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The Packet: a monthly newsletter                                                           ORGANIZATION
                                                                                           U. S. POSTAGE
First Parish Universalist Church                                                                 PAID
                                                                                           Stoughton, Mass.
790 Washington Street                                                                       PERMIT No. 37
PO Box 284
Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072-2940
Telephone: 781 344-6800              Parsonage: 781 344-7819
e-mail address:
Jane Mooney, President
Linda Stephansky, Clerk
Richard Hess, Treasurer
Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, Minister
Louise Verrette, Director of Music
Carol Weineck, Church Secretary

November, 2011

                          First Parish Annual Holiday Fair
                               First Parish Universalist Church
                                    790 Washington Street
                                      Stoughton Square
                            Friday, November 4th - 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
                           Saturday, November 5th - 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

             Don’t miss this year’s fair!
                                                               NEW! SILENT AUCTION on
              Raffles • Knit Table • Jewelry                   Saturday!
                 • White Elephant Sale •
                                                               Come and bid on some great items, including:
           Plants • Holiday Gift Shop • Books
                                                                         Amazon Kindle
           Food Table • Cookies by the Tin •
                                                                         Boston Sports Memorabilia
           Snack Bar (Corn Chowder is back!)
                                                                         2012 Beantown Trolley Tickets
                                                                         Restaurant Gift Certificates
                                                                         … and More!

                      See inside for more details and to find out how you can help!
                               Sunday Worship & Church School
                                                  10:30 am
                                       Sunday, November 6, 2011
                                         ―Happiness? Or Joy?‖
                                    Can we differentiate between the two?
                                    Ushers: Peter Wallace & Brad Russell
                                      Flowers: VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
                                    Social Hour: VOLUNTEER NEEDED!

                                      Sunday, November 13, 2011
                                          ―Holy Creativity‖
                               In honor of that “divine spark” within each of us.
                                 Ushers: Linda Stephansky & Brenda Martin
                                            Flowers: Dee Denison
                                    Social Hour: VOLUNTER NEEDED!

                                      Sunday, November 20, 2011
                                        Thanksgiving Sunday
        “Come, ye thankful people, come,” as we gather together to give thanks for the blessing of life.
                               A special all-church service is being planned.
                                   Ushers: Tim McElaney & Tom Clifford
                                      Flowers: Jeff & Liz Symynkywicz
                                  Social Hour: Carandang-McElaney Family

                                      Sunday, November 27, 2011
                                          ―Saving Starfish‖
                         Doing what we can is always better than doing nothing at all.
                                      Ushers: Jocelyn Hand & Jill Smith
                                      Flowers: VOLUNTER NEEDED!
                                     Social Hour: VOLUNTER NEEDED!

We need your help! Please consult the sign up sheets at church and consider what you might do to help with
Sunday morning flowers and social hour. Chairs of the Hospitality Committee are Lisa Biederwolf and Pamela
McCarthy. If you would like to volunteer to host coffee hour on an upcoming Sunday morning, please contact
Lisa ( or Pamela ( A sign-up sheet will also be posted at
church. Thank you!

The Annual Stoughton Community Thanksgiving Service, sponsored by the
Stoughton Clergy Association, will be held this year on Tuesday, November 22, at 7:00 PM at
Faith Baptist Church, 18 Stoughton Street in Stoughton. Clergy from our town’s congregations
will be participating, and the evening’s preacher is slated to be Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could have an outstanding representation from our church at this
important community event? All are welcome!
From the Minister, Rev. Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz...

“Joy Awaits”
The lightest touch can bless us,
the smallest smile;
I have found as much joy in
the subtle hill across the way
as from any Everests I have climbed.
Joy awaits our approach,
our eager apprehension.
For joy to live, we must be
engaged with life, and fully open
our hearts to joy.
That means keeping the fire
of Spirit burning in the abode of our hearts;
that means making a place at our hearth
for Joy to abide,
at the very center of our existence.
Kindle the fires of joy, then;
let them burn within you; pour over them
the living fuel of your love,
your wonder, and your faith;
kindle them until the fires cascade,
and make light and warm your world.
Let the fire burn, untended,
and it will light the way to a heaven
more wondrous than you
could ever dream; a heaven there,
waiting, in the simple, daily joys and duties
you have before you now.

                                        5/6/03   3/19/06   10/9/11

The Ministerial Relations Committee welcome your comments on our church’s ministry. Members of the
commit are Carol Russell, chair (781-344-5006), Mark Racicot (781-344-4243), and Tim McElaney (781-
344-2025). Please feel free to contact them if you have thoughts to share.
             100th Birthday!                          Shawl Ministry
It was splendid to have our church’s oldest member,   Come join us as we continue to meet in community
Bernice Hagg, at church with us on Sunday,            to knit with prayerful intention. We are knitting
October 16, to celebrate her 100th birthday! It was   prayer shawls, blankets, etc to be given away to
very nice to have so many members of Bernice’s        those in need of comfort and healing as well as for
family with us that Sunday, as well.                  those celebrating joyous times. For more
That afternoon, Fellowship Hall was packed for a      information, please call Jane Mooney at 781-344-
100th birthday party given by Bernice’s family, at    8236. Anyone interested is welcome to come and
which the guest of honor was thoroughly celebrated    see what it’s all about! You do not have to be an
in grand style!                                       experienced knitter to participate, we all help each
Best wishes, Bernice, on your big day—and many,       other. Please bring your own supplies needed to get
many more!                                            started on a shawl and lunch if you’d like.

                                                      Helping Hands Food Project
Congratulations! Maizey Lee Graber, daughter          The Caring Committee is asking for donations to
of Keven and Heather Graber, was born Sunday,         our Helping Hands Food Project. This project puts
October 2, in Burlington, Vermont, at 9 lbs. 1 oz.    meals in our freezer to be available for any of our
Maizey is the granddaughter (and fifth grandchild)    members in need of a helping hand.
of Arlene and David Graber.                           Our freezer is empty! Here's how to help:
                                                      1. We are asking for donations of soup, casseroles,
                                                      and desserts
Get Well Wishes… It was so nice to have               2. They should be in 2-4 serving sized freezer safe
Marguerite Morrissey back with us at church, after
her recent accident. We hope you will be
                                                      3. They should be labeled with
completely on the mend soon, Marguerite!
                                                      -Name of dish
Best wishes, too, to George Hansen, who is            -List of ingredients
scheduled to undergo knee surgery at Good             -Date made and frozen
Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton.                 -Cooking/reheating instructions
                                                      4. They can be brought to church any Sunday and
And we are sorry to hear that Mary DiCenso has        put in the freezer in the back of Fellowship Hall.
been having some healthy and mobility challenges      There are some containers, labels, and recipes
in recent weeks.                                      available for your use in the cabinet in the back of
                                                      the hall. Please see Jane Mooney, Carol Russell,
Please, please, please… If know of someone            Susan Stewart-Racicot, or Rev Jeff if you have any
who is ill, homebound, or otherwise in need of        questions.
pastoral care, by all means, let the Minister know.   And please, if you know someone who would
Don’t “assume” that “he knows about it”; he wants     benefit from our project please let us know. Thank
to hear from you! (Rev. Jeff can be reached at home   you for your help.
at 781-344-7819, on his cell phone at 781-856-
2702, or by email at:      Thinking about membership in our church? Start
Thank you very much for your help.                    the new church year off right—Become a
                                                      member!! Membership in the First Parish
Don’t forget to wear your NAMETAGS when               Universalist Church is open to any person who
you’re at church… It helps all of us to get to        consents to the principles of Unitarian Universalism
know each other better! If you need a                 and agrees with the purposes of our church, as
nametag, please add your name to the list             outlined in our by-laws. If you would like to join, or
on the bulletin board! Thank you...                   if have questions about membership in our church,
                                                      please contact the Minister.
             First Parish Holiday Fair                        NEW AT THE FAIR THIS YEAR—
                             th                               A SILENT AUCTION!
        Friday, November 4 , from 5 PM to 8 PM
       Saturday, November 5 , from 9 AM to 2 PM
                                                              At this year's Holiday Fair, there will be
Please help to make this all-church fundraiser                a Silent Auction. Among the items for
successful. Here’s how:                                       bid are an Amazon Kindle with
        Bring your “Attic Treasures” and deposit them        Keyboard, restaurant gift cards, a
         under the stairwell. If you are able, please price   porcelain oriental doll, two theme
         (tag) the items before you drop them off.
        Books may also be placed under the stairwell.
                                                              baskets, a Victorian doll, Red Sox
         Please speak with Rev. Jeff before donating          autographed items, grocery store gift
         large sets, magazines, etc.                          cards, and more! Last bids on auction
        Help sell chances for the Raffle and spread the
         word about this year’s Silent Auction. A few
                                                              items will be at 12:00 noon on
         raffle tickets are included with the Packet. Speak   Saturday. Come to the Fair and put in
         with Linda Winship for more raffle tickets or        a bid for your favorite item(s)!
         other details.
        Bring brownies, cupcakes, muffins, pies, breads,
         cakes, or other homemade specialities to sell at     Also, elsewhere in the Packet are two pages
         the Food Table—contact Varol Russell to let her      of RAFFLE TICKETS for this year’s fair.
         know what’s coming and to get different ideas.       Please fill them out, and retirn the stubs
         We also need lots and lots of cokkies for our
         Cookies by the Tin table. Our coordinator is
                                                              with payment to the church, prior to Friday,
         Laura Clifford.                                      November 4. If you need more tickets,
        Please touch base with Jocelyn Hand to find out      please call the church office (781-344-6800).
         what is being planned for the Plant Table.           Of course, tickets will be available at the
        Donations of Jewelry and jewelry display boxes       church, as well. Thank you!
         are welcome. See Liz Symynkywicz with your
        VOLUNTEER to be a floater for Friday night           this year’s fair dinner:
         and/or Saturday. See Richard Hess.
        Make a cash donation to defray some costs for
         advertising and snack bars. See Richard Hess.                 HAM & BEAN DINNER
   YOUR HELP is also critical in setting up for the Fair
                                                               (with Homemade Apple Crisp for dessert!)
   and breaking down on Saturday. We are planning
   for the following times:
                                                                        Sing-a-Long flowing dinner
              Sunday, October 30 immediately after
              coffee hour                                        Accompanied by piano player and singer
              Tuesday, November 1 at 7 PM
              Wednesday, November 2 at 7 PM
                                                                     DOLLY GIBSON (from Canton)
             No set up planned for Monday, October
              31 —Halloween
              Saturday, November 5 —Fair breakdown                          Adults-- $ 10.00
              starting at 1:30 PM.                                   Children 12 and under-- $ 6.00
  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND                         Please purchase your tickets now at church.

                                                              Help is needed with the dinner. To volunteers,
                                                              please contact Rev. Chef Jeff (781-344-7819,
Thank you to Tricia Whiffen who will be                 Many thanks to all who helped with our
coordinating our October Lunch for MainSpring           ―Fall Family Festival‖ on October 23.
House on October 30. Thank you, too, to Donna            We had a very good crowd on hand from our
Todd, who has volunteered to coordinate our lunch       church, who enjoyed the opportunity to met and
on November 27. A sign-up for coordinators for          greet several potential new friends from our
future months will be posted at church, If you have     community.
questions, please contact Rev. Jeff Symynkywicz         If you have other ideas on raising our church’s
(781-344-7819;          profile in the community, please speak with a
Thank you!                                              member of the Planning Task Force: Alan
                                                        Delgadillo, Richard DiCenso, Julia Dubovy, Pamela
                                                        McCarthy, Richard Hess, Brad Russell, or to
The deadline for the December Packet is Friday          President Jane Mooney, or Rev. Jeffrey
November 18, at Noon. All contributions are             Symynkywicz.
welcome. Just drop them in the ―Packet‖ folder at
church, or you may email them to: Thank you…
                                                           Congratulations to our November
GET YOUR SHAW’S GIFT CARDS!                                           birthdays!
Members of the Finance Committee will be                           November 1 – Ryan Hudson
available on Sunday mornings at coffee hour selling                November 5 – Rachel Geiger
Shaw’s Gift Cards and explaining how our sales                            Elijah Geiger
work. We hope you will help make this a                                    Rose Geiger
tremendous success! The holidays will be here                  November 7 – Rachelle Hess Madrigal
before we know it—stock up with an ample supply!                         Zach Breneman
                                                                     08 – Thomas Heberling
    Please save your empty printer & copier                            Suzanne Washburn
                    cartridges!                                        17 – Linda Winship
        Our church can get $$$ for them!                              13 – Peter Morrissey
Deposit them in the basket outside Fellowship Hall                    22 – Jeffery Hansen
    next time you’re at church. Thank you!                             24—Carol Weineck
                                                                        28 – Joan Hansen

First Parish Joins the Digital Age:
Our church now has its own Facebook page, filled
with up-to-the-minute information about what’s
going on @ First Parish:!/pages/First-Parish-
Or to find the page, just enter “First Parish
Universalist Church” in the Facebook search bar
                                                        We want to make sure that we list the birthdays and
( , and the link will pop       anniversaries of everyone in our church family. So, if
up. Of course, our church’s own website                 you’re not sure if we have yours, please be sure to list
( continues to have       them on the bulletin board at church next time you’re
lots of interesting stuff : a full schedule of church   there. Or, you can send the information to:
activities; complete archives of sermons &     Thank you!
meditations from 1999 to the present; oodles of info
about our religious education program; and lots
                                 A Free Market of Ideas
                                    First Parish Universalist Church
                                         790 Washington Street
                                        Stoughton, Massachusetts

                                               Fall 2011
                                 Tuesday, November 8, 7:30 PM
                           A True Story of Courage and Human Dignity
                                        Edelweiss Pirates
As part of our “Free Market of Ideas” continuing series of the brave men and women who resisted tyranny
during the Second World War, we are proud to be able to present the 2007 German film Edelweiss Pirates.
Produced and directed by Niko Von Glasow, and nominated for the Grand Prix Award at the Montreal Film
Festival, Edelweiss Pirates is a true story of courage, human dignity, and resistance in the face of the Nazi
regime. Little known today is the history of groups of “Pirates” formed by young people in cities across
Germany to oppose the repressive policies of the Third Reich. Often, these groups engaged in direct struggle
with the Nazi authorities, and faced imprisonment, torture, and even execution as almost single-handedly they
sought to cultivate internal opposition to the fascist regime.

                                    Tuesday, November 15, 7:30 PM
                                   Frontline: Digital Nation
This 2010 documentary explores how the Internet and digital media have completely
transformed contemporary life. This fascinating installment of PBS's acclaimed Frontline
examines the effects of online culture on relationships, careers, daily life, education, the military
and more. The documentary includes a unique interactive element, incorporating the stories of
people who visited and posted to the Digital Nation Web site over the period of a year.
A discussion will follow the viewing of the film.
                             Saturday, November 19, 7:00 PM

                          Peter Janson in Concert
                             First Parish Universalist Church
                        790 Washington Street, Stoughton Square

                                  Free Admission!

Save the date! Peter Janson of Easton will perform again this fall at
First Parish Universalist Church Saturday, November 19th at 7PM.
Come and hear this acclaimed American Finger style guitarist perform music with a range of
influences from country blues, ragtime, folk, traditional Celtic, jazz, world, and contemporary
American string music. Peter is a concert performer who tours regularly throughout the United
States and Canada. His music is heard regularly on FM radio, XM and Sirius satellite radio, and
on many airlines in-flight stations, as well as on Music Choice TV. If you love acoustic music
this concert will be a treat! It is a thrill for us to welcome Peter Janson back to First Parish in
Admission is free. For more information, please call 781-344-6800, or check out or

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