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					           A Quick Guide for Disclosure Applicants
                                                   Call the appropriate disclosure application line
                                                            England and Wales - 0870 9090844
  How do I apply for a                                      Northern Ireland – Please return the request for
    CRB Check?                                              details sent recently, or if you have not already
                                                            received this please contact NIAF on
                                                            02890 602707
                                                            Scotland - 0870 609 6006

    Give them the UK Athletics Ltd. registered body number (England, Wales and Scotland)
    England and Wales - 22525500000
    Scotland - Coaches resident in Scotland will be informed of this number by post shortly (Do not
    call until you have received it)
    Tell them you are a VOLUNTEER and need an ENHANCED disclosure
    Other information they will need: Full name (and any previous names), Address (last 5 years), Date
    and place of birth, NI number, Other info e.g. passport/driving licence details

                                                                                              Evidence of Identity
                                                                                          •A Local Verifier will verify
              Application Form                                                            your evidence of identity
                                                                                          (Club chairperson has been asked to
    You will be sent a part completed form                                                identify someone within the club or
  •CHECK your personal details                                                            county/regional officers can be used)
  •SIGN declaration                                                                       •Documents shown must be
  •READ info booklet                                                                      original (see information booklet for
                                                                                          list of acceptable documents)
  •DO NOT complete the verification
  section (Section X on CRB forms)

                                                                               What next?
  •The Athletics Welfare                         •Applicants in England and Wales should send their completed
  officer will counter sign                      application form to:
  your form                                      Athletics Welfare, PO Box 332, SALE, M33 6XL
                                                 •Applicants in Scotland should send their completed form to
  •The Athletics Welfare
                                                 Athletics Welfare, Scottish Athletics Ltd, 9a South Gyle Crescent,
  Officer will submit your                       Edinburgh, EH12 9EB
  form to CRB                                    •Applicants in Northern Ireland who haven’t already returned their
                                                 form to NIAF, should do so as soon as possible

                                                                              What if I have a criminal record?
                                                                        •Information will be treated fairly
         Who will receive the disclosure?                               •If there are issues regarding your
 •Applicants in England, Wales and Scotland will                        disclosure you will be contacted by UK
 receive a copy in the post. Applicants in Northern                     Athletics
 Ireland will not receive a copy                                        •A police check does not automatically bar
 •A copy will be sent to UK Athletics                                   you from working within athletics

  Target Dates – From April 2005 onwards, we will be asking all coaches to undertake a CRB check. Due to the volume of
  checks to be completed we will try to phase the majority of checks as outlined below. However if you would like to, or need
  to have your check done sooner we would welcome your application. We would prefer you to apply for your check sooner
  rather than later as we intend to have all checks completed before April 2006.
                     Scotland and Wales                                  April - June 2005
                     North East, Yorkshire, North West                   July - September 2005
                     East Midlands, West Midlands, East                  October - December 2005
                     South East, South, South West, London               January - March 2006
                     Northern Ireland                                    Ongoing throughout 2005

If you have an queries or concerns regarding CRB checking please contact the Athletics Welfare Officer on
0870 9986777 or 07803 671975

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