian
countries. Though people all around the
world have their own recipes, in the south
Asian region people like it spicy. This
recipe for okra is spicy but can be made
milder by cutting down on some of the
chili powder and green chilies. In the U.S.
okra is served in many Southern dishes
                                                anti-inflammatory agent.
where it is fried or stewed and served as
                                                   • Diabetes: Okra may help in prevent-
a side dish. In Pakistan, this okra dish can
                                                ing diabetes as it is beneficial in normaliz-        Bhindi Do Piaza
also be the main meal when it is served
                                                ing blood sugar and cholesterol level in the
with bread and some of the yogurt sauce                                                         Ingredients:
                                                human body. The mucilage and fiber found        Okra ................................1pack frozen
called Raita.
                                                in okra helps adjust blood sugar by regu-       Onion.........1/2 chopped in big Pieces
    We cooked it in our cooking class on
                                                lating its absorption in the small intestine.   Tomatos........1-2 medium (chopped
December 17. Though we had few people
                                                   • Gastro-intestinal tract: Okra has          into very small pieces)
in attendance, those who came really en-
                                                fiber which keeps the gastro-intestinal tract   Salt..........1/2 tsp
joyed the taste and were excited about the                                                      Red chilli powder....1/2 tsp (more or
                                                healthy. It has mucin that is soothing to ir-
recipe. Before getting to the recipe, I want                                                    less according to taste)
                                                ritated membranes of the intestinal tract.
to share some amazing health benefits and                                                       Shan Vegetable Curry Powder.........1-2
                                                  • Cancer prevention: Okra is believed
nutritional values of okra.                                                                     tsp (this brand is recommended if you
                                                to protect against some forms of cancer
                                                                                                want spicy, and is available in many
                                                expansion, especially colorectal cancer.        Indian grocery stores)
nutritional and health                             • Complexion: The vitamins and nu-           Green Chillies........2 chopped in big
Benefits of eating okra:                        trients in Okra may also protect skin from      pieces
                                                ailments like pimples and acne.                 Carom seeds...........1/2 tsp
Note: This information is from informal              (   Cooking oil.......4-5 Tbsp
research and should not be taken as medi-                         benefits-of-okra-8104.html)
cal advice.                                                                                         Heat up oil in a pan, add the frozen
                                                     Wow……. I have been eating okra for
                                                                                                okra and fry it on high heat until the
   Okra is rich in vitamin A, thiamin,          so long, and I never realized how healthy
                                                                                                water in it completely dries. Add all
vitamin B6, vitamin C, folic acid, ribofla-     it is for our bodies. After knowing the         the spices, onion, tomatoes, and green
vin, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber. It is     importance of okra, it is time to cook it       chilies. Cover the pan and cook it for
also enriched with amino acids. Its vast        in less time but in tasty way. This recipe      10 minutes on low heat. Stir it once or
nutritional values make it very beneficial      just takes 15 to 20 minutes, and is very        twice in between. If you think that the
for health and for body in various ways:        delicious.                                      okra needs to be cooked a little more,
                                                                                                keep it on low heat for 5 more minutes.
    • During Pregnancy: Okra is very                                                            It is ready now; serve it hot with naan
rich in folic acid, which plays vital role in                                                   or pita bread with raita.
the fetus formation. Therefore eating okra           Photos:
                                                                                                   Raita: Take ½ cup plain yogurt; add
is highly recommended between 4th and              wp-content/uploads/2008/09/bhindi-do-
                                                                                                salt, some thinly chopped cilantro and
12th week of pregnancy.                                                      pyaazaa3.jpg       2-3 green chilies. Mix it well and serve it
  • Asthma Patients: Eating okra may                                                            with bhindi do piaza.
help to relieve asthma symptoms as it has                    Shimla Hills Offerings Pvt Ltd
vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                Around the Area                                                            Page 11

               Magic Kingdom Theme Park
                                 Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando
By Jingyong su
AV Community Staff

   Magic Kingdom theme park is one of
four theme parks in Walt Disney World
Resort; it captures the enchantment of
fairy tales with exciting entertainment,
classic attractions, backstage tours and
beloved Disney Characters.
   Designed like a wheel with the hub
in front of Cinderella Castle, pathways
spoke out across the 107 acres of Magic                                                                               Photos by Jingyong Su
Kingdom theme park and lead to these six                                                    At left, a crowd of visitors makes their way
whimsical lands:                                                                            toward Cinderella’s iconic castle. The towers
                                                                                            and spires rising in blue Orlando sky are one of
          • Main Street, U.S.A.
                                                                                            the instantly recognizable symbols of Disney
          • Adventureland                                                                   World.
          • Frontierland
          • Liberty Square                                                                  Above, one of the park’s colorful trains pulls
          • Fantasyland                                                                     into the station. The train takes visitors on a
          • Tomorrowland                                                                    tour around the Magic Kingdom park so you
Travel through these lands and see how                                                      can get an overview of all it has to offer.
fantasy becomes reality when you learn
how to be a pirate, match wits with funny     son spaceship. Enjoy the spectacular view
                                                                                            Jungle Cruise
monsters and conquer mountains. Get           from orbit as you dip and rise ‘round the
                                                                                                      •Location:Magic Kingdom
swept up in the spectacle of splendid pa-     colossal monument of orbs and spirals.
                                                                                            Theme Park, Adventureland
rades and fireworks shows at Magic King-
                                                                                                      •Type:Fun for Everyone, Outdoor
dom theme park—it’s here that dreams          Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
                                                                                                      •Age Range:Kids, Pre-Teens &
come true for children of all ages.                    •Location:Magic Kingdom
                                                                                            Teens, Adults, All Ages
   Florida residents can buy discounted       Theme Park, Frontierland
                                                                                               Ride a 1930s-style safari boat through
tickets and find other deals, such as lodg-            •Type:Thrill Rides, Mild but Wild
                                                                                            the world’s most exotic, untamed rivers.
ing, with a valid Florida ID. With Walt       Rides, Outdoor
                                                                                            Brave wild animals and zany goings-on
Disney World Resort right in your own                  •Age Range:Kids, Pre-Teens &
                                                                                            in Asia, Africa and South America on this
backyard, you can experience Disney           Teens, Adults
                                                                                            charming riverboat classic.
magic whenever you want. Enjoy all the           Ride this rollicking runaway train that
special events, theme park and water park     rushes through the gold-mining, Old West
fun, Disney dining and areas like Disney’s    town of Tumbleweed in Frontierland.
                                                                                            Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
BoardWalk anytime. It’s like Walt Disney      Beware when the rails go clackety-clack
                                                                                                        •Location:Magic Kingdom
World Resort is your personal playground.     because your car’s about to run over
                                                                                            Theme Park, Fantasyland
   Park Hours are 9 AM - 8 PM.                treacherous terrain!
                                                                                                        •Type:Fun for Everyone, Fun For
                                                                                            Little Ones, Outdoor
Some of the attractions at the Magic King-    Tomorrowland Speedway
                                                                                                        •Age Range:Pre-Schoolers, Kids,
dom Park we enjoyed include:                           •Location:Magic Kingdom
                                                                                            Pre-Teens & Teens, Adults, All Ages
                                              Theme Park, Tomorrowland
                                                                                                Gently glide ‘round this genuine
Astro Orbiter                                          •Type:Fun for Everyone, Mild but
                                                                                            antique carrousel on one of 90 prancing
         •Location:Magic Kingdom              Wild Rides, Outdoor
                                                                                            steeds as magical Disney music fills the
Theme Park, Tomorrowland                               •Age Range:Kids, Pre-Teens &
                                                                                            air. It’s a ride fit for royalty!
         •Type:Fun for Everyone, Mild but     Teens, Adults
Wild Rides, Outdoor                                Experience the glory of the Indianapo-
                                                                                                  Information from: http://disneyworld.
         •Age Range:Kids, Pre-Teens &         lis Motor Speedway as you drive your own
Teens, Adults, All Ages                       Indy 500-style race car on a guided track
   Spin around on this rocket ride as you     all the way to the Victory Circle. Or just
soar high above Tomorrowland in a 2-per-      ride along!
Village Gram Feb. 2011               Our Community                                             Page 12

         The Health Fair
      provided residents
with information about
nutrition, exercise, and
stress relief. Jenna Gil-
boy, from the Thagard
Student Health Center,
     was part of a group
 that brought informa-
   tion on nutrition and
  healthy eating habits.
     She joked with one
      of Alumni Village’s
   younger residents at
    the group’s informa-
  tion table; Gilboy said
she is passionate about
  preventing childhood
                                                                                     Photo by Menaz Gul
                                                Warm Potato Salad was the featured dish at the January
                                                cooking class. Rebecca Peters led the class and her recipe
              Photo by
                                                can be found below. In February, we’ll be learning how to
           Ginger Riggs
                                                make twice-baked potatoes.

                                                  WarM potato salad
                                                      Most people think of potato salad as a
                                                  cold dish that is served at picnics and casual
                                                  gatherings. This savory recipe departs from the
          hands-on                                standard versions made with mayonnaise or
                                                  mustard with onions and vegetables, plus it is
            learning                              served warm, making it a good hearty side dish
                                                  when the weather is cold. The recipe below
                  at the
                                                  is for 12-15 people, so if you’re making it at
    tallahassee                                   home for your family, just divide the ingredi-
                                                  ents in half. If you’re watching calories, substi-
        MuseuM                                    tute low-fat/non-fat versions of the dressing
                                                  and cheese.


                                                  5 lbs. Red Potatoes (quartered)
                                                  Ranch Dressing (1 small bottle)
Almost right around the corner                    1/4 cup - ½ cup Bacon Bits (optional)
  from Alumni Village is a place                  Fresh Chives (finely chopped)
where children and families can                   1 cup Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
    learn about Florida’s natural
   environment and experience                     To make:
       life on a pioneer farm. The
      Tallahassee Museum, 3945                      Boil the potatoes until they are tender when
   Museum Drive, is open from                     pierced with a fork. Drain, but do not let the
9-5 Monday-Saturday and from
                                                  potatoes get cool. Add all the other ingredients
12:30 to 5 Sunday. Call 850-575-
 8684 or visit www.tallahassee-                   and mix. Serve warm. for information.

        Photos by Ginger RIggs
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                                                                                        Page 13

                                                                                              hiding out

                                                                                                                           Even the
                                                                                                                           critters enjoy
                                                                                                                           Alumni Vil-
                                                                                                                           lage’s trees.
                                                                                                                           This fellow
                                                                                                                           was hiding
                                                                                                                           in one of the
                                                                                                                           oak trees
                                                                                                                           near the
                                                                                                                           looking for a
                                                                                                                           little shelter
                                                                                                                           from the cold

                                                                                                                           Photo by
                                                                                                                           Ginger Riggs

froM page 1                                     ways to make Alumni Village a nice place         Finally, the Alumni Village blackboard
                                                to live. For more information about the      site is up and running. This is a great
ers of English and they work with people        Village Closet, see page 5.                  place to find updated information about
of all levels. Come practice your English           We are looking into other “green”        the Village and the events and services
in a friendly, supportive environment. This     programs and ideas to help enhance the       we offer. Residents can find pictures from
is also a good place to meet other inter-       life here in Alumni Village such as ways     the monthly events online and links to the
national students and exchange questions        to better handle transportation, boosting    Village Gram and other information. You
about the English you encounter around          recycling efforts, and access to healthier   can also post items for sale and commu-
town and in your studies.                       food; our Go Green Group needs volun-        nity news.
    We have other events in planning stag-      teers to help make some of these things         If you have news to share with the
es to serve the needs of different members      happen and to bring in their experience      community, we’d love to hear from you.
of Alumni Village’s population.                 and fresh ideas. If you are interested in    One of the goals for the Village Gram is
    Some of our efforts to make life a little   volunteering for the Go Green Group,         to reflect the community voice by having
better in the Village also help FSU in          please send an email to tkarnisky@admin.     more contributors. Recently more of our
its efforts to become a model of campus and include your preferred contact   community staff have contributed articles
sustainability. Last semester we put the        information.                                 and residents Omar Assadi and Ian Ber-
finishing touches on The Village Closet.            In addition to service programs, we’ll   nander have shared game reviews. We’d
This provides a place for residents to re-      always have our social events to look        love to see your photographs and hear
cycle their unwanted clothes, books, toys,      forward to each month. These events are      your stories. All material must be your
and small household items like dishes,          a great way to meet your neighbors and       original work. We accept articles in Micro-
cookware, and decorative items. Residents       to mingle with students from a variety       soft Word and photos in JPEG format.
can also pick up items they need from the       of departments. It’s also a good way for         If you have an item for the AV black-
Closet, using their Village Bucks. When         your family members to get involved in       board or for the Village Gram, please
you donate items, you receive Village           the community by meeting other spouses,      contact us at
Bucks, which can be spent at the Village        children, and extended family members
Closet. Other ways to earn Village Bucks        who are here lending support to a graduate
are volunteering time and helping in other      student or scholar.
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                            Health                                                        Page 14

Maintaining health & wellness in 2011
          ave you been successful in main-
          taining your New Year’s resolu-
          tion thus far? If so, good job! If
not, then don’t be discouraged – consider
reviewing your goal(s) to identify if they
are too unrealistic to attain. An example
of this would be the popular resolution
to lose weight which is often achieved
through drastic, “quick fix”, and unsus-
tainable means such as fad diets, colon-
ics, and diet pills. These strategies may
result in a short term weight loss that is
not maintained over time, weight regain,
and can be potentially dangerous to your
     Achieving and maintaining a healthy
weight requires a life-long commitment
to adopting positive behaviors. This
includes a balanced diet, mindful eating,
and regular and enjoyable physical activ-
ity. If you wish to continue with your new
found goals, then consider the tips below:
    1. Make a pledge to improve your
health and wellness this year. Share your
plan with friends and family so they can
join you in your efforts or simply be there    ment to obtain one-on-one instruction           utilizing the tools and resources at www.
for support and accountability.                from a personal trainer. Another idea is to This website can help
   2. Set one small (realistic and achiev-     schedule “exercise time” into your planner      you achieve your goal(s) and provide extra
able) nutrition goal every one to two          – this will make it a priority and provide a    information on your diet and how you can
weeks. For instance, add fruit to your         visual queue to help you remember to do         track it.
lunch, add a vegetable to your lunch or        it. If it is simply not convenient for you         5. When was the last time you had a
dinner – ultimately aim to include five        to go to the gym, then consider: take the       doctor evaluate your “numbers”? In other
a day (2 fruits and 3 vegetables). Avoid       stairs instead of the elevator; park your       words, do you know your blood pres-
skipping breakfast – skipping meals may        car further away and walk to your destina-      sure, cholesterol levels, and overall blood
cause you to crave and/or overeat less         tion; playing with kids, doing yard work        profile? If not, then consider making an
healthy foods later in the day with your       and household chores count! Every bit of        appointment at Thagard Student Health
next meal. Decrease your sweetened             movement counts. Start slow and aim for         Center – especially if you have a family
beverages such as juice, fruit punch, soda,    30 minutes, at least 3 times per week.          history of nutrition related health issues
coffee drinks, etc. – aim to drink more             4. If you are struggling with achieving    such as high blood pressure, high choles-
water. Eat a balanced meal every four          or maintaining a healthy eating plan, emo-      terol, or diabetes.
hours; include a balanced snack between        tional eating, or weight concerns then con-       Jump start your wellness in the New
your meals as needed – aim to listen ver-      sider seeking the guidance of a Registered      Year by making an appointment at
sus ignore your hunger. Eating when you        Dietitian (RD). An RD is uniquely quali-        Thagard: for a “well check” (a physical
are hungry will help promote an efficient      fied to assess your individual nutrition        with blood work) - call (850) 644-4567
metabolism (the rate at which you burn         needs and instruct you on a healthy eating      and/or for a nutrition evaluation call (850)
calories for energy).                          plan. Utilize the dietitians on staff here at   644-8871.
   3. Check out the health and wellness        Thagard, Heather Fisher MS, RD, LD/N
resources available to you on campus. If       and Amy Magnuson PhD, RD, LD/N. An                 Article written by Heather Fisher, MS,
you haven’t been to the Campus Recre-          initial nutrition assessment is $50 and fol-      RD, LD/N, Registered Dietitian, Health
ation Center (the Leach Center), then now      low up sessions are $35. Or, if your goal             Promotion Department of Thagard.
is the perfect time to do so. Make a date      is to eat healthier in general then you can           http://healthytips-diettips.blogspot.
to go with a friend or coworker to a group     obtain nutrition education and guidance         com/2010/07/nutritious-and-healthy-food.
exercise class and/or schedule an appoint-     as well as track your nutrition progress by                                           html
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                     Holiday History                                                            Page 15

Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14                         Lincoln when this holiday is celebrated as       carnival season which begins on Jan. 6.
                                                 it falls by design between their birthdays.          The custom was brought to the U.S.
    Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day. It originated    Many, however, look at President’s day           by the French who had paraded a fat ox
in 5th Century Rome as a tribute to St.          as a tribute to each and every person who        through Paris. The honor of the oldest
Valentine, a Catholic bishop. For eight          has ever served in the office as President       Mardi Gras celebration in the U.S. belongs
                               hundred years     of the United States of America. It is a         to Mobile, AL., which first observed
                               prior to the      national holiday, although most businesses       the holiday in 1703. However, the city
                               establishment     and industry do not recognize it as a paid       most associated with Mardi Gras is New
                               of Valen-         holiday.                                         Orleans, LA. Secret societies known as
                               tine’s Day,           Source:       krewes arrange and finance the activities.
                               the Romans                                 other/president.htm     The oldest krewe is Comus, which made
                               had prac-                                                          its first appearance in 1857. The Krewe
                               ticed a pagan     Groundhog Day, Feb. 2                            of Rex first appeared in 1872. A different
                               celebration                                                        krewe holds a parade on each night during
in mid-February commemorating young                  According to tradition, “Punxsutaw-          the two weeks leading up to Lent. The
men’s rite of passage to the god Lupercus.       ney Phil,” a groundhog with renowned             krewes also hold masked balls at which
The celebration featured a lottery in which      weather-predicting abilities, will forecast      the king and queen of the krewe are pre-
young men would draw the names of teen-          whether spring will be early each year. It       sented to the society.
age girls from a box. The girl assigned to                              is the day that the          Source:
each young man in that manner would be                                  Groundhog comes                                    other/mardigra.html
his companion during the remaining year.                                out of his hole after a
In an effort to do away with the pagan                                  long winter sleep to
festival, Pope Gelasius ordered a slight                                                          Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17
                                                                        look for his shadow.
change in the lottery. Instead of the names                               If he sees it, he
of young women, the box would contain                                                               Ash Wednesday is the first day of the
                                                                        regards it as an omen     Christian season of Lent, during which
the names of saints. Both men and women                                 of six more weeks
were allowed to draw from the box, and                                                            some denominations of Christians must
                                                                        of bad weather and                                 fast and give up
the game was to emulate the ways of the                                 returns to his hole.
saint they drew during the rest of the year.                                                                                things they like. The
                                                                        If the day is cloudy,                               Lenten season lasts
Instead of the pagan god Lupercus, the           and hence his is shadow less, he takes it as
Church looked for a suitable patron saint                                                                                   for 40 days. On Ash
                                                 a sign of spring and stays above ground.                                   Wednesday, Chris-
of love to take his place and they found an      The Groundhog’s Day tradition traveled
appropriate choice in Valentine. Valentine                                                                                  tians who observe
                                                 a long way. German immigrants brought                                      the holiday go to
was later jailed for an unrelated charge,        the tradition to the U.S. from Germany.
and it’s said he fell in love with the blind                                                                                mass and receive
                                                 As they settled in the hills of Pennsylva-                                 ashes on their fore-
daughter of his jailer. Before he was taken      nia, they began the tradition of using the
to his death, he signed a farewell message                                                                                  heads in the sign of
                                                 groundhog to predict the arrival of Spring.                                the cross.
to her, “From your Valentine.” It then be-       The tradition is based upon Candlemas,
came a tradition for men to give those they                                                                                    Originally, the
                                                 the day that is the midpoint between Win-                                first day of Lent
admired messages of affection, containing        ter and Spring.
Valentine’s name.                                                                                 was the day on which public penitents at
                                                                     Source: in part by http://   Rome began their penance. They were
                                           htm                                                    sprinkled with ashes, dressed in sackcloth,
                                                                                                  and required to remain apart from the
                                                 Mardi Gras, Feb. 16                              community until Maundy Thursday (the
President’s Day, Feb. 15                                                                          Thursday before Easter). As this practice
                                                                                                  fell into disuse between the 8th and 10th
   President’s Day is celebrated on the             Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is a boister-       centuries, it was replaced by the general
third Monday in February. It is a day set        ous celebration held annually on Shrove          penance of the entire congregation. From
aside to honor all of the U.S. presidents.       Tuesday, the day before the season of            at least as early as the 8th century, this day
                                One often                      Lent begins in the Western         was known as dies cinerum (day of ashes).
                                thinks of                        Christian liturgical calen-      This reflects the central ritual of this holi-
                                two great                        dar. The actual date varies      day, the placing of ashes on the forehead
                                presidents                       from year to year since          to symbolize mourning and penitence.
                                , George                         it depends on the date                Sources:
                                Washing-                         of Easter. Mardi Gras is          christianity/ h o l i d a y s / a s h _ w e d n
                                ton and                          the culmination of a long          e s d a y . h t m ; h t t p : / /
Village Gram Feb. 2011                                 Calendar of Events                                                                       Page 16

 Alumni Village
 Main Office
 157-01 Herlong Drive
 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.           Sunday            Monday      Tuesday          Wednesday             Thursday             Friday             Saturday
 Alumnivillage@admin.                                                       1                2               3                     4                  5
                                                               Rent due                                               Parent Hour
 Coordinator                                                                                                          10:30 a.m.
 Tiffany Karnisky                                              Tango 7-9 p.m.                                         @ the Rec Hall
 Office Manager                                                @ the Rec Hall
 Sita Pamidi
 Program Assistant          6                 7                8                9               10                    11                 12
 Syamala Velichety          English                            Tango 7-9 p.m.                   Late fee                                 Valentine’s
                            Conversation                       @ the Rec Hall                   assessed for                             Day Brunch
 Maintenance                4-6 p.m.                                                            unpaid rent
 157-02 Herlong Drive       @ the Rec Hall                                                                                               11- 1 p.m. @
 850-644-2035                                                                                   Driving                                  the Rec Hall
 Monday-Friday                                                                                  Education 7-8
 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                                                          p.m. @ the
 dispatcher@admin.                                                                              Rec Hall
                            13                14               15               16              17                    18                 19
                            English                            Tango 7-9 p.m.                                                            Cooking Class
 Facilities                 Conversation                       @ the Rec Hall                                                            11 a.m.- noon
 Superintendent             4-6 p.m.                                                                                                     @ The Rec
 Mark Whatley               @ the Rec Hall                                                                                               Hall

 Community Office
 157-04 Herlong Drive
 Ginger Riggs
                            20                21               22               23              24                    25                 26
 Nzinga Metzger
                            English                            Tango 7-9 p.m.
 Shoko Letton
                            Conversation                       @ the Rec Hall
 Mehnaz Gul                 4-6 p.m.
 Jingyong Su                @ the Rec Hall
 Wenyang Zhai
                            Women’s Club
 After-Hours                6-7 p.m. @ the
 Emergency                  Rec Hall
                            27                28
 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
                            4-6 p.m.
 Saturday –Sunday           @ the Rec Hall
 (24 hours)
 Resident Manager
 Stacey Suver

 University Housing
 942 Learning Way                              Placing a Repair Order                                             VILLAGE GRAM ONLINE
 PO Box 3064174
                              In Person: Maintenance Office,157-02 Herlong Drive                                     CAMPUS EVENTS
 Monday-Friday                           By Telephone: (850)644-2035
                                                                                                        MOVIES AT THE STUDENT LIFE BUILDING:
 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                      By Email:                                          TALLAHASSEE EVENTS
 FSU Police
 Emergency                  After hours Maintenance Emergency? Locked Out? Call                      Residents assume all liability for themselves, family
                            your Resident Manager for assistance at (850)443-7045                                members, and guests at all
                                     Monday-Friday 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.                                    Alumni Village Community Events.
 Village Substation                      Saturday –Sunday (24 hours)

The Village Gram is a monthly publication of the Alumni Village Office, 157-01 Herlong Drive, University Housing, Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL 32310, (850) 644-1874. The information contained herein is considered adequate notification of activities, policies and procedures
to all Alumni Village residents. The Village Gram is also available in alternative formats upon request. Special arrangements can be made (with
two weeks advanced notice) for residents with disabilities who would like to attend any Alumni Village event. Material submitted for publica-
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