Classroom Guidance by suchenfz


									                          Classroom Guidance
As a school counselor, I go into each Kindergarten through 5th grade classroom
and do ten classroom guidance lessons. The purpose of classroom guidance is
preventative – to give students skills and knowledge needed to feel comfortable
with who they are, express feelings and solve problems, and overall be
emotionally successful.

The following is a list of topics I cover in each grade:

Kindergarten: school counselor’s role, personal safety, diversity, being a good
friend, self-image and feelings, coping skills, peer pressure, alcohol and other
drugs, and asking for help. Some of these topics are covered in the BABES
program, which uses puppets.

1st grade: school counselor’s role, feeling safe, early warning signs, adult
network, using 911, problem solving, self-concept, perseverance, respect,
appreciating others, fairness, and careers.

2nd grade: school counselor’s role, being safe, early warning signs, adult
network, secrets, strangers, self-concept, being thankful, treating others well,
cooperation, problem solving, using I-messages, trustworthiness, and careers.

3rd grade: school counselor’s role, feeling safe, early warning signs, adult
network, using 911, feelings and problem solving, positive attitude, self-
concept, empathy, friendships, cliques, prejudice/discrimination,
teasing/bullying, and careers.

4th grade: school counselor’s role, appreciating differences among people,
prejudice/discrimination, caring/empathy, communication/listening, cooperation,
peer pressure, making good decisions, self-discipline, perseverance, honesty,
responsibilities, and careers.

5th grade: school counselor’s role, self-esteem, learning styles,
responsibility/setting goals, careers, conflict management, bullying, peer
pressure, fairness, and preparing for middle school.
I do an introduction lesson to counseling in each classroom at the beginning of
the year and then do nine consecutive lessons (one each week) at another
point during the school year. I generally start the year with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
grades (September through December), then go to and 4th grade, 5th grade,
and Kindergarten (January through March).

Students will bring home many activities from classroom guidance. Please take
the time as a parent to discuss these important concepts with them. The career
activities are kept for a career portfolio that is revealed in 5th grade through
Individual Planning Conferences between the parent, student, and counselor,
which are held in March, April, and May.

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