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									                                 THE TEACHER CENTER of Broome County
                                          Policy Board Meeting
                                Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, August 15, 2007

PRESENT: Susan Halpern, Kate Griffith, Diana Simpson, Andrea Gresko, Evie King, Diane Sheehan, Bob
Carpenter, Erin Hitchcock, Heather Badger Brown, Sheri Abdullah, Sharon Wells, Debbie Sluzar, Starr
LaTronica, Diane Richards and Gail Szeliga.

ABSENT: Cheryl Naslund, Colleen Cawley, Mike Sabo

Diana Simpson called the meeting to order. Minutes of June 12, 2007 meeting were approved.


A financial report was given for the local account. The state grant financial report was not given because no
funds have been encumbered as of August 15, 2007.

The policy board was asked to approve an FS10A amendment to in order to receive the $20, 000 increase that
was granted by state ed.

An update was given in regard to the relocation of the teacher center including items purchased and items
needed. Up to five thousand dollars of additional monies were allocated for some needed items such as an
additional electrical outlet and wireless projector mounted on the ceiling. Motion made by Bob Carpenter and
second by Evie King.

Summer conference, workshop and summer study group reports were presented.

A professional reading incentive report update was given. 64% of the requests have been satisfied and 36%
are pending. Due to our unexpected relocation all requests have not yet been satisfied. Target date for
completion will be December 2007.

Policy Board members were asked to review and correct their contact information. Cell phone numbers were


The policy board members were asked to volunteer to serve on a policy board committee. The 2007-2008
committee list is below:

Policy Board members signed up for the following committees:

Conference Matching Grants
• Sue Halpern
• Bob Carpenter
• Debbie Sluzar

Peer Visitation Grant
• Evie King
• Diane Richards

Program Co-Sponsorship Grant
• Diana Simpson
• Kate Griffith

Study Group Grant
• Sheri Abdullah
• Heather Badger Brown
• Diana Simpson
Technology Integration Grant
• Diane Sheehan
• Erin Hitchcock
• Debbie Sluzar

2007-2008 policy board meeting schedule was set for second Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. Dates are
posted on the website at this address: http://teachercenter.info/pb/pb.htm

The Policy Board discussed adjusting the start time for policy board meetings and workshops. It was decided
that start time will remain at 4pm unless this proves to be a problem.

The policy board approved a budget amendment for an increase of $20,000 to the base budget. Diane
Richards presented a motion to approve the amendment as presented. Motion was seconded by Diane
Sheehan. Motion passed.

The closing policy for snow days was amended –Vestal school district was substituted for the Binghamton school
district. Also Columbus school was replaced by the word WSKG in the policy.

The policy now reads, “CLOSING POLICY FOR “SNOW DAYS AND NO HEAT” DAYS (revised August 15,
In the event of a snow day for Vestal School District, the Teacher Center of Broome County will be closed. Snow
delays will not affect the regular hours or closing of the Teacher Center. It is suggested that when Vestal School
District is closed that the Teacher Center use the proper procedures to announce it’s closing through the media,
hence, radio, TV, and the Internet. If WSKG, 601 Gates Rd., Vestal, NY, where the Teacher Center reside, has
no heat on working days during the months warranted, on those days the Teacher Center employees will not
work and the Teacher Center is closed. It is suggested that the landowner provide enough lead-time to allow
the Teacher Center staff to make alternate workday arrangements.

An election of co-chairs for 2007-2008 will be held in October as required in the by-laws.

It was mentioned that the LEA needs to appoint a representative to the policy board due to the resignation
Carol Eaton. This is required by Education Law 316.

It was also mentioned that the policy board needs a representative from Broome County Community College.


NYS Teacher Center 2007 Summer Institute – Diana and Susan attended and reported on their experience.

NYS Teacher Center 2008 Summer Institute will be held in Corning, NY.

Kate Griffith gave a report on a conference that she attended this summer, Differentiated Instruction with Rick
Wormeli in Rochester, NY.

Windsor CSD has requested support for a follow up to their 2006-07 Professional Learning Communities
superintendent’s day program. Bob Carpenter approved a grant of $1000 to Windsor for support, Debbie
Sluzar seconded. Motion carried.

The NYSUT/Policy Board dinner meeting committee - Heather, Evelyn, Diana and Kate – reported to the policy

Self Study Committee DVD update was given from Diane Richards and Diane Sheehan. DVD was previewed
and suggestions for revisions were given. Plans for showing the DVD to consortium school districts on opening
day were discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Next meeting: Sept. 25, 2007 – NYSUT/Policy Board Dinner Meeting at the Plantation House, Vestal, NY
Next Business Meeting: October 9, 2007 – at the Teacher Center @ WSKG.

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