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May - St Pauls UCC Oshkosh


									St. Paul’s United
             Church of Christ
             Pastor RaeAnn Beebe 1250 Leonard Point Rd. Oshkosh, WI 54904

                                         MAY 2011 Tidings
                                        Risk-Taking Mission and Service*
                           Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers. (James 1:22)

         Nearly every page of scripture shows people serving God by serving others. Fruitful congregations
practice Risk-Taking Mission and Service. We often talk about ministry that the church engages in and view
mission as special projects that the church is involved in. Ministry is about serving and includes those activities
and programs that serve both those inside and outside of the church. Mission is reserved for programs and
activities for those who are outside of the church doors. Mission includes all of the projects, the efforts, and
the work people do to make a positive difference in the lives of others for the purposes of Christ. It includes
those things we support financially like One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church,
and the Christmas Fund and those things we are personally involved in like ringing the bells for the Salvation
Army, the food pantry, and making fleece pillows. The church exists for mission; to be Christ’s presence in our
         The difficult part of this practice is the risk-taking part. Risk-taking involves us moving out of our
comfort zones, stretching ourselves beyond service to people we already know and exposing ourselves to
people, situations, and needs that we would never ordinarily encounter apart from our deliberate intention to
serve Christ.
         There are many scripture passages I could have chosen to quote above, but I particularly like the
                            passage from James. Martin Luther, the great Protestant Reformer, didn’t care too
                            much for the Epistle of James. He even called it an “epistle of straw.” Luther felt that
                            this letter advocated a works righteousness ideology (our good works were what got
                            us into heaven) and he believed that grace was a gift of God and could not be earned
                            through the works we engage in. I certainly respect the work of Martin Luther, but I
                            think he misinterpreted James. I think James agrees with Martin Luther, but as a
response to this gift of grace we are to engage in good works, works of compassion, mercy, and justice.
         Vibrant, fruitful, growing congregations push beyond ordinary service and everyday missions to offer
extraordinary opportunities for life-changing engagement with people. These opportunities do not just change
the lives of the ones who are the recipients of our efforts; they also change us in ways that we can never
expect. A church in Carrollton, MO decided to start a soup kitchen. The first Sunday they were opened, no one
came even though it had been advertized. Three weeks went by with no one coming even though they knew
there was a need of the soup kitchen in the community. One of the volunteers suggested that they take the
food out to those in need instead of expecting them to come to the church. The group followed this

volunteer’s suggestion and the program has been a huge success. They have been able to reach people and
minister to them in ways they never would have if they had kept the soup kitchen confined to the church
building. They have also learned many things about the community and the people who live around the
        St. Paul’s has proven to be a very generous congregation when a need is lifted up. We have increased
our giving to Our Churches Wider Mission and the special offerings. The basket for the food pantry has been
filled with food items. But are there ways that we can become more personally involved in mission in our
community? Are there areas of need in Oshkosh or the Town of Algoma that are not being addressed by
others where we could start a mission project? How are we doing at living out lives of faith?
        God is at work in our world, but needs human beings to carry out that work. We are the resources that
God uses to change lives and transform the world. Let us know only be hearers of the work, but doers as well.

Pastor RaeAnn
*Information for this article comes from Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations by Robert Schnase.

                                              NEW this summer!
                                     One worship service only at 9:30 AM
                                        May 29th through September 4th!

                            This summer the Council has decided to try having only one worship
service. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we will worship at 9:30 am. Even though there is no
Sunday school during the summer, families are encouraged to worship together. A Children’s
Time will be an important part of our services. When parents worship with their children, it
shows children that worship is an important part of our weekly routine. Enjoy your summer
plans. Both traditional and contemporary worship styles and music will be offered according to a
schedule to be determined.

                                     Handbell Memorial Concert

Please join my family at a concert presented by Encore! Handbell Ensemble, Inc. in memory of my sister
founding member Shirley A. Schuhart on May 1, 2011 at 2:00 PM at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in
Oshkosh. The concert will feature two premiere memorial works: a commissioned piece by Michael
Glasgow entitled “Reminiscence” and a piece by Encore! member and composer Patrick Meyer entitled “A
Life Well-Lived”. Other program pieces represent some of Shirley’s best-loved handbell music.

There will be no admission charge; however, contributions to the commissioned work “Reminiscence”
will be gratefully received. All donations to Encore! are tax deductible. Refreshments will be served
immediately following the concert.

Pat Rabe

                                                         EASTER FLOWERS

                    Remember John and Lorraine Becker given by Mary Schmitt and Ellen Becker

                    Remember Shirley Schuhart given by John and Pat Rabe

                    Honor St. Paul’s Church given by Pastor RaeAnn Beebe

                    Honor my husband Rory and sons Randy and Ryan given by Pastor RaeAnn Beebe

Remember Dr. and Mrs. Norman Kleinschmit given by the Britton family

Remember Earl Liverman given by Sherri Landig

Remember Earl Liverman given by Lois Liverman

Remember Althea Tesch given by Irv Tesch

Remember our parents given by Bill and Elizabeth Joachim

Remember Wally and Lucy Wriedt given by Debbie Wriedt

Remember David Schmitt given by Kris, Bob, Caitlyn and Alyssa Schafer

Honor Cameron, Spencer and Katherine Gassere given by Mom and Dad

Honor Noah Lenz and family given by Ann Kentopp

Remember our parents given by Norma and Warren Toussaint

Remember our grandmothers, Helen DuFresne, Eunice Robien and Elizabeth Much given by Rod and Michelle

Remember Robert Kentopp and Chad Jolin given by Karen Kentopp

Honor the 11th birthday of Devin Loomans given by Mom, Dad and Brynna

Remember David Schmitt given by Mary Schmitt

                      Spring cleaning = 2nd Annual Rummage Sale
                                             At the Church

     Memorial Day weekend, May 28th will be the second annual rummage sale at St.
Pauls. Profits go back to individual families unless otherwise specified that
the funds go back to St. Pauls. If you'd like to join us, plan on helping set up
tables and organize items on Friday, May 27th.      We'll divvy up the hours on
Saturday for the actual sale so every family has a time to work.
Clean up will be immediately after the sale. (Specific times have
not been decided yet).
     Last year's turnout was great with St. Paul's great access to
Hwy 21 and Omro's city wide rummage sale the same weekend. Contact
Amanda Benson if you have any questions and to sign up! (920) 420-9404

How Are We Doing Through March 2011?             May 22:   Acts 7:55-60; Psalm 31:1-5,
                                                      15-16; I Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-
Income                  $31,348
Expense                 $37,944
                                                 May 29:   Acts 17:22-31; Psalm 66:8-
                         ( 6,460)
                                                      20; I Peter 3:13-22; John 14:15-
Pledged Income expected $32,110
Pledged Income received $24,477 *
                         ( 7,633)
                                                 Thank you to those who read during worship in
                                                                            the month of April: Pat
*This is pledged income ONLY. Does not
                                                                    Rabe, Barb Jones, Michelle
include other misc income received.
                                                                    Robien, Marcia Marks, Bonnie
                                                                   Juedes, Jeff Mann, Faye
Biblical Texts for Personal Devotions                           Lindemann, and Anne Gassere.
             and Reflection                      Many voices added layers to our worship services.
      The Revised Common Lectionary                     Thank you to those who prepared
assigns four scripture passages for each         communion during April: Michelle Robien, Caitlyn
Sunday. Except for the season of                 Schafer, Alyssa Schafer and Kris Schafer.
Eastertide, there is a passage from the
                                                        Thank you to all who contributed during
Hebrew Scripture (Old Testament), a
                                                 our Sports Ministry Mission Moment. We were
Psalm, an Epistle (one of the letters),
                                                 able to raise $284 for our softball team!
and a passage from the Christian
                                                        Thank you for all the contributions,
Scripture (New Testament). During the
                                                 including those from the Sunday School, for our
season of Eastertide a passage from the
                                                 One Great Hour of Sharing special offering – a total
Acts of the Apostles is substituted for
                                                 of $306.
one from the Hebrew Scriptures.
Following are the texts for the month of
May. It is my hope that providing you                  Hospitalized during April was Ruth
                                                 LaSota. Best wishes on your recovery.
with the texts for each Sunday will assist
you in preparing for worship on Sunday
                                                        Empty toilet paper rolls and paper
             Blessings to you.
                                                 toweling rolls for the nursing home crafts
                                                 group. Put them in the back storage room off
May 1:          Acts   2:14a,   22-23;
                                                 the Fellowship Hall or contact Sue Britton or
     Psalm 16, I Peter 1:3-9; John
                                                 Marie Hafermann.
May 8:          Acts2:14a,      36-41;
     Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19; I Peter                      St. Paul’s Men’s Club continues to
     1:17-23; Luke 24:13-35                      meet at Two Brothers’ Restaurant the first
May 15:    Acts 2:42-47; Psalm 23; I             Saturday of each month. Why not join them
     Peter 2:19-25; John 10:1-10                 at their next meeting – Saturday, May 7th?

                                       CONGREGATIONAL NOTICE
       On May 1, 2011 immediately following one worship service to be held at 9:30 a.m., there will be a special
congregational meeting of the members of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ for the following purposes:

        1. To call RaeAnn Beebe as our permanent minister at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ.

         As most of you know, RaeAnn has been employed by St. Paul’s United Church of Christ for approximately one
year as our Transitional Pastor. It has been recommended by the Pastoral Relations Committee to the Council to extend
the call to RaeAnn Beebe to be the permanent minister of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. According to the By-laws of
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ “a candidate shall be considered during a special meeting of the Congregation; and if
approved in a secret ballot by three-fourths (3/4) of the active members present and voting, then the candidate shall be
called as Minister (offered employment in the position of Minister).”

        Members of the Council have been approached by members of the congregation stating that if and when there
is a vote to be held on this matter that they would like to vote by absentee ballot if they could not be present at the
special congregational meeting. As you can see from our By-Laws, this would not be possible as our By-laws do not
provide for absentee ballots but say “three-fourths (3/4) of the active members present and voting”. Therefore, you
can see that it is extremely important that you be present on May 1, 2011, to make your vote count.

        2. To approve a Safe Sanctuary Policy.

        A special committee has been working on this policy for some time. It is the mission of St. Paul’s United Church
of Christ to offer programs in which children and youth can learn safely and confidently, building their faith in an
atmosphere of trust and friendship. The Safe Sanctuary Policy covers this matter. It will be approved by Council and
then presented to the congregation for approval. There will be copies made available to the congregation before the
meeting for examination.

                                                                Please pray for these members/friends of St.
              Festival of Homeletics
                                                                Paul’s who are in need of prayer:      Anita
        Pastor RaeAnn will be attending the
                                                                FaustCarol    SchmidDorothy
Festival of Homeletics from May 16 – 20.
Homeletics is a fancy church word for                           BunkerIrene MesserJeanette
preaching. The Festival brings together                         CummingsMary        BossJean
wonderful preachers for worship services and                    Ariss    Anne     BossMarian
workshops. The Festival is held annually in                     LitkeDan         TeschRobert
different parts of the United States and this                   FaustWes AbrahamMarion AbrahamLois
year it is in Minneapolis. While Pastor RaeAnn                  LivermanRuth LaSotaBob Stenerson.
is immersing herself in inspiring preaching,
Rev. Andi Wolf from Emmanuel UCC will
                                                                Altar flowers on April 3rd honored the
provide pastoral coverage for emergencies.
                                                                birthday of Jodi Petersen given by Jack
The office and council members will be able to
get in touch with Pastor Andi. If you have an
emergency while Pastor RaeAnn is gone,
please notify the office or a council member.                   Happy Anniversary to AJ and Toni Anand on
                                                                May 1st – 23 years.

                                                       Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ
                                                                               DeForest, Wisconsin
April 7, 2011

TO: Churches in the Wisconsin Conference

        I greet you in these closing days of the season of Lent as we are immersed in the great
themes of the Christian faith: life, death, and transformation. These are intensely personal
experiences, such as Sunday, April 10’s text of the raising of Lazarus, but they are also communal,
as the Ezekiel text of the Valley of Dry Bones and its portrayal of the renewal of the community.
        It is a time when we long for renewal. The signs of Spring are late this year, and we wish for
the crocus and not snow. We are anxious because of the deepening divisions in society and the
hurt and loss that is being experienced by many. We need a time of renewal, and a time when we
hear again the promises that forces that work against the fullness of life will ultimately not have
the final say. Easter hope for resurrection and renewal is a message we all need this year.
        The renewal of the church comes through the power of the Holy Spirit, but also through our
gifts, and we are grateful for your church’s gifts to OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission). Thank you
for the gifts from your church in the first quarter of 2011. The churches in the Wisconsin
Conference have a history of generosity to OCWM and the special offerings of the UCC, and we
thank you for all of your support.
        Wishing you much hope for your ministries and many blessings in the coming Easter season.

David S. Moyer
Conference Minister

P.S. Through the Sustaining Fund, St. Paul’s has contributed $5,170 so far to OCWM. Our pledge
for 2011 is $12,500. You may give to OCWM by indicating so on your offering envelopes.

                       Confirmation is a rite of the church that has been in existence
                 since medieval days. While we believe we begin our journey as Christians
                 at baptism, Confirmation provides the opportunity for individuals to renew
                 the baptismal vows taken on their behalf by others, usually parents and
                 sponsors. It is an act that involves the entire congregation and not just
those who are being confirmed. This year we will celebrate Confirmation on May 15, 2011
at 10:30 am. I invite all of you to this service to witness the confirmation of Hannah
Benson, Alyssa Schafer, and Caitlyn Schafer. The girls have worked very hard this year
and will be sharing their personal faith statements with us during the confirmation service.

                                  Meet our Confirmands
 Hannah Benson is the daughter of Don and Amanda Benson and Sarah Benson and
  the sister of Camryn. She is in the 8th grade at Omro Middle School. Hannah enjoys
  many sports and participates in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and dance at school. She
  also really enjoys writing poetry and photography. You will see her photography in her
  confirmation project. Her favorite sports team is the Green Bay Packers and her favorite
  TV show is Ghost Adventures. She loves animals and would like to be an animal

 Caitlyn Schafer is the daughter of Kris and Bob Schafer, the sister of Alyssa, the
  granddaughter of Mary Schmitt, and the great niece of Ellen Becker. She is an 8th
  grader at Webster Stanley Middle School. Her favorite class at school is gym and she
  plays volleyball. Her favorite teams are the New Orleans Saints and the St. Louis
  Cardinals. Her favorite TV show is American Idol and she likes the music of Lil’ Wayne
  and Emmem. Her favorite actor is James Franco. She is really excited about learning
  Chinese at school.

 Alyssa Schafer is the daughter of Kris and Bob Schafer, the sister of Caitlyn, the
  granddaughter of Mary Schmitt, and the great niece of Ellen Becker. She is an 8th
  grader at Webster Stanley Middle School. Alyssa plays tennis and her favorite sports
  teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is very interested in
  history and Social Studies is her favorite subject. She wants to be an archeologist. Her
  favorite TV show is America’s Got Talent and she likes the music of Aerosmith and Bon
  Jovi. In her short life she has been to Walt Disney World 30 times.

                              Start planning ahead for the summer!

     With summer comes a drop in church attendance, so please make sure you continue to use
SCRIP even if you aren’t able to make it to service every Sunday. Our summer ordering dates are:

                            May 22, June 19, July 17, and August 14.

      Think of all that happens during the summer months – Memorial Day & Fourth of July picnics,
Father’s Day, Graduations, and Camping! Plan to order your SCRIP cards now for use during the
busy warm months!
      Festival, Pick ‘N Save, and Piggly Wiggly cards for your picnics and camping food. Wal Mart,
Target, ShopKo, Gander Mountain for your outdoor goodies!
      Please help support St. Paul’s even when you aren’t physically here!!     Thank you!

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over
the lives of little children.

                                                                                  Author Unknown

                              Day by Day Warming Shelter Benefit Concert

       ESTHER, an interfaith organization, has determined that there is a need for a warming
shelter in Oshkosh. A warming shelter serves those who do not qualify for emergency shelters such
as Fr. Carr’s or The Christine Ann Center and have no other place to go during the winter months. A
non-profit organization has been formed, Day by Day Warming Shelter, INC, to operate the facility
with funds donated by churches, businesses, civic organizations, individuals, and grants. The Day
by Day Warming Shelter will be open from mid-October to mid-April at night only. Dinner,
breakfast, and a warm safe place to stay will be available to those in need. The warming shelter
will be located at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish on High Ave.

       A benefit concert featuring John Nilsen will be held on Mother’s Day, May 8 at 2:00 pm at
First United Methodist Church. There is no cost for the concert, but a freewill offering will be
taken with 100% of the proceeds going to the warming shelter.

                      St. Paul’s Church Council Meeting- Wednesday April 4th 2011

                Present: President Bob Trampf, Secretary Andrew Josephs, Marcia Marks, Jack Meyer, Anne
Boss, Toni Anand, Faye Lindemann, Deb Wriedt, Pastor RaeAnn Beebe, and Church Secretary Liz Joachim
Absent: Jeff Schneider and Sherri Landig
President Bob called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. Pastor Beebe led the group with a prayer

Minister’s Report: RaeAnn went over her schedule for the month. A written copy can be found in the office if
Secretary’s Report: Toni made a motion to accept the minutes from last meeting and was seconded by Faye.
Approved by unanimous consent.
Correspondence: Council received a thank you note from the Juedes family for the scholarship for the family
to attend camp at Moon Beach.
Treasurer’s Report/Bills: Deb made a motion to pay the current bills and was seconded by Jack. Approved by
unanimous consent.
Christian Education Director’s Report: Liz went over a copy of Sherri’s report since she was absent. A copy of
her report is available in the church office if needed. Faye made a motion to schedule Celebration Sunday for
May 22nd. There will be one service at 9:30 a.m. Marcia seconded the motion and it was approved by
unanimous consent.

Old Business:
Maintenance Issues: Jeff and Dennis are working on a leak in the mother’s room. They plan to work on an
area on the roof that forms ice dams causing the leak. Jeff is also working on scheduling a clean-up day.
Safe Sanctuary: The group has finalized a safe sanctuary policy. Toni made a motion to approve the policy
and seconded by Faye. Approved by unanimous consent. The next move is to present to the congregation at
the meeting on May 1st. If you want to see a copy before the vote please look for copies in the narthex.

Inactive report: One more person contacted the church to request staying on the active list. Council approved
to keep the member active.
Approval of committees: Jeff will be meeting with members of the committees to work out details regarding
committees and leaders.
Summer Music schedule: RaeAnn is working with all of the musicians to plan out a schedule for the music
during the summer. Since there will only be one service they all wanted to iron out a schedule.

New Business:
Posting of promotional materials: RaeAnn is planning on using the bulletin board above the water cooler to
post a few things. If anybody wishes to post things there please check in with the office for approval first.
1st quarter Sustaining Fund request: There is $5174 available for the first quarter. Andrew made a motion to
request $744 to pay Anderson HVAC for rebuilding the pumps for the furnace and $415 to John Meyer
Plumbing for putting in and repairing the sump pump. The remainder of the total is going to be held off
pending possible roof repairs. Marcia seconded the motion and approved by unanimous consent.
Defibrillator (Wish List) request: As noted in last month’s minutes, there had been a request from a member
of the congregation for a defibrillator. President Bob had a “wish list” of things that various people had
requested over the past few years to months. Since we are still very behind in our budget and need as much
revenue to go to paying bills, we are unable to fulfill anything from the “wish list” at this time. If you are
interested in knowing what is on the list please visit the office. If you have any extra money that you would
like to give to the church, we would appreciate the money going to outstanding bills but if you see a great
need for donating to something on the wish list please feel free.
Organizations and Committees Reports:
          Coffee Hour/Celebration: No report received
          Fellowship: Thanks to all who attended the bowling outing. Cinco DeMayo has been scheduled for
Sunday, 5/22/11 following Celebration Sunday Service
          Missions: No report received
          Building and Grounds: No report received
          Church Outreach: No report received
          Crafts: No report received

Adjournment: 9:09 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Andrew Josephs, Secretary


                  Our month of May will be a busy one for all of here at St. Paul’s. As you already know, on the
                   1st of May we will not have Sunday School because we are worshiping as families to hear
                   Pastor RaeAnn’s special sermon at 9:30. It’s exciting to know that the children will be able
                   to worship with their families. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
                             The next big event will be meeting under the church portico to plant the flowers we
                   will be passing out on Mother’s Day. We will be gathering at 10:00 o'clock so don’t be late!
Don’t forget to wear old clothes. Your help will be needed to hand out the flowers the next day. It usually is a
fun day for both activities. Will you be there?
        On the 15th of May, we will meet for the last time with our Sunday School teachers. You might want to
make a special thank you card for your teacher, telling her what you liked about Sunday School this year. It will

also be a special day for Caitlyn, Alyssa, and Hannah as they will be confirmed at the second service.
On the 22nd of May, we will have our Celebration Sunday in the church at 9:30. We will be worshipping
together as well as recognizing our Sunday School teachers and students. Do you have a special talent you
would like to share at this service? Please let me know. We will complete the day by having our Cinco De
Mayo dinner complete with bingo and piñatas. It should be a great day. It is hard to believe the year is coming
to a close. It has been a good one. I know the teachers have worked hard to share the stories this year.
        Vacation Bible School will be held on August 1 to the 4th. Mark your calendars. I have the registration
slip ready to go and it can be found in this newsletter. I am unsure of the cost, but feel it should be around what
we usually charge which is about $12. More information will be coming soon. I was hoping to have it before this
was published, but could not do so.
        I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter. I am looking forward to spring weather and getting outside to
witness what God has created. I love to see the flowers popping out and the grass starting to green as the
leaves start to bud as well. Try to take some time as a family to enjoy spring.
                                         Blessings, Sherri Landig

     St. Paul’s UCC 2011 Softball Schedule                                    -----------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                              May 24                                           7:30PM
                                                                              May 31                                           7:30PM
                                                                              June 7                                           6:45PM
Tuesdays at Spanbauer Field (9th & Sawyer)                                    June 14*** CO. PARK SOUTH ***6:00PM
            UNLESS NOTED                                                      June 21                                          6:00PM
                                                                              June 28***          CO. PARK SOUTH ***6:00PM
Date                                             Time                         July 5                                           7:30PM
April 26                                         8:30PM                       July 12                                          7:30PM
May 3                                            8:30PM                       July 19                                          6:45PM
May 10                                           6:00PM                       July 26                                          8:30PM
May 17                                           9:30PM


                            Saturday, July 30, 2011
                     4:00 P.M. Dinner and Activities for Kids
                                6:30 P.M. Game
                            After Game FIREWORKS
                            FOX CITIES STADIUM
                     2400 North Casaloma Drive-Appleton

         School Supply Offering for Orion Family Services

                                                                           April Giving
            CLIP AND SAVE                                    April 3             $3652
     Pastor RaeAnn’s Phone Numbers                           April 10            $2415
                                                             April 17            $1417
        Home: 920-893-0249
                                                             April 24            $2189
         Cell: 920-838-3172                                     TOTAL            $9673

          BALANCE SHEET –March 2011
                                                                               Easter Breakfast was
                                                                         an excellent way to start out
ASSETS                                                                   Easter morning. There were
     West Pointe Bank            $    1,437.08                           40 people in attendance and
     Wells Fargo Adv Funds                                              everyone enjoyed the Egg
            Undesignated         $           0         Bake and goodies in between services. Special
            Auto savings         $    4,454.53
                                                       thanks to Faye Lindeman, Pat and John Rabe,
            Memorials            $    5,366.12
                                                       Michelle and Rod Robien, Barb Loomans,
     Vanguard Fund               $   50,228.08
     I Bond                                            Nancy Kaufman, Anne Boss, Liz and Bill
                                 $     5,258.00        Joachim, Anne Gassere and Bob Trampf for
PHYSICAL ASSETS                                        preparing the breakfast and helping with
           Land                  $ 100,000.00           setup/cleanup.
           Building              $2,048,200.00                I also want to thank everyone who
TOTAL ASSETS                     $2,214,943.81         attended for their monetary gifts to help cover
                                                       costs. We have a great group of people who
                                                       make events such as this easy to plan!
                                                       Thanks again!
                                                                                            Val Trampf

      Logan Schmick       5/02
      Berklee Markofski   5/04
      Marie Hafermann     5/08
      Muriel Carrillo     5/11
      Hiedi Sheldon       5/19
      Madison Cline       5/21
      Bill Joachim        5/22
      Mary Boss           5/23
      Don Benson          5/27
      Mary Schultz        5/27
      Jacob Sheldon       5/32


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