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									TC310                 Illustrator – Web-site Wireframes/Storyboards                Assignment 4

The travel department is very happy with your site-map for the web-based help system and has
given the go-ahead to design the system for the intranet.

In brief, we have been asked to develop storyboards/wireframes for our help system. The
wireframes should reflect a schematic layout for the page type templates you are suggesting.
Minimally, you will provide a wireframe for the top level page and two types of sublevel pages.
The wireframes will indicate how you plan to provide navigation throughout your help system.

Each team member should create two sets of wireframes/storyboards one for the web-based
travel help system and one for your own professional portfolio. Each set should conform to the
following requirements:

   1. Technical Requirements
         a. Create the wireframes using Illustrator – stay in grey scale and keep aesthetic
             design implications to as minimal as possible.
         b. Show three wireframe templates of the web site: 1) Top level page, 2) Two
             secondary pages.
         c. You can put each individual page in on a separate layer in the layers palette or
             provide separate illustrator files for each page.

   2. Team Requirements for help system: Each wireframe set should
         a. Be distinctive from the other examples
         b. Use the text from the travel help doc text.

   3. Branding Requirements for help system:: Each wireframe should
         a. Minimum some branding implication (logo, fonts, etc).

   4. Usability Requirements: Each wireframe set should (at minimum)…
         a. Be easy-to-read.
         b. Have a navigation structure that permits users to navigate between the pages.

   5. Effectiveness Requirements: Each wireframe set should
          a. Satisfy the goals determined by the team/individual designer. Note: This implies
              a need for the designer to clearly state the goals in the design rationale.

This assignment is due in Portfolio WITH a link posted on go post board by the start of class.
Each student will submit two Illustrator files that contain the wireframes, and a design rationale
for the web-based help system.

To help others review your work, post both a pdf and an illustrator file for each page (since not
everyone will have Illustrator on their machines at home).

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