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									                                      ALLEN LUND COMPANY

                        Logistics Support Technician Job Description

This is a non-exempt position. The primary responsibility of a Logistics Support Technician is to assist the
Logistics Coordinators in the execution of their daily operations. Areas of responsibility include the following:

 Daily Operations
     Answer phones and distribute calls to the appropriate logistics coordinator.
     Obtain dispatch information from shippers and enter it into Excel and Oracle and forward information
            to carriers.
     Update carriers to insure on-time delivery.
     Enter loads into Oracle, Biceps, and Foodlink Online Systems.
     General office duties.

 Information Management
     Manage and update orders received from buyers.
     Direct proper flow of information for the various operating companies (OPCO’s).
     Communicate with Logistics Coordinators to ensure that information is mirrored in Biceps, Oracle, and
           Foodlink Online.
     Communicate with logistics coordinators regarding any discrepancies found on bill of lading such as
           overages, shortages and damages (OS&D) prior to settlement.
     Contact carriers to obtain delinquent proof of deliveries.
     Maintain filing system for completed orders.

 Carrier Relations
     Work with core carrier group to monitor carrier compliance and properly maintain PPO Logistics
     Oversee proper updating and use of the website by the core carrier group.
     Call carriers to check on load status.

 Oracle Updates and Maintenance
     Update active load information into computer for shipper and carrier tracking.
     Call carriers to inquire about lanes, equipment types, and quantities. Update computer files accordingly.
     Maintain daily over-site of the “active load board” tracking and tracing shipments.
     Update insurance information.
     Maintain Oracle to mirror the information in Biceps as closely as possible.

 Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
     Work closely with AFS to insure proper carrier payment.
     Handle all calls regarding A/P or A/R.
     Verify and input invoicing information for shippers.
     Verify and input payment information for carriers.
     Respond to carrier price inquiries on OS&D issues.
     Work with logistics coordinators to resolve any problems or disputes.

 Special Skill Requirements
     Knowledge of Excel, Biceps, Oracle and Foodlink Online computer systems.

                                                                                                       Revised 08/2006
                                       ALLEN LUND COMPANY

                Logistics Support Technician Job Description (Part Two)
 Other General Areas of Responsibility
     Complete this section if there are additional job responsibilities specific to this position that are not
     covered in the general description of a Broker’s Assistant as previously outlined.

                                                                                                          Revised 08/2006

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