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					                    “Be the Expert Bag”
  Take home the Expert Bag the night before it is your day
   to present. Practice teaching someone a way to solve your
   problem. This problem will be a question that you answered
   correctly on the 4th Grade Math Mock EOG.

  Use the four problem solving steps in your explanation:
   (1) Understand the Question
   (Turn the question into an “I need to find out…” statement. Look
   for important words.)
   (2) Gather Information
   (Get information from text. Get information from diagrams, tables,
   and charts.)
   (3) Make a Plan
   (Think about strategies. Choose computation methods.)
   (4) Make Smart Choices
   (Eliminate wrong answers. Try working backward from an answer.
   Check answers for reasonableness; estimate)

  During Morning Meeting, you will teach the class how to
   solve the problem. You can use a dry erase board and a
   calculator in your presentation.
Rubric: Each student will receive a grade based on this

Points    Punctuality    Completeness     Four Problem Solving       Presentation      Names:        Date
25       I brought the
         Expert Bag on
                         I explained
                         what the
                                         I clearly explained the
                                         process I went through
                                                                    I spoke in a
                                                                    clear level 4
                                                                                     Joshua A.-1     Oct. 5
         my day to       problem was     to answer the question.    (medium)
                                                                                     Antwaun-2      Oct. 6
         present.        asking, and I   I used the four            voice. I
                         explained the   problem solving steps      explained how      Abby-3       Oct. 7
                         best way to     in my explanation.         I solved the      Trinity-4     Oct. 8
                         solve the                                  problem, and I     Hailey-5     Oct. 12
                         problem.                                   gave the          Austin-6      Oct. 13
                                                                    correct            Gage-7       Oct. 14
                                                                                       Jake-8       Oct. 15
                                                                                       Luke-9       Oct. 18
20       NA              I explained
                         the best way
                                         I used 1 – 3 of the
                                         problem solving steps in
                                                                    I spoke in a
                                                                    clear level 3    Brianna-10     Oct. 19
                         to solve the    my explanation.            (quiet) voice.   Josephine-11   Oct. 20
                         problem.                                                      Kayla-12     Oct. 21
                                                                    I spoke about
                                                                    how I solved
                                                                                     Matthew-13     Oct. 22
                                                                    the problem.      Russell-14    Oct. 25
                                                                                     Essence-15     Oct. 26
15       I did not
         bring the
                         I told the
                         class the
                                         I did not use the four
                                         problem solving steps in
                                                                    I was not a
                                                                    clear speaker.
                                                                                      Kaleb-16      Oct. 27
                                                                                     Joshua S.-17   Oct. 28
         Expert Bag on   answer.         my explanation.            The audience
         my day to                                                  could not
                                                                                      Salem-18      Oct. 29
         present.                                                   understand         Max-19       Nov. 1
                                                                    me.              Garrett-20     Nov. 2
                                                                                      Justin-21     Nov. 3
                                                                                     Deborah-22     Nov. 4
                                                                                      Johnny-23     Nov. 5

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