punch list.10.1.08

					         10/1/08                                                         PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

                                                        RP-4 Punch List
                                                             Start Date, June 26, 2008

                                                                    Head Works

#           DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         RESP.   SIGN-OFF
    1       Access around the interior of the Head Works is unacceptable.

    2       The floor at the rag compactor is unacceptable                                                                              Incomp

    3       Odor control gases build up at head works floor and roof area                                                               Incomp

    4       The rag compactor access doors are too small for equipment removal.                                                         No response

    5       There are no hose bibs on the interior of the head works or the rag compactor structures.                                   No response

    6       No exterior catwalk stair access.                                                                                           No response

    7       Safety gates at the head works are not operable for maintenance.                                                            No response

    8       No light fixtures installed at the head works or the rag compactor structures.                                              Comp

    9       The rag compactor power supply plug is not installed and is required to be explosion proof.                                 Verify

    10      The Effluent gate valve handles are not easily accessible or operable for Operations.                                       No response

    11      There is no bin storage at the rag compactor.                                                                               No response

    12      There is no trash truck access to the bins at the rag compactor area.                                                       No response

    13      Influent flow meter interface creates interference when the VFD is operating.                                               Follow up

    14      The Ferric Chloride calibration column is only accurate if the storage tank has over three feet of product in it.           No response

    15      Grout all light pole bases at Drive C and F, Others need to be verified.                                                    comp
     10/1/08                                                         PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

16      Complete the asphalt overlay.                                                                                          Open

17      Remove all paint, oil, and any other chemical buckets stored at or around the head works and Grit chamber structures   Open
        and dispose of them according to the specifications. (if not in use)

                                               Influent Pump Station Electrical Building.

1       The lifting eyes for the structure are stored between the east wall and the CMU wall.                                  Comp

2       The exterior box at the south door is not operable and not weather proof.                                              Verify

3       Breaker labels on panels LPUPS7 and LPH.                                                                               Verify

4       Panel covers installation at LPUPS7 and LPH.                                                                           Verify

5       The roof structure lock washers are applied to the head side of the bolt and not the nut side.                         Per Plan

6       All floor penetrations are required to be sealed and rodent proof.                                                     Comp

7       Light switch does not appear to override motion sensor function.                                                       Comp

8       Motion sensor does not appear ton function.                                                                            Open

9       Ground rod test report.                                                                                                Comp

                                                           Ferric Pump Station,

1       Finish landscaping around the blower building.                                                                         Comp

2       Manhole access rings are offset and require grout at the interior joints.                                              Verify mastic

3       No compaction has been performed at the landscape sprinkler mains.                                                     Comp

4       Loose bolts at exterior AC units at blower building.                                                                   Comp
     10/1/08                                                         PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

5       Grout at base plate missing south side of blower building.                                      Existing

6       Seal wall penetrations at blower building.                                                      Existing

7       Asphalt cap.                                                                                    Open

8       2 sink holes need to be repaired.                                                               Open

9       Grind and patch the exterior walls as needed at the bio filter                                  Comp

10      Curb and gutter repair at road G                                                                Open


                                                             RAS Pump Station,

1       The dry pack is cracking at two of the pumps.                                                   Comp

2       The trash/debris needs to be removed from all underground vaults.                               Open

3       Grout the interior joints of all underground vaults according to the Contract Specifications.   Per spec

4       There are several hose bibs that leak.
        * Secondary Clarifier 1                                                                         Comp
        * Primary Clarifier 1 at the roof center.                                                       Comp

5       Spalling concrete at the top of the west landing.                                               Comp

                                                            Influent Pump Station

1       LT-1101 is incomplete                                                                           Verify

2       Wet well LIT-1102 is not operating                                                              Verify

3       FIT 1101 interference when VED is operating                                                     Verify
     10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

4       Install bollards for odor control pipe extraction at old head works                     Per plan

5       Loose bolts at stair treads and at bottom stair attachment.                             Comp

6       No valve ID on odor control piping.                                                     Comp

7       Seal water pressure gauge for grit pump is broken.                                      Comp

8       Re-label Ashcroft pressure switch set point to 25 psi.                                  Verify

9       The grit classifier odor control piping is incomplete.                                  Comp

10      The grit bin odor control piping is incomplete.                                         Comp

                                                             Vactor Dump Station,

1       Incomplete                                                                              N/A

2       Odor control piping.                                                                    N/A

3       Asphalt incomplete at east side.                                                        N/A

4       The exterior is not installed.                                                          N/A

                                                          Primary Clarifier Splitter Box

1       Lifting davit cable interferes with odor control enclosure. Per Scott Johnson           Comp

2       Odor control valve ID.                                                                  Comp

                                                           Primary Clarifiers 1 and 2
     10/1/08                                                         PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

1       Leaking hose bib at the roof. Hose bib in wrong location at roof of PC #2.                                                  Comp

2       The explosives gas detection system is incomplete                                                                           Verify

3       There are mild steel washers being used at the covers for both the roof structures.                                         304SS

4       No level indicator in place for the scum boxes.                                                                             Not req

5       Label odor control valves.                                                                                                  Comp

6       The Scott instrument at the west stair of tank 2 is not operating.                                                          Verify

                                                          Primary Clarifiers #1, TOP

 1      1-1/2" PEW line requires touch up paint                                                                                     Comp
 2      Spicket at control panel requires new paint.                                                                                Comp
 3      Hatch openeings do not have chains as required.                                                                             Comp
 4      The washers used under the bolts and nuts on clarifier cover trusses are rusting and are not stainless steel as required.   304SS
 5      One security bolt is missing from the hatch on the west end of the roof structure.                                          Verify
 6      One locking bolt is missing from the hatch at the east end of the roof structure.                                           Verify
 7      Lime build-up around the base of the exterior concrete wall.                                                                Ongoing
 8      The foul air inline valve is not labeled with On/Off.                                                                       Comp
 9      Inline foul air valve is not tagged.                                                                                        Comp
10      Life ring not complete.                                                                                                     Comp
11      LEL/H2s sensor not working.                                                                                                 Open

                                                          Primary Clarifiers #2, TOP

1       The hose spicket is on the wrong side of the walkway platform and has a sever leak.                                         Comp
2       The water line for the hose spicket at the top of the clarifier (PEW line) needs to be painted and labeling.                Comp
3       The washers used under the bolts and nuts on clarifier cover trusses are rusting and are not stainless steel as
        required.                                                                                                                   Comp
4       1-1/2" PEW line at the outer edge of the walkway needs touch up painting.                                                   Comp
5       The ladder access doors require chains and nylon straps have been installed.                                                Comp
6       Southwest spicket needs paint.                                                                                              Comp
     10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

 7      Southwest support brackets are rusted.                                                                         Comp
 8      A ladder was left on the roof structure.                                                                       Comp
 9      The electrical box on the north side is missing screws.                                                        Verify
10      Remove blue tape from Polymer pipe.                                                                            Comp
11      Paint the PEW water line.                                                                                      Comp

                                                         Outside Perimeter
12      Electrical vaults on the Northwest side are not labeled.                                                       Verify
13      Lime build-up around the base of the exterior concrete wall.                                                   Ongoing
14      The foul air inline valve is not labeled with On/Off.                                                          Comp
15      Inline foul air valve is not tagged.                                                                           Comp

                                             Primary Sludge Waste Station,
1       Additional support at the pipe turns required.                                                                 Not req

                                                                 Tertiary Filters

1       Instrumentation box with no label at the east-facing wall near the staircase.                                  Comp
2       The chemical diffuser grating is missing hold down screws at the mixer hold.                                   Comp
3       Base plates for the canopy are all showing signs of rusting.                                                   Open
4       At the west end of the west side there is a pipe exposed that is showing signs of subsiding soil conditions.   Comp

                                                               Primary Splitter Box

1       The northwest access hatch is being held open by the motor cable.                                              Comp
2       The 34" PEW line needs paint.                                                                                  Comp
3       Directional labels required on both north and south valve handles.                                             Not req
4       The sealant throughout the cover is failing and allowing foul air to escape.                                   Open

                                                               Anoxic Splitter Box

1       The three original valve gear boxes are leaking oil.                                                           Existing
     10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

2       1-1/2" PEW line needs paint.                                                                                     Comp
3       The water pressure for the pressure for the PEW line is low.                                                     Existing

                                                               Aeration Basin #1

 1      The 2" spicket at the north end is rusted.                                                                       Existing
 2      The top of the walk at the west end needs to be cleaned of dirt, rocks, and debris.                              Comp
 3      Excessive scum built up at the center of the west end of the walk.                                               Comp
 4      5 chains are missing on the west side walkway.                                                                   Comp
 5      2 electrical boxes at the west side center of walkway need to be re-installed.                                   Existing
 6      There is broken concrete above the saw needs to be removed.                                                      Comp
 7      A dissolved oxygen box needs to be installed at the south end of the walkway.                                    Existing
 8      There are approximately 6 handrail posts that were not re attached to the concrete walkway after beam removal.   Existing
 9      Repair electrical outlet at Aeration Basin #1                                                                    Existing
10      80% of all handrail bases need to be grouted.                                                                    Existing
11      Concrete is failing and chipping at the south end walkway. (Small catwalk)                                       Comp
12      The center walkway below the east side of the stairs is missing bolts and washers.                               Existing
13      At the east wall/north end along the base handrail, the bolts need to be tightened                               Existing
14      At the east wall center of the walkway the concrete is chipped and broken.                                       Comp

                                                               Aeration Basin #2

1       80% of all handrail bases need patch work.                                                                       Existing
2       A bracket plate at the center walkway south end/east side is missing a bolt.                                     Open
3       The tie wire and ruts stains need to be removed from the handrail.                                               Open
4       There are exposed electrical wires at the center east side of the east catwalk                                   Comp
5       The life ring is missing from the life preserver container at the south end center walkway.                      Comp
6       2 life rings out of place on the east wall south end.                                                            Comp
7       Spare part storage is unacceptable at 1st catwalk south end.                                                     Comp
8       The connection between the 1st catwalk and the southwest walkway needs to be grouted.                            Comp

                                                               Aeration Basin #3

1       90% of all handrail base plates need grouting.                                                                   Existing

2       2nd catwalk between the east and center walls has an electrical box that needs replacing.                        Existing

3       1st catwalk north end east wall chipped/broken concrete outside of aeration basin.                               Existing
    10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

4      North end of O.D. #3, electric pull box duct taped together.                            Existing

5      Curb outside of O.D. #3 east wall needs to be replaced due to damage.                   Existing

6      30” effluent line needs specified labeling.                                             Comp

7      South end, west side of O.D.#3 the valve with handle has no label.                      Verify

8      The bollards on the east side of O.D.#3 needs AC to be finished.                        Open

9      The northwest end of O.D.#1 has a light pole base plate that is not grouted.            Existing

                                                                 Anoxic Tank #1

1      Remove the protective coating on the handrails                                          Comp

2      Repair the Spalling concrete locations on the top of the tank.                          Comp

                                                                 Anoxic Tank #2

1      Replace the electric box cover plates at the inside west face.                          Comp

2      Remove all nut and bolt debris from the walkways.                                       Comp

                                                                 Anoxic Tank #3

1      Install the face covers on the northern light stand.                                    Comp

2      Remove all trash and debris from the top of the tank.                                   Comp

                                                                 Sludge Building

1      The eastern emergency shower needs painting.                                            Comp

2      The temporary bypass on the eastern tank interior needs painting. (If Permanent)        Temp

3      The bypass at the bleach tank just below the panel needs painting.                      Open
     10/1/08                                                        PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

4       The safety lights on the emergency showers needs to be connected.                                 Comp

5       Supply line for the eastern emergency shower/eyewash station needs to be painted.                 Comp

6       All construction trash and debris shall be removed within the work area.                          Ongoing

                                                          Chlorine Contact Basin

1       Incomplete

2       The chlorine analyzer in incomplete

3       The staircase at the Southwest corner is separated from the basin.                                Comp

4       The handrails at the north end need to be re-installed.                                           Existing

5       All light poles at the exterior of the contact basin need to have the aluminum bases installed.   Verify

6       Remove all tape from the handrails.                                                               Comp

7       1” expansion joint material not installed. Another contractor was paid to complete caulking       Open

8       All lines and valves need to be labeled.                                                          Comp

9       ¾ inch PEW spicket needs stainless bracket and not galvanized.                                    Not req

10      Two base plates near the center of the chlorine analyzer need bolts installed.                    Existing

11      The chlorine analyzer lines west end center requires labels.                                      Existing

12      Grade the north end of the chlorine contact basin per specs.                                      Griffith

13      The south end of the contact basin needs grading touch up.                                        Griffith

                                                           Secondary Clarifier #3
     10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

1       The south side staircase needs the concrete removed from handrail.                      Comp

2       The clarifier needs to be cleaned prior to filling.                                     Comp

3       The spicket on the top of the southeast stairs needs paint.                             Comp

4       The spicket on the east stair needs paint.                                              Comp

5       The spicket at the top of the stairs needs paint.                                       Comp

6       Several aluminum plates are missing and the screws are loose.                           Comp

7       The spicket below the west stair is missing a handle.                                   Comp

8       The 2” PEW line at the backside of the northern staircase needs paint at the base.      Comp

                                                              Secondary Clarifier #1

1       The spicket under the eastside staircase is leaking.                                    Comp

2       Effluent NTU meter not operating.                                                       Verify

3       East Ferric pump leaks

4       AB #3 west valve 3130 B closes completely and does not open in auto.

5       AB #3 west (Zone 3) valve 3480 -5 opens to 100% and stays there in auto.

6       The west wet well indicator LIT 1101is not working properly.

7       The Ferric tank level indicator is not working.

8       AB Flex program not working.

9       Program and test IPS Station.

10      Bio filters training and O&M Manual.

11      CCT 2 chlorine analyzer commissioning.
     10/1/08                                                         PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

12      Locate foul air sample points.

13      Aerobic digester #2 has a broken pull box damaged by contractor.

14      Remove tape from box and hand hole in side walk at the south end of Aeration basins

15      Paint secondary effluent pipe at south end of Aeration Basins.

16      WAS Flow meter FIT 3901 not working (MLSS Waste)


18      The spicket at the top of the eastside staircase needs complete paint.                                       Comp

19      The spicket at the top of the Southside staircase needs complete paint.                                      Comp

20      The spicket at the bottom of the Southside stairs is leaking.                                                Comp

21      The Westside stair top concrete needs patch work.                                                            Comp

22      The spicket at the top of the west stairs is leaking.                                                        Comp

23      Remove the rope at the top of the Westside stair.                                                            Comp

24      Scratched handrail at the top of the stairs needs repair.                                                    Comp

25      The north end handrails between the east and e=west stairs has pieces of covering that need to be removed.   Comp

26      Remove trash build up from northeast staircase.                                                              Comp

27      Walking plates missing security bolts.                                                                       Comp

28      Spicket at the center of the clarifier has a severe leak.                                                    Comp

29      Hose missing from rack at center of platform.                                                                Comp

                                                            Secondary Clarifier #2
    10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

1      Reducer at the center of the clarifier has a broken backing screen.                                                      Verify

2      Various walking plates are missing the secure bolts.                                                                     Comp

3      The spicket below the western stair does not work and needs paint.                                                       Comp

4      The spicket at the top of the northern staircase does not have pressure when turned on.                                  Comp

5      The spicket below the eastern staircase is leaking.                                                                      Comp

                                                                  RAS MCC

1      West door has plastic on window.                                                                                         Comp

2      The motion sensor on outside is damaged and not working.                                                                 Open

                                                              Site Landscaping

1      The site landscaping has been stopped and until resolution of compliance with Agency standards will remain incomplete.   Closed

2      Taisei T&K to repair all irrigation lines damaged during construction.                                                   Open

                                                                Blower system

1      The pressure gauge south of Oxidation Ditch #1, on the 24inch vertical flange shows signs of leaking.                    Existing

2      Sack and Patch under the catwalk on the exterior of the south end of Oxidation Ditch #1.                                 Existing

       This will be a living document and updated as we progress.

       T&K portion

1      Lift Cable for Mixer in Primary Clarifier Splitter Box – Lifting cable is going thru lid at the hatch opening.           Comp
     10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

        Can't close hatch with cable going thru it. Need hole with rubber gourmet for cable to pass thru.                         Comp

2       Put back light street pole (was existing) for electrical contractor.                                                      Griffith

3       Install 2 flexible hoses @ grit system new head works for Odor Control.                                                   Verify

4       New Chemical system pump (Nikkiso which are all except the Polymer) have failed numerous times to meet the                Open
        spec's need to be replaced.

5       Chlorine double pipe Detection System is in alarm state once again. T&K has the repair representative coming to           Open
        flush out pipe and reinstall wire.

6       Mix liquor pump P-3520 (Flight) Ditch #1 has failed and needs to be repaired. T&K coordinating with Flight.       $$$$$   Comp

7       Hour Meter on Turblex Blower needs to replaced.                                                                           Comp

8       Road Paving needs to be complete.                                                                                         Open

9       Landscaping completed - Contractor will be her on Monday 14th.                                                            Open

10      ProUsys to install Board and program IPS to HML. This is a shut down that will take place 7/29/08.                        Comp

11      Flow Mag at new head works is fluctuating its reading. Investigating.                                                     Verify

12      Pipe clamps in Chemical room, some galvanized. T&K has an order and will replace with Stainless Steel when they           Open

        Southern Electrical portion

1       Tags & Labels-

        a. Motor Starter for Pump 7520.

        b. Gas detection system - remote Relay Box this is for 2.

        c. Valve 1221 Disconnect.
    10/1/08                                                           PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

       d. Field Bus Cable Ditch 2 & 3 needs wire markers.

       e. Gas Detection terminating wire markers.

2      Lighting and Gas Detection system has been put on hold for both the bar screen and Grit Ben structures. The Bar              Comp
       Screen structure has been removed.

3      Bar Screen conduits coming into Grit structure wire and EYS explosion proof fittings will have to wat for screen structure   Open
       to be in place efore the wire and compound for the fittings can be poured. Verify poured fittings

4      Existing Road way Lights.                                                                                                    Check

       a. Existing Pole Light at intersection of G&J street has broken conduit (caused by unknown party) that needs to be           Open
       dug up and replaced and then new wire pulled to it. T&K on Tuesday to take care of trenching. Southern will fix conduit
       and pull wire.

       b. Existing Pole Light next one going west. T&K to set pole and wiring has been pulled from previous pole                    Verify
       mentioned to this pole so when it is placed all Southern has to do is terminate at pole.

5      Explosion Proof Limit Switches to be installed.                                                                              Verify

       a. Limit Switch on Rag Press. Southern has been working on today. Switch is larger than the old non explosion proof          Verify
       switch and has to have some work to get it to fit.

       b. Three limit switches will be installed on the 7/16/08 for equipment shut down and one Motion Sensor will remove           Verify
       temporary wire and pull wire in new conduit.

       c. Wiring to Float Switch will have intrinisically safe barer terminations installed in box.                                 Verify

       d. 7/16/08 Doing Electrical Modifications for East Bar Screen.                                                               Comp

                                          RP-4, Incomplete items list
10/1/08                                                        PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

 1 The overflow pipe at the Secondary Splitter box. (9-19-008 Estimate to be provided on 9-22-08)            Open

 2 The asphalt final cap. (No completion date)                                                               Open

 3 The head works and Rag Compactors structures. (No completion date)                                        Comp

 4 The asphalt floor and structure attachment to the foundation at the rag compactor. (No completion date)   Open

 5 The completion of the chemical pump system. (No completion date)                                          Open

 6 The completion of the landscaping . (Estimated 2 or 3 weeks 10-6-09 or 10-13-08)                          Open

 7 The calibration/testing of the chlorine analyzers. (No completion date)                                   Comp

 8 The completion of the wall modifications to Aeration Ditch #1. (6 weeks from 9-15-08, 10-20-08)           Comp

 9 The completion of the wall modifications to Aeration Ditch #2. (No completion date)                       Open

10 The outstanding items on the deliverable list. (No completion date)                                       Open

11 The HMI logic report package needs final location, frequency, and Types of reports needed                 Open

12 The blower screens need display navigation names to be corrected.                                         Open

13 The new programming card for the Gas Detection system is on order.                                        Comp

14 A replacement element is needed for the flow meter.                                                       Verify

15 A replacement Hydro-ranger element is needed for the Ferric Tank.                                         Open

16 Mixer 33XX-6 has alarmed with water in oil reservoir and has been removed and sent for repairs.           Open

17 The header valve needs to be revised according to B&V recommendations.                                    Verify

18 Confirm CT & DT calculations must be logged data.                                                         Verify
10/1/08                                                       PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST

19 RTU status screens, how is the alarming going to be set up -Control system status screen, CLX processors, Device   Verify
   net, Control net, Comms loss

20 Lockouts stop on IPS pump #8                                                                                       Comp

21 Wet Well float switch malfunction                                                                                  Comp

22 The instrument tags need to be installed.                                                                          Verify

23 Provide filter loading data on HMI scren for compliance and specification reasons. Must be logged in data          Verify

24 Trimax and Prousys programming to be coordinated at meeting on 10-01-08.                                           Comp

25 Secondary Clarifier #1, not able to run in auto.                                                                   Comp

26 Complete all SAT's                                                                                                 Open

27 Global alarm acknowledge needs to be addressed.                                                                    Verify

28 Alarm priorities need to be updated.                                                                               Verify








        10/1/08   PRELIMINARY PUNCH LIST


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