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									Capsim logistics
•   You will need an email address and the following SimID or “C number” in
    order to register for your industry and team.

• 09:30 a.m. class: C32244 & C32245
• 11:00 a.m. class: C32247 & C32248
•   Your “registration number” is NOT the SimID; you will not have a
    registration number until AFTER you register with CAPSIM and pay the fee.

•   Each student should have his/her own CAPSIM registration and email
    address. If you make a mistake while registering for CAPSIM and can’t
    correct it yourself, then simply email or call CAPSIM at 888-472-7554 for

•   I have assigned students to two industries based on the first letter of your
    last name but you can trade with your classmates with my help. Each
    industry will have 3 or 4 members.
• Participation consists of running a company in the
  electronic sensor industry. There are three rounds
   – The first round (rehearsal) is individual. You must have
     completed 8 individual rehearsal rounds (see course calendar)
   – The second round (practice) is in teams.
   – The last round (competition) is also in teams.
• You will find that all of the normal financial/accounting
  data and other information a real firm would have will be
  available to you for your CAPSIM company as it
  progresses through both the practice rounds and then
  after I restart the game, the 8 years of real operation.
• Each team will have 3 members.
• Teams will be identified by their CAPSIM company
  name: Andrews, Baldwin, Chester, Digby, or Erie. There
  is one more team Ferris which will be a computer.
                Performance (1)
• Your performance in rehearsal and practice rounds is
  graded as pass or fail. You need to achieve a certain
  threshold. You will receive a letter grade for your
  performance in the competition rounds.
• How well your company performs is simply a matter of
   – How much research and effort each of your team members puts
     into the CAPSIM exercise,
   – how well your organization of your team can bring all your team
     members’ collective experience and knowledge to bear on
     running your CAPSIM firm, and
   – how effectively you can implement the strategy your team
              Performance (2)
• The Balance scorecard measure feature will be
  used to assign a grade between 0 and 100 to
  each team’s performance relative to other teams
  in the class. (The system gives you a total of
  1000 points but through “my magic” I will
  translate it into 100.)
• Different rounds are graded differently in
  –   Round 1: 82, points
  –   Rounds 2 and 3, 89 points
  –   Rounds 4 and beyond, 100 points
  –   Recap 240.
           Balance scorecard
• It was introduced in 1992. It is a strategic
  assessment tool that can accurately portray a
  business unit's strategic progress. The Balanced
  Scorecard asks managers to consider their
  business from four perspectives:

•   The Customer
•   Internal Business
•   Innovation & Learning
•   Financial
                Review quiz
• What is a sensor?
• Who buys sensors?
• Do I need a credit card to register in
• What is a CAPSIM round?
• How many rounds will we play?
• What is the balance scorecard?
• What industry should I register for?

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