Project Management by pengxuebo


									                         Project Management
                                 PI 464
Unit I

The Evolution of Project Management, Why Project Management? The Project
Management Process , When to Use Project Management, The Strategic
Context of Projects, The Board of Directors and Major Projects , Project
Stakeholder Management, Strategic Issues in Project Management, Technical
and Financial Analysis of Projects.

Unit II

Organizational Design for Project Management, Organizing for Project
Management, Project Portfolio Management, Project Authority, Project
Management Maturity,

Unit III

Project Operations, Project Planning, Project Management Information System
Project Monitoring. Evaluation, and Control, The Project Earned Value
Management System, Project Appraisal Criteria, Project Termination.

Unit IV

Project Management through Network: Work Break Down structure, Gantt chart
etc. PERT Activity Average Time variance and project completion time by Normal
Distribution. CPM: Critical path, floats and their Interpretation Event Occurrence
times, Net slacks, Resource allocation, Crashing of Network, Time cost trade-off.

Unit V

Interpersonal Dynamics in the Management of Projects, Project Leadership,
Project Communications, Successful Project Teams, The Cultural Elements,
Continuous Improvement through Projects, Cultural Considerations in Project
Management, New Prospects, Alternative Project Teams.

Books Recommended:

   (1) Project Management by David L. Cleland and Lewis R. Ireland, 2006,
       McGraw Hill
   (2) Project Management with MS Project CD + Student CD, by
       Clifford F. Gray, Erik W. Larson, 4E, 2008.

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