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					                                                                    University of the East
                                                                COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
                                                             Department of Professional Education
                                                                   School Year 2011-2012

A. Subject:                          EDFS 4

B. Course Title:                     Field Study 4: Exploring the Curriculum

C. Course Credit:                    1 unit

D. Course Description:

       This course shall allow students to apply and verify knowledge gained on curriculum development through exposure to the existing curriculum. It shall also
provide insights to students on how the curriculum can be effectively implemented.
       Field Study 4 is anchored on the Professional Education subject Curriculum Development.

E. Pre-requisite:                    None

F. Faculty In-Charge:                Prof. Eric D. Agustin

G. Contact Address / No.:            12 Eustaquio Street, Sto. Niño, Marikina City, +639387327490 (Contact address/no. may change w/o advance notice.)

H. Consultation Schedules:           Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1300-1500H; Tuesday and Thursday, 1130-1330H. Or, by Appoitnment. Kindly text or call me
                                     using the above mobile phone # (+639387327490). In the message textbox of your phone, please include your Surname &
                                     Student Number. Thank you!

I. General Course Objectives:
       Observe best practices in the effective implementation of the curriculum.
       Develop insights on the implementation of the curricular programs at different educational levels.

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       Apply knowledge learned about the different curricular designs.

J. Course Outline
Week/Hours/ Objectives                                                           Topic Outline                               Activities           Outcome         /
Minutes                                                                                                                                           Results
Weeks 1-2 / 1. To orient student observers about their field study Pre-deployment Task No. 1 – Orientation                   Discussion/Interac    Observations
2/0                observations                                                  A. Agreement Between the UE-CEduc           tion                   of the FS
                                                                                 and Cooperating School                                             Coordinator
                                                                                   1. Goals and Objectives of CEduc                                 among
                                                                                   2. Policies relating to FS
                                                                                                                                                   Evaluation of
                                                                                   3. The Field Study Course                                        FSSO’s
                                                                                      3.1 Roles of CEduc                                            behavior
                                                                                      3.2 Duties and Responsibilities of
                                                                                           the     Cooperating      School
                                                                                      3.3 Duties and Responsibilities of
                                                                                           the Cooperating / Resource
                                                                                      3.5 Roles of the FS Coordinator
                                                                                           and His Expectations of FS
                                                                                           student observers (FSSO)
Weeks 3-4 / 1. To explain the contents of the Letter of Request to the Pre-deployment Task No. 2 – Letter of                 Thorough             Observations of
4/0                Cooperating Schools                                           Request & the Cooperating School            Explanation          the cooperating
                2. To set down the Cooperating Schools’ policies on FS in the      1. Preparation of the Letter of Request                        principals   and
                   respective schools on behavior, official time and compliance    2. Permit from the Cooperating School                          their cooperating
                   to requirements of/by FSSO                                         Principal                                                   teachers in both
                3. To lay down expectations of the principal and cooperating                                                                      the elementary
                   teachers                                                                                                                       and secondary
                4. To discuss ancillary services that may be assigned to student
Weeks 5 / 5 / 1. To gain familiarity on the different services, offices and Deployment Proper and Familiarity with           Observation          Intro Part of the
0                  centers (guidance, clinic, canteen) where FSSO will be the School Setup                                                        e-Scrapbook
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Week/Hours/    Objectives                                                        Topic Outline                     Activities          Outcome     /
Minutes                                                                                                                                Results
                  deployed                                                         1. Orientation/Briefing of FSSO by
               2. To meet with the cooperating teachers                                Cooperating School Principals
               3. To comply with all the cooperating school’s policies, rules,     2. School’s Organization Setup
                  and regulations                                                     2.1 Location
                                                                                      2.2 Administration and Supervisors
                                                                                          of School Personnel
Weeks 6-7 / 1. Visit a school.                                                  Field Study Proper No. 1: Curriculum My Journal 1: Journal 1
7/0         2. Write down its vision, mission and objectives in relation to its from All Angles – Observing the “Let’s                  have
               curriculum.                                                      Interactions Within                      Interactions” (The
            3. Observe the interaction among students, teachers and other                                                Beauty           of
               school staff.                                                                                             Harmony)
            4. Write down your observation while at the same time,
               reflecting on it.
Weeks 8-9 / 1. Visit a school and observe the teacher and learners’ Field Study Proper No. 2: Actual My Journal 2: “The Journal 2
9/0             interactions.                                                   Curricular Interplays – Roles School Learning Situation”
            2. Use this form in recording the roles played by the teacher Fellows Play                                   (Understanding
                and the learners.                                                                                        Interactive
            3. Jot down your reactions to the records you made.                                                          Learners)
            4. Suggest your own ways enhancing the teaching-learning
            5. Optional: You may opt to attach an email containing an
                animation or a movie clip on DIALOGUE to your e-Journal B.
Weeks 10-11 1. Visit a school and record your observations.                     Field Study Proper No. 3: Curriculum My Journal 3: “My Journal 3
/ 11 / 0    2. Use the Journal 3.                                               Implementation                           Insights        and
            3. Write your insights about curriculum design.                                                              Reflections about
                                                                                                                         the     Curriculum”

Weeks 11-12 1. Visit a school.                                                   Field Study Proper No. 4: Extra- My Journal (#4): Journal 4
/ 13 / 0    2. Examine the school’s calendar of activities/programs.             Curricular Task – Active Involvement of “School
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Week/Hours/    Objectives                                                       Topic Outline                          Activities           Outcome        /
Minutes                                                                                                                                     Results
            3. Record your observations regarding the involvement of the        Stakeholders                           Collaboration – In
                school and the stakeholders to the programs of activities for                                          and Out”
                the community.
            4. Reflect how the activities are met by the school and its
Weeks 13-14 1. Visit a class.                                                   Field Study Proper No. 5: Revisiting the My Journal (#5): Journal 5
/ 15 / 0    2. Observe the various learning scenarios in lesson delivery for    Curriculum                               “Principles   of
                a specific subject.                                                                                      Curriculum
            3. Generate information on the following: lesson objectives,                                                 Development”
                teaching strategies and assessment techniques.
            4. Reflect on your experiences.
Weeks 15-16 1. To discuss:                                                      Post-deployment Task No. 1: Appraisal Discussion             E-Scrapbook
/ 17 / 0       1.1 Reactions of FSSO towards their observation                  of FSSO Experiences                                          FSSO
                  experiences                                                                                                                 Awards
               1.2 problems met by FSSO during their FS and possible                                                                         Certificate of
                  solutions to thresh out these problems                                                                                      Appreciation
               1.3 Strengths and weaknesses of the FS program                                                                                 for        the
               1.4 Submission of the e-scrapbook                                                                                              Cooperating
      The Field Study Coordinator may decide:
   1. To choose all or any of the suggested activities of the TEC Experiential Learning Courses Handbook.
   2. On the mode of implementing the tasks (i.e., individually, dyad, or by group)
   3. On the time allotment for each activity to sufficiently cover the 17-hour requirement of the course.

K. Requirements of the Course
    1. In-campus Attendance + Attitude
    2. Off-campus Field Study / Observations
    3. E-scrapbook (in hardbound, email, CD)
    4. Others

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L. Grading System
    1. In-campus Attendance + Attitude (5%)
    2. Off-campus Field Study / Observations (40%)
    3. E-scrapbook (in hardbound, email, CD) (50%)
    4. Others (5%)

M. References:
       1. Philippine Elementary Learning Continuum
       2. Philippine Secondary Learning Continuum
       3. Teacher Education Program
       4. Student Teaching and Field Study, CHED Memo Order No. 30, s. 2004, Article IV, Section 6: Competency Standards
       5. R.A. No. 7722: “Higher Education Act of 1994”
       6. Other related references may be used

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