; Are There Any Age Restrictions For Rhinoplasty
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Are There Any Age Restrictions For Rhinoplasty


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Are there Any Age Restrictions for Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery to correct the shape and/or function of
the nose can be successfully performed on any individual in good health. So
there    are   actually    no   age
restrictions    for     rhinoplasty.
However, there is a relationship
between the age of the patient
and the purpose for which the
surgery is performed.

Age and Rhinoplasty Surgery Considerations
Different age groups have different considerations. Based on age, surgery for
the nose can be looked at from three angles: primary, secondary and

   •    ‘Primary’ for babies – This is nasal surgery is performed on children
        as young as three months of age and meant to reduce tissue-related
        problems and scarring which can affect nasal growth.
   •    ‘Secondary’ for pre-school children– Secondary nasal surgery is
        performed on children 4-6 years of age who have already undergone
        primary surgery, and need further corrective procedures before the
        start school.
   •    ‘Definitive’ for teens and older people – This is kind of surgery is
        performed after nasal growth is complete. The minimum age is
        usually 14 for girls and 16 for boys. This is the time when nasal
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       growth is complete, permitting the surgeon to perform serious
       realignment of the internal and external structure of the nose.

Rhinoplasty at Any Age - Correct Nasal Problems
Nasal surgery addresses bones, skin, cartilage and fatty tissues. People of
any age can go in for the surgery to correct medical as well as cosmetic
problems such as:

   •   Enhance the nasal passage for improved breathing
   • Minimize asymmetry
   •   Correct alignment
   • Give the nasal tip better definition
   • Rectify flaring nostrils
   • Reduce the height, width and length of the nose
   • Correct a drooping tip
   • Remove a bump on the bridge

Successful plastic surgery results in a proportionately shaped nose that
aligns well with the rest of your features. Along with cosmetic enhancement
and prolonged results, a good surgeon would ensure that breathing functions
are improved and this is great benefit especially for older patients prone to
such problems.
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Successful Cosmetic Nose Surgery
If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, find an experienced, board-
certified plastic surgeon. Various factors such as your goals, expectations,
health, and so on will determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery.
You must have realistic expectations. Moreover, you must remember that
with age, healing takes longer.

Though there are no age restrictions for rhinoplasty, the quality of your skin
and its thickness greatly influence the final outcome. And here, age does
plays an important role. The older you are, the thinner your facial skin and
the greater the surgical challenge. Even slight changes show up when the
skin is thin, making a positive result more difficult to achieve. A young
person with thicker and more elastic skin can expect better results. However,
a skilled surgeon who uses the latest techniques can definitely give you the
results you expect.

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