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David Presenter Quotes


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									What Presenters say about The David Leonhardt Jazz Group

“Our audience members said it was the best show we’ve had!” Algonquin Arts

“Shelley and David were the highlight of our season!” Arts Enter Cape Charles

“...a spectacular performance!” Fredericksburg Festival Of The Arts

“......a perfect performance! “ Coopertown Concert Series

“Thanks for a very successful concert! Our audience thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Garrett Lakes Arts Festival

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I wish I had a tape recorder to record
all the positive reactions” Smith Opera House

“We heard so many wonderful comments about your performance. Thanks for
making our celebration so exceptional” Longwood Gardens

David Leonhardt was a perfect fit for our celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month
at the Smithsonian. His great rhythm and energy and his ability to engage
audiences of all ages made the performances a joy for kids and grown-ups alike.
 Our visitors were very excited to have experienced a concert that was both loads
of fun and educational.
Ellen Kovacs
Education Specialist
Smithsonian American Art Museum

“Thank you for a great performance. It was a wonderful evening.” Hazelton
Concert Series

“We have heard nothing but positive feedback and I am thrilled how it all worked
out. Thanks!” Scranton Community Concerts

Hi Dave,
Thanks for putting on a wonderful program for the kids last week. Many of my
staff members felt that yours was the best daytime school performance we’ve
ever presented.

Nancy Clark, Assistant Dean for Music
Moravian College

“The quality of the performance was simply the best. A really successful event!”
Julie Emin YMCA

Thanks so much for a delightful performance. Judging from the 2 standing
ovations, I think the concert was very well received!
Best of everything to you and your band.

Zoriana Siokalo
Director of Programs
James A. Michener Art Museum

“Thank you again for a great performance. It was an exciting and enjoyable
concert.” Munson Proctor Arts Institute

“David Leonhardt is a consummate professional. His expert musicianship
enhances the performance and celebrates the best of what makes great jazz.
David Leonhardt and company deliver just what the audience is looking for in a
jazz program.”    Larry Stock - Butler County Community College

Dave’s show for kids was perfectly planned and perfectly appropriate. His
concert show had an enthusiastic core of jazz lovers who want to see him come
 Stuart Weiser-The Eicheleberger Center

"I had Dave and his group in for a half-week residency where he worked with
our college music students and gave performances for adults and children....his
ability to connect with all of these groups was great and the performances were
well-received...I still get comments about how great the Gershwin concert was! "

Gregory Hambleton - Director Cumberland County College Performing Arts

What a great day of Jazz at Appel Farm! Families really enjoyed your Jazz
For Kids show. This is a wonderful introduction to the music with a lot of
fun attached.

The Winter Holiday Jazz Concert is a perfect kick off to the season. Your
ensemble breathes new life into familiar tunes.

It was a delight to see such a turn out for your piano masterclass. The
attendees were very enthusiastic and you were very generous with your
time and willingness to work with them.
--Sean Timmons Artistic Director Appel Farm Arts & Music Center

Dear Shelley and Dave,
What a dynamic duo you are!! I can't thank you enough for the fabulous
interactive presentation yesterday. You really did "hit all the right notes". We all
had a great time!!! and learned a lot. I am asking the students to draw parallels
to improvisation in art and improvisation in life. Dave's analogy to conversation as
improvisation is something we have discussed. It was great to have it affirmed
by another artist.

Patty Carlis, Executive Director
Stage Door Workshop for Youth

Hi, Dave.

This is the first time I've been back in my office since the summer youth
jazz camp ended and I wanted to thank you for being a part of our program.

It was a pleasure having you here. I know the students greatly enjoyed your
talk and your performance. You have a talent for being able to present what
you do in a way that students understand and you make it interesting as
well. (This is not as common as you may think, it is a rare gift.)

Thanks again!

Neil Wetzel EdD
Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Jazz Studies
Moravian College

“I truly appreciate the hard work you did and the wonderful performance.” Dance
Place Washington D.C.

“Our audience really enjoyed your terrific program.” Teri Guerrisi Rose Lehrman
Arts Center

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