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									                                                                        How Do I Apply?
      Why Join the ACT Program                                                                                    California State University
                                                          Complete online CSUN graduate admissions
                                                           application at
                                                         Request and complete Credential Program packet
                                                           from Credential office; also available online
                                                           By email:
                                                           By phone: (818) 677-2586                                         Accelerated
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                                                         Complete and submit downloadable application form
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                                                            for ACT Program
                                                                                                                    Preparation Program for
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                                                                                                                           S ng e Sub ect
High Quality
 ACT university and K-12 faculty committed to                                                                        Credential Candidates
     preparing exemplary teachers                                                                                   An Award-Winning Credential
 Personalized advisement and mentoring                                                                            Program to Prepare Urban School
 Progression through the program as a cohort
 Ongoing classroom support through university
     supervision and exemplary cooperating teachers
 Emphasis on meeting the needs of diverse urban
     learners through a neurodevelopmental approach
     to teaching
 Tuition costs significantly lower than many other
 Forgiveness loans and/or other financial aid
                                                               For more information please visit our
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Accelerated and Convenient                                                   website:
 Completion of program in two semesters         
 Late afternoon and evening courses                                    or contact the ACT Office
 Enrollment in courses guaranteed                                  Education Building Room 3101D
                                                                      Secretary: Mairead Saelens
What ACT Graduates Say…                                                      (818) 677-2567
   It was an unforgettable
    experience. A wonderful,                                                                                      Offered Collaboratively by the
                                                                 ACT Secondary Education Coordinator
    balanced, fast-paced program                                                                                      MICHAEL D. EISNER
                                                                            Dr. Judy Lombardi*
    that was very beneficial.                                                                                      COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
   Thank you for empowering me to                                                                                             and
                                                                              (818) 677-3063
    learn. This was boot camp for                                                                                      DISTRICT 2, LAUSD
                                                                 (*Email is preferred method of contact)
    future teachers.
   ACT prepared me well, helped me                                                                    
    obtain a teaching position, and
    continued to provide resources
    for ongoing teaching
The ACT Program May Be For You!                                                                   ACT Single Subject Credential Program (sample schedule)

                                                                                              Fall Semester                                    Spring Semester
                                                                                 ELPS 541A         Introduction to Teaching in    ELPS 542A          Meeting the Needs of All

                                                                                 SPED 541B         Urban Schools (1+1 unit)       SPED 542B          Students in Urban Schools
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                         are needed to see this picture.                         M 4-6 pm                                         M 4-7 pm Poly      (2+1 unit)
                                                                                 Poly HS                                          HS
                                                                                 EPC 420OL         Educational Psychology of      SED 521            Literacy, Language, and
                                                                                 M 7-10pm          Adolescents (3 units)          W 4-7 pm           Learning (3 units)
                                                                                 (Meets online)                                   Poly HS
ACT is an accelerated, two-semester preliminary                                  SED 525           Specialized Teaching Methods   HSCI 496ADO        Health Concerns of the
credential program offered collaboratively by the Michael

                                                                                 T or W 4-7pm      (3 units)                      Th 6-7:50pm        Adolescent (1 unit)
D. Eisner College of Education and LAUSD District 2.                             CSUN                                             CSUN
The ACT Program focuses on addressing the diverse
needs of urban school learners and has received support                          SED 511           Fundamentals of Teaching in
from the Orfalea Foundation to prepare K-12 educators in                         Th 7-10pm         Multi-ehnic/Multi-lingual
neurodevelopmental methodology, an innovative and                                                  Secondary Schools (3 units)
research-based educational approach. The ACT                                                                                                          QuickTime™ and a
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Program is housed at the DELTA Professional                                      SED 514           Computers in Instructional                  are needed to see this picture.
Development Center on LAUSD’s Francis Polytechnic                                F 1-4pm           Programs (3 units)
High School Campus. Since its inception in 1998, ACT                             CSUN
has over a 90% program completion and high
employment rate.
ACT Program Components                                                           SED 554           Supervised Fieldwork and       SED 555            Student Teaching Experience
    Core Courses: A two-course series (fall and spring)                         Th 4-6pm          Seminar (3 units)                                 (5 units)
     taught by a team of LAUSD-CSUN faculty focusing
     on foundational knowledge and skills for teachers                           SED 554S          Seminar (1 unit)               SED 555S           Seminar (1unit)

     serving diverse urban learners                                              alternate
    Specialization Courses: Classes each semester                               Th 4-6pm          Must be available 1                               Must be available 1
     that target appropriate specialization areas                                                  period per day on a                               period per day on a
    Fieldwork: Classroom assignments with exemplary                                               middle or high                                    middle or high school
     teacher-coaches that increase in duration and                                                 school campus for 20                              campus for 20 weeks
     intensity                                                                                     weeks of student                                  of student teaching.
                                                                                                   teaching. Placements                              Placements are made
                                                                                                   are made by subject                               by subject area
Awards Received                                                                                    area coordinators.                                coordinators.
    Urban Impact Award given by the Council of the Great
     City Schools for outstanding school-based project
                                                            What you need for admission:
                                                                      Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution
    Quality of Education Award given by the California
     Council on Teacher Credentialing for exemplary                          
                                                                      45 observation hours in chosen specialization
     school/university collaboration                                         
                                                                      Approved subject matter program or passage of CSET exam
                                                                      Basic Skills Requirement (taken prior to admission)
                                                            Other preliminary credential program requirements: U.S. Constitution passed prior to student teaching. Writing
                                                            Proficiency requirement (CBEST writing score of 41 or better, a score of 10 or better on the UDWP Exam, approved
                                                            course with a “C” or better, or CSET writing requirement).

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