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    Solutions for Remote Network Management
                                                                                 NPS-115 / NPS-230

Telnet and Dial-Up Network Power Switch

On-Command Power Switching
of your Network Equipment ...
From Anywhere!

s Remote Site Management
s Reboot Routers, DSU/CSU's,                  Network equipment sometimes "locks-up", requiring a service
  Servers                                     call just to flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. The
s Turn On/Off Any AC Powered                  NPS Network Power Switch gives network administrators the
  Device via Telnet, Modem or Local           ability to perform this function from anywhere on the LAN/WAN,
  Terminal.                                   or if the network is down, to simply dial-in from a modem for out-
                                              of-band power control.
s Eight (8) Individual Outlets
                                              Intelligent Power Control
                                              The NPS can communicate over any TCP/IP network using generic
s Dual 15-Amp Circuits
                                              Telnet, or out-of-band using an external modem and basic VT100 type
s On/Off/Reboot Switching                     terminal emulation. Each outlet can be assigned an individual
s Integral 10Base-T Interface                 password, device name, reboot delay time and unique power-up
s RS232 Modem and Console Ports               default state.
s Outlet-Specific Password Security
s Network Security Features                   Security and Co-Location Features
                                              Address-Specific IP security masks prevent unauthorized sources from
s Modem Auto-Setup Command
                                              accessing the NPS menu through the network. The NPS provides two
                                              levels of operational passwords; the system administrator level, which
s   115-VAC and 230-VAC Models
                                              allows access to all configuration and switching functions, and the user
s   Power-Up Sequencing                       level which only allows switching of assigned plugs. The user-level
s   Co-Location Features                      security features are ideal for co-location applications, where multiple
s   Easy to Use Menu/Commands                 users may be allowed plug-specific access to the NPS unit.

western telematic incorporated                                                                                 0199-NPS-1
NPS-115 / NPS-230: Network Power Switches
        Outlet Plugs (8)               10Base-T Ethernet       19” Rack Brackets
                                           Interface          Allow Front, Back, or    Specifications
                                                                Center Mounting

                                                                                       Power Input/Output: NPS-115 (115VAC)
                                                                                         AC Inputs: Dual Bus Circuits, 15 Amps
                                                                                         Voltage: 100 - 140 VAC, 50/60 Hz
                                                                                         Connectors: IEC-320 Inlet, Line Cords
                                                                                         AC Outputs: Eight (8) Total, 1 - 4 Bus A,
                                                                                           5 - 8 Bus B (15 Amp Rating)
   Dual 15 Amp
  Power Circuits                                                                         Connector: NEMA 5-15 Outlet
                            Modem Port for
                             Out-of-Band                                                 Load: 15 Amps Total for each Bus
                             Management               Local RS232
                                                      Console Port
                                                                                       Power Input/Output: NPS-230 (230 VAC),
Dual Power Bus Flexibility
                                                                                         AC Inputs: Dual Bus Circuits, 10 Amps
The NPS is equipped with two separate 115 VAC, 15 Amp power
circuits. Each bus has it's own source AC inlet and cord lock, circuit
                                                                                         Voltage: 205 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
breaker, and four switched outlets. This allows for switching redundant                  Connectors: IEC-320 Inlet
A/B power supplies or switching devices with high current requirements.                  AC Outputs: Eight (8) Total, 1 - 4 Bus A,
                                                                                           5 - 8 Bus B (10 Amp Rating)
Easy to Configure, Easy to Use                                                           Connector: IEC 320-C13 Outlet
The NPS can be configured over the network, via modem or locally via                     Load: 10 Amps Total for each Bus
the NPS console port. Easy to use commands let you assign a location
name, set system parameters, and view plug status. Outlets can be                      Modem and Console Port Interface:
switched On, Off or Booted using plug numbers or names in pairs or                      Connector: DB9M, RS232C, DTE
groups.                                                                                 Coding: Serial ASCII, 8 Bits, No Parity
                                                                                        Speed: 2400, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K bps
Reliability and Support
The NPS is built in the USA and backed by a one year warranty.                         Physical / Environmental:
NetReach products are installed in thousands of network sites world                      LED Indicators: ON, RDY, RXD, DCD, NET,
wide. Our customers know they can depend on superior quality and                           Outlet ON (1 - 8)
reliability for their most mission-critical operations.                                  Size: 2.8"H x 17"W x 6.8"D
                                                                                           (W=19" w/ Rack Mounts)
                                                                                         Weight: 10 Lbs. Shipping Weight
                     Administrator Status Display
                                                                                         Operating Temperature: 0"C to 45°C
                                                                                         Humidity: 10 - 90% RH, Non-Condensing
                                                                                         Venting: Side Vents, Dissipates 12 Watts

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