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					                         May 2005
                         Spring Edition

                               NASSCO TIMES
                                     “Setting the Industry Standards for the
                                    Rehabilitation of Underground Utilities”

                                                                                           Inside this issue:
                                                                                           President’s Corner         2

                                                             Left to Right: Dick           Executive Director’s
                                                             Schantz, Mike Hogan, Brad     Message                    3

                                                             Dutruch, Glenn Kruschin-      2005 Annual Meeting …
                                                             ski, Ed Kampbell, Grant        ….A Success!
                                                             Whittle, Irv Gemora, Marc     Calendar of Events         6
                                                             Anctil, Dave Fletcher, Mark   NASSCO Publication
                                                             Hallett, Gerry Muench-        Announcement               6
                                                             meyer, & Bill Shook.          ASTM Chemical Grouting
                                                             Steve Mortensen & Jody        Standards Update           6
                                                             Anderson were not pre-        NASSCO Committee
                                                             sent.                         Reports                    8

                                                                                           2006 Annual Meeting        10

                                 OFFICERS                                                  L.A. East Central Inter-
                                                                                           ceptor Sewer Project       12
President                   Gerry Muenchmeyer               Raven Lining Systems
                                                                                           New Member Benefits        13
Vice President              Bill Shook                      AP/M Permaform
                                                                                           Curing a Sick Pipe &
Secretary                   Rod Thornhill                   White Rock Consultants         Taking Advantage           14

Treasurer                   Marc Anctil                     Logiball, Inc.                 CIPP Lining extends
                                                                                           application                16

                                  BOARD                                                    Scholarship Recipients
 Mark Hallett                                         Mike Hogan                           Express Appreciation       21
 Miller Pipeline Corporation                          Duke’s Root Control
                                                                                           Scholarship Notice         24
 Ed Kampbell                                          Glenn Kruschinski
 National Liner                                       JGK Pipeline Services

 Brad Dutruch                                         Jody Anderson
 Compliance Enviro Systems                            Equitas Sewer Services

 Steve Mortensen                                      Grant Whittle
 Project Engineering Consultants, Inc.                Ultraliner

 Dave Fletcher                                        Dick Schantz
 Applied Felts                                        Amerik Supplies
                                      PRESIDENT’S CORNER
                                      ~Gerry Muenchmeyer~
                                 I would like to thank the membership for selecting me to serve as your President for the next
                                 year. I am looking forward to working with Irv, Heather, the Officers, the Board and the
                                 membership. Together we will continue to build NASSCO into an organization that will provide superior bene-
                                 fits and services to our members and to our Industry.
                                 From its beginning, 29 years ago, NASSCO has grown, from principally a contractor membership to a multi-
                                 disciplined industry Trade Association. NASSCO today consists of a diversified membership that includes
                                 contractors, manufacturers, engineers, municipalities, academia and others. New members are joining
                                 NASSCO on a regular basis, resulting in a current membership of over 270 with a 97% retention of our con-
                                 tractor members. This growth is expected to continue.
NASSCO is a major educational and training force in the Rehabilitation Industry.
In the past several years we have been instrumental in resolving major issues affecting the grouting and CCTV industries. We have expanded
to include focused Divisions that concentrate on and deal with specific technologies and industry issues. These Divisions have grown through
the efforts of NASSCO members and the formation of new Divisions are on the horizon.
Over the last several years new member benefits and programs were introduced, implemented and accelerated. Emphasis was placed on con-
tinuing education, updating manuals and developing generic performance specifications and improved member services.
The RehabZone was again successfully presented at UCT, this year, through the efforts of NASSCO members. NASSCO has accomplished all
of this, while improving income and controlling expenses.
As our Rehabilitation Industry continues to grow, NASSCO must also continue to grow, expand and offer new programs and services that are
of value and benefit to the membership and the Industry. These activities must generate sufficient income to cover expenses and sustain growth
while continuing to provide quality services. My Vision for 2005-2006 is focused on improving the services to the membership and continuing
to educate the Industry on technology issues. Some aspects will include:
    ·      Develop and implement a 1-5 year plan for the development and growth of NASSCO
           and the services to be provided for the membership and to the Industry.                            “My Vision for 2005-2006 is
    ·      Continue to improve and mature existing programs such as the PACP and all of its              focused on improving the services
           growth components, MACP, LACP, PDAP and more.
    ·      Firmly establish NASSCO membership as the best value in our Industry by providing             to the membership and continuing
           new programs as well as easily accessed internet-based data.                                        to educate the Industry on
    ·      Attract new members and work with current members who, through NASSCO, are                             technology issues. “
           interested in helping shape the future of our Industry and personally benefiting from
           such activity.
    ·      Work with the membership to get active participation on Committees, Divisions and
           New Programs that will sustain and grow NASSCO while providing personal satisfaction.
    ·      Initiate state of-the-art technical training and educational programs to continue to benefit our Industry and provide business opportu-
           nities for our members.
    ·      Continue to support and participate in Industry issues that affect the members.
    ·      Access existing technical experience and knowledge within the membership and make it available to other NASSCO members
           through, members only, internet based access.
    ·      Promote the growth of NASSCO through sponsorships, advertisements, technical articles and member services.
    ·      Continue on a path of cooperation and support of other industry trade associations.
It is my intent to get more of our members involved in 2005. Particularly those that are willing to participate and who get satisfaction from
improving and building NASSCO and the future of our Industry. I look forward to working with the staff, Board of Directors, Officers and the
membership to accelerate existing programs, implement new programs and enhance member services in the coming year.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in 2005 and 2006


Gerhard (Gerry) P. Muenchmeyer

  Page 2                                                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
                                   ~Irvin Gemora~

                   IT’S EASY !
                   •     It is easy to be optimistic about NASSCO and it’s continued growth.
                   •     It’s easy to be proud of being part of the NASSCO team that introduced and has
                         managed the PACP so effectively.
                   •     It’s easy to be excited about the energy and enthusiasm of the NASSCO Board,
                         Officers and membership.
                   •      It is easy to see the growth potential within our industry and NASSCO’s
                         contributions to its member’s share of that growth.

BUT, easy is not the same as pressure free. We still have much to do that is summed up so well in Gerry
Muenchmeyer’s President’s message on the previous page. I will not restate his message here but will reaffirm
that the staff here at NASSCO headquarters is in full agreement with the goals and is committed to making
them a reality.

The NASSCO 29th Annual meeting, in early March, was considered suc-
cessful by all measures and pointed again to the vital role our member/
sponsors play in all we do (see page 4). This year again the generous sup-
port by our sponsors, the generous donations to the Auction and the spir-        “...the staff here at NASSCO
ited bidding by our members at the Auction helped us raise nearly              headquarters is in full agreement
$15,000.00.                                                                    with the goals and is committed to
                                                                                     making them a reality.”
This year the Jeffrey D. Ralston Scholarship was awarded to Nicolas
Horns, the grandson of Bill Shook and the late Phyllis Shook, and to
Rich Thomasson who has entered into a PhD program at Penn State.
Each received a $2,000.00 scholarship (see page 4 for details). It is nice to see that the Scholarship went to a
young man about to eagerly enter this strangely fascinating industry that we are all a part of! It is also nice to
see a veteran of this industry as a recipient, who is still committed to contributing and learning more about this

We are looking forward to our 30th Anniversary and Annual Meeting at Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa in Fort
Myers, FL! Be sure to mark your calendars now! See page 10 for more information.

As I said before, it’s EASY to be optimistic about NASSCO!


Irvin Gemora
Executive Director

 May 2005                                                                     Page 3
                             2005 ANNUAL MEETING ….A SUCCESS!
             We would like to thank all of our mem-                              Thank you to the outgoing Officers and Board for a job
          bers who contributed to the 2005 Annual                                                     well done in 2004-2005.
             Meeting and 4th Annual Auction!
                                                                                                           Left- Left to Right: Irvin
                                                                                                           Gemora (Executive Direc-
§ AP/M Permaform                  §   Applied Felts
§ Aries Industries, Inc.          §   Avanti International
                                                                                                           tor) presents David
§ Cherne Industries               §   Benjamin Media, Inc.                                                Fletcher (outgoing presi-
§ Compliance Enviro Systems       §   Compliance Enviro Systems                                           dent) with the manhole
§ Equitas Sewer Services          §   Duke’s Root Control, Inc.                                           cover.
§ Garner Environmental            §   Lantor Novapipe
§ KCI Technologies                §   Masterliner                      Right—2004-2005 Board &
§ KEG Technologies, Inc.          §   MaxLiner                         Officers– L to R: Mike
§ Lantor Novapipe                 §   Municipal Pipe Tool Company      Poplawski, Marc Anctil,
§ Logiball, Inc.                  §   Northeast Consulting             Keith Alexander, Grant Whit-
                                                                        tle, Ed Kampbell and Mike
§ Raven Lining Systems            §   PipeLogix, Inc.                  Hogan. Not Shown: Fred
§ R.S. Technical Services, Inc.   §   TT Technologies                  Chase, Bobby Garrison, Jody
§ Sprayroq, Inc.                  §   Underground Construction         Anderson, Steve Mortensen,
§ Visu-Sewer Clean & Seal, Inc.                                         Rod Thornhill, Bill Shook and
                                                                        Gerry Muenchmeyer

                                       2005 Scholarship Awarded
Two $2,000 dollar scholarships were            ies to determine the indices for pipe fail-       We would like to thank our members
awarded in 2005.! The recipients were          ure. The development of these indices             who contributed to the Scholarship fund
Richard O. Thomasson, a new NASSCO             and the relation of time will give the            this year and made the award possible.
member and industry veteran and Nico-          industry a graph for replacement or re-                § AP/M Permaform
                                                                                                      § Compliance Enviro Systems
las Horns, grandson of Bill Shook,             habilitation similar to paving replace-
                                                                                                      § Duke’s Root Control, Inc.
NASSCO’s Vice President and long               ment in the transportation industry.                   § Lantor Novapipe
time member.                                                                                          § New England Pipe Cleaning Co.
                                               Nicolas Horns is currently enrolled at
                                                                                                      § TRB Specialty Rehabilitation
It was agreed that each candidate was          University of St. Thomas– St. Paul, MN.
                                                                                                      § Underground Construction
very deserving of the scholarship.             He is working towards a Bachelor of
                                               Arts degree in Finance and a Bachelor of          Recipients express appreciation on page 21!
Richard Thomasson is currently en-
                                               Science degree in Real Estate which he            See page 24 for information on applying for
rolled in a PhD program at Penn State
                                               plans to use to establish a career in the         next year’s scholarship!
University. His research and thesis
                                               sewer service industry.
will be to review data from several cit-

                    - DAVID MAGILL INDUCTED IN 2005!
The Select Society of Sanitary Sewer            tion ritual, which David Magill per-              Ernie Alexander and Al Colthorp.
Sleuths inducted David Magill at the            formed this year in front of all meeting
2005 Annual Meeting in Fort Myers               attendees. David waved his arms over
Beach, FL!                                      his head while looking down as if trying
The Sanitary Sewer Sleuth Award honors          to stop the progress of a jet machine
those who have made a significant con-          entering a manhole through a sewer line.
tribution to the sewer system industry.         He did this while saying five times, “I am
                                                a member of the Select Society of Sani-
All who are members of this select soci-        tary Sewer Sleuths”.
ety must where a pin to all official
NASSCO functions. If they are caught            Also members of this elite group are:               From Left to Right: David Fletcher
without it, they must buy for the other         Trent Ralston, Ray Bahr, Jr., Greg                  (President), David Magill (2005), Bill
sleuth all drinks and dinners until they        Laszczynski, Norm Sirna, Bill O’Don-                O’Donnell (2002) and Irvin Gemora
show their pin. There is also an induc-         nell, Steve Gearhart, Joe Abbott,                   (Executive Director)

 Page 4                                                                                                                        NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 5
                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS
MAY 2005                             • 2#%2 %NCUU $CNVKOQTG /&           SEPTEMBER 2005
• 2#%2 %NCUU ;WOC #<                  ,WPG                     • 2#%2 %NCUU $CNVKOQTG /&
  /C[                                                                5GRVGODGT  
• 2#%2 %NCUU $CNVKOQTG /&          JULY 2005                             • 2#%2 %NCUU 5GCVVNG 9#
  /C[                       • 2#%2 %NCUU $CNVKOQTG /&             5GRVGODGT  
• 2#%2 %NCUU 5GCVVNG 9#              ,WN[                      • 4GJCD 4QCF 5JQY
  /C[                      • 9'(  5RGEKCNV[                    5GRVGODGT  
                                       %QPHGTGPEG                            5GCVVNG 9#
JUNE 2005                              YYYYGHQTI                           YYYTGJCDTQCFUJQYEQO
  5CNV .CMG %KV[ 76                 AUGUST 2005                           More PACP Classes
  ,WPG                       • 2#%2 %NCUU %JKECIQ +.             are listed online at
  YYYWEVQPNKPGEQO                    #WIWUV          
• 4GJCD 4QCF 5JQY                    • 4GJCD 4QCF 5JQY                     under calendar!
  ,WPG                       #WIWUV                    **For More information on any
  0KCITC (CNNU 1PVCTKQ                %JKECIQ +.                         of the PACP Classes listed
  %CPCFC                               YYYTGJCDTQCFUJQYEQO               above, please call 410-486-3500
                                                                           or email:

               NASSCO Specification Guidelines UPDATE
NASSCO is in the process of updating our Specification Guidelines-11(SG-11) CD-ROM. The publication
was last updated in October of 2003. The updated SG-11 will be sent to all current members of NASSCO at
no charge. If you have not yet renewed for 2005 do so now, so we can send you your free updated copy! The
new version will be Specification Guidelines-11.1.4/05. It will be available for sale beginning in late May
2005. The cost for members is $45.00 and for non-members is $95.00. As you can see, NASSCO members
get a significant discount on publications. If you would like to receive this member benefit, please apply for
membership at If you have any questions or concerns, please call 410-486-3500 or email

             ASTM Chemical Grouting Standards Update
                                     Marc Anctil (for Dick Schantz)

 The newest ASTM Standard Practice for Sealing Lateral Connections and lines from the mainline Sewer Sys-
 tem by the Lateral Packer Method, Using Chemical Grouting has been issued and designated F2454-05. It is
 available thru ASTM web site book shop
 Any questions or comments can be addressed to Marc Anctil or Dick Schantz

 Page 6                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 7
                                                COMMITTEE REPORTS
                                  A look at what NASSCO is doing for the Industry!
Rehabzone 2006– Ed Kambpell                             Standards Committee– Bill Shook                         Regulatory Affairs & Health & Safety
                                                                                                                           Kathy Romans
                                                        The Standards Committee was formed to create a
Next year's RehabZone is well ahead of last year's      performance based specification for each of the
Zone at this time. We left this year's UCT Show         various methods common to our industry. The
with a layout for next year's Zone and have refined     specifications are written in an easy to read/use      The Regulatory Affairs and Health & Safety Com-
it to the point that we are now ready to start work.    format similar to common standards already in our      mittees will have updates for upcoming regulatory
Thanks to Paula's contacts within the art commu-        industry. Mel Young and John Jurgens were con-         actions in the next edition (Summer 2005, August)
nity, we have secured the services of an artist to      tracted to write the specifications and have com-      of the NASSCO Times.
produce a canvas for creating the illusion of walk-     pleted, except for formatting, the following stan-
ing in a pipeline that has cracks, fractures, weep-     dards: CCTV, Cleaning, Chemical Grouting, Annu-        If you have information regarding a particular regu-
ers, and root intrusion. This initial canvas should     lar Space Grouting, Sliplining (Segmented and          latory activity in your state or region, please contact
be ready for our approval by sometime in May.           Continous), Cured-in-place Pipe Lining, Cured-in-      the committee chair.
Based upon what we see then and what our                place Lateral Lining, and Fold & Formed and De-
budget should be, we hope to purchase up to four        formed/Reformed. Ones yet to be done are: Pipe         Kathy Romans
more canvas' depicting other pipe defects. We are       Bursting and Manhole Renewal.                          Email:
looking to recruit sponsors beginning in June which     John and Mel report that the ones already com-         Ph: 281-218-7097
will confirm the level of support we will have to       pleted will be available for review and comment in
"raise the bar" in 2006. Thanks to all of you who       the appropriate format by May 1. At that time, they
helped us out last year both with your monies, your     will be sent out for review and comment. Pipe
exhibition items, and your technical support.           Bursting and Manhole Renewal have not been
                                                        started as of this date.

                                                       Software Vendor Committee– Joan Stone

The PACP Software Vendor Committee held a meeting at the Pumper Show in Nashville on Wednesday February 23, 2005. In attendance were the following:
Alan Grant (Cobra), Cory Criss (WinCan America), Al Rossmeisl (WinCan America), Robert Soltysik (SubCam), Bob Katter (POSM), Dave Janu (UEMSI), Jeremy
Wagner (PipeLogix, Inc.), and Joan M. Stone (PipeLogix, Inc.).
The importance of the PACP standard in the US and how it affects the software vendors was discussed. Everyone agreed on the importance of having a standard
so that all software vendors could import from it into their software programs. This would provide an important service to all PACP customers.
The current problem that exists of "regional PACP" areas in the US where exceptions have been added to the adopted PACP Standard, makes the transfer of data
between software programs difficult. The addition of 10 User Defined Custom fields to the PACP database was discussed. All attendees agreed this was a viable
solution to exchanging data. An additional look-up table would be added to the current PACP database to identify these new fields. This will allow the user defined
fields to transfer between database programs using well-known methods for database handling. Joan Stone agreed to discuss this with Irv Gemora and Rod
Thornhill at the Annual NASSCO meeting to get PACP approval.
An exchange between vendors of PACP export databases from their software products was discussed. As mentioned, some of the vendors have already voluntar-
ily exchanged databases with each other. Alan Grant offered his FTP site as a host site to store the databases for exchange.
The changes previously suggested to the data dictionary were discussed along with new changes. A revised Data Dictionary will be distributed based on the dis-
cussion. It was proposed and agreed that these changes would be reviewed before August 2005 and implemented for the next certification/licensing in January
The current standing of the MACP program was discussed. It was suggested and agreed that the manhole survey would require additional changes to the PACP
database. A Manhole Table and Manhole Survey Conditions Table will be added as well as Lateral Tables eventually and some of the fields from the current In-
spections Table should be moved to the Asset Tables so that duplicate data entries are not made. These changes will be made to the revised Data Dictionary for
review before August 2005 and implemented for the next certification/licensing in January 2006.
The meeting was concluded with everyone in agreement that the committee will meet again next year at the Cleaner Show. It is the most convenient location for all
Software Vendors to attend.

                                                       Lateral Rehab Committee– Dick Schantz
This Committee was formed at this past winter NASSCO meeting. Eleven people signed up with membership split up into 3 contractors and the balance as process,
component and system suppliers. The main emphasis of discussion was the pursuit of an ASTM based general lateral rehabilitation lining standard that is written
around a performance standard rather that a process. This is in line with NASSCO’s objective of developing and promoting performance specifications. There was
discussion about the current draft ASTM lateral lining standard, ASTM Project # 67-03-01, that was out for voting at the time. A number of the committee members
expressed concern that the draft standard was too specific to one process and those ASTM members were going to express this concern in there comments which
would be included in their vote on the Draft Standard.
I recently joined F17 and will become a member of the F17.67 committee. The task group chairman working and leading this is Larry Kiest, President of LMK. I
would encourage all NASSCO members who have an interest in lateral rehabilitation sing up for this ASTM subcommittee.
There is an ASTM Committee week in Reno from the 18 to 21 April and I will be attending. (Public Relations Report page 9)

  Page 8                                                                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
         Public Relations Committee– Robert Carpenter

NASSCO Initiating Aggressive Marketing Plan
Overcoming early weather problems, the recent NASSCO Annual Meeting
turned out to be a productive and entertaining event. By Friday afternoon of
the meeting, the weather had turned perfect.
During committee updates, certain groups were singled out for failure to
produce any reports for the NASSCO Times quarterly newsletter. The need
for communicating the many important actions of NASSCO’s growing
committees and divisions is paramount to the continued success of this
association. We strongly encourage all groups to communicate their efforts
through brief reports in the NASSCO newsletter. Or, face the consequences
at the next annual meeting!
New NASSCO President, Gerry Muenchmeyer, and Executive Director, Irv
Gemora, are planning major marketing efforts for NASSCO over the course of
2005. Already in the works is the re-design of the NASSCO booth and
creation of an advertising campaign to further expand the ongoing Pipeline
Assessment & Certification Program. Also, earlier in 2004, NASSCO provided
the seed money to initiate the rehabilitation television program with Penn
State University and PBS. Tentatively, the program will be ready in late 2005
or early 2006.
President Muenchmeyer has planned an aggressive agenda this year. In a
recent meeting with the Public Relations Committee, upcoming events and
activities were reviewed so that a media awareness campaign can be
coordinated to maximize exposure of the many positive effects NASSCO is
having upon the trenchless rehabilitation market. Watch for several news
releases and articles during the summer and fall months.

(More committee Reports page 22)

  May 2005                                                                      Page 9
As you all know the 2005 Annual Meeting was to be held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort & Spa in Fort
Myers, FL, but due to damages from the hurricanes, we were unable to meet there this year. Well, we
are now back on track to meet at this beautiful resort in 2006 and 2007! Many of you probably re-
member our trip there a few years ago in 2002. It was a great facility situated on the Gulf of Mexico
overlooking Sanibel and Captiva Islands, it offered wonderful views and provided many wonderful
treatments at the onsite Spa!

Named among the “Top 10 Spa Resorts in the U.S.” by CondeNast Traveler, recipient of the AAA
Four-Diamond Award for over 12 years, as well as a proud member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts
Worldwide, Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa is a luxurious tropical es-
cape, where 85 acres of exquisite coastal scenery and unparalleled
warm hospitality welcome you.

The extensive restoration of the grand resort has reached the final
                                         stages of completion. On
                                         February 1, 2005, they
                                         opened their doors once
                                         again. They look forward to Take a sunset dinner cruise on the
                                         welcoming guests, you,         Sanibel Princess!
                                         back to the new, spectacular
                                         facilities and offering the most exceptional services.

We will be meeting Tuesday, February 28– Thursday, March
2, 2006. With the Golf Tournament Friday, March 3, 2006.
Mark your calendar now!

Plan to join us for some important meetings, great net-
working and of course some fun in the sun!

 Page 10                                                                                         NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 11
                      LOS ANGELES SPECIFIES HOBAS

The City of Los Angeles oper-        integrity, stopped corrosion, pro-   city and set a specific time limit
ates more than 620 miles of sew-     vided leak free systems in the       for the work.
ers, numerous pumping plants         area of rehab and often main-
and four wastewater treatment        tained or increased flow capac-      A lengthy environmental study
plants. These serve over three       ity.                                 was conducted. Further improve-
million people plus commercial                                            ments to the existing NOS and
and industrial facilities.           Hans Chang of LA’s Major Sew-        construction of a new sewer
                                     ers Construction Group said,         were recommended. The city de-
It should surprise no one that the   “HOBAS pipes have been               termined that the best way to re-
city’s sewerage and storm drain-     widely used in the City of LA's      lieve the wet weather sewage
age system is both complex and       sewer projects for microtunnel-      overflows and provide needed
sometimes overloaded, and that       ing, direct burial and sliplining,   capacity for future population
it often needs updating and ex-      etc. Personally speaking, I feel     growth was to construct a new
pansion to meet the demands of                                            sewer, the East Central Intercep-
the growing population.                                                   tor Sewer (ECIS). It was de-
                                                                          signed to relieve and augment
Over the years, L.A. has dealt                                            the NOS. The entire project will
with some serious problems with                                           provide sufficient wastewater
system capacity. In particular,                                           capacity up to at least 2050.
with the City’s North Outfall                                             The ECIS project was put out to
Sewer system (NOS), an ellipti-                                           bid in September 2000 with an
cal brick sewer which was com-                                            engineers’ estimate of about
pleted in the 1920s and extended     that HOBAS pipes are strong,         $256 million. Low bidder at
in the 1940s. Beginning around       lightweight, easy to handle and      $240,350,000 was a joint venture
1993, HOBAS pipe was used to         strong in corrosion resistance.”     partnership, KSTFK, headed by
rehab much of the lower end of                                            Kenny Construction of Wheel-
NOS, one of the largest outfalls     Background                           ing, Ill., and incorporating
within the City. The rehab took      Despite the extensive rehabilita-    J.F.Shea of Walnut, Calif., and
place over several years and in-     tion, in 1998 several communi-       Traylor Brothers and Frontier-
cluded a number of different pro-    ties in south Los Angeles were       Kemper, both of Evansville, Ind.
jects.                               affected by sewerage overflows       Engineering companies Parsons
                                     caused by insufficient capacity      Brinckerhoff of Pasadena, Calif.,
HOBAS Pipe USA has been sup-         of the existing system. The          and Brown & Root of Alhambra,
plying pipe to the Los Angeles       heavy El Nino rains were too         Calif., helped oversee the work
area including both the city and     great a burden for it to handle.     for the City of Los Angeles. The
surrounding county since 1989.       To rectify the situation, the Re-    contract was awarded on January
A total of almost 50 miles of        gional Water Quality Control         5, 2001 to the joint venture.
HOBAS pipe ranging from 24 to        Board issued a Cease and Desist
96 inches in diameter has been       Order requiring the City of Los      (continued page 18)
delivered. These rehabs accom-       Angeles to upgrade the sewer
plished several goals for the        system serving the center of the
lines: they provided structural

 Page 12                                                                                         NASSCO TIMES
                                                                    Increase your
                                                   P ro d u c t i v i t y !
                                                Aries family of products can turn your daily productivity
                                                   levels as you know it - into levels as you want it!
                                                    With the demanding levels of performance
                                                  required today Aries pipeline TV inspection and
                                                 rehabilitation systems are designed to make you
                                                             more successful than ever.
                                                     If you’re looking for a long-term partner, look to
                                                                    Aries Industries, Inc.

        MEMBER BENEFITS                                                           “Next Generation” TV Truck Mount

            FLEET MANAGEMENT                                                      Aries “Next Generation” concept offers
                                                                                  the latest in operator comforts, higher
                                                                                  productivity levels, and overall greater
                                                                                  safety standards in one complete
In the Fall Newsletter new member benefits      Illuminator and Illumi-Zoom Pan & Tilt Camera
                                                Comes standard with built-in diagnostics
included a description of Fleet Management      to monitor the operating parameters,
services provided by Allstate Leasing.          maintenance free LED lighting , and
                                                starlight light enhancement module. The
Allstate Leasing's fleet services include but   Illumi-Zoom offers 40:1
                                                zoom capability.
are not limited to vehicle acquisition, lease
                                                                                            Aries LETS
financing, maintenance management, fuel                                           Inspect 3” and larger
                                                                                house connection lines
cards and vehicle disposal. In addition,                                    up to 80’ from the mainline
Allstate Leasing provides a full range of                          pipe. The lateral camera offers a
                                                                  built-in sonde for locating purpose.
equipment leasing services including Master
Lease Lines of Credit, sale and leaseback and
one off transactions.

NASSCO has endorsed the products and ser-
vices provided by Allstate Leasing to the        Badger/Mini Badger Wheeled
membership. Allstate in turn has pledged to      The Mini Badger is designed to
                                                                                              Combo Rehab System
provide to the membership a second to none       operate successfully in 6” and
                                                 larger diameter pipelines.                   Grout Mainline/Laterals
                                                                                              or Reinstatement Lateral
level of service.                                                                             Connections with Aries
                                                                                              Contractor Rig.

For further information please contact Steve                                                             ®
Cromwell or Brent Baron at Allstate Leasing,
                                                 Pipeline Television Inspection, Test and Seal Systems
410-363-6500 or 800-223-4885.
                                                                       Aries Industries
                                                     550 Elizabeth Street • Waukesha, WI 53186
                                                               Toll Free: 800-234-7205
                                                     Visit our Site @

 May 2005                                                               Page 13
A telephone call came in to Kevin          ures, disruption to the building and      “The only problem areas we had
McAlexander, owner of Advantage            the daily operations.”                    were in that first 35 feet,” McAlexan-
Plumbing in Grinnell, Iowa. It             Perma-Liner was the best alternative,     der says. “We wanted to line more,
seemed that HydroKlean in Des              McAlexander says.                         but we had to make a decision. Do
Moines faced a challenge at a local        “The pipe from the E.R. tied in about     we give up lining an extra 30 or 40
hospital that went beyond the scope        three feet from our starting point.       feet and deal with the extra drain
of its capabilities.                       That one wasn’t too tough to deal         lines that tie into the pipe, or do we
HydroKlean employees knew there            with, but as we went down the pipe,       stop short? The decision was made to
was an issue with an 8-inch sewer          we had a couple of turns to deal          line over the bad area and then stop.”
pipe that ran underneath Skiff Medi-       with,” McAlexander says.                  HydroKlean stepped in again to break
cal Center in Newton, Iowa, but they       “The area with the gasket problem         up the rubber gasket with a 10,000
couldn’t put their finger on it. They      was right before an elbow. We had to      p.s.i. waterjet, enabling Advantage
got the line open by jetting it, but       get the liner around the elbow to sta-    Plumbing to shoot the lining in over
when they tried to televise the line       bilize that area, but immediately after   the gasket, which lay flat during the
with a crawler camera, the crawler         the elbow was another inlet that came     process. The lining was done in one
was too big to negotiate the turns. A      in the top of the pipe. The problem       night, starting at 3 p.m. with a final
push camera also didn’t help. Advan-       was getting to that,” he adds.            cleaning and inspection. Lining was
tage Plumbing cleaned the line and         Lining past that meant the company        initiated at 8 p.m. when water was
set up the cameras to discover a joint     had to figure a way to get the liner      shut down to the kitchen area. The
that had moved and was pulling apart       cut open, which McAlexander fig-          line was cured, inlets were reinstated,
a little bit.                              ured would be too difficult and risky     and the pipe was put back into ser-
“As a result of this, part of the rubber   to do. He decided to try to line          vice by 3 a.m.
coupling that held the cast iron pipe      around the corner and stabilize it, but   Kevin says the hospital administra-
together had puckered up about an          stop short of the second inlet to the     tion was pleased with the results.
inch and a half through a hole in the      pipe. He was successful.                  “Everyone was a little nervous, be-
bottom of the pipe. This not only                                                    cause the pipe was used by about half
caused an obstruction, but was allow-                                                of the hospital,” he says. “They were
ing sand to enter the pipe,” says                                                    pleased in the end that we were able
McAlexander.                                                                         to accomplish the goal without any
Kevin researched ways in which his                                                   major disruption. Compared to the
company would be able to cut off the                                                 alternatives, the disruption was very
gasket and start the repair process.                                                 minor.”
The project was steeped in complexi-                                                 McAlexander has performed about
ties.                                                                                30 lining jobs using Perma-Liner’s
“(Hospital officials) were considering     “That was one nice thing when we          lateral lining system, but this was the
what they would have to do if they         looked at Perma-Liner’s system.           most challenging.
had to dig this thing up,” McAlexan-       Some of the other liner materials we      “We’ve been getting a lot more re-
der says. The problem section of the       looked at had some horizontal stretch     sponse in the last few months off of
pipe was 18 feet deep and lay under        – as you shoot the liner, it stretches    our website, so people are hearing
the emergency room entrance as well        lengthwise,” McAlexander says.            about these kinds of procedures and
as under the emergency room garage         “One benefit we had in this case is       they’re searching for more informa-
bay where ambulances frequently            that we were able to pretty much          tion on it. I think it’s going to take
pull in. The pipe carried water from       know exactly where that liner was         off. It’s just a matter of educating
the emergency room, the kitchen, and       going to stop. We were pretty com-        people.” ■
the west wing of the hospital. The         fortable with the fact it wouldn’t
nearest hospital is about 20 miles         stretch past the point where we
away.”                                     wanted to stop and complicate things      Perma-Liner Case History: Kevin
“It would have been atrocious to try       by covering up that second inlet.”        McAlexander
to dig that up,” McAlexander says.         Advantage Plumbing lined 35 feet of       By: Carol Brzozowski
“It would have been huge dollar fig-       the 130-foot line.

 Page 14                                                                                                      NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 15

MaxLiner CIPP Process Used           to be rehabilitated they con-        In support of this innovative
To Rehabilitate More Than 30         tacted Research & Develop-           application, MaxLiner repre-
   Gas Regulation Vaults             ment for a solution. Upon in-        sentatives went with PIM Cor-
                                     vestigation, it was clear that       poration to pitch the solution to
 2”, 4”, 6” and 4”/6” Combo          age, infiltration and inflow (I/I)   the Gas Engineering and Pres-
Diameter Vent Pipelines with         were causing the gas regula-         sure Control Departments. To
 Multiple 90 Degree Bends            tion vaults and ventilation pipes    ensure the job’s success, Max-
                                     to have limited functionality,       Liner custom designed its
                                     partially fill with water and de-    products for this application
New York, NY – January 12,           bris and threatening proper          and provided two on site tech-
2005 – The Cured In Place            ventilation because of obstruc-      nicians to insure proper train-
Pipe (CIPP) Relining process         tions throughout the under-          ing and implementation of this
is perhaps best known for its        ground structures. Pressure          technology. Both departments
application in relining sewage       Control had tried CIPP relining      agreed that the MaxLiner sys-
pipes. Due to the work of the        in the past to address the           tem would be an innovative so-
PIM Corporation of New Jersey        same issues, but due to the          lution to handle the relining of
for the Consolidated Edison          thickness of the liners used it      the ventilation pipes in the
Company of New York, Inc             was extremely difficult to navi-     regulator manholes.
(Con Edison; [NYSE: ED]), the        gate the multiple bends in the
CIPP process is extending its        conduit.                             Before the relining process
application into relining ventila-                                        could begin, PIM Corporation
tion and instrumentation pipe-       One of the contractors that          needed to clean and prepare
line casings. The process is         R&D discussed this problem           the old carbon steel casings.
saving The City of New York          with was PIM Corporation.            They used custom built ultra-
and Westchester County from          Having knowledge of the ad-          high pressure water blasting
the disruption associated with       vantages of a CIPP rehabilita-       and cutting equipment that en-
open cut excavation work,            tion system called MaxLiner,         abled them to pump 20,000 psi
while also creating substantial      PIM Corporation suggested            of water through the pipes and
cost savings for Con Edison.         extending the MaxLiner appli-        around the multiple 90-degree
                                     cation beyond sewage pipes           bends to thoroughly clean the
Overview:                            and into the buried steel venti-     2”, 4” and 6” pipelines, and
Proper ventilation of under-         lation conduits. PIM Corpora-        extract any of the old liners that
ground concrete gas regulation       tion President, Bob Torielli,        had failed over the years.
structures is an important com-      was familiar with the MaxLiner
ponent to the smooth operation       system and understood its            After the pipes were cleaned
of the gas distribution system,      many benefits, specialized           and free of the old liners, PIM
so when Con Edison’s Gas En-         compact equipment, and most          Corporation was ready to reline
gineering and Pressure Control       importantly its flexible high        using the MaxLiner system.
Departments identified that          strength liners that are able to
many of the metallic ventilation     negotiate multiple 90º and 45º       (continued page 20)
lines were failing due to exter-     bends and create a new pipe-
nal corrosion and would need         line within the old steel lines.

 Page 16                                                                                        NASSCO TIMES
                                                                      370 New York Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201
                                                                          Ph: (717) 709-1005 Fax: (717) 709-1009


           Kampac: Joint & Pressure Testing System           SAT-Star: Lateral Insertion from Mainline          SAT-Star: Converted into a Lateral Flushing System

            L500: 8-64" pipe dia          SAT-Star: Both cameras are pan & tilt!           RCA Proline Studio              Quick-Lock Point Repair Sleeve: 6-24" dia

                        Mainline Inspection                                                                     MANY APPLICATIONS!
                        Lateral Inspection
                        Mainline & Lateral Inspection (All-in-one)                                                             ONE SOURCE!
                        Lateral Flushing
                        Point Repair System “Quick-Lock”                                                                               RAUSCH!
                        Pressure Testing: Joints, Sections & Reaches

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May 2005                                                                                                                             Page 17
                                  LOS ANGELES SPECIFIES HOBAS
                                                (continued from page 12)

ECIS Construction                      including 78-inch segments for the
HOBAS was specified again as a         drop shaft.
material for the new ECIS con-
struction. The same qualities that     Ted Budd, vice president of the
made it dependable for rehab made      Tunnel Division at Kenny Con-
it an ideal choice for new construc-   struction, said, “The need for three
tion.                                  parallel tunnels with minimal
                                       clearance of less than two feet be-
A variety of reasons influenced the    tween the three lines was one of
specification of HOBAS pipe for        the reasons for the use of the 66-      experience with HOBAS pipe,
several demanding portions of the      inch HOBAS pipe. The use of             “We saved critical time during the
recent expansion. “The choice (to      other pipe would have reduced the       testing and acceptance portion of
use) HOBAS was based on mate-          clearance due to its greater wall       the project. All of the HOBAS
rial being able to                     thickness. The HOBAS pipe also          pipe tested without a hitch and the
resist corrosive sewer environment     eliminated the need for a protec-       City has accepted the entire pro-
and ease of installation,” said Ra-    tive liner.                             ject. HOBAS pipe proved to be
jni Patel, construction manager                                                very effective to meet the tight
with Los Angeles’ Major Sewers         “There were compound bends at           schedule, not only for the three
Construction Group. The other ma-      the end of each tunnel that would       parallel tunnels, but also for the
terial options included reinforced     have been very difficult to build on    other microtunnel work and espe-
concrete pipe and prestressed con-     site. The use of the bends that HO-     cially for the numerous fittings
crete cylinder pipe. Both required     BAS manufactured proved to be           (tees, bends, transitions, etc.) that
PVC linings to resist the acidic       cost effective when compared to         were supplied for other redesigned
environment.                           the alternative, especially when the    portions on the ever-changing
                                       tight schedule was reviewed. Their      ECIS project. The testing, tailored
                                       prompt response to design changes       assistance, design/delivery timing
                                       on other parts of the projects rein-    and engineering support that HO-
                                       forced the choice of it for the par-    BAS provided helped save critical
                                       allel pipes and fittings because late   time on the project.”
                                       design changes were anticipated.”
                                                                               HOBAS pipe is manufactured in
                                       Now that ECIS is in service, it will    sizes from 18 inches to 110 inches
                                       provide hydraulic relief for the        in pressure and non-pressure
HOBAS pipe was chosen by               current at-capacity sections of the     classes. For more information,
KSTFK for several portions of the      NOS, as well as capacity for future     please contact HOBAS at 800-
ECIS project. The largest diameter     increases in flow. The project will     856-7473, 281-821-2200 or e-mail
was an 84-inch, microtunneled in-      help minimize odor complaints by        at Facts are
stallation, which connects the old     diverting flows out of the NOS.         also available at
NOS to the new ECIS tunnel.            Additionally, completion of the ■
Three parallel 66-inch diameter        ECIS sewer tunnel will allow the
pipes were also installed in a tun-    middle section of NOS system to         Please send inquiries to Kimberly
nel carrier as part of a siphon. Ad-   be closed for cleaning, repairs and     Paggioli, P.E., Marketing Man-
ditional 66-inch diameter pipes        rehabilitation.                         ager, HOBAS PIPE USA,
were microtunneled as three air                                                1413 E. Richey Road, Houston,
jumpers above the siphons. Several     Summing it up                           Texas 77073-3508, Phone: 800-
special fittings and pipe sections     After completion of the project,        856-7473 or 281-821-2200.
were supplied for various locations    Budd summarized the contractor’s

 Page 18                                                                                               NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 19
                                       (continued from page 16)

The Solution                        tion pipe.                             place pipe (CIPP) relining sys-
The team chose to use the                                                  tem for small diameter applica-
MaxLiner System because of          The Result                             tions ranging from 2 to 10
its compact equipment and cus-      Within a 45-day period, PIM            inches. The system uses
tom- made liners. They se-          Corporation was able to reha-          highly engineered equipment
lected Max WovoLinerTM with a       bilitate more than 30 gas regu-        and materials to repair existing
4-inch diameter, MaxLiner’s         lation vaults and 90 2”, 4” and        pipelines without digging. Max-
most flexible liner, perfect for    6” vent conduits with varying          Liner offers a wide selection of
navigating 90-degree bends          lengths from 10-50 feet. These         liners, all of which are ex-
and strong enough to withstand      previously faulty pipes pre-           tremely flexible and designed to
the impact of heavy traffic, and    vented fresh air from entering         maneuver multiple bends and
infiltration inflow (I/I). The 4”   into the underground struc-            joints. Using styrene-free ep-
diameter liner proved to be ex-     tures, and causing severe dam-         oxy resin, MaxLiner repairs of-
tremely versatile as it was able    age to interior gas regulation         fer a quality that is unsurpassed
to expand and contract ena-         piping and equipment. The re-          in the underground pipelining
bling it to reline the 4”, 6” and   habilitation process is continu-       industry. The MaxLiner System
combination 4”/6” pipes. For        ing and the rehabilitation of the      has been used and tested
the smaller 2” diameter pipes,      interior piping and manhole            throughout the world and has
the team selected MaxLiner’s        structures by cleaning and ep-         received NSF Standard 14 cer-
Intec Liner.                        oxy coating has also been              tification. MaxLiner has sold
                                    added to the program, and is           over 70 units in the US alone
The team combined MaxPoxTM          under evaluation for long term         and more than 225 units in
15 resin with MaxPox 16 hard-       viability in the subterranean en-      Europe, Asia and Australia.
ener, which work together to        vironment.                             For more information, visit the
form the epoxy that, when com-                                             website at
bined with the Max Wo-              “We had tried CIPP relining  
voLinerTM, constitutes the new      methods in the past but before
pipe within a pipe. The Max-        MaxLiner, we could not find a          About PIM Corporation
PoxTM 16 hardener was se-           liner that could negotiate the         PIM Corporation is a 21-year
lected because it has a faster      multiple bends causing the old         old specialist trenchless pipe-
curing time by design, allowing     liners to bunch at the elbows          line subcontracting company
the team to have the pipes          cutting off critical air flow to the   located in Northern New Jer-
back in service within 4-6          structure. The MaxLiner Sys-           sey. PIM offers several innova-
hours. This enabled Con Edi-        tem with its compact equipment         tive trenchless technologies to
son to return the gas pressure      and its WovoLiner flexible lining      the gas, water and wastewater
regulation vaults to service very   product has proven to be a win-        industries. PIM Corporation
quickly, rather than having to      ner in this new application, said      has been carrying out Pipe
keep them out of service for        Len Toscano, Operations Man-           Bursting, Pipe Slitting, tight fit
long periods. The MaxPox ep-        ager, Gas Operations of Con            Polyethylene lining, and Epoxy
oxy is environmentally friendly     Edison, “and Con Edison is             Coating continuously work for
and does not contain styrene        pleased with the work of PIM           Consolidated Edison for the
whereas vinyl and polyester         Corporation and its ability to         past 15 years. For more infor-
resins contain about 40 percent     deploy this innovative solution.”      mation on PIM Corporation,
styrene, making epoxy resin a       About MaxLiner L.L.C.                  visit their website at
better choice for an air ventila-    MaxLiner is a leading cured-in- ■

 Page 20                                                                                         NASSCO TIMES
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  Please check your company’s primary function (check one only):   Please answer the following questions about your company:

       Sewer & Drain Cleaning                                      1. What services do you provide in addition to your primary checked at left? (Check all that apply.)
                                                                         Hydroexcavation         Industrial Vacuum Service        Municipal/Government         Plumbing        Relining/Rehabilitation
                                                                         Sewer & drain Cleaning        Supplier/Distribution/Sales      TV Inspection        Other____________________________
       TV Inspection
                                                                   2. What is the approximate population of the area in which you provide service?
       Industrial Vacuum Service                                         0-10,000       10,001-50,000       50,001-100,000           100,001-200,000         200,001-500,000        500,000+
       Municipal / Government                                      3. What is your annual equipment budget?
       Relining / Rehabilitation                                         $0-50K       $51K-75K       $76K-150K          $151K-250K          $251K-350K       More than $350K
                                                                   4. How many vehicles do you currently have in service (this includes trucks, vans, dumptrucks, vacuum trucks, etc.)?
                                                                         1-5     6-10      11-15       16-20       20 or more
       Supplier / Distributor of _______________                   5. How many employees do you supervise or work with at your facility?
       Other_____________________________                                0-3       4-6        7-9       10-12        13-15       16 or more


Dear Mr. Gemora,
I truly wish to thank you and the NASSCO Board of Directors for selecting me as the recipient of the 2005 Jeffery D.
Ralston Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will greatly help me further my business education, and hopefully allow
me to one day work in the sewer service industry. I plan on increasing my knowledge of the sewer service industry by
working on a project with AP/M Permaform.
Nicolas M. Horns

Dear Irv:
I want to express my appreciation for the scholarship, which NASSCO recently extended to me. Not only is it of great
assistance in my pursuit of a PhD at Penn State but a honor to have NASSCO assist in the development of sewer pipe
indices of failure, which is the subject of my research.
Knowing that this was a scholarship in honor of Jeff Ralston was special because of my relationship with the Ralston
family through the years. I look forward to continued interaction with NASSCO and all the members who have the inter-
est of serving the public works through their many service functions.
I will keep you up to date on the research and results as they are developed. Thank you so much for your generosity and
Richard O. Thomasson P.E.
 May 2005                                                                                                                                                                 Page 21
                                                        COMMITTEE REPORTS
                                                                  (continued from page 8)

                                                                                                               Jetter Manual of Practices
Manhole Assessment & Certification Program– Gerry Muenchmeyer
                                                                                                               – Jody Anderson
We are continuing to get good input from the           and the committee has elected to continue
industry on manhole components and have a              independently at this time. We are also look-          I have begun gathering information from dif-
fairly comprehensive listing at this time. We          ing at programs that have been developed by            ferent contractors in the sewer cleaning in-
also now have a fairly comprehensive selec-            other agencies for compatibility and to speed          dustry. I am using a paper from the EPA
tion of videos which still need to be reviewed,        up the process.                                        ( Collection Systems O & M Fact Sheet
but are always looking for additional informa-         We will be requesting quotations from outside          Sewer Cleaning and Inspection) and a few
tion.                                                  consultants to complete the work as soon as            different private companies manuals and
Anyone that has some good digital pictures,            a detailed scope of services can be devel-             training methods for sewer cleaning as exam-
please send CD’s, which clearly show defec-            oped.                                                  ples to begin updating the Nassco Jetter
tive manhole structures, to my attention so            Please feel free to contact me at muench-              Manual. Next, I will be reviewing the existing
that we can review and organize them in a     if you would like to             manual and updating it to a more current
timely manner.                                         offer input on this important program or to            manual for Jet/Vac operations. Some of the
We have identified and defined the specific            discuss the program in greater detail.                 areas I intend to address are safety, the
defects that are associated with each compo-                                                                  proper pressures to use in different situations,
nent. And are moving the program forward.                                                                     different nozzles for different applications and
We have evaluated the Inframetrix program                                                                     gallons per minute/psi of water usage.

Performance Specification Committee– Co-Chairs– Gerry Muenchmeyer & Ed Kampbell

The purpose of the Committee for Perform-              ing Technology), Cleaning of Gravity Sewers,           to the consultants for finalization.
ance Specifications is to produce specifica-           Internal CCTV Inspection of Gravity Sewers,            It is anticipated that the revised specifications
tions for NASSCO that are performance in               Chemical Grout Sealing. The review of these            should be finalized sometime in mid-year
nature. These specifications are to be quality         draft specifications is currently ongoing by the       In addition to the listed draft specifications,
and testing oriented and provide a user                Committee until a final document is com-               NASSCO members should submit specifica-
friendly tool for the NASSCO membership                pleted.                                                tions examples for technologies not currently
and the industry.                                      Preliminary draft specifications were submit-          included, or being reviewed, by the commit-
Draft specifications have been completed for           ted by the consultants and reviewed by the             tee, to the NASSCO office for consideration
Cured-in-Place Pipe, Fold and Formed                   committee. It was the general consensus that           and inclusion in the final Performance Specifi-
(Deformed/Reformed), sliplining (segmented             additional work would be required to produce           cation documents to be published.
& continuous), Lateral Rehabilitation (Cured-          a set of specifications that were performance
in-Place), Annular Space Grouting (for sliplin-        oriented. A draft format was submitted back

By-law Committee– Jody Anderson

There’s not really a lot to say about the by-          incorporation was registered and filed on              on Federal Antitrust Laws. Group activities of
laws committee. However, being a Nassco                September 8, 1976 in the District of Columbia          competitors are inherently suspect under
member for five years and a Nassco Board               under the name “The National Association of            these antitrust laws. The best vehicle for en-
member for one year, I realize most members            Sewer Services Companies Inc.” now gener-              joying the permitted agreements among com-
don’t know most the by-laws. So I am going             ally known as NASSCO.” ?                               petitors while avoiding the pitfalls of illegal
to use my committee reports to try and make            Finally, did you know that ARTICLE 9.4 states          agreements is to belong to the NASSCO
the members more familiar with some of the             “ Each participant in a meeting or group func-         Trade Association which takes its obligations
by-laws. Did you know that ARTICLE 1.1                 tion should be thoroughly familiar with the            in this regard very seriously.”?
states “the official incorporated name of this         NASSCO “Pledge Statement” as well as the               Last, do you know the NASSCO “Pledge
trade association is Nassco Inc.”? And that            NASSCO “Antitrust Bulletin” which is based             Statement” ???????
ARTICLE 1.2 states “ The original previous

  Municipal Relations– Jody Anderson

I have asked the members of the municipal relations committee to ask questions to some of their local government contacts. I would also like to ask the municipal
employees who read our NASSCO publications to help us by sending in answers to the following questions. Municipal Employees please let us know what
NASSCO can do for you. 1) How can NASSCO increase municipal participation at annual meetings? 2) What type of programs would you like to see NASSCO
offer for municipal employees ? 3) Would you be interested in some regional meetings ? 4) Do you have any additional suggestions or ideas ?
Please email your responses to:
  Page 22                                                                                                                                      NASSCO TIMES
May 2005   Page 23
                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
 NASSCO, Inc.                                                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                            Mercersburg, PA
                                                                                                              Permit #15

 1314 Bedford Avenue
 Suite 201
 Baltimore, MD 21208
 Phone: 410-486-3500

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 Rehabilitation of Underground Utilities


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                               Are you a full time student?
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NASSCO can help! Each                      We accept applications                  $2,000.00 or more is to be
year we accept applications                throughout the year!                    awarded according to merit.
for deserving individuals                  CRITERIA: Applicant                     Applicants will be evaluated
who meet the criteria below.               must be a currently enrolled            on the qualities of ethics,
The winner is selected each                college student who is a                leadership, scholarship and
year at NASSCO’s Annual                    relative or dependent of an             past working experience in
Meeting, usually in March                  active member of NASSCO                 the sewer service industry.
and will be awarded                        or has worked actively in               An application can be found
$2,000.00 to be applied to-                the industry and is spon-               online at
wards their education!!!                   sored by an active member
Wouldn’t you like to have a                of NASSCO. The applicant                A synopsis of the life of Jef-
chance like this? Well you                 must have earned a 3.0                  frey D. Ralston, whose life
can! Take advantage of                     GPA and be seeking a ca-                is memorialized by this
this great scholarship op-                 reer in the sewer service in-           scholarship fund, is avail-
portunity!                                 dustry. An amount of                    able from the NASSCO of-

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