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									Enter the Book Publishing or Magazine Publishing Sectors in Just Two Semesters
“The Book and Magazine Publishing program at Centennial gave me a strong understanding of the
Canadian publishing industry, offered numerous opportunities to meet industry professionals and
introduced me to classmates who have now become good friends,” says 2005 Book and Magazine
Publishing Graduate, Maya Bahar.

Maya’s testimonial demonstrates the reliability of this program, which trains students to enter either
Book Publishing or magazine publishing in just one semester. Established in 1974, this award-
winning and unique program has earned several accolades for academic excellence and for the career
success of its graduates.

To apply for the Book and Magazine Publishing program, students must submit an official transcript
demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program.
Centennial College will also consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post-secondary
education and relevant work experience. Also, they must attend a program admission session that
includes editing exercises, presentation of a portfolio of writing and a resume.

Specific courses include: Introduction to Publishing (this introductory course offers a broad overview of
book publishing and magazine publishing to acquaint students with these two cultural industries. The
material will be covered in a variety of classroom settings, including: lectures, class discussions, group
work, guest speakers, and individual assignments. One or more field trips may be included, time
permitting); Book Production (the course works its way through the entire book production process
from design into type and then through the manufacturing processes of making books); Magazine
Marketing (through lectures, readings, class discussion and hands-on work, students will be given an
overview of all aspects of magazine marketing, and will explore strategies and develop materials to
meet various marketing challenges); and more.

Meanwhile, one of the most hands-on features of the Book and Magazine Publishing Program is an
industry field placement at a book or magazine publisher in Toronto, where students acquire work
experience, industry knowledge and professional relationships. They also take part in publishing On the
Danforth magazine twice a year.

In addition to their studies, by taking those program students will be an integral part of the team that
helps to shape the evolution of Canada’s cultural and literary landscape, and helps to build the careers
of the next generation of writers in the publishing industry.

Book publishing and magazine publishing companies that have hired program graduates include:
Random House Canada, Toronto Life Magazine, Nelson Educational Publishings, Chatelaine Magazine,
Harper Collins Canada, Outpost Magazine, McClelland & Stewart, McGraw-Hill Ryerson and Profit
Magazine. A career in book and magazine publishing promises a world of innovation, stories and culture
that integrates creative, marketing and business skills.

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