Sources of Heat Energy Quiz by stariya


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                     Sources of Heat Energy

  1. Wood burning and a candle burning are examples of ___.
       a. cold energy
       b. fire *
       c. thermometer
       d. geyser
  2. Heat and temperature are not the same thing.
       a. true *
       b. false
  3. We produce ___ when we rub our hands together.
       a. microwaves
       b. molecules
       c. temperature
       d. friction *
  4. 100 calories equal one Calorie.
       a. true *
       b. false
  5. A ___ us used to measure temperature.
       a. solar pump
       b. volcano
       c. thermometer *
       d. calorie
  6. A geyser, mud pot, and a volcano are examples of ___ heat.
       a. geothermal *
       b. electric
       c. nuclear
       d. sun
  7. Living things do not need heat to live.
     a. true
     b. false *
8. The temperature is absolute zero when the molecules ___
     a. begin
     b. stop *
9. The sun and a hydrogen bomb are examples of nuclear ___.
     a. cold
     b. light
     c. lightning
     d. fusion *
10. We receive ___ from the sun.
     a. light *
     b. floods
     c. friction
     d. calories
11. ___ can start fires.
     a. Bears
     b. Lightning *
     c. Temperature
     d. Molecules
12. Microwaves use ___ motion to produce heat.
     a. heat
     b. light
     c. slow
     d. molecular *
13. Computers, irons, and heaters can operate by using ___
     a. calories
     b. hydrogen bombs
     c. electricity *
     d. molecules
14. The temperature is higher when molecules move ___.
     a. faster *
     b. slower
      c. side by side
      d. up and down
15. The temperature is lower when molecules move ___.
      a. faster
      b. slower *
      c. side by side
      d. up and down
16. Our bodies burn ___ and produce heat.
      a. light
      b. air
      c. wood
      d. food *
17. Water will ___ when the molecules slow down and become
   fixed in place.
      a. flow
      b. boil
      c. freeze *
      d. spill
18. Heat from the sun is ___ energy.
      a. better
      b. solar *
      c. temperature
      d. poor
19. Which sentence about heat is true?
      a. It flows from cooler matter to warmer matter.
      b. It stays inside warmer matter.
      c. It flows from warmer matter to cooler matter. *
      d. It stays inside cooler matter.
20. What does temperature measure?
      e. how matter is in something
      f. how much heat matter contains
      g. how fast the particles in matter are moving *
      h. how big the particles in matter are

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