Hostess Letter catalog party by dffhrtcv3


									Dear Enchanted Potions Hostess:

Thank you for booking your “Complete Home” party with me! You will find the following
information enclosed to help you make your party a success:

1) Lottery Sheet – Fill as many spots as possible. Not only will this increase enthusiasm
   about your party, but will also help you to meet your goals for a successful party!

2) Hostess Goal Sheet – Be sure to fill this out and send it back to me with your guest list.

3) Order Forms

4) Hostess Rewards Brochure

I am also including catalogs, brochures, and business cards. Use these to help gather orders,
and future hostesses.

Please be sure to collect payment in full for orders. This will ensure there are no delays in
placing your order. Please have all payments payable to me, ________, or you may submit all
orders combined at my website, _____________.

I am excited for you to be hosting a “Complete Home” home show! I’ll be in touch with you
soon to work out any further details and answer any questions you may have. Your show will
be great and I look forward to helping you select your hostess rewards! If you need any
assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: _________ or email me at_________.


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